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Who is the most powerful person in the world? Many would say US President Donald Trump. But the international news publication, The Economist, argues it is actually China's President Xi Jinping. While Trump talks protectionism, Xi is bidding for global leadership on multiple fronts. Among them - a grand infrastructure plan to link large parts of the world economy, an Asia-focused bank to counter the World Bank, China's first overseas military base and a military buildup in the South China Sea.
Analysts say Xi wants to be a transformative leader along the lines of Deng Xiaoping and Mao Zedong. He has eliminated rival power centres in an anti-corruption campaign, and has amassed more personal power than any recent predecessor.
So, what will the latest Communist party congress reveal about China's global aspirations as the US turns inward?

Presenter: James Bays
Einar Tangen - Political and Economic Affairs Analyst
Jabin Jacob - Fellow at the Institute of Chinese Studies.
Isaac Stone Fish - Senior fellow at the Asia Society's Center on US- China Relations.

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Oct 18, 2017

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Comments 863
Maximus Prime
Maximus Prime 5 hours ago
Of course because everybody in the world wants to serve the Chinese communist party lol.
Limen Kenneth
Limen Kenneth 14 hours ago
Trump is indisputable the most powerful man . Power is not in the ease to do things or control over others . Trump heads the most reliable and sustainable system . China system is dependent and unreliable. China can go only this far not being transparent, democratic etc
Limen Kenneth
Limen Kenneth 14 hours ago
To sale fake phones ? Cars or dresses ?
Augustine Farai
America Donald Trump 😂😂😂😂 drama Queen
Chris Durias
Chris Durias 2 days ago
Trade deficit is always bad. It is as simple as spending more than earning.
Fook Oh Wong
Fook Oh Wong 2 days ago
Deliberate distortion of China.
Incurable Romanticist
I don’t know or care about the Chinese president. I care about the American president, and his job is not to be the most powerful man in the world. Seeking that kind of power is completely inappropriate for the leader of a democratic country and a free people. I am thrilled to have a president who tends toward nationalism and protectionism. I want us to be somewhat isolationist, and to tell the globalists to go play someplace else. It has nothing to do with Communism or Capitalism. They are both moth eaten remnants of the last 75 years’ rush to scarcity and moral and physical pollution. I don’t think Trump is perfect. I would not even say that he was all that great. But he’s definitely the only president since Eisenhower it who can do the Math. America has let herself be ruined. The two parties didn’t do it. Poor education, poverty, unchecked immigration and all the other problems we have didn’t do it. I was there the day America was ruined. It was the day Disneyland opened. That was the day American culture became the spawn of a mating between Conspicuous Consumption and Manifest Destiny. All it had needed was a monumentally unreal place to be born. Every fantastic thing must now be given monumental and solid expression. All the technology, all the excesses of sin and virtue from the old romances must become brick and mortar, flesh and blood, science and technology. It has become very easy to go along with the gospel of unstoppable growth and to entirely miss the point of fairytales, frontier stories and the future, that there is no real triumph that is not a moral triumph, and that excess is the dark side of surplus.
Wyatt Earp
Wyatt Earp 6 days ago
President Trump won't let China be a world leader, commie dems will.
aqsad Betgeri
aqsad Betgeri 6 days ago
Kim jong un most powerful leader in the world
Gojohnny gp1
Gojohnny gp1 6 days ago
There is no real democracy in India, more like corrupt politicians buying selling seats and votes, no freedom for Kashmiris or the 32 other groups seeking seperating from India. What democracy in India? It's a facade, and has only made India a Hindu extremist led country, no other religion is safe not even lower class Hindus.... its a racist democracy for upper caste rich Hindus only.
Gusti Chokorde
Gusti Chokorde 8 days ago
USA = cheat of freedom. liars of human rights. steal of democrazy.
Gusti Chokorde
Gusti Chokorde 9 days ago
trump and republican always 100% right truthfull honest holly saint, but, Xi and CCP always 100% false wrong fault bad ugly ???.
Gusti Chokorde
Gusti Chokorde 9 days ago
and US also have had brainwashed her people to become No.1 in freedom democracy human rights, as a "world of police". instead of fake false flag demonishing cheat lies steal hoax exploitation extracting ploundering news propaganda by CIA.
Gusti Chokorde
Gusti Chokorde 9 days ago
freedom arunachal pradesh and kashmir from india, if india adopting 100% democracy, just like ex yugoslavia.
D Marion
D Marion 9 days ago
China's government is seemingly regimentally managed. It's beautiful if they are all good people.
D Marion
D Marion 9 days ago
North K is likely just a new market to most. It is not what will open them.
michmadman52 9 days ago
michmadman52 9 days ago
michmadman52 9 days ago
michmadman52 9 days ago
manny mo
manny mo 9 days ago
Facts are in the open for everyone to see, everything is made in China the whole world relly on China.
Captive Exile
Captive Exile 9 days ago
Trump loves the DARKNESS more than the LIGHT (John 3:19 is the real V E R D I C T from the MUELLER REPORT).
Captive Exile
Captive Exile 9 days ago
While America spent TRILLIONS on unnecessary wars & unilateral military invasions (think Iraq "shock & awe" based on trumped-up LIES about WMD), CHINA was building new roads, bridges and skyscrapers --- and educating her children in profitable STEM subjects. And now America stands there disgruntled, unable to perceive how her very own way is coming home to roost -- and with an arrogant leader who (like Adolph) thinks he's the O N L Y O N E who can figure things out" (he said that once in public --- what a LIAR -- but of course even the Bible says Trump is probably the "right leader" for America --- Micah 2:11* --- do you agree that I AM R I G H T A B O U T T H I S [ Isaiah 41:26-29* ]. In fact, I'll bet President XI knows more about the BIBLE than Trump does (and to think: dumb Trump was even sworn into office with his HAND LAID ON THE BIBLE --- GET IT NOW , REVEREND? [You voted for the WRONG MAN, for God " KNOWS N O ROCK ". Isaiah 44:8 ]' Shalom! [ Deuteronomy 27:24 + Psalm 11 ]. Can TRUMP R E A L L Y C O M M I T A M U R D E R O N 5 t h A V E N U E --- and people just "DO NOTHING" [ Jeremiah 5:12 says otherwise ! ! ! ].
Captive Exile
Captive Exile 9 days ago
PS: Let's FIND OUT ! (I will hang around 5th Ave. and see). (Use a hollow point, Reverend --- so I don't hear or feel it).
ulyquime 10 days ago
Go to South America less Venezuela and Bolivia and ask if people want China as world power, go to US , go to Canada, go to Mexico, go to Europe. Nobody wants China as a world leader. Keep being a factory to the world, China knows how to do that. Everything else is not going to happen
ulyquime 10 days ago
You have to laugh from that Beijing robot, trying to sound honest and honourable citing fake statistics cooked by a totalitarian government.
Ken Sim
Ken Sim 10 days ago
even putin is more powerful andrespected than the dotard trump!
Ken Sim
Ken Sim 11 days ago
Romel Braganaza
Romel Braganaza 11 days ago
Emelda Marcos stop the rain!
samhouston2000 11 days ago
Asking an indian's opinion about the power of China, did you really needed him on Camera?. Lol.
Chol Akuany
Chol Akuany 12 days ago
We are humans, we might have gone to the moon but our stupidity as humans has an unpredictable conseguences.
expsterm1 12 days ago
It's really simple. Whoever has the biggest economy will be the leader. Money talks.
expsterm1 10 days ago
@SmallTown Homestead I disagree. You have to look at their culture in various aspects. They were the one of the first, if not the first civilization, along with the Jews, that recorded written history before anyone else. Their written language was adopted by both the Japanese and Koreans. The Confucius philosophy teaching ethics predates Christianity and Islam. What you are seeing now, like I said, is the problem of their political system, not based on freedom. Their modern day political system or Communism, is only 75 years or so, but their entire history is more than 4,000 years. In museums all over the world, there is Chinese art and other artifacts that demonstrate their advanced civilization at one time. You make a lot of assertions without giving any examples. Whereas I am giving you examples by looking at the totality of their history. Communism and dynastic corruptions stunted their progress but that's just a part of their history.
SmallTown Homestead
@expsterm1 Their culture is extremely backward. They had some technology yes but it was very primitive by today's standards. They have not socially progressed at all. They have not socially progressed. They have not progressed. Understand? All humans were Barbarians and are still capable of it. Europeans progressed out of tribal barbarity. The chinese people still do not bury their fecal matter, they spit everywhere, they still believe in supersitious nonsense such as a Bears Balls will give them virility, their morality is tribal and pagan and they have not advanced in thousands of years. Before you accuse other's of ignorance I would suggest you take care of your own first.
expsterm1 10 days ago
@SmallTown Homestead I think you also said backwards. I wouldn't say their culture is backwards either. The Chinese were ahead of most European Western countries for a long time, until the 1800s due to corruption of their political system. They had many inventions. They invented paper, gun powder, etc.. They had a navy that explored before the Spaniards and British. Like I said, it's their current political system - communism - that is inhuman. You need to do some research on the Chinese history. Otherwise, you sound really ignorant.
SmallTown Homestead
@expsterm1 It's very strange when some-one say's "Their culture isn't primitive, it's 4000 years old". That's pretty much the definition of primitive. Indigenous Australian culture is upward of 50,000 years old, and when the settlers first arrived, they were still cannibalizing one another, eating their own babies, and using stones(not metal yet). That is primitive. The reason people don't see the west as primitive is because it Progressed and changed. It's still a continuous culture and the celts have been in the UK for over 12K years at least, probably longer. That's older than "chinese" culture, but..the UK changed. Chinese culture is still fundamentally primitive and hasn't fundamentally changed in thousands of years. Do not mistake technology which all comes from the west originally, with "cultural advancement". So far, all they've really done is copy us, and adopt the horrors Of marxism. Advanced they are not.
Fazal Rehman
Fazal Rehman 13 days ago
Why is this question is so burning issue today that wasn't few decades ago. It means world is going to change now. Definitely China becomes the next leader of the world. World want " NO MORE" America. America is not only economically corrupt but it's also the biggest terrorist in the planet. They create conflict between the countries to sell their arms to earn money. Best wishes for the next prominent power (China) of the world. Love from Pakistan ♥️
Zeek M
Zeek M 13 days ago
Anyone loyal to the communist Chinese dictatorship will be killed. We're not playin around.
Thuan Lam
Thuan Lam 13 days ago
China has already been a global leader.
Francis Godinho
Francis Godinho 13 days ago
There is no power on earth or in heaven that can take on America. China is nothing but a beggar state. Yes, without US dollars China is nothing. I challenge any Chinese to say not true and I will prove it to all China is nothing without US dollars.
Branko Djordjevic
There is someone that can take Murica and that is god in heaven!
Dan s
Dan s 15 days ago
Yes, yes, yes, each & everything. I can’t believe a guy from the most corrupt country is talking about anti corruption.
Dan s
Dan s 15 days ago
Please tell the Indian guy to go back to Scamming our elderly people.
ShAdOwMaN 15 days ago
Allan Simoes
Allan Simoes 15 days ago
MBS of Saudi Arabia is open to a Yuan backed petrol Currency. Allan.
Captive Exile
Captive Exile 9 days ago
He also "O.K.'d a murder" right inside the Saudi Embassy --- and isn't one of Trump's "sweethearts" ? ? ?
Allan Simoes
Allan Simoes 15 days ago
What about Uranium One under the Hillary Clinton Secretary of State. Allan.
Allan Simoes
Allan Simoes 15 days ago
Trade deficit with China has increased by 3 billion dollars to 21 billion from 18 billion in 2017 under Wilbur Ross the Rothschild's Agent of Cyprus . Russian Oligarchs that Number only 200 and the Russian Politburo is headed by Trillioner Oligarchs Oleg Deripaska and Constantine Killiminic all China has to do to bring the Chinese Stock Markets up is Short Sell US Treasury Bonds or Consols and China can start the Wallstreet Collapse and Finance a Red Revolution as Chairman Mao did to make the US a Red army satellite. Allan.
Allan Simoes
Allan Simoes 15 days ago
There is No Left or Right but the Militant Atheism globally the Fruits of Secret Societies started in basement of The Temple of Herod on the Ressurection Of our Lord and God Jesus THE CHRIST when the Apostles Peter and James preaching the Gospel in Jerusalem. The Temple Mount was laid Flat in 70 Anna Dominni by the Roman Army in 70 A. D. Allan Simoes.
Daniel Bonner
Daniel Bonner 15 days ago
China and Russia are too strong to be bought by american dollars unlike the coward in the west 👊🏿👊🏿👊🏿
TheReal Mexican American
If they goes to far I will be very excited to see the American Flag fly above the Forbidden City.
Keath Even
Keath Even 16 days ago
roy dunn
roy dunn 16 days ago
If I were deciding who I want to do business with I would choose the person who wants to make a deal with negotiation and not the A-hole who threatens me with sanctions and tariffs.
Dennis Tienesen
Dennis Tienesen 16 days ago
Leader no. Biggest player yes. They will not dictate, they will just do business.
therofthew 16 days ago
Heck yeah! Nostradamus was right!
Captive Exile
Captive Exile 9 days ago
(Yes, Trump is the "3rd Anti-Christ" --- read Psalm 82, Isaiah 5:18-21, Isaiah 58:6-10 "light arises in the dark" Psalm 11: "shoot arrows in the dark" & John 3:19 "men loved the DARK MORE THAN THE LIGHT . . .lest they be exposed -- and shamed --- like TRUMP and his newly constructed "WALL OF LIES" [ Ezekiel 13 ]. That guy cages little tots and listens to them weep for "mommy" all night long --- they shuts down the government on a whim and calls it "an EMERGENCY ". But Jesus said it well: "By their deeds you will KNOW THEM . . . those who come to you in sheep's clothing, but who are inwardly R A V E N I N G W O L V E S ! ! ! [ Matthew 7:15-20* ].
16 days ago
1:27 its not SHE .. his surname is read as SEE or simply "C" .. if it is SHE then it is written as XU .. not XI .. understandably aljazeera is an arabic station and cant really pronounce any words correctly
rush rana
rush rana 16 days ago
Is the pope a catholic?
TIDU YKK 17 days ago
some guy is talking about china without visiting china even once//////funny
Sims J
Sims J 17 days ago
you can’t watch this in China
Gaby Luriz
Gaby Luriz 17 days ago
china will take over south china sea today, tomorrow the world, while you are clapping your hands and eating panda burger. lol
kart tar
kart tar 17 days ago
Who ever thought that IT advancement could make United States surrender its power to China? this is a wake-up call. whoever becomes the world power should do more to prevent coperations from killing talents and sourcing talents from only outside. competing companies are bought by big ones and killed. these are lessons learned.
David Salcido
David Salcido 18 days ago
“Pity 🇨🇳’s all-Powerful Xi Jinping having to deal with Liars 🤥 Thieves 🤮 and Cheaters 🤥 Like 🇺🇸 Donald Trump at a time when 🇨🇳 itself is moving STRONGLY to eradicate this type of undesirable aberration from China’s 🇨🇳 leadership. 🔥🇺🇸🔥💀🔥🐀🔥🦇🔥🐍🔥🤮
M Liberty Hill
M Liberty Hill 18 days ago
The US will always be the global leader, all the way to the end. As long as we can keep these loser democrats out of office. California and New York be damned.
Robert Garcia
Robert Garcia 19 days ago
China has problems. Ask the Chinese people. The Chinese party officials generally work 9 to 5 and take regular vacations, they live well the regular Chinese people don't, they struggle. I do not worry about this Chinese threat to dominate worldwide.
Gojohnny gp1
Gojohnny gp1 6 days ago
Same is true in the US or any country, the rulers play golf at their private clubs while voters work to maintain the grounds.
matjeng jebong
matjeng jebong 19 days ago
Dawny Raikhan
Dawny Raikhan 19 days ago
The guy from Washington DC speaks like a gay, and I don't like it hahaha
Lawrence Chew
Lawrence Chew 19 days ago
In time to come, China will overtake the US as the world's largest consumer! This would benefit the US, currently the world's largest exporter!
Bestla Sturluson
Bestla Sturluson 19 days ago
18:05 US Congress is also not the same thing as American people... pick a random person on the street in the United States and ask if she/he thinks the US congress represents them... see what happens
kelvin law
kelvin law 19 days ago
China is an economic threat to the zionist industrialists and financial complex.
P P 19 days ago
China dosent have as much as USA in China you don’t have to have millions to be come predsident like USA if you don’t have enoupg suport from millionaires and billionaires you cannot become president it’s not the people who are voting who to be president that’s just a mask for the ordinary people of America so thay can think that thay voted and pick thay president but that’s way thay are wrong
alie zhasa
alie zhasa 20 days ago
Western countries are democratic.. china is communist which is working.. so for the west to push for democracy is china is nonsense
Vania Rusko
Vania Rusko 20 days ago
A leader that is "Communist" will only take our "democratic freedom and turn us into little stupid robots!!!
Sharia Shit
Sharia Shit 20 days ago
China is nothing else, than terrorist country witch bullies they neighbours. And as terrorist, they’ll be treated. Take a time, but it happen.
Michael Down
Michael Down 20 days ago
You should perhaps have had a different title as global leader would have to lead in human rights as well. Although the U.S. is a big bully, the Chinese government is worse.
Michael Down
Michael Down 20 days ago
@Sy Fan I'm Canadian. We just got bullied by the U.S. into going along with them on Venezuela and arresting a Hauwei executive because they hold trade over our head like an axe. You don't need to tell me what they're capable of but when it comes to human rights they're still ahead of the Chinese. A Canadian oil company sold their Sudan oil wells because of the bad press the human rights abuses were getting. The Chinese bought them. And on and on and on.............
Sy Fan
Sy Fan 20 days ago
Human rights? Are you ignoring the racism in the US. Also, stop killing the families and children of other countries with the missiles before you talk about human rights. Both US and China have their problems. Their government should deal with them.
Karol Kupec
Karol Kupec 21 day ago
As long as 🇨🇳 remains Communist it can not be the leader of no one. God loves you all. Only the people of God can lead the world. God is 💘🇺🇸🇺🇸💘💘💘💘💘you all.
Lenin Quinto Achebe
When I watched this video again with the unlawfull Huawei's ban, I can realised that, China is taking the worl leadership, with meritocratic and hard work, but west countries and USA baboons trying to do what they can, to stop it.
Lenin Quinto Achebe
@SmallTown Homestead But they does now. What will you do to stop it. Start an unlawfull war, as you have always did? 🤣🤣🤣🤣
SmallTown Homestead
China has only gained wealth due to the West. We've built their economy. They are a corrupt country filled with primative people. Primitive people can't rule the world.
George Rasmutin
George Rasmutin 21 day ago
The Chinese economy works for now but full communist by 2035? Bad governance will bring the house of cards down btr luck next time Pooh xi
Syed Maricar
Syed Maricar 21 day ago
East or West China is best at present
Syed Maricar
Syed Maricar 21 day ago
Thought poor by others leave them alone to rise their people don't be jealous
Syed Maricar
Syed Maricar 21 day ago
Why are we discussing China China China!!! Not others because they are have ablity even though they may be yhoyadspoor by othets
Syed Maricar
Syed Maricar 21 day ago
Dogs and wolves howl(Yell) but moon keeps going comes again next Day
Papyrus Okagbue
Papyrus Okagbue 22 days ago
This videographer speak with a heavily accented Indianglish. I can hardly understand what he speak. Hey. Can you discard your Indian accent please.
Vic toews
Vic toews 22 days ago
What a biased viewpoint: China has recently undergone more political change than America has in the last 100years ; America thinks it's free because you can change the government. In China they can't change the government, if you want policy changes you either organize a peaceful public display about what needs changing or join the Communist party to effect change from within. We in the west must stop being so hypocritical, changing our government changes nothing. The bombing and sanctions must go on, someone controls that but it sure isn't the voters. We in the west must start understanding that other systems work as well and perhaps better than ours. We meddle in the affairs of virtually every country in the world, not for democracy but for corprate greed. I have seen more freedom in single party countries than I have seen on the streets of America.
phildazz 22 days ago
If Trump fails in getting China to play by the international trade laws then the whole world will be rule just like Xinjiang province of China.
open defecation
open defecation 23 days ago
The US democracy country and other Europe democracy countries are lying and "liberate" many countries in order to steal!!
Rhett Winthrop-St.Gery
Does XI allow particularist behavior?
Ming Yang
Ming Yang 24 days ago
Mr. Stone Fish should shut his mouth.
Ming Yang
Ming Yang 24 days ago
Why do they always ask an American view? It’s the most Evil Empire known to mankind. 🤦‍♂️
Ming Yang
Ming Yang 10 days ago
SmallTown Homestead , wager my life you are 6 years old, white, fat and a dumbass. 😂🖕🏻
SmallTown Homestead
Then stop using technology that the west developed. Stop manufacturing goods for our market, and stop using our economies to build wealth. Walk the Walk. But we all know people who accuse the US of Evil are just projecting.
nshadow888 25 days ago
USA is shameful. Look at what they done to Alstom.
im chinese
im chinese 25 days ago
Winnie the pooh's days are numbered
im chinese
im chinese 20 days ago
Ming Yang
Ming Yang 21 day ago
steven valdez , you are doing nothing but running your stupid mouth. So seriously man STFU!! Because you are like 1% of people on this planet now.
im chinese
im chinese 21 day ago
Just one note Ming Yang...The USA received over 2.5 million visa applications for entry. My China received 1000 approximately...That says it all MING YANG..I will say it again be ashamed MING YANG!
im chinese
im chinese 21 day ago
Im chinese ming yang..idiot?..please stop embarrassing my country further by your unintelligent response. MING YANG please admit that im right ... true love and admiration for something involves honesty. You can love China and still be ashamed..your sad... i will pray for you privately because we both lost the right to express ourselves in public
Ming Yang
Ming Yang 22 days ago
steven valdez , you are an idiot go and educate yourself more. Ask Iraq, Afghanistan and soon Venezuela and Iran how’s life dealing with the world bully USA? Lol! I can see why Trump want to build a wall to keep people like you out.
Aye Carumba
Aye Carumba 27 days ago
There aren't suppose to be one man as a world leader Why do I want the Chinese government telling me what to do!?? We are suppose to bring our ideas to the table vote on them then bring the to fruition.
SARA dancho
SARA dancho 27 days ago
China will never be a world leader because she is cruel n murder her own people, steals others property rights and does business with lies. A true leader must be above these things.
Aramsa Wafer
Aramsa Wafer 27 days ago
Corruption is corruption. When a good leader comes and trying to eradicate corruption, the critic will have something amiss to say. If nothing is done, then there will be another set of criticism. Stone Fish's view is not objective. Thiscis precisely what we say as narrating through typical western lens. Frankly after having seen the Taiwan parliamentary process and squabbling, I would prefer the socialist government with Chinese character. Nevermind, whether they call it emperor or communist party. It does not make a different as long as they have a leader who is willing to bring the people to the next phase of progress and development. That Stone Fish is bias on the NK issue without giving the reason why China owe no obligation to the US to control or sway China. First, NK like SK is an independently country. China, unlike the US, will not resort to intervening in other country affair. China respect their sovereignty. Whereas US is always seen as a monster advocating regime change when a country refuse to be subjected to it hegemon. Stone Fish, you either got to research more or stay objective and if you are like Gordon Chang, your integrity is questionable.
Aramsa Wafer
Aramsa Wafer 14 days ago
@Deganawidah Ayenwatha Do you envy my Indian name?
Aramsa Wafer
Aramsa Wafer 15 days ago
@Deganawidah Ayenwatha mind your own bladdy business 🖕
Deganawidah Ayenwatha
IWhy don't you just use your Chinese name? nteretig how many of these CHinese bots/trols pretnd tobe from other countries by using fake names and photos t but are really all from CHina plugging away at swamping the comment section wirh
Taha Heyari 46
Taha Heyari 46 28 days ago
What a title ,you still have doubts,China is allready there , every man woman on this earth have an item made in China this is a fact
jorge alberto ospna
China still a poor communist country who relays on stealing technology from the USA companies, yes they are super power stealing money and technology from the developed countries, aside from that 500 million Chinese living in extreme poverty.. yeah super power on making propaganda... lying, their products are cheap but worthless.., they still a third world country full of corruption and internal problems, half of their population aren’t happy with their living standards... yeah a super power... in China he is feared not respected, not loved .. freedom 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Bryant Whittaker
I'm sorry to say but you people in Britain are so f****** ignorant is not even funny you're looking at the power aspects of this chinese president but you're not realizing he is the prime minister of a devoutly communist country and who's to say if he doesn't want to spread a little bit of that communism and its influence to Britain and to other parts of the world you people need to stop being so trusting of China
stop immigration
Winnie the pooh is the leader of the world, but not the free world.
David Salcido
David Salcido Month ago
“Pity Poor Trump overwhelmed by the REALITY that AmeriKKKa is but a Little SARDINE who’s FUTURE is limited by the fact it has outgrown its fish bowl of GREATNESS and the Whale 🐳 next door (🇨🇳) is not about to surrender it’s spacious Olympic sized habitat to please Trump (the little RUNT), his miseries growing exponentially by the the minute despite the tariff wars threat.” 🔥🇺🇸🔥🇨🇳🔥🇺🇸🔥🇨🇳🔥🇺🇸🔥🇨🇳🔥🇺🇸🇨🇳
Mulavin Cen
Mulavin Cen Month ago
China just as ussual not like US always want become the best but fool and spender . Bussiness as a good member never dissapointed the good supplyer to have a long term , except you already lazy as US president . Next better look for others the ok one .
William Poole
William Poole Month ago
MF on this video sounds like Grover from sesame street
Mike Mike
Mike Mike Month ago
Corrupted comrades ought to be fired by fire squad.
Ivan Ghost
Ivan Ghost Month ago
Funny taking
Ivan Ghost
Ivan Ghost Month ago
The most powerful person is the China New emperor Xi gin punk
강주효 2 months ago
Oppa xi ming. Je. Love. Love. Love. You. Okay.
강주효 2 months ago
Korea. Nation. China. Nation. 반납하여 국가경영 할것입니다 ㆍ불량배들 모조리 다때러잡을것입니다ㆍokay
강주효 2 months ago
한국의 국호는 차이나에 반납하여 국가경영할것이다 ㅗokay
Axel Axel
Axel Axel 2 months ago
Why is China so Amazing
Gei Xiong
Gei Xiong 3 months ago
American has no leader . A Puppet clown can't be no leader . Westerners are no longer legitimate as leading anything . They don't have morality , compassion , and principle toward other races. You White Westerners keep telling yourselves that you are the best so you can continue to blunder .
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