Is Dark Energy Getting Stronger?

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The power of Dark Energy may be increasing as the universe ages. Subtle clues are emerging that the accepted model for the nature of dark energy and dark matter may not be all that. We saw the first such clue recently in our recent episode on the Crisis in Cosmology. Today we’re doing a Space Time Journal Club to reveal another clue. We’re looking at a new paper in Nature Astronomy, “Cosmological constraints from the Hubble diagram of quasars at high redshifts” by Risaliti and Lusso. It hints that the cosmological constant may not be so constant after all. In fact it may be increasing. If this is true, then our prediction for the future of our universe looks VERY different, and may involve the entire universe tearing itself to shreds at the subatomic level in the Big Rip.
On this edition of Space Time Journal Club we look at:
Risaliti & Lusso (2019) "Cosmological Constraints from the Hubble Diagram of Quasars at High Redshifts"
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Mar 20, 2019

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Comments 1 793
gary schraa
gary schraa Day ago
Dark energy is that which keeps space from being sticky . It's a lubricant or surfactant . Of course I cant prove this as I am not a scientist , I am a bone head ______ not a melon head
Stan TheObserver
Stan TheObserver 7 days ago
Can or will dark energy rip itself to nothingness one day?
HolyWrath 8 days ago
I believe dark matter is ocilating.
jackay k
jackay k 10 days ago
Dark matter and dark energy are real but it's for heaven or maybe earth also not for humans may be it's like flesh of heaven but it's also exist in earth another form or face or colour if it passes by you you feel massless Ness vaccum nausea in your mind that's what we know as a Muslim but I won't tell the full truth to call me mad religion dog .but it's not hand of god or any any type of part of god .
Faizan Shaikh
Faizan Shaikh 12 days ago
I woke up. I watch new video and I start my day
Kevin McMahon
Kevin McMahon 13 days ago
It is strange that Space-Time is expanding in the space between the Galaxies, but not the space within the atom. Are gravity wells the least likely place to find Dark Energy and Dark Matter?
Adam Watts
Adam Watts 17 days ago
I love how well you brought an academic journal article into means that most layman like myself with just a general interest in physics and cosmology can understand! Thank you. please do some more!
N L 19 days ago
There's a lot we don't understand, but it's pretty clear that dark energy is not a constant. It doesn't mean it will increase forever though.
Christian Anderson
Christian Anderson 20 days ago
What we see in the visible observable universe is what they was millions and billions of years ago at this current time now everything must be gone anything that is 500 million light years or more away think about it if light took a half a billion years to get here or 100 billions light years away those objects no longer exist in theory maybe that's why we see the expansion of the universe speeding up we could be in a totally empty cold universe where the light we see from so far away those objects in are currently space time no longer exist in theory
viod vue
viod vue 24 days ago
"The great courses plus" Plus what?
Charles Rockafellor
The material is good material, the presentation is professional and concise... but while the words are dead-on, the cadence and body language argue from rhetoric. PBS Space Time always _feels_ like a snake oil sales pitch, even given the otherwise accurate data. :-(
Motesoul 28 days ago
10:30 ZIPF
jhwheuer 29 days ago
So in other words... if something changes the light of the standard candles unexpectedly, all our measurements are off...
Dobby Dazzler
Dobby Dazzler Month ago
Always awesome, always inspiring. Thanks SpaceTime xxx
Glenn B
Glenn B Month ago
Those two Nobel winning teams that 'wrote the text book on dark energy' (as you put it) in the early 90s, overlooked the most ubiquitous cosmological quality, neglecting to include it in their calculations, which would have shown that universal expansion was SLOWING not increasing. Yes now everyone takes their findings as Gospel. What a cosmological cock up!
// nostromov
// nostromov Month ago
Yeah, ok, but, it's "supernovaS" ruvid.net/video/video-tAtVgHvt05M.html
Mr Mellon
Mr Mellon Month ago
I wonder if space isn't expanding, but "falling" outwards. Local gravity may have slowed the falling rate early but just like gravity from matter, spacetime is falling like the center of gravity is just outward. I wonder if that could be calculated
mastrtonberry2 Month ago
I like all the Star Trek SFX
David Fuller
David Fuller Month ago
Shamanistic Witch Doctor of Physics Jargon
Accutronitis The 2nd
This channel never fails to expand my knowledge of our universe!
Matt Woodruff
Matt Woodruff Month ago
You guys have great content but a terrible intro song. You need something more pumped up and melodic.
ijams sum
ijams sum Month ago
They make incorrect assumptions looking back thru time 14-15 billion years ago matter and the laws of physics operated the same as now with no dilation ? Looking back at the early universe it should be expanding fast from the big bang and slowed down later by gravitational forces of mass when gravity was established ! There is no dark matter energy only the universe before physical laws were fully established and what they see happening back then is not the laws today, change set in over some time ! The early universe had little matter to absorb the great energy from the beginning , later the mass assumed physical laws of attraction and absorbed the energy to slow down the Galaxies enough to be stable ! What they are seeing is not even happening today , its 15 billion years ago ! No intuition in science is used only cold incorrect math lacking all the laws of the universe ! Only some laws are known , we are infants at cosmology as intuition has been left behind and no insight is used in science academia in cosmology today and they are more lost than they ever hoped to be lol ! Corona Fusion is the correct theory of our Sun not core fusion and the data is right in front of them but they are blinded by a failed theory to protect science academia from being very wrong from the start ? Cosmology is a farce in many areas and it takes genius to invent a invisible energy dark matter to explain away there failings because you cannot disprove the invisible ! See how science academia works , so now they say it takes 40,000 years for photons at our Suns core to reach the surface of the Sun to explain away the very low surface temperature on the Sun ???? Genius to invent a theory to protect your failed theory so the public cannot see the mistaken theories in our textbooks ? Once you wake up and see the truth you see how little we know and how what has been portrayed as fact is false science and still in textbooks ! No morals allowed because science must be protected from itself by inventing theories that cannot be disproved ! Dark Matter is just such a invention , because they are lost without a clue of intuition ? Dimensional travel and traveling past the speed of light is possible , but you must create a field around a craft the blocks subatomic entanglement that lets the craft have zero mass in our space dimension and blocking our physical laws is all it takes but few people can even think this is possible ? Once you see a UFO your mind opens up very much , and the reality sets in we are to be deceived completely from the truth as science has zero morals !
Chad Davis
Chad Davis Month ago
I think that there could be a possible error in the interpretation of the redshift increase from the quasar measurement, the dark energy being observed getting stronger around using these quasars could be the black hole expanding space by condensing energy to negative energy. There must be a way to measure this dark energy increase in relation to a few relative nearby black holes to one another and the red shift observed between there varying masses and amount of matter being consumed via the size of its accretion disc, assuming that something will be observed by this would give us an approximation of how much new space/dark energy is being created from the amount energy being converted in s black hole
Nicholas Pdx
Nicholas Pdx Month ago
How are you accessing my phone? I see you too..
TGK_Llama YT
TGK_Llama YT Month ago
This is the time that we need Thanos to get on the good sid
Trev Ashton
Trev Ashton Month ago
Out of curiosity, Has dark matter been found in galaxies that DONT have super massive black holes?
Philip Moran
Philip Moran Month ago
Gravity can be explained if everything expanded by 1/1000th per second!
Kane Morison
Kane Morison Month ago
Dark Energy maybe from the collapse of the first big 3 stars into black holes theses black holes having eaten all the local matter around. Collapse explode fragment into pockets of collapsing Matter Dark Energy just a guess way off
vivalafiaga 2 months ago
What if the entire universe is simply descending into an unimaginably huge black hole?
Bangla Desh
Bangla Desh 2 months ago
"Dark energy" is just the positive curvature of spacetime in the absence of mass on large scales directly proportionate to the density of mass on galactic scales. It's kind of counter intuitive but I've done all the calculations and wrote 2 papers on it, but 6 journals have refused to publish my work as they're invested in other theories. True story.
Matlockization 2 months ago
Dark energy is not getting stronger but darker !
Derrick Bommarito
Derrick Bommarito 2 months ago
What would the universe look like (besides very dark) to the last remaining animals when a big rip changes the universe enough to become observable? What new chemistry might result that becomes dominant over what I would expect to be a very long period of slow atomic tearing? Does the big rip result in everything inevitably turning itself into WonkaVision static?
Brett Augustine
Brett Augustine 2 months ago
Is that a cockmonaut on your shirt?
GIJosh 2 months ago
Next April 1st, they need to make a video that asks a question, and answers with "yes" or "no", then end the video.
Waizwaid Arenosa
Waizwaid Arenosa 2 months ago
I love this guy; I don't believe he is human; he is too advanced. Nevertheless, I love him. I can listen to him forever.
Cerberus 2 months ago
I think Entropy is definitely getting stronger.
Arun Sasi
Arun Sasi 2 months ago
Very hypothetical question! Assuming lambda is not uniform across space, will relative expansion of space have relativistic effects on each other?
Harry ToyShirt
Harry ToyShirt 2 months ago
So much for "dahk" energy. Someone send a boatload of R's to the Brits.
nope sorry
nope sorry 2 months ago
spacetime tearing itself to shreds on the subatomic level... well that certainly would be a big R.I.P
Gabrielle Grandcamp
Gabrielle Grandcamp 2 months ago
WHAT IF there was no dark energy at all, like the gravitation isn't a force but more like a propriety of the structure of the space time universe, I'm wondering, what if what we call dark energy is in fact the response of the space time fabric to gravity, like if I put a finger on a baloon, if i press hard, outside this zone of the pressure caused by my finger, the balloon is expanding, so maybe, the expansion is accelerating because there are nothing to stop this expansion, unlike the balloon. So the filaments of galaxies is in fact valleys in a 3d space, caused by the mass of the galaxies themselves, galaxies "squeezed" by monts of void (or less dense universe) created in consequence of their mass pushing on the space time fabric, like fingers on a balloon ? (sorry I'm french, I hope I'm a bit comprehensible) and it's like an answer of the period the universe didn't expand, the space was not enough big to permit the creation of valleys caused by gravity and maybe, maybe, the acceleration of the expansion is caused by what black holes do in the space time fabric, an expansion fuelled by the infinite mass in the center of the black holes ?
Dom Trussardi
Dom Trussardi 2 months ago
If there was a "NIgga...the hell you talkin bout?" meme, this guy would show up in half of them.
Jordan Bayless
Jordan Bayless 2 months ago
Any energy has quantitative and qualitative characteristics. Stronger or weaker is just the degree of impact in a certain place on a certain object. It is more reasonable to talk about the quality of energy and its use in real life. Accordingly, management of this energy.
ofsinope 2 months ago
That moment when he says "spacetime" at the end
Jesse Mai
Jesse Mai 2 months ago
show me the math, intuitively I disagree on both experimental and theoretical platforms... show me the math for corrected theoretical measurements and the math for the theory behind it
Sandy 2 months ago
i feel intelligent after clicking this video...even though I don't understand what he says
Jay Antani
Jay Antani 2 months ago
Cool Video!
James Alexander
James Alexander 2 months ago
maybe the entropy of the universe is increasing which would explain it's expansion just like a piece of metal or being that this may only be a short period of rapid expansion; somewhat like an oven that may sit at say 350F for several seconds or more before actually reaching the next digit in temperature. Of course in reality, this may be a period of chaos, destruction & growth in the universe. People often misinterpret current events because they perceive reality to be steady without considering acceleration/deceleration
Ne, oder?
Ne, oder? 3 months ago
12:33 says all about spacetime
Sami Saieed
Sami Saieed 3 months ago
Totally, An epic episode
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