Iron Fist and Luke Cage vs The Hand | The Defenders (2017)

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The Defenders Episode 3 TV Clip.
Iron Fist and Luke Cage Duo Fight scene.
#TheDefenders #Netflix
Four of Marvel's biggest heroes are each working individually but have one common goal in mind -- to save New York City. Burdened with their own personal challenges, Matt Murdock (Daredevil), Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Danny Rand (Iron Fist) realize that they likely won't be able to accomplish their goals working solo. That realization leads them to team up and form The Defenders, a supergroup that is more equipped to save the Big Apple than the heroes would be if they continued to work on their own.


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Jun 4, 2019




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Gangsta Rap
Gangsta Rap 7 days ago
Iron fist runs all of Marvel.
Brennan Hyung
Brennan Hyung 11 days ago
What’s the song at 2:00?
Marie Aspflo
Marie Aspflo 14 days ago
Iron fist will not survive because the action is slow and makes the lead role as dumb. If the plot is not good making the lead role looks like dumb as a viewer I will loose interest in watching it
Joshua Vos
Joshua Vos 29 days ago
Es un súper héroe y tiene poderes y un simple guardaespaldas casi lo noque jajajajaja. Tiene que tener ayuda para hacer su trabajo jajajaja. Creo que es lo pero de Marvel. Marvel cada ves va dejando que sus superhéroes sean basuras.
Wii Sports
Wii Sports Month ago
i dont get it. this was made before iron fist but Colleen knows danny
Wii Sports
Wii Sports 19 days ago
Robert Fairhurst ok thanks I get it now
Robert Fairhurst
Robert Fairhurst 22 days ago
Wii Sports it was made after the first season of iron fist
Is it me or does he look similar to oliver queen from arrow anyone?
Super Soap
Super Soap Month ago
This show annoyed the shit out of me. Luke Cage is the most powerful of all the 4, but is just an ignorant fuck, who doesn't care shit about anything except to be alone. He could flush the worst shit from the world and single handedly get rid of all evil, but no, he's just a lazy sob, and when he met Iron Fist, the first thing he did was to tell him to check his privilege. Daredevil, OK, he did a lot for Hell's Kitchen, but when it comes to the hand, he acts like a coward little pussy and only fights them to get his gf back like dafuq, aren't you the guy, who always talks about saving the world? Jessica Jones - similar to Luke Cage, she can do everything, is stronger than regular humans, but no, she drowns herself in alcohol and acts like a bitch, because "Wah Wah, an accident killed my family, even though a scientist revived me and gave me special abilities, but I'm too big of an arrogant fuck to appreciate it, also I am such a huge stupid fucking bitch that I'm responsible for my mom's death", she has the abilities to save a whole town, but nooooooooooo, fuck helping others, because fuck people, but at the same time she is annoying the fuck out of everyone with her constant bitching instead of pissing off. Iron Fist: except for a glowing all shattering hand, he can't do shit, but is the only one, who actually want to help and stop the hand, and even though he has lots of money and just could go everywhere, he doesn't need anyone else, but he spends time and energy to gather the other 3 around him and find a way to stop evil. And as a form of gratitude he got mocked, insulted, beaten unconscious and laughed at. The other three constantly asked him, why tf they should help him saving the town they live in, instead of working together and find a way to stop evil. This is so fucking sad and disappointing, so in the end, Iron Fist, even with the weakest abilities of the 4, is the actual hero, since he at least WANTS to save the town and help others and risks his own life to do so. However, I would have liked to see in the series that the 15 years of constant exercizes actually improved his fighting skills and he should have learned more than just beating everything to mud.
Eren Akkaya
Eren Akkaya Month ago
ASP erger
ASP erger Month ago
the most decent version/adaptation of the iron fist was on this show, not even his two-season series did well
Babyboy1 25 days ago
Santoryu90 s2 Iron fist was awesome
Santoryu90 Month ago
they hired all stunment of new york...i guess
Spy wolf
Spy wolf Month ago
Kaevan Tavakolinia
Kaevan Tavakolinia 2 months ago
Why that Asian lady waving her gun around?
Anime Phoenix
Anime Phoenix 2 months ago
I like daredevil
Slime 2 months ago
is it just me or did his leg clearly swing(swipe?) through air in 0:55
HmongNinjatsu 2 months ago
Oh yeah i see it now. I think the actor of that extra character accidently jumped too early but they thought we wont notice it
TRY ME 2 months ago
Why 2 seiries defenders and iron fist
TheHoon57 3 months ago
So much fucking potential with these two. I hope they come back one day. Hell, if Disney+ brings them back, I might just subscribe purely for the reason to just watch them.
Bradley Frank
Bradley Frank 3 months ago
Great more hoodwinked bodyguards on phenobarbital trying to shoot their assailants. I wish Vince Gilligan would direct a movie. Oh praise the little baby Jesus. See you guys at El Camino.
Hamster Staring
Hamster Staring 3 months ago
ruvid.net/video/video-lIi2Y6wQALg.html best scene
Abdihakim Bulhan
Abdihakim Bulhan 3 months ago
Wow I love the part where Luke cage came out of nowhere and punches a man into a wall with a partner that has a burning fist
[B] Q
[B] Q 3 months ago
Luke Cage logic: Villians:*hears the Luke Cage funk music sountrack* why do I hear boss music?
Reginald Davis
Reginald Davis 3 months ago
There need to be a Defenders season 2!
LadyD1979 3 months ago
Why in the Word would Netflix cancell iron fist?? I love the show
Abdihakim Bulhan
Abdihakim Bulhan 3 months ago
I wanted to see the new gun that has iron fist Gun but instead it’s not on there anymore :(
Abdihakim Bulhan
Abdihakim Bulhan 3 months ago
Soul Refix
Soul Refix 3 months ago
They didn't. Disney cancelled it.
Donbok Syiemlieh
Donbok Syiemlieh 3 months ago
I really love it
Mr Badass
Mr Badass 4 months ago
Anyone else ever realise Luke ducks punches so that he doesn’t break the persons hand or whole arm when they hit him like in episode 1
Dean McCropper
Dean McCropper 4 months ago
I forgot what song this was
Soul Refix
Soul Refix 3 months ago
Run the jewels by..run the jewels.
Brotha T8
Brotha T8 5 months ago
You look like an A$$HOLE 😆!
Antonio Javelosa
Antonio Javelosa 7 months ago
I thought Frank was in this series
Antonio Javelosa
Antonio Javelosa 27 days ago
@Super Soap maybe both
Antonio Javelosa
Antonio Javelosa 27 days ago
@Alexander Lacaden well he fought them once when helped Matt in Hell's Kitchen
Super Soap
Super Soap Month ago
Yeah man, I've expected him to be in one of the other series too. Maybe again in Daredevil, or at least Jessica Jones
Alexander Lacaden
Alexander Lacaden 2 months ago
Nah he's not apart of The Defenders and he's not fighting The Hand what's the point of adding him when he's not neccesary or relevant.
Antonio Javelosa
Antonio Javelosa 7 months ago
@Matt Murdock All of us thought he was there
The Batman
The Batman 7 months ago
They should do Iron fist season 3 and luke cage season 3 then heroes for hire season 1 why not
Basti Lol
Basti Lol Month ago
This Serie was the best I’ve ever seen,they should bring season 3 really out😶 did anyone think that they would do that?
wiZz_ alasam
wiZz_ alasam Month ago
When to announce season 3
Soul Refix
Soul Refix 3 months ago
Cause disney!
Matt Murdock
Matt Murdock 7 months ago
I love this show
Black Pill
Black Pill Month ago
@marvel fan 2a.v sp I Love Daredevil season 3!
marvel fan 2a.v sp
marvel fan 2a.v sp 2 months ago
Me to bro😎
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