iPhone XS Max vs Samsung Galaxy Note 9

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Apple iPhone XS Max vs Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Full Comparison including hands-on Size, Design, Camera, S Pen, Battery & Price.
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The Apple iPhone XS Max features a 6.5" Super Retina OLED Display, Apple A12 Bionic Chip, upto 512GB Storage, IP68 Water & Dust Resistantance, 12MP dual rear camera, 7MP Selfie Camera and Face ID
The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 features a 6.4" Super AMOLED Infinty Display, S Pen with Remote Bluetooth, 8GB RAM upto 512GB Storage with MicroSD, IP68 Water & Dust Resistantance, 12MP dual rear camera with dual-aperture, 8MP Selfie Camera with AF, Qualcomm Snapdragon 845/Exynos 9810, 4000mAh battery, Iris Scanner, Facial recognition, Fingerprint scanner and Intelligent Scan.
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Comments 100
SuperSaf 8 months ago
So which do you think is the better device overall? iPhone XS Max vs Samsung Galaxy Note 9?
Society Proof
Society Proof Month ago
n o -j a m s
n o -j a m s 2 months ago
Note 9, which I have right now.
Ahchien Lim
Ahchien Lim 2 months ago
logan Wiseley
logan Wiseley 3 months ago
+Harshit Patle nah
logan Wiseley
logan Wiseley 3 months ago
+mona archy nah
KG ajjahn hutchinson-baldwin
Note 9... but tbh, these prices our bonkers. Soon they will try and charge 2000+ for a phone. Then 3000+ and by then, I'll be making my own phone.
Aisha Aamir
Aisha Aamir 5 days ago
Nice reviewis is it true the note9 exploding
all about mystery
all about mystery 11 days ago
2025 iPhone cost = $2000 Box content - Premium Quality Air with assembling kit Phone can be bought separately
Mela Goat
Mela Goat 8 days ago
all about mystery 🌽🌽🌽
Daniel P
Daniel P 11 days ago
Samsung fans know that iPhone is always better than crap Samsung phones, so they say Samsung is better just to make themselves feel better hahahaha
TRUNKS 13 days ago
I lov my note 9 512go black carbon 🤩🤩
Tajmel Shaik
Tajmel Shaik 20 days ago
Note 9
Earl lamont
Earl lamont 23 days ago
my note 9 is shit must got a bad one
David Wilde
David Wilde 24 days ago
Note 9 is better
Harkiran Kaur
Harkiran Kaur 25 days ago
I've been an iPhone user for years now since iPhone 4. I've had the 7 plus for 3 years now and was going to upgrade but the xs max 512 was 2000.00 Canadoan while the 512 Note 9 was only 1200.00 Canadian with option to expand to 1 Tb. After years of being a happy apple user they prices themselves out of the running. I switched. Only need is finding a good photo editor with layers, transparencies masks and painting like pixelmator did. Android is lacking serious graphics apps. But happy overall with the note 9 512 GB!
Zayde Terminello
Zayde Terminello 27 days ago
note 9 anyday
Aashika Sharma
Aashika Sharma 29 days ago
iPhone XS Max wins.
Bill Overbeck
Bill Overbeck Month ago
Only better thing about the iPhone here is that it's available in white, everything else sucks
A F Month ago
if you need a TB of storage on your phone you are a douche that takes too many pics. 256 MB is plenty
alak58 Month ago
I have the Xs Max but I’m looking into replacing it with Note 9. The big size of Xs Max is a waste,it’s the same old iPhone just gigantic with no real productivity feature,the battery life is below average and camera bump is ugly,the Note also has a better screen.
L Awliet
L Awliet Month ago
SuperSaf= *Motherfucker*
Victoryplayz Gamex
An Apple vs an Android who would win a fight
dididididid Month ago
I don't care about these comparisons anymore, but I used to be an iOS user back in the days and then in 2015 I switched to Galaxy note5 and I'm still using it to this day, 4 years later it still works like a champ and quite honestly I can't even imagine going back to iOS. Samsung as a company doesn't solely rely on their phone sales as much, that's why I think they don't really need to milk customers as much, apple relies on iPhone sales, that's what their investors care about the most etc, that's why they need to milk their customers as much as they can and do everything in their power so you return to the Apple store in a few years to pick up a brand new phone. Also, on Galaxy note you can use torrent, download free music, overall it's more like a portable computer experience. You can still be a law abiding good Samaritan if you choose to, but at least you have an option.
Ct Bt
Ct Bt Month ago
I phone need a pen 🖊. Or at least be able to use the Apple pen. iPhone is a good business phone so let it do more. With a pen it should give it what it need. They lucky I don’t make smartphones yet. I would crush them all.
Kelvin Darpoh
Kelvin Darpoh Month ago
I have never used an iphone, but i want to get a new phone and i dont know whether to stick android and get the s10 plus or try the iphone xs max.
hard truth around
Everyone who changes from apple to android is going to be baptized..... so you are going to get androitized ....😁😉
Unknowん Month ago
I hate android so I’ll stick with my iPhone’s iOS
jp craig
jp craig 2 months ago
Watching this on note 9
Antonio Levak
Antonio Levak 2 months ago
But really guys who cares about 3d touch woow is it the newest technology come on
Brandon Averyheart
Brandon Averyheart 2 months ago
Note 9 🔥🔥🔥
Olivia Anderson
Olivia Anderson 2 months ago
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eloisa mae
eloisa mae 2 months ago
I have note 9 and the camera and battery are amazing
SilentGamer RBLX
SilentGamer RBLX 2 months ago
Left kidney VS. Right kidney
Rouge Vee
Rouge Vee 2 months ago
If the Note9 had a penis, this guy would blow his butt cheeks out.
Rouge Vee
Rouge Vee 2 months ago
I've had like 5 Samsung phones and had an Iphone 5 years back. The Iphone5, while not having as many extra features to make it as fun a phone, was so far superior in quality and reliability its not even close. All my Samsungs after almost 2 years of usage slowed down massively and needed battery replacement a few times. The only Samsung I loved was the Note4. I'm going to upgrade tomorrow. Most likely going for the IphoneXs but will give the Note9 a look. Currently have a Galaxy S7 Edge (worst phone ive ever used period) .
Ofor Joseph
Ofor Joseph 2 months ago
i switched from iphone to note 9, OMG, love it, tired of seeing iphone benchmark leading but you cannot do anything with it not even split screen. Note all d way, cant wait for note 10
darreng34 2 months ago
Weird beard guy again.
Infinite 2 months ago
Guys shut the f##k up, both are good
Evoke Month ago
But supersaf asked which phone do we think is better.
Chris Robinson
Chris Robinson 2 months ago
Waiting on my note now I’m sick of apple
Jajalyki Jajaly
Jajalyki Jajaly 2 months ago
Note is a best
Tomas Cotto Andujar
Tomas Cotto Andujar 2 months ago
Note 9 is beter. Yeap.....
Lawrence Lepes
Lawrence Lepes 2 months ago
Note 9 is better
Lollipop 2 months ago
note 9 is better i mean just look at the specs even my galaxy s8 is better then xs shitty max lmao. iphones are for peasants :DD
Rudy Rodriguez
Rudy Rodriguez Month ago
both phones are better for who likes them.
jabari gabriel
jabari gabriel 2 months ago
So yea iPhone bettet
jabari gabriel
jabari gabriel 2 months ago
What phone you see every celebrity or rapper or singer or actor with a iPhone
jabari gabriel
jabari gabriel 2 months ago
What phone you see every teenager with a iPhone
jabari gabriel
jabari gabriel 2 months ago
But y’all say that when you look around wats da phone you see everybody with a iPhone
zain uddin
zain uddin 2 months ago
Note 9 : takes everything to next level Xs max : takes price to next level #reality
Daniel P
Daniel P 11 days ago
Samsung: takes lag to the next level 😂
Nobody cares
Nobody cares 2 months ago
yeah sure 😂😂😂😂
RumikoOne 2 months ago
If the Samsung doesn’t go into catastrophic boot loop and erase everything after a year then it’s already the automatic winner. This buttonless trend is so sickening though. So much effort to make the phones less practical. I just wanna urge people to think twice about Apple. I’ve owned iTouch, iPhone 4, 5, 6, and 8. They all got boot loop of death and erased everything, with the exception of one that only overheated until it was about to melt. Please don’t support Apple. Not even to mention that no headphone jack has been an absolute nightmare with the iPhone 8. Forgot your adapter? Welp. You’re stuck with a phone and headphones and no way to listen to music. Such progress.
Arun S.nair
Arun S.nair 2 months ago
N 9
The One
The One 2 months ago
If Apple wasn't so limited I would actually consider it an option. But due to limitations it has I can't even consider that damn ting
3N4C72B1G 2 months ago
Bought a note 9 (two of them). I refuse to be cattle-handled by apple
Pavel Kosovan
Pavel Kosovan 2 months ago
iPhone XS Max for sure
Dier 2 months ago
The only thing good about apple is that the phones comes in a cool box
Vance Macatangay
Vance Macatangay 2 months ago
Samsung makes fun of that over priced piece of shit
Ноут 9 гавно гавно гавно
Bad5oy17 2 months ago
Used to be a samsung fanboy, I like both phones and both have a lot of potential.
Ereyk Alicea
Ereyk Alicea 2 months ago
I'll go with Note 9
Sam Smug
Sam Smug 2 months ago
You should change your videos aspect ratio to be optimal for note 9 and iPhone xs max
Алеха Светлов
НЕ НАДО !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lumpy Datortoise
Lumpy Datortoise 3 months ago
I’d get the XS bc I like navigation a lot
Devin Sidhu
Devin Sidhu 3 months ago
Note 9 obviously, what kind of question is this? Note 9: Android pie One UI Bluetooth remote S pen 4000 mAh battery Super amoled display 2960 x 1440 resolution 6 GB Ram 128 GB storage at base 12 mp camera variable aperture Bezels rather than notch headphone jack $1000 Iphone XS max: 3,174mAh 4 GB ram 64GB ram at base 12mp camera OLED display 2,688 x 1,242 resolution $1099 honestly how is the iphone worthy of comparison here
Deadwarrior 1067
Deadwarrior 1067 3 months ago
I have both and I like the note 9 more but I not dissing the Xs max
purplesk1 3 months ago
No matter which android you have, your selfies still look terrible along with any other pic
Gobu Gaban
Gobu Gaban 3 months ago
Im not fan of any flagships. Im using samsung note 9 for few weeks and im really disappointed with battery life and performance. Compare to Huawei mate 20x this device is nothing. Mate 20x is super fast charging with excellent battery life with super satisfying performance. Super fast .
Dagger Xx
Dagger Xx 3 months ago
Xs max has a better design 🤷🏻‍♂️
Rudy Rodriguez
Rudy Rodriguez Month ago
yeah +GeldWolf
GeldWolf 2 months ago
daniel kilvington
daniel kilvington 3 months ago
iPhone Xs Max👌🏻
jrlv62 3 months ago
Going to team android! Galaxy note 9 from XS max!
Neat. 3 months ago
Ngl most people that I see complaining about apple are people that cant afford the damn phone (I.E children) I can understand if someone has a well based reason on why they like Samsung more, but you’re automatically wrong if you blindly state an opinion and just comment on the price.
kristie bergeron
kristie bergeron 3 months ago
Ive been a lifelong iPhone user and just got the note 9...Oh My Gawdddd....never going back
Enea Shosha
Enea Shosha 11 days ago
Me too,note 9 its greatt so powerful
M JUNAID Khan 3 months ago
No doubt iPhone xs max is super fone ... but u cant compair that fone with note 9 ... Samsung enhance their capabilities too ... for me note 9 is slightly batter then iPhone xs max Samsung 9/10 Xs max 8.5/10
코카콜라 3 months ago
itsPrincessLife 3 months ago
Samsung users have an attitude problem welp **apple leaves the chat** RIP Any apple users here? Or only me? Ok.... Iphone xs max? Only me....?again? Ok FINE being only an apple fan in this vid is being unique SAMSUNG is gooooood but im a apple fan sorry sams!
Rudy Rodriguez
Rudy Rodriguez 3 months ago
I'm an apple fan . I use a macbook pro, iphone 8 plus and ipad pro 10.5
itsPrincessLife 3 months ago
Iphone xs max and note 9 had the same price welp now I know what samsung users attitude they keep bullying apple cuz of its price like duhhhhh samsung is good but samsung fans are bullys I exepected that they will be more responsible even tho they are a samsung fan like if they comment like this **im a samsung fan and its good and apple is also too but im not a fan nice apple** like that 🙁 samsung users are meaaaaaaaaan!!!!
Petr Barbořák
Petr Barbořák 3 months ago
Let me say it like this: I have Xiaomi Pocophone F1, great phone, but it cant match up to Note 9 at all But what can I say in F1's favor? Well, it costs less than a half of it, it doesnt try to compete with Note 9 It isnt meant to be better, its meant to get the money of those who want a great enough phone for not too much money But, wheny you compare the factually best phone of 2018 with the iPhone, what can you say to defend it? Its worse in majority of regards, but costs either a bit more or almost a double of Note's price THAT'S why people mock iPhone and its users Because it offers subpar quality for insane price
Amit Kapuria
Amit Kapuria 3 months ago
iPhone rules
abhaysingh chavan
abhaysingh chavan 3 months ago
I have a note 9 and feel it's nice. But cannot say anything as I have never used iPhone.
Angry Face Reaction
Angry Face Reaction 3 months ago
Did yall know that Samsung provides OLED screens to apple ?
Jayden Garmo
Jayden Garmo 3 months ago
Comment i for apple. Comment galaxy for Samsung. Let’s see who wins!
A. V.
A. V. 3 months ago
Buh-bay iphone ! Buh-bay greedy mother fuckers from apple.
Rajasekhar Harthikote
Note 9 hundreds more better
Gabrielle 3 months ago
Why get a phone that's not expandable? Why get a phone you can't customize to your heart's content? Why get a phone you can't download videos in just a few taps away? Why get a phone where you can't multitask? WHY ?!?!?!?!?? feel free to drop some more 'why's if youre interested
achuletta aquilo
achuletta aquilo 3 months ago
iPhone is expensive cause of that Apple on display as if when you get hungry you take a bite
Joe Humphreys
Joe Humphreys 3 months ago
Well it don’t matter cause android that makes the iPhone now anyways the iPhone is built by android. Only difference is. Apple has its own chip to make it have the iPhone features. So. They are really the same phone
PLEASANT VEGAN 3 months ago
iPhone max xs is like that boogie chick that thinks she is to good to talk to you and wants to spend all your money and Samsung note 9 is the down to earth chick that you can take home to mother and will cost you a lot less money to satisfy. Lol.
Hoàng Anh Pro
Hoàng Anh Pro 3 months ago
iPhone xs max
logan Wiseley
logan Wiseley 3 months ago
Samsung: our phone has a new revolutionary s-pen Apple: oh, our phone faster by about 0.0001 seconds... so ours is best Apple is clapped
Sam Pomare
Sam Pomare 3 months ago
Without Google. Samsung is dead. No point having a hardware device when there is no software to go with it.
logan Wiseley
logan Wiseley 3 months ago
I dont get why some of these dumbass indians who dont even own the phone say the ishit XS max is best... actually clapped
Newjerseyy777 3 months ago
I have used both, and definitely will go for the note 9 it has much more options than the limited iPhone I can do a lot on the note, specially when you connect it to a screen it's like a portable computer in your pocket + the sd card slot + 3.5mm Jack and a lot more
Trev Or
Trev Or 3 months ago
Iphone xs max literally has the same icons and look as the 1st gen iPhone released 12 years ago!!!... It looks exactly the same.. it's like a child's phone to me and there's nothing you can do on an iPhone they are so boring..everyone I see with an iPhone only uses the Facebook app and takes selfies cuz they are lame af and children... its like comparing a nice laptop with tons of features, customization and things to do with a phone filled with candy lol that happens to cost $1200.. that comes with a 5w charger that takes 3 and a half hours to charge your phone 😂😂 what a joke...
Jessica Martinez
Jessica Martinez 3 months ago
I have the Iphone xs max, for the first time user of a iphone I was impressed. My husband a couple weeks ago got the Note 9 and I must say it hands down has an amazing display and has all these other cool features. Wish I would have gotten the Samsung Note 9. I am hoping my iphone does live up to its expectation of being a long lasting phone which is why I bought in the first place. Both are great phones just wish I would have gotten the Note 9!
stoner w3d
stoner w3d 3 months ago
youre cute
Canadian Bacon
Canadian Bacon 3 months ago
Deadass all these people say Samsung is the best because that’s all they can afford
TheLord 3 months ago
I really miss the Note 7 If was my favorite design
steven Davis
steven Davis 3 months ago
Note 9🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Savannah Romaine
Savannah Romaine 3 months ago
I just got the iPhone XS max but I might return it. I just can’t with iOS
LARGE LIFE 3 months ago
Fuck Lesbians
Fuck Lesbians 3 months ago
Samsung had face id since galaxy s2
RayDaily 3 months ago
ugh everyone wants samsung such losers I love and will always like Apple! [samsung is yuck! ]
theguapo1975channel 3 months ago
No brainer here, Samsung Note 9 is boss. Have more things going for it than an Iphone. Better price, better camera, better sound, better memory, S pen, headphone jack, fast charger etc. With Samsung, you get more bang for your buck. If you want less for your money and you wanna feel like youve been taken for a fool, you buy Iphone. Its the same with almost all their products, whether its a phone, laptop etc, you get less and you fork out more money. Most androids nowadays are better than the iphone. I know this, ive used iphones for years and samsungs for years. If a person still needs convincing that samsung is better, then therapy would be the option. Good day to you guys, and Apple, please stop making phones or electronics in general.
Daniel P
Daniel P 11 days ago
theguapo1975channel sorry I don’t speak broke people language
Thanh Bach Vu
Thanh Bach Vu 3 months ago
Are you Indian?
Zahid Behlim
Zahid Behlim 3 months ago
Shokonosle 3 months ago
The dislikes are the crapple users
Shokonosle 3 months ago
When apple sucks
Daniel Beavers
Daniel Beavers 3 months ago
Did you really just ask which we think is better. Huuummmm!!!!!!! I wounder the one made by Samsung that does way more features is way sexier and builds all there on stuff for cheaper. Or the one that gets all of its screens from Samsung and its chips and parts. That also is the most expensive. I think I will go with the best. Note 9
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