iPhone XS Max vs Samsung Galaxy Note 9

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Apple iPhone XS Max vs Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Full Comparison including hands-on Size, Design, Camera, S Pen, Battery & Price.
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The Apple iPhone XS Max features a 6.5" Super Retina OLED Display, Apple A12 Bionic Chip, upto 512GB Storage, IP68 Water & Dust Resistantance, 12MP dual rear camera, 7MP Selfie Camera and Face ID
The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 features a 6.4" Super AMOLED Infinty Display, S Pen with Remote Bluetooth, 8GB RAM upto 512GB Storage with MicroSD, IP68 Water & Dust Resistantance, 12MP dual rear camera with dual-aperture, 8MP Selfie Camera with AF, Qualcomm Snapdragon 845/Exynos 9810, 4000mAh battery, Iris Scanner, Facial recognition, Fingerprint scanner and Intelligent Scan.
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13 сен 2018

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SuperSaf 2 месяца назад
So which do you think is the better device overall? iPhone XS Max vs Samsung Galaxy Note 9?
Hina Riaz
Hina Riaz 29 дней назад
I have Just ordered the note 9 for hubby,,
Fevien Kay Floreta
Fevien Kay Floreta 2 месяца назад
SuperSaf TV of course the NOTE 9 !! Duh.
Crazy Man
Crazy Man 2 месяца назад
+Mike C apple=shit
Crazy Man
Crazy Man 2 месяца назад
+TheKrazy injun note 6 is better than iphone 8
Crazy Man
Crazy Man 2 месяца назад
+Sean Burns yea i will get note 9 for 2 months and i think its smart buy
John Peterson
John Peterson 10 часов назад
Hardware might be better on the Samsung but iOS works more reliably
Phat-B 17 часов назад
I'm switching to the iphone because the apps run better and I hope the battery will last longer than a galaxy phone
Mawusi Augestine
Mawusi Augestine 19 часов назад
I like the note 9 but please fulfill the following Favour's Tecno camon 11pro vs note 9 Tecno phantom 6plus vs I phone Xs max Thank you #love u all
Stan Lee
Stan Lee 22 часа назад
My xs max just died to fast ;( I need a refund
Josh Allan
Josh Allan День назад
It's not about the phone it's what's inside the phone the programraming the brains of the phone Samsung is a better phone but the phone is not the point it's the iOS system it's better then android iOS is simple where android is more complicated the apps on Apple are better and Apple features FaceTime android does not more apps on Apple its more in demand more comman apps that first come out are programmed for iPhones androids get the back end of the stick and have to wait till the app adjust to anroids Apple is better it's not about the hardware of the phone and Apple users out number android users by triple or quadruple
Ian Meria
Ian Meria День назад
Lol at galaxy users hating on iPhone almost too much. Ya’ll just sounding insecure now :)
Ian Meria
Ian Meria День назад
Dear big man upstairs help get this through to these android plebs, for they do not understand. Okay...I’ve noticed Android users like making the compelling argument that Apple users only get the iphone because of the social status gained from the brand. OR that somehow we’ve been brain washed into thinking that these new-to-iPhone-features are a brand new technology (even though they’v existed for a millennia). Well that’s not true, we do not get the iPhone because of the brand, we are loyal to the brand because of the continuous quality of product that they produce. Okay, okay, OH KAY, android MAY release new tech before iPhone, but let’s not forget that there’s over 1000 brands producing android phones, which are constantly releasing new tech, operating at third, NO fourth class quality. But sadly enough for us Apple users, this is what causes that dreaded outcry “but android’s been doing this for years before apple” (Q_Q). If that’s the case then fine, more power to you my brother, keep buying your dam Lenovo phones then because they seem to be the benchmark in technology, having first released augmented reality...Wait, Motorola did what??? First introduced the fingerprint scanner, well why didn’t you tell me this sooner, now I’m stuck with this iPhone when I could’ve got one of them Motor rollers! Let’s cut all the bulls**t and face reality android users, Apple only puts it on their phone when they’ve perfected the tech and it becomes industry flagship. For example facial recognition, galaxy had it first...but don’t lie to me Mr and Miss android, we are less than 20 days from 2019 and I’ve still to this day never seen anyone with an android using their facial recognition to unlock their phone! As a matter of fact I call you on your bullshit if your an android user and you tell me you use FR daily. However! iPhone released Face ID, using infrared camera on the IPhone X and this tech sets the industry standard for what facial recognition should be, it’s used everywhere, everyday. So android users please I’m only saying this out of love...KEEP your expandable memories, 9mm audio jack, cross platform chargers and “customizerbility” out of our faces because WE DON’T GIVE A ****!
AHMET ÇELİK 2 дня назад
iphone used in this video is fake.
bijoux gerrard
bijoux gerrard 2 дня назад
And the note 9 offers you butter chicken lol I’m changing to Samsung I really mean it so I get free lunch daily
Brian 2 дня назад
I have both the XS Max and Note 9. At the end of the day, iPhone wins because of it' seamless integration with all it's devices and eco system. There is just too much tinkering you have to do with Samsung phones to do a simple task sometimes and this gets annoying.
Puja Sharma
Puja Sharma 2 дня назад
Watching this in my note 9 😌😌
The Leckster
The Leckster 3 дня назад
All phones are the same anyway but ok.
Wanda Lebron
Wanda Lebron 3 дня назад
Samsung note 9 is the winner
Aghnia Fasya
Aghnia Fasya 3 дня назад
ngomong apaan si anjir
Terence Jones
Terence Jones 3 дня назад
Note 9 ! At least Samsung doesn't write software that kills your battery and installs it without your knowledge. Obviously it appears that apple wanted to make their customers want to buy their latest phone. This resulted in several lawsuits! I'll never buy another Apple again. I really like my note 9 ! So much freedom
Stacey J
Stacey J 3 дня назад
Tbh almost everyone I know loves apple but it sucks. I feel like they try to make the “coolest” names possible. And why are they SO EXPENSIVE!? Samsung’s and Androids and like half the price of apples but better quality and everything. I hate apple now
Moe Dbouk
Moe Dbouk 4 дня назад
I'll go for samsung
Balawan M.P
Balawan M.P 4 дня назад
Who is winner? Samsung like Iphone comment
nelq06 4 дня назад
This is what I call an unbiased review great job!
Ian Luna
Ian Luna 5 дней назад
The Nintendo Ds is better 😏
Eli Castro Comedy
Eli Castro Comedy 5 дней назад
I had the Note 9 and returned it and got the iPhone XS Max. Much better battery and better video camera!
Alpha Warrior
Alpha Warrior 5 дней назад
If the Iphone had a wireless charger and an ipen included it would be worth the price tag, because these are missing, i would go for the note 9, clearly the apple iphone is more robust though, better build but no headphone jack. Note 9 has a bigger battery. If i would design a phone i would put the best features of both phones. What is Apple waiting to make a phone with pen ?
Timothy  Travis
Timothy Travis 5 дней назад
I'm a Samsung fan through and through I'm still carrying the Note 5 because I mean I absolutely fell in love with it. I've had a Apple phone hated it. They're operating system sucks. And being able to do additional stuff on your phone is very limited for me that's a no-brainer but I'm trying to wait for the Samsung Note 10 to come out before I upgrade. And to top that my girls have gone through two Apple phones cuz they crashed to the point that can recover them after a couple years. So they upgraded because I had no other choice. Fortunate for me we had the Jump program with T-Mobile. That's one thing I want to mention to anyone thinking about going to Apple that they don't last as long. The battery after a year doesn't hold its charge as long as the Samsung
First Name Last Name
First Name Last Name 6 дней назад
I’m planning on upgrading my almost 3 year-old iPhone 6S to either the iPhone XS MAX or the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 this month (December 2018)! My head says I should upgrade to the iPhone XS Max because I want to retain everything from my iPhone 6S and the iOS ecosystem has really grown on me to be very simple and straightforward. However my heart says I should go with the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 because of the features and value for the money that I might be expending. I’m torn. Halp? 😂
Nathan Simard
Nathan Simard 6 дней назад
Note 9 is the best Phone and fuck iphone like if u think that too
SAM Z 6 дней назад
Apple is following Black Berry's steps soon will die,,,,
Stelly R.
Stelly R. 6 дней назад
I’ve been an iPhone user for 8 years ,but it’s time to move to Samsung Note this year,it’s ridiculous the prices Apple charges for the new iPhones
Aadi Shaj
Aadi Shaj 6 дней назад
Fun fact: iPhone XS MAX's are blowing up now. Hypocrisy to the extreme lol
Aadi Shaj
Aadi Shaj 6 дней назад
Note 9 for the W
Sir Ali
Sir Ali 6 дней назад
Hey everyone, should I buy the Note 9 now or should I wait for S10, please help? I'm upgrading from iPhone 6S Plus :)
Abby And Ky !
Abby And Ky ! 7 дней назад
I find the iPhone easier to work with. Better quality its faster running, n many more but I'm too lazy to type it.
Lovely Avery
Lovely Avery 8 дней назад
Samsung is winningggg just sayingg
hubzone37 8 дней назад
Just picked up a Note 9 from Costco with a $300 rebate.
Lady Belles-lettres
Lady Belles-lettres 8 дней назад
"When somebody decides to pop it open and see inside." Saf is probably referring to JerryRigEverything XD
Imee Nicolas
Imee Nicolas 8 дней назад
Note9 🥰
Onurcan Çetinkaya
Onurcan Çetinkaya 8 дней назад
Note 9
Dalia ???
Dalia ??? 9 дней назад
Note 9
Fusion Gamers
Fusion Gamers 9 дней назад
I really wish Note 9 had good AR that’s the main reason I wanted a iphone
Angel Gomez
Angel Gomez 10 дней назад
That’s a big Chin Samsung. Crimson chin lookin mothafucka😂😂😂😂
Sleekbog 23
Sleekbog 23 8 дней назад
Better than that unibrow that the iPhone has
Devon Asher
Devon Asher 10 дней назад
As a someone who uses apple (I’m still on the iPhone6s btw)but Fast wireless charging, I don’t need a stupid dongle I can use what headphones I want out of the box. the iPhone doesn’t even come with an adapter anymore they expect the same people who already have it to buy the new phone or trap new customers into having to pay extra for it or the stupid looking air pods. Which I’d rather spend the money on a terabyte of potential storage on the note 9 I get a better display nothing taking up any screen space. I will give credit where it is credit is due apple does seems to be better at making things run well and smooth as far as features but fuck anything else unless they come out with something that has at least a headphone jack and expandable memory I will probably never go back to apple plus Siri is just so dumb compared to bixby and google assistant.
var1328 10 дней назад
The ladies love six inch+ models 🥖💋👩🏼‍🦰
Games Journal
Games Journal 11 дней назад
It 's always apple!! Is it a question to ask, Apple is trend setter In the phone industry. And Samsung is a just piece of shit!!. Fit for none
mukesh jangir
mukesh jangir 11 дней назад
Samsung best
M C 12 дней назад
Another boring dry specs video
Unkle t0m
Unkle t0m 12 дней назад
Note 9 user here. Love the phone. Agree that its better than the iphone overall, but wont deny the rediculous processor in the iphones. SD845 doesnt even perform as good as the a11 from last year. But. Its by no means a slouch. Love it!
Haitam Maatawi
Haitam Maatawi 12 дней назад
note 8 still working better than the iphone x s
THATGUY_ AGA 12 дней назад
I do congradulate the iphone 10 s max tho. I have to say its a beast.
Nesar Sultani
Nesar Sultani 13 дней назад
Great Review! I believe Samsung note 9 is a better choice because of price and features. I had Samsung phones in the past they were great and did not slow down on me and worked for long time. I switched to iphone because my kids wanted iphones. Two of our iphone 7 stopped working after one and half years, I took them to apple store, they told me that their logic board is going out. Also I noticed every time we update our phones they slow down. I bought an entry level Samsung to replace one of the iphone 7, it is faster then my iphone 7 plus. I cannot wait to change all our phones back to Samsung. If anyone undecided which one to buy please buy Samsung note 9 because it is much better phone.
candice balatero
candice balatero 13 дней назад
Iphone durable
Hitesh Birdi
Hitesh Birdi 13 дней назад
I phone max nice
Amelia Blue
Amelia Blue 13 дней назад
Is it just me or whenever people come across RUvid Samsung, when being compared to Apple, is always praised. Samsung and Android in general are always better than Apple. Yet, if I walk outside my front door all I see is the majority of people walking around with an iPhone. 9 times of 10 I see iPhone users where I live. Everywhere I go I see Apple owners. Very few Android. I'm not bashing on Android at all. I personally prefer Android software and Samsung considering the freedom I have whenever it comes to using the device itself. I myself currently own a Note9. I was formally an iPhone user but Apple haven't been impressing me to upgrade or invest into their echo system. In saying that, I don't dislike Apple products or think Apple is bad. I've just been noticing that when it comes to social media, Android is the one being praised the majority of the time when being compared to IOS, while in real life I barely ever see Android users. Not saying there isn't anybody out there (( where I live )) that doesn't own an Android device I'm just saying that it's more common to see someone walking around with an iPhone. It just baffles me. Android is more popular online than iPhone yet iPhone somehow dominates the market in the real world... Is it just me or has anybody else been noticing that?
StefanUrkel 14 дней назад
W@W! Just W@W! I can't believe ALL of these people PAID by Samsung to come in here to say they prefer NOTE 9! They are too dumb to appreciate the COURAGE Apple has to remove headphone jack.
Sleekbog 23
Sleekbog 23 8 дней назад
StefanUrkel Do you know that’s illegal right? Courage? I hope you’re fucking joking Removing the option of being able to charge and listen to music is not courage is pushing you to buy a dongle behind a pay wall that they don’t even put in the box anymore
Ahmed Bicovich
Ahmed Bicovich 14 дней назад
Note only note till me again what is iPhone????
teaandcakey 15 дней назад
iPhone XS Max is clearly a rip off. Anyone with even remotely brains would be able to see this. The note nine is clearly the better phone and come hundreds of pounds cheaper. It also has a fast charger includes Which is another eighty quid that you’ve kept in n you pocket for the note ten coming out next year.
1000 subs with no vids
1000 subs with no vids 15 дней назад
Watching on my brand new note 9=)
Strixery_Slim 15 дней назад
Note 9 hands down♥️♥️♥️
George Carlisle
George Carlisle 15 дней назад
Do you know how much ram is available in the Xs Max, Xs, and Xr?
Sleekbog 23
Sleekbog 23 8 дней назад
George Carlisle 4 gigs of ram on xs and xs max and 3 gigs on xre
Royce Leanzer
Royce Leanzer 15 дней назад
Apple and samsung have done very well for me over the last few years.... the stocks I mean.
Guardian Of The Duat
Guardian Of The Duat 15 дней назад
Let's be honest here the only reason to buy an iphone is because it looks pretty, it's simple to use, and basic bitches/bastards get a hard on knowing they use products from the same company that gets pushed heavily in media as something trendy
marigold tampos
marigold tampos 16 дней назад
That iphone XS max looks simillar to a clone
A y
A y 16 дней назад
Note 9 to the XS Max "When im done, half of your users will still exist!"
lilz 16 дней назад
iPhone gang
çenpion rehman
çenpion rehman 16 дней назад
Vat fck
Shourik Das
Shourik Das 17 дней назад
Keyano McMichael
Keyano McMichael 18 дней назад
I love my Note best damn phone I ever owned and the Note9 looks amazing as well. I'll be waiting on the Note 10 though if it ever releases. Notes FTW!
christina 18 дней назад
I love and own a Samsung, but, the note 9 looks so... wierd to me. Boxy.
Jesus Marino Aguilar
Jesus Marino Aguilar 18 дней назад
Iphone US better
Jesus Marino Aguilar
Jesus Marino Aguilar 18 дней назад
Iphone is better
Nitesh Bandarapu
Nitesh Bandarapu 18 дней назад
Note 9
Nick McQueen
Nick McQueen 19 дней назад
So I decided to scroll through the comments and couldn't help but notice that Samsung users comments are all seen and displayed, where as all apple comments are pretty much just replies hidden in Samsung comments. PS: If you think iPhone is good and you jailbreak it, you have changed the operating system and made it more like android. PSS: Android Root is far superior to Apple Jailbreak.
IAmARealDuck 19 дней назад
Don’t you dare put that amazing note 9 right next to that Icrap
AngeloR674 3 дня назад
IAmARealDuck we just did! Asshole! Go cry to mommy!
lou starnley
lou starnley 19 дней назад
Please don't forget that apple uses samsungs and LG screens for there over priced iPhone
DipsyMum29 19 дней назад
Isn’t it obvious which is better? If your friends and family have iPhones then get the iPhones. If they have android then features wise it’s definitely note 9.
Não Te Interessa
Não Te Interessa 19 дней назад
I have an iPhone and my bff has a Samsung so i was bored and I went to the App Store to see if there were any cool apps, and I found a game that seemed really interesting but then I looked and saw it was 2.99 and I was like wait why is this app 2.99 and my friend is like hahhah lol on my phone it’s free, and I just stand there thinking about my life choices
Toni-Ann Mattis
Toni-Ann Mattis 20 дней назад
Apple is just a brand that's been selling the same thing over the years. Yall are just buying the name lml
ilia chachanidze
ilia chachanidze 20 дней назад
note 9
Min Kyu PARK
Min Kyu PARK 20 дней назад
samsung glaxy note 9
x THE FLaSH x 21 день назад
I have the iPhone X and just switch to note 9 and I love it 🥰
Sacred Cow
Sacred Cow 21 день назад
Apple's basic concept is, Longer phone names, the better, truly they try too hard.
lynn evans
lynn evans 21 день назад
Does anyone know if you can use a slim gel case with the note 9? it looks like the curved edge is vulnerable unless i get a big otter box case in which i could never remove the s-pen. I love using the cheap gel cases bc they're the lightest and I've never had one phone break in one. I drop them constantly as i use them working getting in out of car often. Anyone have any experiences? Thanks. I want to stay with the note, but am considering xs max bc I hate the curved screen on note 9
big red
big red 21 день назад
Samsung all day baby
Kushaldeep Singh
Kushaldeep Singh 21 день назад
note 9
ดอกดิน บนน้ํา
Iphone is the best you know ?
Lui_v_ gaming
Lui_v_ gaming 21 день назад
Apple: Haha loser we have better storage Samsung: Hold my beer
chelsea boy
chelsea boy 21 день назад
Note 9 is Faster
Awwal Kenku
Awwal Kenku 21 день назад
No matter what, every time you bring up tonnes of reasons why androids are better, the iSheep will say, "I don't care. I'm not getting one!"
plant 21 день назад
SAMSUNG NOTE 9 : 👇 hello down there :/ IPhone x max :hmm feeling lonely down here : -(
Suhas Puttu
Suhas Puttu 22 дня назад
note 9 is the best phone of 2018
Suhas Puttu
Suhas Puttu 22 дня назад
note 9 is the best phone of 2018
Suhas Puttu
Suhas Puttu 22 дня назад
note 9 is the best phone of 2018
K.Bobcat 22 дня назад
Samsung haters will still say samsung is trash EVEN FKING THO deep inside they know it aint true. Longer battery life, more advanced features, has headphone jack, better display quality and much cheaper. Apple is a ripoff which explains for the trillion dollar market. The ONLY advantage for the iphone is SLIGHTY better rear camera which i personally dont use as much as i do for the back camera.
PacersStar Victor Oladipo and more
The Apple logo should be Touch ID
harsh maurya
harsh maurya 23 дня назад
Samsung is better then iPhone.😍😍 Love note9
Dorian Kelley
Dorian Kelley 23 дня назад
Note 9 wins
mario phillips
mario phillips 23 дня назад
Note 9 os best phone .
Positive Youth
Positive Youth 24 дня назад
watching on my note 9 without the notch supersaf style
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