Is hydrogen, rather than electric, the future for big-engined machinery? I visit JCB to find out

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I visit JCB to see first hand the work they are doing as they look for alternatives to diesel power for their heavy duty machines. They already sell fully electric machines and have a hydrogen fuel cell excavator under development but they have recently been working on making their diesel engines run on hydrogen instead and have been amazed by the results. I visit the factory to find out more..
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Jul 14, 2021




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Comments 3 585
Simon Long
Simon Long 8 hours ago
All you need is cheap nuclear power to create the hydrogen.
David Taylor
David Taylor Day ago
Hydrogen is the best
ke4uyp 2 days ago
Tesla demonstrated how simple it was to have battery packs swapped out in his cars in 5 minutes. New heavy equipment that is electric powered could be designed the same way this way the equipment could run 24 hours a day minus the time for swapping the battery packs out. Also on large projects they could set up a temporary solar power station where these battery packs could be charged on site. This is a significant savings over transporting diesel fuel or manufacturing hydrogen and transporting it.
Jim Caldwell
Jim Caldwell 4 days ago
Looks like it's going to take a lot of petroleum to replace petroleum.
Fenchurch Marie
Fenchurch Marie 4 days ago
I'd like to know how far down they have reduced NOx emissions vs current fuels. No combustion is 100% complete. No CO2 emissions is fantastic, but NOx is still something to be accounted for. Fantastic engineering all around.
Pat Robins
Pat Robins 4 days ago
Hydrogen for normal vehicles, versus construction machinery… is 2x as expensive as a fuel and the hydrogen fuel cell requires 2-3 times more energy to drive the same distance as an electric vehicle.
sgtcrab 4 days ago
So Hydrogen fuelled engines put out water from the tail pipe. How will that work in a Canadian winter? I guess every car will be an ice resurfacing Zamboni.
bbbf09 3 days ago
It emerges largely as steam and goes into the atmosphere
Keith Burgess
Keith Burgess 5 days ago
So many places that diesel-driven vehicles are used will not have a power supply to charge batteries. The machinery would have to return to base each time to recharge. Even more downtime.
h wobs
h wobs 5 days ago
11:15-ish “politicians worldwide are mesmerized by Musk.” Fact. Politicians are the plague of the planet. We need real thinkers and they can’t be blowing taxpayer money on pie in the sky ideas. Solutions need to come out of the free market by proving themselves on their merits, not forced models from idiots (and I mean that in the strongest terms) like AOC.
bbbf09 3 days ago
Explain please how Tesla vehicles are 'pie in the sky' solutions
Gerard Schiel
Gerard Schiel 6 days ago
I was blown away by this video as I was unaware of how far the progress was on developing Hydrogen engines. I have owned and driven 3 Toyota Hybrid vehicles for the past 12 years / 700,000 km and enjoyed every minute of it. It has trouble free, extreme reliability and fuel economy that made me see the great benefits of hybrid technology. Just an interesting fact, my second Prius has done 330,000 km on only 2 sets of brake pads because of its engine braking capability. I would really like to hear your opinion / review on the new Toyota Mirai hydrogen car. Thanks for a great channel !
bbbf09 3 days ago
Toyota Mirai uses hydrogen not in combustion but in a hydrogen fuel cell - i.e. turns the hydrogen back into electricity to drive an electric motor - which can make some kind of sense for certain niche vehicles. But not so much sense - as even in small car like Mirai the hydrogen fuel tanks to get 300miles range take up most of luggage space (trunK) and it is overall ultimately expensive to drive. Worst still - the hydrogen that fuels most hydrogen cars is called 'blue' and is produced from carbon fossil fuel gas (by gas reforming) . And that produces roughly same CO2 as burning gasoline/ diesel in a connventional combustion. So right now there is no net benefit to environment using blue hydrogen . There can be if green hydrogen is split from water - but that takes electricity - lots and lots of it (lots more than if you put it direct into a battery). One way or other driving hydrogen vehicels will be expensive. But if you are going to do it then use a fuel cell. This hydrogen combustion they talk of here is pure farcical nonsense. You have to buy twice as much hydrogen to get the same distance in car with combustion as opposed to fuel cell. Daft idea
chuck steward
chuck steward 6 days ago
OK, Hydrogen fuel as an energy source other than just blasting rockets off into space. I believe that Hydrogen-powered engines have there place, but only as large industrial units powering generators powering the world's energy grid. this is because we, the world at large needs a safe nonpolluting source of electric power to replace nuclear energy in use right now. The thing about not using Hydrogen in cars and trucks is that it will require a completely new infrastructure around the world to support it. an electric infrastructure is already being set up globally to support electric cars and trucks. By using Hydrogen for generating electricity only, the production and storage of Hydrogen could be done at the same location as the power plants and no other storage or transportation of Hydrogen would be required. The lack of any other Hydrogen infrastructure and the use of electric energy to the remainder of the world would complement each to the end of all time.
bbbf09 3 days ago
I don't think you quite undertsand where hydrogen comes from - or is produced (at least sustainably). It comes using lots of electricity to split up H2O water. Your proposal would be to use vast amounts of electricity to create hydrogen then you propose you would then combust to generate electricity ??? The inefficiency of the processes of turning electrical energy to hydrogen then hydrogen back to electricity would mean you have thrown away half the elctrical energy you started with through a complex and costly process. Basically hydorgen isnt some magic free gas that exists anywhere on earth . if it was we'd all have happy amounts of green energy available - or rather it would have long ago leached into the atmosphere and the world would go *KABOOM*. For sure you are right - the future is 100% electric - but thats sourced from nuclear - be it man made nuclear powerplants or the big nuclear fusion ball in the sky that drives solar or the wind on earth.
Gary Brown
Gary Brown 6 days ago
You rock diesel engine have been destroyed buy the woke left and DEF DEF WILL NEVER BE RELIABLE ITS VERY CORROSIVE AND TOXIC
StuTheBru me
StuTheBru me 6 days ago
they will make sure we have to drive electric 10 years,,before they roll out the next thing to be forced to buy
Jeff Wuenschel
Jeff Wuenschel 6 days ago
Being a natural gas vehicle owner for 8 years now, it is my experience that the high pressure that is required for CNG is the optimal lead into the ultra high pressire needed for hydrogen. Finding a local garage to do maintenence on my vehicles is difficult in that the most common question has been "will it blow up in my garage"? CNG fill stations fill at 3600 psi, hydrogen at 10,000psi. As a learning curve, CNG is the perfect predecessor to hydrogen. CNG is also a zero emission internal combustion engine, with the added benifit of emittimg co2 that feeds plants when combined with sunlight. (Photosynthisis). Another fact is that the btu in 1mcf of natural gas is roughly equal to 8 gallons of gasoline. Right now locally, 1 gal of gasoline is $3.489, and natural gas is around $3. Per mcf.!
Dr Peter jones
Dr Peter jones 7 days ago
Clearly the problems with Hydrogen are associated with production distribution and storage. However this engine is a journey not a destination.Production of Blue hydrogen will liberate Co2 for the drinks and food industries.Production of electrolysis is expensive and ineffiecent.Independent machines such as plant will have to use electronic conversion of water in the injection systems.Whilst other forms of storage is been develoed by the BSCconsuling Group. Ultimately there are two criteria to meet.Dependency on fossel fuels and adaption of existing technology to prevent inflation. For governments its loss of tax revenue holding back innovation in the private sector. The government is still stuck on the existing supply networks of gas which has a asset value of 43 billion pounds. Maybe lord Bandford could argue for a minimum amount of hydrogen in the existing gas supply networks to be able to run his engines.
Chuck Barkey
Chuck Barkey 7 days ago
I am sorry, this is not going to work out as projected by Lord B. - Hydrogen is inherently very costly to produce. Only when we get to produce greatly more than we consume, which is beyond the horizon for now, it may be a good option. - Hydrogen engine's are NOT zero emission. There is NOx in the exhaust gasses unless you use pure oxigen (no air) for its combustion - Lord B addressed the extra weight of batteries but ignored the extra weight needed for the high pressure and bulky hydrogen tanks So I have a few questions: - How did Lord B calculate the extra weight for an electric machine in terms of electric motor weight versus hydrogen motor weight, battery pack versus hydrogen tanks - What battery energy density/weight ration did he use for his calculations - What would be the extra operating cost for the hydrogen based machine verses a fully electric machine in terms of hydrogen and maintenance?
Deb L
Deb L 7 days ago
Given the fact that mining the minerals to produce the batteries is done so in an un-environmentally-friendly manner, and that disposing of the used batteries has to be done safely so as to not harm the environment, I never understood the hype around battery-powered cars. Several years ago I heard of Toyota's foray into hydrogen fuel cell research, but then Obama started handing out gov't grants to companies that produced battery-powered cars and similar products. I hope to see more done with hydrogen fuel technology.
Ian Churchman
Ian Churchman 8 days ago
I think you will still be mining fossel fuels the petrochemical industry are trying to muddy the water re naming grey Hydrodren to Blue and if there is a price difference with the blue/gray being a bit better value which do you think they will use.?
mason appalachiantrail
Very good! So, is there any commodity that hydrogen engines would require lots of?
Andy Jota
Andy Jota 8 days ago
As oil is the biggest commodity on the planet and in fact in plentiful supply..... why? I think he said it when he mentioned the labour involved in batteries is very low in comparison this suits the AI post human crowd who want to make us all redundant as a life form... turkeys voting for Xmas eh...
Tridente Fanatico
Electric is just too expensive, happy to hear there is a different way forward.
Tom Hoyer
Tom Hoyer 8 days ago
Most H2 now comes from natural gas. The price comes in high. Hydrolysis produces the cleanest H2. To JCB ,please put your oil filters facing down,so it doesn't give the engine a bath.
ken c
ken c 8 days ago
Watching Harry's hands constantly moving as he talks is making me dizzy.
Doug French
Doug French 8 days ago
I've said for years... Hydrogen is the future.
CryptoPumpit 9 days ago
Why is Lord JCB NOT Ditching the Extremely Heavy and Expensive Counter Balance Weights in nearly all Diggers, Trackers and Lifting machinery and Using the Weight of the Batteries in there place? Please don't tell me he's not thought about that? I know how heavy and expensive the counter balance weights are because I worked in a plant that sprayed them for JCB in Stoke!
Paul George Baines
Hydrogen is great for HGVs but will be difficult to use in cars as when you are filling them you need protective gear. 😳🇬🇧🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🤠
Philip Heijnen
Philip Heijnen 9 days ago
I think H2-ICE is the solution for big machines (and high revving sportscars, please cosworth :-) But one needs to remember that the tanks leak due to the small size of the H2 and the high pressure, and if you do not regularly use the vehicle the tank will be empty by the time you want to use it. So you might need mobile tank vehicle to refuel your H2 ice vehicle. H2-FC vehicles have the same issue, but they often also have a battery to deal with fluctuation in power demand that might be used to get one to a H2 fuel station when the tank is empty.
D9Flix UK
D9Flix UK 9 days ago
Great video spoiled by crap audio. Can't you please get a mic under the chin of the talker?
Joel Smith
Joel Smith 9 days ago
I want a Harry’s Garage showcasing that helicopter you arrived in. Looked pretty pimp from the small glimpses of the interior early in the video!
George White
George White 10 days ago
Harry, there is one additional advantage that you did not mention. In many, many parts of the worls, the construction industry suffers big cost and losses due to fuel theft. A jerry can of diesel fuel is infinately usable and saleable and as a result equipment owners a plagued by breakins and damage plus the fuel which is lost. Looks to me that it would be useless, and practically impossible , to steal hydrogen, and if it was stolen who could use it?? I am an engineer. by the way.
Tony Blighe
Tony Blighe 10 days ago
"zero emission" - at the point of use. Electrolysis only makes sense if it uses renewable electricity that has nowhere else to go - which is a very rare event! Otherwise electrolysis simply increases the use of fossil fuels on the grid, so the hydrogen will not be "green" at all. Powering a machine from hydrogen produced using electricity from fossil fuel will have a higher carbon footprint than putting the fossil fuel directly into the tank, because of the conversion inefficiencies are multiplied. Sorry, but this looks like a classic case of greenwashing to me.
James Samaroo
James Samaroo 10 days ago
Tell our stupid and ignorant corrupt politicans that hydrogen or LNG are the energy fuels of the future! The misconception people like AOC have is that electric will power the future but when you plug into an electrical receptacle you are burning fossil fuel! AOC and the illeterate radical dems should head to the nearest classroom to get an education!
Brian Fretwell
Brian Fretwell 10 days ago
Surely it should be Hydrogen not Electricity, not electric!!!!
Paul7mac 10 days ago
Harry Harry Harry I have been banging on about this and how almost every petrol engined car can be made to run on H2 with a bit of plumbing and a change to the spark advance. Also diesel engines are not to difficult either. They were at it in Norway years ago but that got shut down as this is about control and nothing to do with true environmental protection.
berntd 10 days ago
They are ignoring the problem of hydrogen, which is and has never been the engine. It is the transporting of the fuel, hydrogen. To get enough hydrogen into a fuel cell or tank, for any range, it has to be highly compressed and that is highly uneconomical and very power intensive. Also, every 2nd vehicle on today's roads would have to be a large tanker with hydrogen, to transport enough to the fuel stations to fill the demand. Those problems are so big that the idea has been absndoned many times over.
berntd 7 days ago
@Rhett McConnell so is Mercedes but that does not make it any better at this stage. This contains a good explanation of the issue: ruvid.net/video/video-f7MzFfuNOtY.html
Rhett McConnell
Rhett McConnell 7 days ago
so why are toyota pursuing it then?
Dieter Soegemeier
Dieter Soegemeier 10 days ago
Why would anyone want to keep inefficient combustion motors going in the future. The future is either electric or electro gravitational but not combustion. The only problem with electric is that we do not use electricity the way Nikola Tesla ment us to use it.
Rody369 10 days ago
😊✌ Dam it's been so long since I've heard of hydrogen motor's. What an amazing idea 😯 I really hope we can make the changes now Enough procrastinating people Drop your old keys and buy hydrogen or electric cars now
Jerry PEAL
Jerry PEAL 11 days ago
Hydrogen is the answer NASA uses it and made it safe if it wasn’t squashed by the rich it would be what’s used today but no money in it .
John Gilchrist
John Gilchrist 11 days ago
Electric is a farce, the trouble is politicians are not engineers and are lead by the popular movements. This country is no way ready to support electric cars, nor will it ever be, this is the sort of thing we have to be looking at for any heavy vehicle or long distance travel... For god sake we cant even support our domestic requirements at a reasonable cost.. waken up world
steve nunua
steve nunua 11 days ago
Wish he would have said something about plug in power is NOT green it burns carbon to make the electricity. SOOO funny green people.
steve nunua
steve nunua 11 days ago
THIS is the real future. Electricity is amazing but NOT for machines.
alan R
alan R 11 days ago
You’ll still need oil for lubricating the hydrogen engine. Hot vapour from this lube will still be emitted but still a huge reduction over the conventional lump.
Jim Long
Jim Long 12 days ago
One interesting project we have not seen much information because the fossil fuel companies & congress hand holding money.
free juice
free juice 12 days ago
A American engineer named Stanley Allen Meyer already did this in the late 90s, but the oil oligarchs poisoned him in a restaurant 😅 good luck with your oil oligarchs, I have a feeling they won’t let you sell that till they own it and make it illegal for everybody to own the rights 🤣
Mag Matrix
Mag Matrix 12 days ago
GRAPHENE SOLID STATE graphene batteries are here. Nano Graph has it. Also Carbon becomes magnetic when exposed to hydrogen. So if you could combine graphene tech and hydrogen is to a battery! Wake up people! Carbon Hydrogen battery research it
robert middleton
robert middleton 12 days ago
wow this is amazing so their is hope that i could pass my early defender on to my son with low emissions and still pull our trailers that we use for horse transport business in portugal. .sometimes our journeys to shows or vetinary hospitals would not be possible by battery at the moment i also like the fact that no need for mining all these heavy metals regards Robert
ajid antonio
ajid antonio 12 days ago
It will be good idea... but problem is our Government they need to implement tax on water too
Will Baird
Will Baird 12 days ago
They failed to mention the absolute disaster to the environment when we have to start disposing of all the used up batteries in the future!
D9Flix UK
D9Flix UK 9 days ago
Same can be said for almost anything mass produced.
Jay Straw
Jay Straw 12 days ago
Maybe I missed any real details on the fuel tanks, but if they have hydrogen tanks that can hold the equivalent energy of a diesel tank -- they kept using words that approximated a "day's work", which is not the same thing -- then they hit a break through. Even if not, and it is enough for an average day's work, that's great. But then, those tanks -- if I leave it on Friday with a full tank, come back Monday, how much H2 has leaked? This is great tech (that's been around for 150 years kids, H2 engines are not new) but this video was really only informative where it's already a strong contender, not the acknowledged challenges presented.
Jay Straw
Jay Straw 12 days ago
anyone else notice that the oil filter on that engine is...vertical? is that a British thing? it seems very messy for a part that needs to be changed regularly
Jay Straw
Jay Straw 12 days ago
8:00 they keep saying "zero emissions", though the heat in combustion will create NOx molecules from the air. So I'm wondering if a) they're just ignoring that, which is lame, b) they're using bottled oxygen for combustion, or c) they're scrubbing it somehow
harry eisermann
harry eisermann 12 days ago
mercedes building Hydrogen cars for years, so U poms get yr act togethere, its the future
Forrest Brown
Forrest Brown 12 days ago
Have been screaming about that for almost 20 years. Finally someone got it right.
Roger deForest
Roger deForest 12 days ago
On demand hydrogen is the real answer !!! Fill the tank with water and the on demand hydrogen mini gas plant provides hydrogen to the engine !!!
Frank From Upstate NY
The hardest part...will be to displace the oil and gas producing "power brokers". No one wants to go and become subservient to another person/company...when one was once the leader(s) themselves.
JLA 12 days ago
there is no alternative! our petrol cars are our freedom! war on legal mafia is the only alternative!
Bill Fitzpatrick
Bill Fitzpatrick 12 days ago
The only reason fossil fuels are still used in personal transportation is the oil companies lining the pockets of our politicians! There may always be a limited need for fossil fuels, its past time to save them for future use and to clean our home planet!
Steve Clark
Steve Clark 13 days ago
Wow, one Lord who talks sense but isn't he a bit naive, doesn't he realise that the powers at be are pushing this Great Reset,... they don't want the masses driving cars period.
velcroman11 13 days ago
Have you heard of Hindenburg, it used hydrogen. BOOM!
Stevie Athers.
Stevie Athers. 13 days ago
What a fantastic interview with Lord Bamford 👍🏻 It’s the future and the U.K. need to embrace this and sell it too the whole world 🌎 👍🏻
Schtix 13 days ago
Working for a major construction company, I wondered how could anyone really make an all electric industry work, even the electric cranes still require diesel generators an such to cope, the all electric won’t suffice. But a very big fan of hydrogen and it’s great to see a company delving into it further and making it work, I hope this is the future I don’t see battery tech being it specially when they degrade as they do, with these engines regular maintenance should see them last the life of the machine if not more 👌
M'agape Farms Homestead
ICE fuels are not the problem but the way in which they are utilized. IC engines could run much cleaner if it was something the management or their overlords wanted done.
Peacemaker 13 days ago
What's the rush to replace oil? For every PAID scientist on the Climate hoax panel, theirs a peer that says BS. Reducing pollutants is necessary for all people's health and safety. But fear mongering is political. Everyone knows this "woke" BS is BS. They want to control you period, just like THEIR forefathers before them. Adolf, Stalin, Castro,. I can't believe people fall for that crap. Tell me I'm wrong, you can't. Biden is doing the Castro playbook. If you wanted to destroy America you would do exactly as he is.
Cherrypicker 13 days ago
The question is, where and how? will hydrogen be produced. Hydrogen produced from electrolyse cannot produce more than the source. So this idea is doomed. Tidal and Nuclear is the only way.
PhillipZX3 13 days ago
The problem here is that burning hydrogen in an internal combustion engine IS NOT a zero emissions solution. It doesn't produce CO2, but it does produce some pretty wicked oxides. We'd be better off using biodiesel over hydrogen if we are going to burn a fuel. It's cheaper too!
Ninja 12 Lawbreaker
Watching this for the second time when Lord Bamford mentioned our great British engineers I had a lightbulb moment, persuade the formula 1 genius engineers to take a good look at this technology. It would offer totally green racing and the tech would trickle down in the usual way
kawasaki kev
kawasaki kev 9 hours ago
do you know that JCB are involved in Formula 1 already .
Omar Shawa
Omar Shawa 14 days ago
From chemistry courses I took many years ago there is issues with the storage of hydrogen that can be disastrous if it leaked into the air or in case of a car crash otherwise it is great fuel
shellback54 14 days ago
You watching Boris and your useless em pees? You could learn a lot if you did.
Frank Dooley
Frank Dooley 14 days ago
This man could indeed change the world. The climate BS is just being used to destroy our Western countries. This man should be running the UK, politicians are untrustworthy trash but this man is a real gent.
peterlanum 14 days ago
I remember back in the 70s the government outlawed experiments on burning Hydrogen in internal combustion engines. Maybe because the oil companies run the government. Kinda set us back about 50 years.
Stephen Deverell
Stephen Deverell 14 days ago
Thinking that when you take into account the difficulties and costs of mining, processing and refining fossil fuels, the infrastructure for making making hydrogen isn’t any worse. Just need to keep investing in more solar and wind power for the electrolysis of water. On another point, I was impressed that they had found an engineering solution for the one issue there could be in burning hydrogen, and that is how to avoid the production of NO2. Great engineering and a world leading company the UK is rightfully proud of.
Gary Lubbe
Gary Lubbe 14 days ago
Engineers yes. politicians know nothing by comparison!
546 cowboy
546 cowboy 14 days ago
OK so you go solar and you do not generate power when there is no sun. Then you have the initial cost of solar panels the equipment to control and store the energy produced. That says nothing of the large plots of land that can no longer be used for food production. You go with wind and if there is no wind or too much wind there is no power production. There is also the fact that with wind there is a limited lifespan and high maintenance costs. When you go by one of these wind farms are all the windmills turning producing power? There are wind farms across the country that have outlived their use and the result is they catch fire, fall down or simply stop. From what I have heard Hydrogen can be produced on a large scale or a small scale by individuals without relying on power infrastructure. It has been used in commercial and private companies for years. So the technology is available without the danger of it exploding.Hydrogen is in the air free to be collected with no emissions from it's use.
Geoff Lewis
Geoff Lewis 14 days ago
..like your background posters! - few sports cars there too!!..
James Cann
James Cann 14 days ago
How is blow by dealt with? With diesel there is some hydrogen that comes with the fuel but only a small percentage. But when using hydrogen as a fuel alot more water contamination of lubricating oil will occur. Is that going to be evaporated out?
WT Merit
WT Merit 14 days ago
Rome Flo
Rome Flo 14 days ago
I never understood why govt is pursuing electric , when hydrogen leaves a smaller carbon foot print. With electric u still have to produce the electricity .
Planty3125 14 days ago
Lord Bamford, thank you, Brilliant elegant solution for the world. Thank you, finally a leader on the ground with their customers.
The Doctor
The Doctor 14 days ago
Wind and solar power are only effective for individual homes and maybe even business's, on a large scale they fail miserably, this has been proven time and time again and they are by NO means environmentally friendly. When the free energy technologies come out, then we can talk, but until then, enjoy your gas powered cars.
Neil Davies
Neil Davies 14 days ago
This is the way forward. No doubt about it! If we can convert internal combustion engines to run on hydrogen, maybe we can do the same for jet engines. I've just invented the Hydroplane!
frankyjayhay 14 days ago
Space could be saved by compressing hydrogen and oxygen in the same canister.
Arcanos 14 days ago
Makes total sense. Why not go the whole hog and power cars as well? One single fuel type for all vehicles and engines. Looking forward to seeing a hydrogen powered F type!
Marc Rose
Marc Rose 15 days ago
JCB is an impressive company to say the least. I have never heard a Hydrogen engine run and was waiting to hear it here for the first time but yet you never allowed it to be heard. Why is that? What the issue with hearing this engine actually running?
Harrison McCullough
The oil companies don't like them.
G BENSEN 15 days ago
Very interesting need to improve the audio!!!!!
Father McCree
Father McCree 15 days ago
Electric is not the future ! ... The ICE needs to reign but with different propellants
Kevin Freist
Kevin Freist 16 days ago
Bob Lazar was driving his late 80s Corvette that he retrofutted to run on pure hydrogen way back in the 90's . this is not new. almost all i c e power plants can run on hydrogen if the fuel storage is allowed ( hydride )or on board electrolisys is perfected .and ignition timing must be retarded to °.5 AFTER TDC. The establishment is fraud for hiding and misinforming the public about this option. we can save your favorite car or truck with this. retro fit kits can be made for popular engines and easily installed.
Roy Richardson
Roy Richardson 16 days ago
Probably a good idea for heavy machinery, but Harry did not ask the key question about running costs. The hydrogen bottles he was using are sourced from natural gas, so really still petrochemical, as steam reformation of gas is the.cheapest way to produce hydrogen but still double the price of petrol.
Core Therapies
Core Therapies 16 days ago
john metson
john metson 16 days ago
Electricity is a vast trap hydrogen gives you flexibility
David Winkle
David Winkle 16 days ago
This is a typical case where engineers can develop and adapt a tried and tested method of producing power to negate any harmful emissions without breaking the bank. The Government should be using companies like JCB for intelligent advice on the future of transport and construction equipment instead of caving in to the green activists and pacifying the media with knee jerk ideas of electrifying the industry. Solar and wind power is a dangerous way to go due to unreliability so fossil fuel power stations will still be needed for back up and reserve for years to come for charging the batteries. If vehicles were to be powered by Hydrogen it would probably save power outages and rationing which will become the norm in the future.
Ry Ryland cripps
Ry Ryland cripps 16 days ago
I remain unconvinced. The problem with hydrogen is density. I don't see how they'll be able to put hydrogen in the same volume tank as it's hydrocarbon counterpart. That said I've always thought hydrogen would have a place with equipment because it's transportable. But they should not be In cars. Hydrogen is one of the most energy intensive processes there is. It probably takes orders of magnitude more energy to split hydrogen out of water to get you far less then if you just stored all that energy in batteries. To me it comes down to efficiency.
Samai Pata
Samai Pata 16 days ago
Only idiots believe there is a future for electric engines! Hydrogen is definitely one option after diesel and gas engines which we will use for years to come. Because contrary to what MSM tries to tell you diesel and gas are very environmentally friendly engines and can become more eco friendly yet!
The Equaliser
The Equaliser 16 days ago
Why store Hydrogen why not make it in situ in the vehicle and use it there and then,.simple
Alfred Lukasek
Alfred Lukasek 16 days ago
Awful audio echo chamber
Ken H
Ken H 16 days ago
I doubt it. Look what it did to the hindenburg zeppelin air ship..it explodes. Did not do it any good did it. But it did go like a bomb. Which reminds me to look at the film again. Good film.
Leslie Sweeney
Leslie Sweeney 16 days ago
Is this a 6 cylinder or 8 cylinder what size of tank does your vehicle youse it in your 25lb in the size of in your tank in your truck talk to me how you put it in your truck a 1500 HP
Oliver Taylor
Oliver Taylor 17 days ago
Oliver Taylor
Oliver Taylor 17 days ago
Gavin Fraser
Gavin Fraser 17 days ago
This is a great way to go it could be made to fitted to any combustion engine