iPhone XS, XS Max, XR - Did Apple Do Enough?

Unbox Therapy
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The iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR were just announced. Here's everything you need to know about the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR. Subscribe for my iPhone XS, iPhone XR and iPhone XS Max unboxing and review.
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12 сен 2018




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Unbox Therapy
Unbox Therapy 6 месяцев назад
Which device of the three would you choose for the price? iPhone XS, XS Max, iPhone XR or something else completely?
PixelCloud 8 дней назад
Unbox Therapy the xs
PAPAROBIN GAMES 25 дней назад
Apple iphone xs max
Worawat Srisawasdi
Worawat Srisawasdi Месяц назад
Unbox Therapy XR is fine. You’re just biased toward android phones.
XxTatoesxX 739
XxTatoesxX 739 2 месяца назад
Unbox Therapy xr
XxTatoesxX 739
XxTatoesxX 739 2 месяца назад
Unbox Therapy iPhone zr bc the iPhone 8 had the same pixels and that was still a great phone
Brady Woodhouse
Brady Woodhouse 8 часов назад
Liquid RETINA display? I dont know
ZAI BOI День назад
Xr= x rainbow
3am Challenges!!!!
3am Challenges!!!! 3 дня назад
I have the iPhone XR and I can’t tell the difference between this phone and the iPhone XS
Olivia Anderson
Olivia Anderson 3 дня назад
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Undesignated God
Undesignated God 4 дня назад
I think the R stands for Revision. I'm 6 months late but still, I'm just now thinking about upgrading from my 5s.
Aleks's M&G
Aleks's M&G 8 дней назад
R = Reitna
Kimberly Abarquez
Kimberly Abarquez 8 дней назад
Stop annoying Apple they are working so hard
doggo 9 дней назад
Should i get XR or XS Max?? Please help!!
Mr Cr
Mr Cr 5 дней назад
doggo galaxy 10 plus!!!
Wonda Prado
Wonda Prado 9 дней назад
I upgrade every other model instead of each model. I had an 8splus for two years I think. I just upgraded to the Xs Max and I like it. It’s dope. It runs smooth, I was always a fan of apples layout and format. It’s clean. I use to use be evo android Samsung products and there was too much stuff everywhere and apps everywhere and just wasn’t digging the layout and widgets everywhere. But that’s my opinion it didn’t work for me. The Xr is a “child’s” iPhone I believe more user friendly I think. The price should of been much cheaper I agree . At least $450-$500 but it’s pretty ridiculous to pay that much for a phone. If you can’t afford it then don’t get it. But dope video.
bbeuvruiwo jejrh
bbeuvruiwo jejrh 12 дней назад
R stands for retarded 😂😂
yesisthebest 12 дней назад
The R means resolution iPhone 10 Resolution
Shavri Kuvrasi
Shavri Kuvrasi 13 дней назад
iPhone 7 is probably the best they got
xSlash 14 дней назад
Imagine the Xr having 3D Touch.... no one would buy the other variants.
Levi Sween
Levi Sween 14 дней назад
oksana gutierrez
oksana gutierrez 17 дней назад
tell it like it is...;]
oksana gutierrez
oksana gutierrez 17 дней назад
Unbox THERAPY, has some engaging and RT content. I’m not falling asleep during his vids. Nice work, and keep the info coming, please 🙃
Mackin Cheez
Mackin Cheez 17 дней назад
R for RIGHT ON!!! Better battery life with up to date specs, not better screen. Liquid Retina display is all I need. 😎
I'm not the hacker
I'm not the hacker 18 дней назад
The Arts stand for no refund
rahul chouhan
rahul chouhan 18 дней назад
R = retarded . I bet it was the first word that cane to your mind .
Miguel Andrei
Miguel Andrei 20 дней назад
By the way cool video 😎👌
Miguel Andrei
Miguel Andrei 20 дней назад
May I have the iPhone 10 pls
Samuel Goldey
Samuel Goldey 20 дней назад
R stands for retina because Apple cheaped out in the display
Carlos Auza
Carlos Auza 21 день назад
I'm confused as to how the iphone XR can have 4K recording and 1080p HD video recording when the screen resolution is clearly below that? I'm not super tech savvy so if someone can please answer my question I'd highly appreciate it. Thank you.
Achal Kumar
Achal Kumar 23 дня назад
IPhone SE is better than IPhone XR
teddy boll GamIng
teddy boll GamIng 24 дня назад
Retro (;
Christopher Guy
Christopher Guy 24 дня назад
R is for Remastered
Undesignated God
Undesignated God 4 дня назад
I said revision but this is also pretty accurate
John Mead
John Mead 25 дней назад
Never thought I’d switch to the Samsung fold. That’s so beneficial for my line of work. Hopefully iPhone comes out with a flip
My WIFE TOUCHA MA SPEGET! 28 дней назад
iPhone Xrubbish
Shakiyah Wheeler
Shakiyah Wheeler Месяц назад
R stands for the back of the camera
Music man 2012
Music man 2012 Месяц назад
iPhone X regular
Basketball 101
Basketball 101 Месяц назад
R means retro
UnusualGamePlay Месяц назад
lets be honest R stand for Reduced
Sam awesome time
Sam awesome time Месяц назад
R stands for replacement
Nash Casper
Nash Casper Месяц назад
Which smartwatch are you are wearing? It looks very sporty!
riccccccardo Месяц назад
Shameless Apple trying to sell me £1500 for the price of a gaming laptop. O and on top of that trying to sell me services that whoop my already low back account.
slabbert serfontein
slabbert serfontein Месяц назад
IPhone 10 regular
Victor Rossini
Victor Rossini Месяц назад
IPhone XRedeemed?
Ange G
Ange G Месяц назад
Omg Steve Jobs would never 🙅‍♀️
Tuấn Dũng Nguyễn
Tuấn Dũng Nguyễn Месяц назад
Just curious, have all apple haters use their phone to make music, edit photo, edit videos, or how the phone work together with the iPad and the Mac, that's the reason why only hardcore apple fans like apple products the whole set of products work in a connected ecosystem that's what people enjoy about it, y'all must have never felt the great feels of being accessible on any devices except google drives. Their accessories are expensive because exclusive products mean more trust and more responsibility, i know it's BS to pay 100$ for a 3 port adapter( i still haven't got it anyway) but i did use 3rd-party products and holy fk they broke so fkin fast, the XR doesn't have FHD display but still has that perfect color accuracy, Android phones always have some weird saturation, and iOS is always cleaner than Android
Skywalkers 1000
Skywalkers 1000 Месяц назад
My own thesis. XR = Rethink in terms of another part of the phone industry their version of a midrange with a modern specs. Still to expensive at 750 USD. The trade tour earlier iPhone program they are tuning makes it worth the money lowering the price by some 250USD.
jace maha
jace maha Месяц назад
R means retina
Antonio Raimundi
Antonio Raimundi Месяц назад
Watching this video is like looking at a bottom notch screen...
Peter Napoli
Peter Napoli Месяц назад
Still using iPhone 7 Plus in 2019. Won’t buy a new iPhone until the comma comes out of their prices.
big e Stephens
big e Stephens Месяц назад
R stands for iPhone extra really unnecessary
PADMA RAO Месяц назад
R for rubshish
Chris on Cars
Chris on Cars Месяц назад
R stands for Ripoff . . .
Hoover E Londono
Hoover E Londono Месяц назад
Greereeeeedy pigs Apple is getting killed . You lost 250,000,000,000 in stock value .you fuckin lost 250 billion in stock price for getting greedy and an Average sales price 100 dollars higher your unit sales tanked and people are leaving for one plus 6 Android or holding out . You lost your fuckin MO Jo Note tomTim sell for the masses not for stock analists . Mercedes sold many cheap Mercedes . The aspirational crowd got people in Mercedes . You guys fucked up Huuuiuuge . With iPhone pricing. 250 billion dollar fuck up. Quick fix . iPhone 10 R doble camera Iphine 10 R 549 128 GB iPhone X 699 128 GB iPhone. Xl 799 128 gB iPhone 11 849 128 GB iPhone 11 plus 999 256 GB You will double your sales and tape everyone with wireless headphones and fast chargers Vollluuumme
Hoover E Londono
Hoover E Londono Месяц назад
Fuck no fuck no they are way behind in features and way out of control in prices . One plus is murdering Apple cost vs benefit sucks
Kunal Thakur
Kunal Thakur Месяц назад
It was good
gHue Requ
gHue Requ Месяц назад
gregrenalde Месяц назад
rip off RIP apple
Riley McKellar
Riley McKellar Месяц назад
Apple is great, I've used the 5s,7, and 8. The only thing is they are not worth the price considering what's on it. Switched to the Galaxy 9+, absolutely amazed with how much more flexibility you have on android and how much options are on here
Sebastian Rogers
Sebastian Rogers Месяц назад
iPhone X Sebastian and iPhone X Rogers woahhhhhh buddy!!!!
Taha Ibrahim
Taha Ibrahim Месяц назад
R stands for retro
Chess, Math Master!
Chess, Math Master! Месяц назад
R means recycled materials
Jatt Club
Jatt Club 2 месяца назад
R stand for rubish
Manav Chhattri
Manav Chhattri 2 месяца назад
R stands for 'Rubbish'!!!
Tychus Major
Tychus Major 2 месяца назад
Biggsizzling Bryson
Biggsizzling Bryson 2 месяца назад
Y’all sound dumb the camera are way different
Eli Greenwood
Eli Greenwood 2 месяца назад
R is one letter before S in the alphabet. iPhone Xr is less than iPhone Xs (price and spec wise).
Felipe Hernandez
Felipe Hernandez 2 месяца назад
Peter Burt
Peter Burt 2 месяца назад
R for retarded
Samantha W
Samantha W 2 месяца назад
S probably stands for Super Retina and r probably just stands for rentina
Saptorshi Mukherjee
Saptorshi Mukherjee 2 месяца назад
'R" standa for rude... Its I Phone 10RUDE
orangepastextreme -
orangepastextreme - 2 месяца назад
Think about it, iPhone XR. Like how there is a iPhone 6s, Xs, and if you look at the alphabets, lmnopqRStuv, before the s, it’s an r. Which can mean it is a worse version of the s since r is behind the s.
Ali wissam
Ali wissam 2 месяца назад
هل يوجد عرب
the phenomenal one
the phenomenal one 2 месяца назад
R stands for rest in peace
TE xXJohnCarlXx
TE xXJohnCarlXx 2 месяца назад
S=expenSive R=affoRdable
annoying troll
annoying troll 2 месяца назад
Iphone X R u a peasant
ANTONY Jacobs 2 месяца назад
I agree the Iphones are far too expensive
selvarani Rs
selvarani Rs 2 месяца назад
I just came to ask you the same question is it worth both a new 2019 smart and a Dslr?
Lunchf00d 2 месяца назад
I have the iphone 6s and i think that is one of the best iphones
Content Master
Content Master 2 месяца назад
R for Rainbow because it has a lot of colours
yosefwiizard 2 месяца назад
R for adults rating for kids phone.. i mean budget phone for kiddos..
Fake TSM
Fake TSM 2 месяца назад
R= revised
deadlyzombiegamer 2 месяца назад
Xs mean x smal xsmal max Xr mean x recycle its make from cellphone that people give iT to Apple and they make iT to a anther new phone
KC Fit
KC Fit 2 месяца назад
Just recently had a problem with apple not repairing an Iphone 7 model A1660 "No Service" Error. Even though apple stated that third party screens dont void the phone's warranty, apple will not fix the "No Service" Error because there is a third party screen on the phone. Their response was to try to charge me $140 to change the screen back to an apple screen to work on a completely non related screen issue. This is coming from the apple store and I called customer support. One employee asked "have you thought about buying a new IPhone??" Apple... things like this is why you are failing.
Deni'z von Menace
Deni'z von Menace 2 месяца назад
R for - Refurbished
Ange G
Ange G 2 месяца назад
yeah hi Android how are ya? see you soon
Teddy Lance
Teddy Lance 2 месяца назад
R is for redundant.
LAG Kxrma
LAG Kxrma 2 месяца назад
Iphone X reduced R =reduced
Jeff Lith
Jeff Lith 2 месяца назад
Tim cook is getting old.
bazz 2 месяца назад
iphones are way to expensive now, i’m sticking with my iphone 6, why?.. i can call people and receive calls, i can txt people and receive txts, i can listen to my fav songs and if i want to i can take what in my opinion is a decent photo... simples
hmjs13 2 месяца назад
OLED is trash.
BOILED Icewater
BOILED Icewater 2 месяца назад
R stands for rip off
spongey pepper
spongey pepper 2 месяца назад
Maricar Kabristante
Maricar Kabristante 2 месяца назад
R for Retina?
The O
The O 2 месяца назад
Watching on a XR
FaZe_Dino 2 месяца назад
Hello it’s 2050 and we are releasing the iPhone IAir and it will be $10,000 Wat? “Wallet has left the chat”
kimjane김제인 2 месяца назад
should i buy iPhone x, xs or xr?
Jay Fong
Jay Fong 2 месяца назад
r u kidding? iphone never does enough. they never do anything new. thank god theyve got some iphone sheep suckered, grow some brains iphone loyalists
Chimi Chunga
Chimi Chunga 2 месяца назад
iPhone XR-Really lost for ideas!
ɓίαηɕα ѵαɾɡας
ɓίαηɕα ѵαɾɡας 2 месяца назад
Its so much chiper
ɓίαηɕα ѵαɾɡας
ɓίαηɕα ѵαɾɡας 2 месяца назад
iPhone xr = iPhone X rich NOT!
Mustafa Sultan
Mustafa Sultan 2 месяца назад
I bet my s7 is better than the iPhone XR 🚫🧢
Boof 2 месяца назад
Mustafa Sultan I had a s7 till like 4 days ago got a xs and brother a xr and you really wrong lmao the xr has a nice screen if not the colors are even better than my s7 not to mention the speed of the chip i love android but god does apple do some wonders
mike chapman
mike chapman 2 месяца назад
R is for ripoff.
Alyssa Roark
Alyssa Roark 2 месяца назад
iphone x regular
Faith Daniels
Faith Daniels 2 месяца назад
The R in 10R stans 4 regret
kace Vevo
kace Vevo 3 месяца назад
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