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World of Tanks (WoT) IS-7 PC Gameplay Replay. IS-7 Tier 10 Soviet heavy tank.
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Map: Himmelsdorf
Damage: 10162
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PC Specs:
Chassis: Thermaltake Core V51
Motherboard: Asus MAXIMUS VIII HERO
Graphics Card: ASUS ROG STRIX GTX 1080 TI 11GB OC Edition
Processor: Intel Core i7 6700K 4.8 GHz (OC)
Liquid-Cooling: Corsair Hydro Series H115i Extreme Performance Liquid CPU Cooler
Memory: GSKILL 32GB (4x8GB) RipjawsV DDR4 3000 MHz Dual Kit Ram
PSU: Corsair RM1000 - 1000 Watt 80 PLUS Gold
Primary HDD: Samsung 850 Evo 500GB SSD
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Jun 24, 2019




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Comments 67
Bagheera Year ago
Might as well unsub to this shit....
diodala12 Year ago
Wish I could have enemies like he had in my IS 7 🤔.Btw normal ammo should be buffed ASAP
Tim Wong
Tim Wong Year ago
Use top tier tanks for fun and use tier VIII tanks for credits, this is how this game works. If you are a tier X TD(not a 4005 of course), then I would say: Okay, with almost 300 pen non-premium ammo, you are good to go. However, for tier X HT, it is quite reasonable and necessary to shot premium ammo, otherwise how can you fight another tier X HT if it not a 50B... ramming?hahaha
Hugo Majdák
Hugo Majdák Year ago
Posledné 7 minúty sa nedá pozerať na hru...
Toan Nhan Kim
Toan Nhan Kim Year ago
Gay !
Tamiya Racing Mexico
Gold ammo is the standard ammo in this days, and that sucks soo hard
Robcop116 Year ago
Noo man i learned at wot blitz to play completely without gold n so i do play at normal WoT...goldspam kills the skill part
Sebastian Beisl
Glückwunsch ich seh da nur nen Noob der Gol spamt ... aber darauf steht WOT war mir klar 🤮🤮
thanos stone
thanos stone Year ago
Gold ammo 100
Stole K
Stole K Year ago
ONLY WAY to use this tank
Klaus Kinski
Klaus Kinski Year ago
only 2393 experience???
Yasu Year ago
Half the features include a lot of gold, so with the disclaimer one could only expect full gold. Why even feature this.
István Kovács
dumbof2pgamerwhosaygoldammofornoobs: -Hey Man, how many premium ammo you like to use in your IS-7 to make your winrate a little bit better? XpeHoBblu: -yes
Dainzu MV
Dainzu MV Year ago
Arty really is cáncer
Hatkeinhals Year ago
nice :)
Lazarus284 Year ago
100% gold = 100% braindead
Ig Year ago
Not 100%. There are 2 HE.
Royalty Free Online Anime Music
send me a replay of u going into a brawl with an e100 in is7 with full ap
Markus Sindler
What a tiring ending! Too bad that the artillery has shattered the shot at the end. 😵 ..😁.."Whats coming next?
all i see is a gold spamming coward in a top tier 10 with a lot of tier 8s that got lucky
Steve Gibson
Steve Gibson Year ago
@justice caravella ha, some people are simply not smart enough to see the light of a conversation. Nobody's talking about making friends. And truthfully I could care less if he spammed gold in a game, that was not the topic. The topic was him spamming all gold, while driving a top tier heavily armored tank with an already powerful gun against mainly lower tiered muppets, and sending in a video like he's Billy-Bad-Ass and really did something special. Bear in mind, I don't know the guy and I'm not saying that he is not a good player or that this wasn't his best game ever, but if you are gonna send in a video on your skill, make it show your skill and not what you can do against lower tiered muppets whilespamming gold from armored beast.
justice caravella
You’re their to win not make friends just get better and stop complaining
Steve Gibson
Steve Gibson Year ago
Luis Gonzalez
Luis Gonzalez Year ago
Gold gold gold
bretonator Year ago
dont cry
Andreas Johansson
You ha a fucking is 7 and cant ram a arty and waste a shot ffs 1
zuricatex Year ago
nice russian bias you got there
glenn holden
glenn holden Year ago
Wow that was a hard game. against mainly tier 8s and 9s 😁😁😁
justice caravella
glenn holden smart ass
Zdenko Šušmelj
7:22 should have shot the FV3805 and rammed SU
Lord Johnny
Lord Johnny Year ago
Thats exactly what I was thinking
john wilson
john wilson Year ago
Excellent play from a excellent player. Didn’t just spam gold as he knew the weak points and shots were right on target. Only thing I’d have done differently is I’d have rammed the weak arty instead of shooting him and took out the other one and the game would have been over earlier, Well played 👍👍👍
bixi84 Year ago
Player: pls buff is7 Wg: No!!! Player: Hold my beer...
Good to see some positivity
ViniVarella Year ago
I still cant believe he wasted 3 shells to kill that 1 hp Charioteer...
Richard MacDonald
Agreed, especially when low on ammo blind firing.
Matt / base
Matt / base Year ago
Gold spammer the reason wot died
bretonator Year ago
@Matt / base I'm not playing the game anymore :D I don't play games where there's no esport
Matt / base
Matt / base Year ago
@bretonator lol you enjoy your game with 30k players online on each server
bretonator Year ago
dont cry
Montather Aati
Hey fv4005 stage II OR FOCH 50b
gustavo oliveira
Solbris Year ago
2 many at tier 7-10 spamming gold ammo. This is why I stop playing high tiers, and only play tier 2-4 now.
Lord Johnny
Lord Johnny Year ago
Thats because your a noob, and bad at the game. Get better....AND THEN go to the high tiers....pleb.
Standard HEAT
Standard HEAT Year ago
And then you See m2 Lights and PC i cs Filly gold😂
NikosReegas Year ago
That's what WN8 desperation looks like!
Hà Hoàng
Hà Hoàng Year ago
No skill . only gold. He can kill 212A with 1 kamikaze.
moi Micky
moi Micky Year ago
charioter what s a noob
Blaster53 Year ago
Great play and a true fighter. I enjoyed it 100% because of IS7 tank commander demonstrated situational awareness and logic play. As far as "golden ammo" is concerned is totally legal and anyone can use it so only crap players who do not make a profit not even in lower tier games are complaining about it. Professionals take it all because they need it to win even when the team is a piece of junk as was this one. Well done.
Blaster53 Year ago
@Olivier B During the active play I played 31k games and according to my statistics, I spent about 120 EUR a month just for golden ammo and premium account because we could buy it with real cash only. This game is big fun but requires lots of money. Being a Clan member meant being profi and we spent more money on the gold than others because besides being fun it was 100%, competitive game.Only the competitive game can offer you true excitement and drive to be better. This is not a game for kids as demonstrated my then 16 yo son who without money what so ever after 12 k games stopped because he realised that he would need gold if he wanted to become a better player and he did not wanted that because he wanted to prove me wrong by spending sometimes even over 200 EUR a month. Yes, the choice is yours, I am a lawyer and did not have financial restraint as vast majority players have because most of them are students. I fully understand your opinion but the world, as well as game developers, are depending on profit and rightfully so. That is why you use many of unicum players are playing random games making huge fun because in random games competitiveness is none existent because it is for free.
Philosophist Year ago
@Olivier B gold ammo is cheap if you are any decent in this game. You never need full gold loadout and theres lowtiers to grind credits. Even the best cant play tier x full gold forever
Olivier B
Olivier B Year ago
gold is legal but unfair , especially in this mm. and when you thinks about money, can you talk to me how many money cost this game??? "Professionals"???? "need it to win"??? fun
penclaw Year ago
8:10 somehow his last brain cell managed to contact him and send the message that 3 key exists, amazing.
penclaw Year ago
them weakspots, them aimings, them tactics DAT SKILL BRO 10 out of 5 replay :D
Csongor Vassányi
This was a 24 karat game, 100% gold.
The Heartland Heathen
To be fair, the IS-7's standard pen is absolutely awful, so I can understand why he shoots gold
justin dawson
justin dawson Year ago
The Charlie spring games wasn't there a IS- 2M if you completed it? as a reward
justin dawson
justin dawson Year ago
@Full Salvo that what I play wot on I gave up and bought is with gold even tho I had completed it
Full Salvo
Full Salvo Year ago
That's only on console
andre kubik
andre kubik Year ago
f off that corupted belorussian game....with th rng...pf it..run ppl
pbdye Year ago
Should've ram-killed the 12hp 212A and saved the round.
I also take only gold in my IS7 but this is just one of those rare top tier games against tier 8s, a lot of bad play at the enemy team and cheer luck that actually makes this game a one of a kind rare opportunity to farm medals. Wonder why that TD just runs past him while the IS7 is totally ignoring him XD. He could have killed him with a few shots in the engine compartment. I just wonder what goas in the mind of such people and why I never meet such easy opponent's lol. Probably it was Forest Gump playing WOT. Run forest runnnnnn.... 😂😜💨
Joe Yakout
Joe Yakout Year ago
This wasn't top notch or anything, at least for me and my preferences. The guya missed an arty ram kill and save some ammo, he also couldn't utilize auto-aim while pushing the is3 for a corner shutdown, he's been lucky with the clutch shots and rng on his side with high rolls, the poor execution of him not waiting for reload while ammo racked to finish off the Charioteer as well. He was just lucky to have a dumb enemy team.
It was painful to see no good plays by the opposing team
Joe Yakout
Joe Yakout Year ago
@Logan Savic depends on the party lol
Logan Savic
Logan Savic Year ago
Jeez u must be fun at parties.
Marty Mcfly
Marty Mcfly Year ago
I love your title, dont worry some of us do not really care about gold ammo (I dont use gold ammo, but I like to see good battle with them anyway), but it's good to see that you read all comments
Liran Kaplan
Liran Kaplan Year ago
its so strange to see it coming from wt
Medionxtr Year ago
Gold or not. An awesome game !
Otto Wagner
Otto Wagner Year ago
Pure idiocy
wamaya36 Year ago
this is what is wrong with this game now
Philosophist Year ago
Thats what noobs think.. Dont rush tiers, stay on ur skill level so you can afford to shoot gold ammo needed to compete. Thats what i did and now i can afford gold ammo for tier 9 without premium time
Minh Tuấn Lại
Line 7,8 in this map is so important, if enemy's HTs went these line every will be diferent
Darryl Alfiansyah
04:08 that m53 tho 🤣
Deniz Değer
Deniz Değer Year ago
And Lorr looks so afraid that he backpedals after a sec
Joker MNE
Joker MNE Year ago
4.10 LOL 🤣🤣🤣
Mr Nobody
Mr Nobody Year ago
I can't get over the charioteer running past the is-7 and then just keeps running even as the is-7 just ignores him and goes on to reset cap. Solid player there.
ThzManiac Year ago
No the best one for me was the poor arty that died from the shell aimed at the IS-7, he didnt even know what hit him... :) But yea that Charioteer...& it always makes you wonder, where are those enemies when i play, i rly would like some.
Reese Evans
Reese Evans Year ago
Def agree on that - I think he may have been a player that either didn't have any gold ammo or just wasn't confident in hitting the weakspots of the IS-7 so with the 12-9 lead he was just gunning for an easy kill on the Lorr 155 51 and hoping his team would pick him up.
Jakub Żymełka
0 thinking he should kill fv arty and then ram arty 212a lol
Long Hoang
Long Hoang Year ago
@RIDNALD XHAFAJ Maybe he has a big chest of coins to spend?
I was thinking the same :D, also wasting one shell in the end so would kill the last enemy with the last shell..
Peta Pan
Peta Pan Year ago
Thx YT-Channel Its a good idea for the replay and for the Player, to tell Gold Muni in the Description. So, hopefully, the salty Internet will just comment the great talent of this Skill-Player!
Samuel Wong
Samuel Wong Year ago
5:47 what was the charioteer doing???
Martin Tiu
Martin Tiu Year ago
Exaclty what I was thinking
Ahmad Alanazi
Ahmad Alanazi Year ago
Wow okay he is a skill player but wired thing that he uses the APCR and just shot the weak spots ! AP does the work I think.
schwebefalke Year ago
Is7 just has a pen of 303 on the apcr that's nothing compared to other tier X HT
DreamTeam fa cose
Is7 do shit some times
Gabriel Year ago
sometimes it does, but you know.. rng
vevercak12 Year ago
IS-7 noob
Tamás Németh
That T-44 snapshot was awesome.
Je Jen
Je Jen Year ago
very reliable player about the strategic location of a map the best game I've seen in 2019👏👏
PartyHouse188 Year ago
so many games like this with prem ammo
Abusemtex Year ago
The blyat is stronk in this one.
Tommik 2
Tommik 2 Year ago
It is blyatifull
Antoine Muscat
Lol that 1hp charioteer
Kalya Year ago
Zero honnor full gold
MrFOXSPY Year ago
another Kid without credit card LOOOL
Pablo Escobar
Pablo Escobar Year ago
Why everyone saying "gold" ,u can buy them with credits not only gold ffs.
Adrick Herregodts
Zero skill full noob = you
STAS_ Gamer
STAS_ Gamer Year ago
calm down ur tits felas, its only 303 pen.
Atüle Beerkiller
"CONTAINS GOLD AMMO"... only! :D Full skill. Bravo wg!
Philosophist Year ago
Most of the times I can beat my enemies in 1vs1 if they shoot gold and I shoot ap... Gold ammo matters only when you snipe back with td or when you have two same skill level players.
Adrick Herregodts
Skill is more then gold ammo, the fact alone you have to post this comment tells us a lot about your skill.😉
MuDs TV Year ago
simply means he can AFFORD
dzika puma
dzika puma Year ago
O kurwa co to było
Jakub Tokarski
A player for golden medal
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