iPhone Xs vs X - Worth Upgrading?

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iPhone Xs & Xs Max vs iPhone X. Should You Upgrade? Is The Price Worth It? Features, Cameras, Speed, Battery & Full Comparison.
iPhone Xr vs Xs/Xs Max: ruvid.net/video/video-CMtsy-D0Nlg.html
iPhone Xs vs Galaxy Note 9/S9: ruvid.net/video/video-cwINagU6OgM.html

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Sep 13, 2018

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Jacqueline Cruz
Jacqueline Cruz 4 hours ago
I have the I phone 8 should I wait till 2020 for a new phone? I need yalls help
Zahid Nazir
Zahid Nazir 4 hours ago
I bought iPhoneX recently and I sold it for the same price because I was attracted to the newer versions. But seeing on youtube about the comparison between Xs and Xr with X, I am really confused. Should I go back to iPhone X or Xr is the better choice for me, I really like the appearance of X as it is much more comfortable (I am really not fan for max, size vise), I am much more inclined to buy Xs. Your valuable suggestion will be highly appreciated.
Nighty X2
Nighty X2 14 hours ago
Who has a iPhone 8 or 8+??
shafi afzali
shafi afzali 2 days ago
Which one you choose 🧐? Which one is the best ?
shafi afzali
shafi afzali 2 days ago
Which one you choose 🧐? Which one is the best ?
Ricky 2004
Ricky 2004 3 days ago
I love the silver and gold it's hard to choose 😂
Any S
Any S 4 days ago
I still have my 7plus. When I upgraded it I didn’t miss the 6 at all because the 7plus really made it all easier, smoother and faster.
Mos Tafa
Mos Tafa 4 days ago
Munjed sukhtian
Munjed sukhtian 5 days ago
What if I don’t have any of the x’s should I go for the 10s?
nereparambil jaison
can someone help me choose btw xs and xr!!
Zakarya. Agha
Zakarya. Agha 3 days ago
Eileen Reyes
Eileen Reyes 7 days ago
I definitely want to upgrade but I’m hesitant after reading about the data/connectivity issues with the new models, and there hasn’t been a fix for it.
Anica Anan
Anica Anan 7 days ago
I use an iPod touch so if I get one then it’s like jumping on the moon like if you are having a big difference
Kartikeya Shukla
Kartikeya Shukla 7 days ago
spending 1000 dollars for dropping my iphone
Chill With Xavier
I’m satisfied with my XS Max Gold
Andrew O
Andrew O 7 days ago
stuck two phones together lmao
Dang Valerie
Dang Valerie 8 days ago
Everyone in my class: “Imma beg my parent for the new iphone” Me in the same time: “Mom can i pls have $1 to buy a snack”
Lag 6 days ago
dont shit poor idiot
Beastly McLaren
Beastly McLaren 8 days ago
My $1k iPhone X charger port no longer works. And I’m very gentle putting the charger in to.
emma 8 days ago
currently got the SE but I may be getting the X this week shook
Jefferson Xu
Jefferson Xu 6 days ago
because apple wants customers to buy iPhone XS, XR, and XS Max
Jefferson Xu
Jefferson Xu 6 days ago
wondering why?
Jefferson Xu
Jefferson Xu 6 days ago
apple removed iPhone X lmao
Elma Lesly
Elma Lesly 8 days ago
emma same but I’m getting the x at the end of the month
Giovanni S
Giovanni S 8 days ago
This is my “first time” EVER purchasing a iPhone 📱💯 crossed over from android community! Been there since day one ☝️, been great 😬👍 but I felt left behind!🚷😫 not anymore ! 🚶‍♂️🏃‍♂️🔥 My iPHONE XS IS A BEAST 🔥👁 I might start a RUvid channel 👌😗🤑. 4K baby 🥰
Anønymøus Víds
I switxhed to android l9ng time back due t9 storage/icloud issues with iphone. Is this changed now or is it the same with memory being a problem. Also hows the battery life
Abhilash manohar
Abhilash manohar 9 days ago
Am i the only one who can't buy an iPhone...but almost watch all the videos...😭
David Estrada
get a good paying job not hard
Christian Perales
Christian Perales 10 days ago
Love your honesty ✊🏻
No Name
No Name 10 days ago
What’s on yo lip bro
_Yousef Alahli fc_
_Yousef Alahli fc_ 10 days ago
2:46 I have OCD 💀💀💀that’s disgusting 😂😂💔
Ahmed M.Altaher
Ahmed M.Altaher 11 days ago
I dot have an iphone but Im going to buy one what do you recomened ?? x or xs
Herbert Wang
Herbert Wang 12 days ago
Why am i watching this? i already have the Xs
ProLiteAD 12 days ago
2:35 the product value drastically decreases!
Kodaak Nana
Kodaak Nana 13 days ago
Can you buy me a iphone
Kike osi.
Kike osi. 12 days ago
He's not gonna buy you anything, you stupid girl.
Matthew Murray
Matthew Murray 13 days ago
im still using the good old iphone se
Un5t0pPa8l:3 LU
Un5t0pPa8l:3 LU 13 days ago
btw I love the iphone x display, the OLED is just simply stunning. Every time I go from another display to my iphone display I immediately notice.
Un5t0pPa8l:3 LU
Un5t0pPa8l:3 LU 13 days ago
well my x survived 16 months of use until I dropped it and cracked the class, then went to a water park and water entered. So completely fried. I feel like the xs is a little bit faster, especially the face id. More durable glass is good but I'm running a 1/4' thick case and screen protector now, so don't know if Imma need that.
Yes Man
Yes Man 13 days ago
What the hell is that low bass banging noise?!?
Andres Reyna
Andres Reyna 13 days ago
Since I do the "lease agreement" with Sprint for the iphones, I feel like whenever a new one comes out that I should trade in my old one for it. I mean, that's the whole point of just leasing a phone, so you can routinely trade them in for new ones without breaking the bank imo. This video really helped!
Ethan Brasoveanu
Ethan Brasoveanu 15 days ago
Anyone still have a 5s? I’m probably the only one but whatever lol
Lynne Rose
Lynne Rose 16 days ago
Apple: I've upgraded the phones Us: you didn't upgrade shit Apple: I've upgraded them
Lynne Rose
Lynne Rose 16 days ago
lol I still have an iPhone 5 😂 the line about giving us a dark mode was the best part of this video! Very helpful- thank you!
Lovepreet Nijjar
Lovepreet Nijjar 17 days ago
Who all r still using 5s
AlNouman Al Noumani
And my iPhone X is working perfectly fine
AlNouman Al Noumani
I will not upgrade because it was like upgrading from an iPhone 6to an iPhone 6s and it was not worth it
Hay u Okay bye
Hay u Okay bye 21 day ago
It’s funny that I got an sumsang ad while I am watching a iPhone vide😂😂
Nabeel Awan
Nabeel Awan 22 days ago
Iphone xs have fringerprint senser
Hunter of hunters *
Fuck the new phones I am still rockin my iPhone 7
NICO GRAMA 23 days ago
iPhone xs max
pandemonium &co
pandemonium &co 23 days ago
Could you send me a phone please?
Nikhil Dev
Nikhil Dev 23 days ago
It's more of a XS review. Where's the comparison bro ? lol
Bumble Baytuna
Bumble Baytuna 24 days ago
If you already have the X please don’t buy an Xs all I’ve got to say
S. ONeal
S. ONeal 25 days ago
Iphone X Xs Xr 11 or xI
Dadz Langit
Dadz Langit 26 days ago
I have iPhone XS max and it was so worth it👌 And they also bought me Apple Airpods😉❤
Mela Skywalker
Mela Skywalker 26 days ago
When I bought the iPhone 8, I didn't know the X would launch months after. I remember being so happy to have the latest iPhone when all my friends just had the 5 and 6. But then... The next year.. My friends ended up getting the X.. And now I'm just.. Sad lol
Nosuman Risuman
Nosuman Risuman 27 days ago
For the price the XS should atleast come with a dongle and fast charger.
Omgitz Me
Omgitz Me 28 days ago
I had the phone x and my mom was going to get me a new Xs max and SHE GOT ME THE XS the regular iPhone X with a S at the end they are the same phones and now she just wasted money.
Fasih Haider
Fasih Haider 28 days ago
My iphone se does the job :)
Ida - Marie Digre Røberg
should i Upgrade from the 6 to the x or xs?...... i need help, getting a New phone for 2020
Mary Had a little lamb
Ida - Marie Digre Røberg the struggle is really I'm actually still thinking about waiting for the newest phone in fall.
Ida - Marie Digre Røberg
@Mary Had a little lamb two of my best friends have the x, and i want it so bad, stuck With an 6 for 3 years, so it would be a good Upgrade to x With 256 gb or something like that, one of my friends said the camera was bad on xs, bc her father has the xs..
Mary Had a little lamb
Ida - Marie Digre Røberg Same I'm getting a new phone in July and I don't know if I should go with x or xs. Honestly I might just go with x since there is really not much difference between the two the only difference is the price.
nshadow888 29 days ago
From my using experience, iPhone X is crab, I prefer OPPO. Camera, speed, versality, connect with my computer, all oppo shows advantage and user friendly, speed.
bbsmalls Month ago
I was thinking about upgrading to a xs I have a 7
bbsmalls 29 days ago
Wanna trade 😂
D G Month ago
bbsmalls I went to the Xs from the 7 only because I changed providers and basically HAD to upgrade... all I can say is I miss my 7
Charlie Baby
Charlie Baby Month ago
If u wanted a lighter load LoL
Frode Barstad
Frode Barstad Month ago
I ordered the Iphone Xs Max
Kal Heisenberg
Kal Heisenberg Month ago
Seriously if you are a normal guy, there is absolutely legit no difference. It's not like the 6 to 6s where they look the same, but they got massive upgrade internally, with new features like 2nd gen touchID and 3d touch. Even the 6 and 6s had different megapixels of camera and higher grade aluminium chassis. Xs camera might be a bit better, but it's not noticeable at all if you're an average person, like the difference between the camera of 7 vs 8.
tRiggaz Down
tRiggaz Down Month ago
too many ads
HK.S.S Month ago
Do you know what is the iphone screen width order from big to small? I mean only the screen width in inches or mm, not including bezels.
NICK RONIN Month ago
Still rocking 6s jk😂
Isak Month ago
"worth upgrading?" LOL WHO TF UPGRADES FROM A X TO A XS
David Estrada
when you making big money wuwuu thats who
Zakarya. Agha
Zakarya. Agha 3 days ago
xXFrozenStoneXx [GD] don't upgrade
Galaxy Gator
Galaxy Gator Month ago
Yeah I’m definitely getting a space gray iPhone XS over the black iPhone XR
D G Month ago
Galaxy Gator I have the Xs, and for the price I’m actually really disappointed. My wife has the Xr which in my eyes is the exact same phone only hundreds of dollars cheaper... go the Xr
Jsndnd Alsocjd
Jsndnd Alsocjd Month ago
Only got google pixel ads
Jakub Szudrawski
Apple sheep: should I upgrade?? The new Iphone Xs is so much better, it comes in ”the most stunning color ever”! But on the other hand the asymmetrical port next to the charger is a dealbreaker....but the most stunning color.....but the asymmetrical port....but the COLOR okay here is a $1000 give me the new iPhone
Jajce Jajce
Jajce Jajce Month ago
What colour should i get is my biggest doubt cuz sometimes i feel like i want that rose kinda gold sometimes grey i just do not know help me lol
Apple Sheep
Apple Sheep Month ago
I sold my iPhone X for £510 then got a XS used for £645, so £135 to upgrade. Got a few new features and got the amazing gold colour, pretty good for £135. Upgraded in February and have no regrets
Ar Ux
Ar Ux Month ago
x to xs is pretty much 7 to 8 :v
BRVD Production
BRVD Production Month ago
How dare you tell me about the bottom speakers my life was fine before this
YB Jeon
YB Jeon Month ago
What the heck is a dongle
shazad Khaliq
shazad Khaliq Month ago
Watching this on my iPhone 6s Plus if you are hit like ;-)
Twilight sparkle BTS
😫 worth it, iPhone X is enough
NeverStayGood Month ago
iPhone 6s Plus to iPhone XS
K3-_-M4R Live
K3-_-M4R Live Month ago
Lol some of y’all still got home buttons
Mrki Lc
Mrki Lc Month ago
I have both .. the iPhone x and the iPhone xs .. and I love them .. I would never change to android
manaswi Shende
manaswi Shende Month ago
Guys why are soo much of likes in common comments??? can't understand
A-a Ron
A-a Ron Month ago
I will never own another iPhone again..... unless I get one for free!
BetterBoring Production
iPhone: We present the Xs Max Me: I present a Nokia 3300
Andrey Ageenkov
Andrey Ageenkov Month ago
To conclude: same phone but 5% faster and costs more than X
Andrey Ageenkov
Andrey Ageenkov Month ago
"It's not covered by warranty" а ну заебись тогда
Adeb Akash
Adeb Akash Month ago
Grate chance to become an owner of iPhone XS MAX!! Review and keep an iPhone XS Max FREE!! You can get the iPhone XS Max before anyone else as a Product Tester.Complete a little survey and get the phone!! Do hurry!! Click the link : @t
Simča Sisi
Simča Sisi Month ago
I Have Iphone Xs and Xs Max. And I Am happiest!! X is old history is in bazaaaar. Sorry iphone X . But iphone xs and Max is better. 😜👌🏼
doyoungs mini fridge
im legit jus gna get the x, put a case on it, and tell everyone i have the xs
Abrar SK
Abrar SK Month ago
So which is better Iphone X or Xs?
Kirk The Notation
Anyone else getting anxiety by how he’s holding the phones together?
EvilMadness Month ago
I just bought an iPhone XS Max from a 6s Plus so yea it was totally worth it. I upgrade year two or three years not every year like most people I buy with a long term investment in mind. The 6s Plus was a good iPhone, just like the 5 and the 4 and even the 3G I had before then I waited at least 2 years between phones 📲. But yea I love my iPhone XS Max 🥰😘.
The Sport Flock
The Sport Flock Month ago
still loving my iPhone 3G
Miles Morales
Miles Morales Month ago
iPhone X/Xs/Xs Max/Xr- Apple doesn’t even try anymore Samsung Galaxy S10, S10+, S10e -Actually worth it
James Butterworth
Dunno why this guy is trying to justify upgrading from a X Xs lol. It's makes zero sense for at least 3-4 years as Apple bring most of the software features to older models anyways. And mentioning the screen, that's made by Samsung, so no Apple haven't improved the screen, Samsung did 🤣
Theresa Caldwell
I have the iPhone 6 and I’m upgrading to the iPhone XS
Vyad Month ago
Zero shutter lag: Hahaha That was the same feature advertised on Galaxy S4 on which I'm watching this video. Apple is using 6 year old technology as a new feature.
Vyad Month ago
Now he's probably brainwashing.
Sultan Musa
Sultan Musa Month ago
Should I wait until March when the se 2 release or upgrade to the X right now, I have an 5s
❤ ιѕσαgα66 ❤
Erwin Tio
Erwin Tio Month ago
So many ads in this video.
Simon Vuille
Simon Vuille Month ago
Except if you've got cash burning in your pockets, upgrading every year (for "s" versions) is just a waste of money. Even as someone who upgrades every two years, I find it to be overkill.
Octobio07777 C
Octobio07777 C Month ago
Anyone else going to do that
Octobio07777 C
Octobio07777 C Month ago
I’m still going to get the x
RETiARD Month ago
Cavill Greenaway
Stil have my iPhone 6
kia lovers
kia lovers Month ago
I am going to have to get the X because I have small hands
Josh The Great
Josh The Great Month ago
kia lovers good choice! You’ll get better screen quality and a big display while having a small phone :)
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