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Coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the country, with almost two-thirds of Americans drinking at least one cup of coffee a day. Despite its popularity, there seems to be conflicting research surrounding the drink's health benefits. As an avid coffee drinker himself, Hasan decided to investigate the age old question: is coffee good or bad for you? Hasan compared the data drawn from researchers and scientists over a number of decades to find out if the evidence overwhelmingly supports or opposes drinking coffee. The results gave Hasan a whole new perspective about data studies.
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Oct 21, 2019




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Comments 80
Nhlanhla Mathe
Nhlanhla Mathe 2 hours ago
This was annoying to watch
Ahmed Al Adraj
Ahmed Al Adraj 4 hours ago
Who is watching while drinking coffee?
Ric Chapin
Ric Chapin 12 hours ago
So of all the "cancer-linked" foods we stuff in our faces coffee placed below 30-40 other ingredients we use everyday. Is this gonna be a series where I come to dread every piece of food I eat?
Alisia Barbour
Alisia Barbour 15 hours ago
Dude! I caught that picture of Jeffrey Epstein, lol!
United Space Pirates
Millinials can retire as soon as their robotic replacements are ready.
Ngaire Taylor
Ngaire Taylor 18 hours ago
I had a boss walked into the stuff kitchenette and grabbed the large 2 kg tin of coffee... he was about to put a spoonful into his cup and use the urn to pour in hot water when another staff member told him that the urn was broken… So he put the spoon into the large can of instant coffee and pulled out a spoonful of coffee and proceeded to start eating it.... as is. He then turned and walked out of the kitchenette... He took the tin. with him and as he walked away he was spooning instant coffee into his mouth, and eating it. Another staff member looked at me and said “what are we gonna do?” And I said “make sure that if the tin gets back to the kitchenette to label it as the boss’s coffee only.... do you want to have a coffee from that?”
Ngaire Taylor
About 20 years ago I was doing shiftwork and I was on over 20 coffees a day. Yep over 20 coffees a day. I was consuming so much caffeine that I used to make my own coffee syrup to add to coffee. I wake up in the morning and drink a double espresso with extra coffee syrup. And I would have three of those before I left the house.
first last
first last Day ago
Coffee is bitter and not a very great taste to me, an acquired taste. Though it's not as much an acquired taste as alcohol, a terrible tasting liquid that I got to wonder how anyone can drink other than explicitly to get drunk
Exciting Marmot
Here in my country instant coffee is so popular..like only contain 3% of actual coffee
clorox bleach
He is Arab, their culture is very linked with coffee
Steve Z Turner
I'm 80% Hazelnut... lol, You 100% Nutcase...
Leslie Zani
Leslie Zani Day ago
Do New Yorker think they're the only multicultural city on the planet???
Prakash Soren
Prakash Soren 2 days ago
Na Hindi ata hai na bhoji ata hai na hi urdu apne app ko up ka bolta hai sala........
PAX INFO 2 days ago
Most boring video in You tube. Congratulations 🥳
infernox66 2 days ago
Cover psycho joe, the msnbc host... just before 9/11 he killed his mistress and got away with it so the president says...
Jones 2 days ago
I like how they threw in Jeffrey Epstein
Sylvia Alambar
Sylvia Alambar 2 days ago
Vikram Giriraj
Vikram Giriraj 2 days ago
That explains his hyperactivity 😁
Tico Nice
Tico Nice 3 days ago
Coffee is highly processed so no is not good for you 😊
juned khan
juned khan 3 days ago
Cure for gingivitis is brushing & flossing. #NeedNoPaperForThat
M. J. Doty
M. J. Doty 3 days ago
As a guy who's a total bean slave and has a tumbler the size of a small truncheon that is 85% of the time containing coffee, I do have some personal observations: 1) In moderation, coffee has health benefits. Caffeine enhances cognitive ability, stimulates motor function and hastens synaptic response. It also promotes blood flow and thins blood to prevent clots. 2) While I'm unsure if this was an actual scientific study, I recall a study stating coffee's acidic properties do have beneficial attributes to the digestive tract. As I recall, a cup of coffee was supposed to be a preventative measure to reduce the chance of kidney stones. 3) Coffee is a diarrhetic, which is good and bad. It does clean the digestive system, preventing constipation and painful bowel movements. However, it's not advisable to drink when feeling dehydrated and will worsen dehydration by expending more fluids through... painful, less than solid expulsions, not to mention stomach pains from trying to rehydrate with an acid. 4) Coffee, taken to excess, does have a detrimental effect on the heart. It does cause the heart to pump faster, and can lead to tachycardia. 5) Coffee does have a painful set of withdrawal symptoms. If you're addicted (yep, personal experience), the caffeine come down will include lethargy and MASSIVE migraines. Still, I'm not quitting my coffee.
Sahraj Singh
Sahraj Singh 3 days ago
Just watching this video got me addicted
Hymedude 3 days ago
I used to speculate the effect caffeine has on our gdp I bet it's at least 10 %........
dsthorp 3 days ago
Ramya P
Ramya P 3 days ago
When the hip-hop montages remind you of _Requiem for a Dream_ which is based on addiction
chagiRenee 4 days ago
I trust ur a smart guy, so when I saw u drinking all those cups, I knew I didn’t have to listen to the rest.
K A 4 days ago
Lol “ I’m 80% hazelnut.” 🤣
Edith March
Edith March 4 days ago
Okay Hassan! I know you won't see this but if you watch Chubbychu --- he went over someone who had a caffeine overdose by having 2 pots of coffee, and almost died. So just wanna say: "Be Careful! Caffeine is also a legit drug!" I want you to be alive because you are awesome. WE gotta keep the good people alive longer--- too many bad people live too long.
Jhon Shmit
Jhon Shmit 4 days ago
Worst country in the world to get coffee is USA. Strange but they just drink mostly some brown water
Anton Wolkov
Anton Wolkov 4 days ago
i really had more respect for hassan before i knew he drinks filtered coffee.
Alice Shtewi
Alice Shtewi 4 days ago
Me watching this while eating coffee ice cream
Bruno Martins
Bruno Martins 4 days ago
I've already drank 500ml of coffe and this episode made me want more.
Mark Read
Mark Read 5 days ago
Pretty awesome episode. It points out many true perverse pressures in academia, but the behaviours pointed out here are the absolute exception (not the rule). There is a huge appreciation of quality over quantity in academia, and no one is going to assume a person publishing a paper every 5 days has any sort of real involvement in those papers. The "thousands of scientists publish a paper every 5 days" study is worth looking into more. It's not thousands, some of this is field-specific oddity (85% of those authors were from particle physics where hundreds of authors are involved very peripherally in every study and all get their name on the paper - only a few would have actually written the thing). In the end it's just 260 scientists who qualify and most of them don't meet the standards of being a genuine "author" of a study. There's a lot that could be fixed in academia, but it's not quite as bad as is implied here!
dontgetintouchh 5 days ago
maneet singh
maneet singh 5 days ago
felt like i was watching more editing then actual information or anything of substance smh
Sidds 5 days ago
Nicholas cage good or bad ?
Start at 3:04 , thank me later.
Old man
Old man 6 days ago
Is he going to slurp again?......... Aww damn..... he slurped again! Is there a slurp filter for audio?
Jonny Gomes
Jonny Gomes 6 days ago
If you drink hot water with diluted coffee in it you dont drink coffee. Coffee from a machine is the real deal. The first one is just hot water with coffee taste.
Thunderquill Radio
Sorry, I have to stop this video to make a cup of coffee.
WickedDreamer 6 days ago
How i do my chemistry lab reports: Results first, hypothesis after.
nischal oli
nischal oli 6 days ago
are benchot kitna coffee pita hai chutiya
Mohammad Al Amin
Mohammad Al Amin 6 days ago
He drank so much coffee but did not go to pee. Where did the coffee go?
rockydejavo 7 days ago
ha.. Data dredging you say? looks a practice you mastered with contents you developed quite well. You know, have a hypotheses and only selecting facts/data severs your claims and your intended audiences while neglecting every pre-context, culture ramification, social & culture differences, geopolitical, and social economical settings. Its kinda understandable. you know your under the mercy whoever is footing the bill. So, click baits are the way to go.
Srinivas K.
Srinivas K. 7 days ago
For some reason, I detest black coffee, dont know how Americans are able to guzzle down so much of it. I love the traditional filter coffee we make in India (similar to Cafe Au Lait), and I like a well made espresso shot. Everything in between just tastes chemical, rough.
Smaragdwolf 7 days ago
Humans gain an immunity to Caffein after drinking it regularly. So they need more and/or stronger Coffee for the *same* effect. They simply get used to it.
ColdBlankets 8 days ago
Broly's Buns
Broly's Buns 8 days ago
Last time i drank coffee i nearly collapsed
Qasim Munir
Qasim Munir 9 days ago
Eid Mubarak Hasan
Den Antori
Den Antori 9 days ago
Mayyyybe just consume with moderation????
dakan92 9 days ago
Hasan is 80% Hazelnut. So that's how he gets his color.
RustyHedge 9 days ago
Having done biochem research myself with my university, its actually unfortunate that public research's funding structure, mostly based on grants given out based on scientific merit, the excellence of the head of the laboratory, and regular research publications which give updates on research that has not yet given out the expected conclusion. It can be excruciatingly time-consuming in having to publish both too often and proving yourself worth the little money you're given and for all the grants you never actually get but have to apply and spend time writing for all the time. The structure is flawed but genuinely useful. Unfortunately, the drawback is we spend too much time fighting for the bit of publicly available money short of selling our techniques and expertise to private companies that need information and research data. Fix the incentive from being to prove yourself with image rather than meritorious results (efficiency and concentrated scientific effort) and you might have a fast-track to the cure for cancer, AIDS, MLS, etc.
Makoa Quest
Makoa Quest 9 days ago
Omg this whole video was brilliant and I definitely love coffee as much as Hasan😂😂😂😂 the conclusion😂😂😂😂😂
Makoa Quest
Makoa Quest 9 days ago
I love you forever coffee 💖☕️ 💖
Zhongjiang_Liu 12 days ago
Lmao. This is funny *goes back to drinking oolong tea*
kempegouda14 teslm
kempegouda14 teslm 15 days ago
That is how I study after having a cup of coffee
ExitiuM R17
ExitiuM R17 18 days ago
This is why I prefer crack instead of coffee
Ryuichiro Suzuki
Ryuichiro Suzuki 21 day ago
dude, your paper filter size is wrong. get the right one you idiot. btw, i watch every episode of your show at least four times. love from japan
Genesis64 28 days ago
Its bad for you
Des Prenty
Des Prenty Month ago
Ever notice how coffee does not sober up a drink person, it makes them more awake, but will partially sober up a person who has smoked marijuana ?
Benjamin Altomonte
4:43 What's with the decomposing animal?
Goon Hoong Tatt
Goon Hoong Tatt Month ago
For god's sake, the repetitive coffee-guzzling scenes got stale after the second take. Get on with the subject matter and stop wasting our time!
Siti Fatihah
Siti Fatihah Month ago
great. now I wanna buy the mug
Mozin Malik
Mozin Malik Month ago
I’m 90% coffee at this point.
Adityachk2002 Month ago
My browser history
Jason Richard
Jason Richard Month ago
Tea is better
Jennine Month ago
Good video. Coffee is good for people with allergies and asthma. (Doctors' Book of Home Remedies) We breathe in H2o, one part oxygen and 2 parts water. Coffee helps your heart pump water out of your lungs. This why coffee shops are so popular in humid areas such as Seattle. Or any coastal city.
Robert Pilla
Robert Pilla Month ago
Coffee is!
josh100CH Month ago
Drinking my matcha watching this
ForTheSakeOf SanityAndSuch
2:03 what the heck kind of graphic is that behind the two ladies?!
Linisha Sri
Linisha Sri Month ago
After seeing this video, oh god I need coffee
Amjad Al Aufi
Amjad Al Aufi Month ago
2 minutes patriot act, 6.08 weird content
Uthman Baksh
Uthman Baksh Month ago
How does Hasan not get the runs after like the 20th cup of coffee?
Diana Herh
Diana Herh Month ago
i think this may be my favorite Patriot Act video...could it be partly because of my coffee addiction?
The Amazing A
The Amazing A Month ago
When you dont have many stats but you need a long video Graphics department: Hold my coffee (copied)
Pgum123 Gonowplayread
This can also lead (the not correctly made studies) to not making studies whatsoever while instead conducting copycat info in order to get results and credibility. One scientist that was teacher at UPR ( University of Puerto Rico, yes US territory) was found a while back to have been taking research papers of other people and just rewriting them in order to get to his deadlines. He had to conduct studies I think every few weeks.?? so, yeah. Whats funny was that he got caught by the person who originally wrote the paper and then it all started to come into light. So now we think to as why Einstein managed to do so much in his non-scientifical job, he wasn't pressured and simply had curiosity. So he did probably do more than other people during that time as he enjoyed that, however you get the thing.
Pgum123 Gonowplayread
So basically the title is a bit.... Because it's actually about having problems of flimsy studies.
lordgolu Month ago
Epstein obviously did not kill himself 🤣
Mohamed Manja
Mohamed Manja Month ago
So do you like coffee or no?
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