Is Dwight Howard a Hall of Famer? Stephen A. and Max debate | First Take

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Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman debate whether Los Angeles Lakers PF Dwight Howard should be inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame.
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Comments 80
justcuz75 3 days ago
He will have 20k points be top 10 all time in blocks and rebounds...maybe top 5 in one of the categories......why is this a question?!?!
MO JOE 18 days ago
He is a Hall of Flamer !
JAX Jr 20 days ago
Certainly not a first ballot!! # 🗳🤔
Travis Roopnarine
Travis Roopnarine 22 days ago
In his prime; 8 straight All-Star appearances 5 straight All-NBA First Team 4 All-Defense First Teams 3 DPOYs Olympic Gold Medal Put some respect on his name
Daddy Famlittle
Daddy Famlittle 25 days ago
What a dumb fucn debate. Of course he is a HOFer if Ben Wallace is in and fucn Tracy McGrady!! SAS is FOS! Smh
M 25
M 25 26 days ago
patrick santino
patrick santino 26 days ago
dwight howard is a 6'10 defensive juggetnaut , has no skills offensively but he used to have 20+ ppg in his peak years
King Mazda
King Mazda 26 days ago
He's a LAKER for life now and will be more than a hall of famer. Dude picked up his game!
goat 27 days ago
no doubt. 0 debate needed. he’s a HOFer 100%. if you don’t think so you never saw Orlando Dwight Howard.
Jael H. Velez
Jael H. Velez 27 days ago
This is not a debate. Howard is a Beast. HOF for sure
Vae Mohe
Vae Mohe 28 days ago
I'm 23. Love basketball, I don't think he's a HOF.
Babd 29 days ago
How is Bill Laimbeer not in the hall of fame?
ZB 29 days ago
People push for players like Grant Hill but question whether Dwight is a HOF??? HA foh
ZB 29 days ago
Dwight Howard is for sure a HOF. Shouldn’t even be a discussion
isiah saylor
isiah saylor Month ago
I really like those old Magic jerseys. They're like some of the best I've seen for my taste.
Franek Dolas
Franek Dolas Month ago
if howard is hof than bogus too
PGswagg24 Month ago
Dpoy .. finals appearance .. nba first team ..dunk contest winner yeah you too young if you think he isn’t HOF material
CB Fishpig
CB Fishpig Month ago
Or KD for that matter.....😟
CB Fishpig
CB Fishpig Month ago
On this logic I can say that Russell Westbrook is not a good player and isn’t anywhere near the HOF.
CB Fishpig
CB Fishpig Month ago
Did they ask if he was a HOF teammate? No it’s about if he is a HOF talent. Stephen A. the one smoking the weed on this one. I’m not even a Dwight fan too.
Anteongo Estill
Anteongo Estill Month ago
Him and kobe didn't get along but he avg 19 and i think 14 led the league in rebs😂😂😂
Anteongo Estill
Anteongo Estill Month ago
Stephen a lost his mind he a first ballot hofer easy
The Golden Boy
The Golden Boy Month ago
So you’re saying Ben Wallace is better than Dwight? Everybody sayin Ben is a HOF yeah Ben is a champion but most of his career a role player but Dwight 12 years of his career his a superstar 2008 to 2013 arguably the best center in the league add on the accomplishments yes if you watched NBA in 2016 to know Dwight became a scrub or a role player but Dwight is no doubt a HOF
Pittsburgh Holla
Never averaged less than a double double except this year back injury and all
Randa Gahima
Randa Gahima Month ago
Stephen A is so wrong lol
DJ REALIGN Month ago
Dwight's back injury hurt his hall of fame stats but definitely! he's in there once retired
PirateLife Month ago
Yes he’s a HOF
BAY 8TH ST Month ago
Yes he should get in. 18,000+ points 13,000+ Rbs 2,000+Blks His numbers are comparable to Alonzo Mourning's.
Simrat Dhanju
Simrat Dhanju Month ago
If Howard ain’t a HOFer, than neither is Chris Bosh
Travis B
Travis B Month ago
With some of the people they’ve let into the HOF, I’m sure Dwight will get in. Some folks who have had less of a resume have gotten in
Paul C
Paul C Month ago
Should have asked Stephen A...If he's not HOF? Then players like Iverson and Tmac aren't as well? Whatever drama Howard had, and he was pretty much a clown, has no bearing on HOF. Strictly looking at Stats and Impact on the league He is an automatic Hall of famer. I say this and I don't even like Dwight, but I respect him as a Baller during his prime.
Hybrid stomper
Hybrid stomper Month ago
Ever since L.A, he’s still been averaging 20 and 10 pretty good to me🤷🏽‍♂️
anxiousx Month ago
Lol Stephen A gone be disrespecting Dwight like that🤦🏾‍♂️
ItzFreshDBG Month ago
Dwight Howard is trash. A hall of fame is suppose to be the best of the best. Dwight isn't the best at anything. It's about your whole career not just 5 out of 17 u made the all star team. A hall of famer to me is some that had great impact on the game. Which Dwight has had none. If he makes it the bar isn't set high at all to be a hall of famer.
Da Jenius
Da Jenius Month ago
I see y’all running out of things to debate😂 If course he is a HOF. I mean come on what more y’all want 🤦🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️
Cam 777
Cam 777 Month ago
Yea he’s definitely a HoF’er
Craziboi Robert
Craziboi Robert Month ago
If Tracy Mccgrady is in the hall of fame Dwight should be had a way better career then him
Martell Simpson
Martell Simpson Month ago
I almost choked to 💀, When I saw this title...Max nobody remembers his Prime...
J P Month ago
he is
Anthony Norman
Anthony Norman Month ago
*YES* Done.
Aaron Tsang
Aaron Tsang Month ago
When he wins a championship for Kobe free walk in
Rupert Pupkin
Rupert Pupkin Month ago
He needs to win a ring to solidify it. This is his year! Right now I would lean more towards no. Skip said it best. If you have to think about it and its not a sure "Yes" then nope no dice.
kallybloome Month ago
No way. Not even close. Haha not clutch at all
Dante Leone
Dante Leone Month ago
He’s a lock...especially if he gets a ring this year.
Air Braden23
Air Braden23 Month ago
You know what if your gonna talk basketball get your facts straight , dwight is not the oldest to participate in the dunk contest. Dr j competed in 1985 at age 35 , of course I should expect this from a dumb woman who thinks dwight Howard should be a hall of famer .
Blake willy
Blake willy Month ago
He’s easily a HOF.
Help Usall
Help Usall Month ago
DH is a diva, but he’s an easy HOF’r.
SD B Month ago
Stephan A, are you stupid? What possible argument is there. This guy was the best defensive weapon in the league the entire time he was fit, forget about the fact he would add 20 points with ease... There are guys in the HOF for only their defence.
Gee Ru
Gee Ru Month ago
Not yet but if this chip comes and a good season after yea
Carter MacLennan
max is tripping, andre drummond is elite asf what
Game Time
Game Time Month ago
L J Month ago
He’s a back to back to back DPOY. 10000% HOFer.
TheLastWalenta Month ago
Let me save you 5 minutes: No. Proof? First sentence: Dwight Howard has revitalized his career coming off the bench...
ItzFreshDBG Month ago
Amen.... finally somebody who actually has a basketball iq
Sam Davis
Sam Davis Month ago
If Dwight makes HOF that opens the door for anyone to make it and lessens the value of the HOF
Greg Loving
Greg Loving Month ago
Not first or second ballot but yes
Ayo GunnaMac
Ayo GunnaMac Month ago
Save you some time no
Nafiz Ansary
Nafiz Ansary Month ago
He is a legit hof
PieSlice Month ago
At least if he can 2in a championship with the lakers he is a definite HOF but if not maybe in like 2 years
Spyda Jay
Spyda Jay Month ago
This is the only debate where Stephen A took max spot for being STUPID😐
DREVM Month ago
This wouldn’t even be a question if he’d never left the Magic. People hold his antics and personality and team bouncing against his skills. Even in his bad years he had underrated stats compared to how people talked about him.
ryan48888 Month ago
Boxing Pro
Boxing Pro Month ago
Stephen A look cross eyed ... lmao 😂
andrewburds17 Month ago
No debate here. HOF for DH.
Nonah Gonowon
Nonah Gonowon Month ago
He's a HOF no doubt!!!
Jafar 0
Jafar 0 Month ago
The basketball hall of fame is truly one the easiest halls to get in throughout all sports. Maybe the NBA should create another hall of fame with more restrictions created cause Doncic has a HOF résumé before being 21.
Joseph Gilbert
Joseph Gilbert Month ago
What has he done to be in the hall of fame??? Dunk contest winner? Idk just not enough , every player doesn't deserve to be in the HOF. BUT hey maybe maybe D rose and dang will get in too. Smh lol
Jonah Laymon
Jonah Laymon Month ago
The drama is the reason he's not gonna make it I normally like Stephen A, but he's tripping.
Jonah Laymon
Jonah Laymon Month ago
If Tracy mcgrady is a hall of famer so is Dwight
Class Of Kings Clothing
What about Charles Barkley??
Kevin Torres
Kevin Torres Month ago
People that never watched nba 2007-2013 Dwight don’t know why he deserves to be in the HOF
Official Ja!
Official Ja! Month ago
He is
LaezyMe Month ago
Uhhhh how many dpoys did this guy win..? How many rebounding titles...? HOF lock EASY
KING CB3 Month ago
Trippin Dwight Howard don’t y’all forget this guy beat LeBron and lead the Orlando Magic to the finals...
Nicholas Beagle
Nicholas Beagle Month ago
I think he will be a hall of famer but his prime was short
Mr Jean
Mr Jean Month ago
Yes he is.. but of course Steven A do what he does.. none basketball player
Anthony Hicks
Anthony Hicks Month ago
Dwight Howard is the T.O of the NBA. I watched this guy pre-L.A and he gave dudes that work. SAS is stupid!!!! That’s why it’s hard for me to watch this show!
George Vida
George Vida Month ago
It's a toss up
Absolute Boredom
Unlike a lot of these so called stars, Dwight has actually been to the finals. Some our your favorite players can't even make the playoffs much less get past the first round.
The King
The King Month ago
The hall of very good
He's a hall of famer
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