iPhone Xs vs X - Worth Upgrading?

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iPhone Xs & Xs Max vs iPhone X. Should You Upgrade? Is The Price Worth It? Features, Cameras, Speed, Battery & Full Comparison.
iPhone Xr vs Xs/Xs Max: ruvid.net/video/video-CMtsy-D0Nlg.html
iPhone Xs vs Galaxy Note 9/S9: ruvid.net/video/video-cwINagU6OgM.html

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Sep 13, 2018




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Comments 10 503
Thatone Guy
Thatone Guy Day ago
Apple:(paints iPhone X yellow) iPhone XS
Elisabeth Day ago
See THIS is why I love your channel. Even Apple.com doesn’t have the Apple XS specs
Kaden Ryan
Kaden Ryan 2 days ago
Getting the 10 🙌🏽
Chloe Amistom
Chloe Amistom 3 days ago
Ya know u can get a VERY like new iPhone X on eBay for $450 or £420 instead of buying a new one but u can still flex 🤣🤪
CarpyTheKitten 4 days ago
i just realized this video was made exactly a year before im watching
Drac A.
Drac A. 4 days ago
Lol XD
Bluplonk 5 days ago
He called IOS 13 to have dark mode and it will
Alexander Mason
Alexander Mason 5 days ago
Dude I swear I got 9 double ads during this video! Wow EverythingAdsPro...
Irv Guint
Irv Guint 6 days ago
Upgraded from 6s to x
Rey Ruiz
Rey Ruiz 6 days ago
Is the x big ? Is it like as an iPhone 8 Plus ?
Hir zi
Hir zi 2 days ago
Rey Ruiz x is smaller
Omolo Karo
Omolo Karo 6 days ago
Someone please get me an iPhone XS for my birthday . My birthday is December 24. Please
King Cola
King Cola 6 days ago
Short answer: no Long answer: nooooooo
King Cola
King Cola 6 days ago
Still poppin with my iPhone 8
Youssef Selkani
Youssef Selkani 7 days ago
Time is not money
Vittoria Caruana Fino
I upgraded from an se to an xr
The Mugget
The Mugget 7 days ago
Same PPI
MrSlimeGuy 8 days ago
Damn i really wish i could get the iphone XS Max why when ever i want something everybody else gets it except for me
NASH REBORN 9 days ago
why i watching this with my iphone 6😭💔
RM_o5 armyvipblackjack
i still have my iphone 6 and still good the battery is still long lasting haha
The Mugget
The Mugget 7 days ago
Did you buy the battery fix? cuz mine keeps dying after 2hr
King Arthur
King Arthur 10 days ago
Money not being an object ^^
4Runner4life98 10 days ago
What car did your chair come from? Aston Martin, bentley?
Josue Martin
Josue Martin 10 days ago
Guys I’am on a debate, should I buy the iPhone XS or should I buy the iPhone X and Airpods? Right know I have the SE and I’m looking to upgrade but I can’t make up my mind:(
TheMegaWeazel 10 days ago
Him: Xs and Xs max are basically the same thing. Also him: X to Xs isn't really much of an upgrade but X to Xs max sure is
Des RBX 11 days ago
iPhone X fam where you at?
Josue Galan
Josue Galan 12 days ago
Idk how this video pop up a year later , tbh the upgrade wasn’t worth it then, no now neither , iPhone X probably be good till 2020 since the new iPhone looks the same 😣 yes better cameras for sure but we always upload pics to social media which lower the resolution anyways
Bedis Drass
Bedis Drass 12 days ago
I’m fine with my iPhone X honestly
KEN BEE 12 days ago
So......basically just the gold colour Got it
Saturniun Guy
Saturniun Guy 13 days ago
who needs an sd card when you have 512 gigabytes of internal memory? how much do you need then? 1 terabyte? 1 yottabyte?!
Mochi Aeri 애리
Mochi Aeri 애리 15 days ago
I have the iPhone 6s and I was planning on upgrading to the X but today I actually took the time to look at the gold iPhone XS and now I don’t know what to do 😭😭😭😭
Abby 15 days ago
I dropped my iPhone 6 into the toilet after I cleaned it It survived.... But the screen was flashing
MASTERTVlogs 15 days ago
6 here
Anshu N
Anshu N 16 days ago
I finally got iPhone XS, I am waiting for it to arrive, I am 14 BTW
KEN BEE 12 days ago
Why was your age relevant to this comment?
Ishan Gaming
Ishan Gaming 15 days ago
From where u are ?
Ishan Gaming
Ishan Gaming 15 days ago
I have 7 for personal mom has xs
Anshu N
Anshu N 15 days ago
Ishan Gaming ha lol, but I am being serious, what phone do you guys have?
Ishan Gaming
Ishan Gaming 15 days ago
Anshu N LIAR 🤥
Raginaction 17 days ago
the x screen is better since it is OLED vs Lcd
Memelion 7 days ago
oled has burn possibility
Bo John Secong Vlogs
Watching with my iPhone6 haha damn i can’t even decide if i’ll get X or XS Was able to use XS Max. Selfie has this unreal smoothness and i quite hate it 🥺
Julie 17 days ago
i have i question. I'm going to buy a new phone this afternoon. But i'm not sure if i should get the XS, X of Xr Maybe some of u can help me decide.
LEBLANCNEWS 16 days ago
Julie honestly I’d choose XS if I had the money for it 😂 like why iphone X if u have no problem spending money on the XS
Soggun nuggos
Soggun nuggos 18 days ago
iPhone SE GANG🙋🏻‍♀️
Annopurna Computer
Annopurna Computer 22 days ago
I am iphone 6s user, now i go for upgread iphone xs .. but my friend seys u should go iphone x. Me confuse which is beter for me iphone x and xs. i do with my iphone Gaming Photo editing and some media storage.
Mehdi Louali
Mehdi Louali 22 days ago
should i go for a new iphone X or a slightly used iphone Xs ?
Alan Whittingham
Alan Whittingham 22 days ago
So many ads
Nío fury
Nío fury 22 days ago
Who realized 7:35 is iphone xr!!!? 😂😂
Owen Wint
Owen Wint 23 days ago
I got iPhone X. I look to upgrade to Xs or Samsung s10
rj pogi
rj pogi 23 days ago
I just bought my IPhone XS this morning
Temple U
Temple U 24 days ago
Who is ready to upgrade to the iPhone 11 💀
ali TV-YT
ali TV-YT 22 days ago
Not me did you see it it trash
SKYE LOVER 2003 24 days ago
Green lines?
Imane Pink
Imane Pink 25 days ago
When I buy a new phone am I gonna pay an extra £300 to upgrade my phone so it can go a couple of seconds faster than my old one...OF COURSE NOT give me a break. I care about new features not just "the phone is faster and had a better CPU, bionic chip" and all that crap, "the phone is slimmer and bigger", "the phone has a better camera" like I don't care tell me about the new features such as apps, battery life, am I getting good value for my buck, software and hardware on the phone that my old phone DOESN'T have when I upgrade the phone only *eg 6S to X face ID*
Imane Pink
Imane Pink 25 days ago
Checked the website on the "comparison" bit and the only difference in terms of FEATURES is that that the iPhone XS can stay deeper in the water for longer, *that* is your new upgrade like WTH APPLE
Juma Aljbar
Juma Aljbar 25 days ago
Maybe x then xs and then sxs
Jay Cruz
Jay Cruz 28 days ago
It’s that same exactly
Aziz G
Aziz G 28 days ago
Apple spends 450 dollars to make an iPhone XS search it up
Basket ree
Basket ree 29 days ago
Im just rting to find out if its worth an extra 150 in 2019
TheboiGamer YT
TheboiGamer YT 29 days ago
Using my iPhone 6s Plus
ICUP Month ago
I made this same upgrade, I’m happy with the upgrades but there’s some regret
Zycklacon Month ago
Short answer: no Long Answer: Apple didn’t change shit on the XS and there’s nothing wrong with the X stop trading your phones for the same thing are you fucking stupid?
Inesh Rashmika
Inesh Rashmika Month ago
do u mind send me out an iphone pls,cause u hv tons of them..pls,or giveaway one...itll not cost u a single penny..imagine tht something u missed...@everythingapplepro
Mohammad Alattar
Is it worth getting an iPhone X now?
Oranagaming Month ago
Z FORCE 1 Month ago
I decided to upgrade from a JITTERBUG flip To an iPhone XS Max... Update: Enjoy some topica here at the early bird special, when I noticed Harold and Ethel sexting each other from across the room on their JITTERBUG flip phones having a hoot of a time....I sure miss my Jitterbug’s BIGGER buttons already.😞
Spiderhunter180 Month ago
Should I get XS for $750 XR for $650 X for like $500 Or 8 for like $300 I have an SE
Gamer Audrey
Gamer Audrey Month ago
I wish I had a iPhone X but its to expensive
Dou Vie
Dou Vie Month ago
Got a 10
ᗷᒪᗩᑕK ᑕᒪOᑌᗪ
excuse me, where again is the difference for normal people?
ᗷᒪᗩᑕK ᑕᒪOᑌᗪ
my 5s is fine though....
Eqwlid Razor
Eqwlid Razor Month ago
yeah I agree with you because the XS only has a little changes so its not worth it ur just wasting more money so I would stick with the X that im getting for Xmas
Gabriel C
Gabriel C Month ago
Might as well get the xs if you’re getting a X
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