Iron Man's VIBRANIUM MARK 85 ARMOR UPGRADES in Avengers Endgame Explained

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Comments 100
Joseph Montoya
Joseph Montoya 21 minute ago
tony dose
Jaycemark Presbitero
Ineed that
Alphix 2 hours ago
Please i want to get the gaunlet to kill everyone I liked the video My address is 69 street street 6969
Wisper200 2 hours ago
Tony has a chance!
Kayden Oakland
Kayden Oakland 2 hours ago
He is so right
John Morse
John Morse 2 hours ago
Yea boi he I the greatest person on endgame
budderboymax101 Lynx
Iron man died
Dabbman20202020 3 hours ago
he does
Mystic Dragon
Mystic Dragon 3 hours ago
Just for the give away and because I haven't seen endgame yet, Tony has a great chance at beating thanos
Kaleb Potts
Kaleb Potts 3 hours ago
I liked and subbed!
AndrewTV YT
AndrewTV YT 3 hours ago
AndrewTV YT
AndrewTV YT 3 hours ago
Thanos gets dusted from Iron man / Tony stark
Jacob Long
Jacob Long 4 hours ago
Iron Man snaps his fingers
Diamonderplayz125 Go
Im srry but i cant spoiled it 😅😅
MeleeMaster 1324
MeleeMaster 1324 11 hours ago
Iron man snaps thanos in endgame
Jay Lacey
Jay Lacey 11 hours ago
This video is such a lie I seen endgame the day it came out
Kristy Enfiewld
Kristy Enfiewld 12 hours ago
I did it
Avery Sweet
Avery Sweet 13 hours ago
He has a chance
Deadkill 3OOO
Deadkill 3OOO 13 hours ago
Guys no lies I'll subscribe to you and you will subscribe to me PLEASE PLEASE YOU TOO DASH STAR I PROMISE I'll SUBSCRIBE!!!
PYMU ETHAN 13 hours ago
What's up could you sub to me plz
Killer Plays
Killer Plays 13 hours ago
It’s mark 50 dumbass
Anand P Sagar
Anand P Sagar 15 hours ago
Amazing Marvel franchise but FFS enough all I see and hear is a bunch of sad people chatting about fictitious characters they don't exist in the real world. I am so sad to see that the human species becoming stupid as time goes on. I am dedicating this comment to all the videos about the same discussion. I ask the rest of the Human beings don't you have nothing better to do or have you become so board with your own lives. The Marvel company is laughing all the way to the bank whilst the rest of you morons are crying all the way from the bank because you are broke, you spent your money on tickets, popcorn, hotdogs and so on don't forget you still have to pay your mortgage or rent on your home and the lease on your car. The word I'd you go to the cinema to gat away from everyday life, I am sorry but the people that go to the cinema live a ok life try living in Africa, South America, Asia and of course he Middle East, so please enough about a fictional film. I am a fan but when I finish reading a comic book I put it away when I see a superhero movie I say awesome or ok and move on. I need to fix my car do you think Marvel or DC will pay to see my car get fixed, I don't think so.
FlaMiN SoUL 15 hours ago
Mauro Music
Mauro Music 15 hours ago
Saw endgame he did
Benjamin Jiang
Benjamin Jiang 16 hours ago
Iron man is dead but Thanos is too. Love you 3000
Philly E
Philly E 16 hours ago
Erik Mathew Cortez
Erik Mathew Cortez 16 hours ago
Tony totally has a chance cause he has started the mcu and the evolution of his suit is that it shows how much he’ll get stronger
riley lasiter
riley lasiter 17 hours ago
Strahinja Nesic
Strahinja Nesic 18 hours ago
Comment will tony do againat thanos
Samuel Nadeau
Samuel Nadeau 18 hours ago
Wheres the time stone on the gauntlet you guys are giving away?
Cole Stevenson
Cole Stevenson 18 hours ago
Tony definitely has a chance against thanos
TFFC 18 hours ago
pastorj12 Jordan
pastorj12 Jordan 18 hours ago
Yes he does
Gaming Gates
Gaming Gates 19 hours ago
Oy did it
Rada Anđić
Rada Anđić 21 hour ago
? i did not know this????????????????
gamezfor life
gamezfor life 21 hour ago
Tony upgraded his suit to absorb Thor's lightning and power his blasters. This idea came from the first avengers when thor shot tony with lightning but instead powered Tony's suit.
aryan bhuiyan
tony stark hava a chance to alive
David Uff
David Uff Day ago
I love the #MarvelUniverse
Blood hound 2008
Or captain marvel should have called in galactus
Blood hound 2008
Tony should have just built a device that opens a portal that leads to another dimension
The Dutchinator
The Dutchinator 18 hours ago
Tony wasnt even aware that other dimensions exist as far as we know
Carter CBACE
Carter CBACE Day ago
He does have a chance
PS4 pro pc Channel
I do
nestor ricafort
Tobey will win
yollolop plplplpl
umair linnas
umair linnas Day ago
Is that vibranium
Ethan Littlewood
suit power 1000000% he will
Eightway Fusion
Ironman dies
#codeLachy Day ago
Tony dus have a chance
DeepVo i ce Ronin
😂 bruh ain’t know what he was talking bout
MLGOrange 1738
There is no mark 85 DUMBASS
ITZKrauss L
ITZKrauss L Day ago
Tony has a chance
PXGenigma Gaming
What was the animated series called (the one that you showed
JTD-kron 1147
Bruh my man literally predicted the whole movie
Sandra Cahyadi
Tony has a chance against thanos
zakko42 thezakko
april Cast
april Cast Day ago
I think he has a chance because hes not dying in marvel movies and it is mark 85 and has more upgrades and he was fighting thanos and Tony was getting hurt and got stabbed but he is still alive so maybe theres a chance he might beat thanos p.s. still didnt watch end game
Phinny D
Phinny D Day ago
Stark dies
Phinny D
Phinny D Day ago
My bad that was backwards
Phinny D
Phinny D Day ago
april Cast seid krats sp
Alexthegamergod Kid get out
I think iron man will on Thanos in endgame
Bigdoolz Day ago
Benoit Pascua Vlogs
I think Iron Man Has a chance of beating Thanos
Landon Cranford
Tony won he stole the stones out of his infinity glove so he snapped his fingers then poof thanos dies
Rachel Eberlin
Tony might have a chance versus thanos
Ethan Stansfield
Mahmoud playez inzane gamerz gamez
Simon 2 days ago
oh boy would you be dissapointed after watching endgame and this video
Dean is awesome 21
FRISK 2 days ago
Lets see if tony has a chance against thanos lol now looking back the man saved the world
Pikazo Chan
Pikazo Chan 2 days ago
zwhat happened to the theory of a city found in quantum realm
Genkai Toppa
Genkai Toppa 2 days ago
Wqlfey 2 days ago
Wqlfey 2 days ago
sorry mate, iron man is dead
Paradox Ace
Paradox Ace 2 days ago
Iron man died from snapping his finger
some dude
some dude 2 days ago
Tony does have a change cuz he will have all the infinity stones (lol I'm saying spoilers at the end but....spoilers)
John Mark Ongoco
John Mark Ongoco 2 days ago
Yes tony defete thanos
cameron chitty
cameron chitty 2 days ago
Albert Saycon
Albert Saycon 2 days ago
Lol i watched endgame and i saw this
niemand niemand
niemand niemand 2 days ago
Iron man uses nano tech to pull a sneaky trick at thanos
andrewisinsane playz
When you're just sitting saying to yourself tony only has 50 suits
Cayden Leboeuf
Cayden Leboeuf 2 days ago
andrewisinsane playz in iron man 3 he’s made many other suits
taylor glen
taylor glen 2 days ago
They were so many people in the 😍 move
Iṡһ Bяȗṅȏ iṡ sѧṿѧɢє Official Channel
Tony has chance vs Thanos
Neerous Shrestha
Neerous Shrestha 3 days ago
Yes he has a chance
sharkboy evolution
Sammie Anderson
Sammie Anderson 3 days ago
Tony will snap his finger's
200002483 3 days ago
Toney stark has a chance
Small Bro Bob
Small Bro Bob 3 days ago
Why are there so many ads!!
Wrxtchet 4 days ago
Bob 56617
Bob 56617 4 days ago
Tony is dead😭
Christian Oraison
Iron man dies
Jacob Leemans
Jacob Leemans 4 days ago
I think Tony has a decent chance
River Anthony Zamora Solis
That’s fake because I’m here after Endgame
flying leafeon
flying leafeon 4 days ago
Wtf endgame suit is mark 50 lol
Caleb Villamin
Caleb Villamin 2 days ago
flying leafeon no it’s not. The mark 50 was destroyed during his battle of thanos
salad donkey
salad donkey 5 days ago
Technically all of his suits are made with vibranium, he states "It's a steel-vibranium alloy" in Iron Man (1)
Jack Harris
Jack Harris 2 days ago
if your referring to the first iron man film then NO he said Gold Titanium alloy.
leannin navarro
leannin navarro 5 days ago
I think he has a chance against thanos.
Batdan Neal
Batdan Neal 6 days ago
Actually hulk buster did defeat hulk lol
Andrew Sweeney
Andrew Sweeney 6 days ago
i believe he will beat him ez
Sumithra Nagaraj
Sumithra Nagaraj 8 days ago
Suit pover 10000000
Rilyn S
Rilyn S 8 days ago
He will
Jayden Hernandez
Jayden Hernandez 9 days ago
Yes i think he does of chance with his new armour
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