iPhone XS Max Review: The Phone I Hate To Love

MrMobile [Michael Fisher]
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A long video for a big phone: the iPhone XS Max Review is here!
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The iPhone XS Max does everything Apple set out to do. It crams a colossal screen into a manageable casing; gives it a battery big enough to last all day despite that display; and it brings improvements in everything from the camera to Face ID to iOS itself to fashion a worth competitor to that “other” gigantic phone across the Android aisle: Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9. But the iPhone XS Max also carries a price tag starting at $1099, and despite how many people will buy it at that price - I can’t say I’ll be one of them. Join me for the iPhone XS Max Review!


MrMobile’s iPhone XS Max Review was produced following eight days using an iPhone XS Max review device purchased by Mobile Nations. Retail device running final software. Tested on Project Fi / T-Mobile US in Greater Boston, MA and New York City, NY.

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29 сен 2018




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alex sorg
alex sorg 11 часов назад
U sound like oxhorn
Marie Martin
Marie Martin 17 часов назад
My first time to your channel and I absolutely loved the quality of your videos. OMG, finally a tech that puts quality into their videos. I’m an artist so some things bother me when it comes to low quality.
arandomdude День назад
What did you do at 3:48 that brought the screen down?
Sven 1216
Sven 1216 13 часов назад
arandomdude one hand mode ✌🏻pretty useful on the big iphones
anicetune День назад
Great reviews aside, you should really check out The Orville.
James Stevens
James Stevens 4 дня назад
Love my Max my wife likes her 8 plus better. When I’m with a group of friends they all want to use my phone to take videos. My only complaints are #1 it feels heavy and #2 it’s large and some of my buddies call it a purse size phone not pocket friendly.#3 it sometimes feels to advance and you don’t feel like your getting the most out of it I’ve had too watch some RUvid videos to understand how to use some of the features and I’m a long time iPhone user!!!
Lavish Lyfe
Lavish Lyfe 5 дней назад
AxionXIII 6 дней назад
A bit of nitpicking I’d say. But Samsung still makes a great phone, if you can’t afford an Apple.
jwathas 8 дней назад
Both my husband and I just upgraded from the 7 Plus to the XS Max and we are LOVING it. We've been iPhone users since late 2010/early 2011 and this is, hands down, the best iPhone to date, in my opinion. Back in 2012, I did try out a Samsung Galaxy for a few months (I think it was the Galaxy S4), but that phone was the biggest piece of garbage and was constantly freezing up, apps were always crashing, and I constantly had to pull the battery out in order to reset the phone. Obviously, I switched back to iPhone and haven't strayed since. Yes, the XS Max is a bit pricey (my husband and I both went with the 256 GB), but we really don't mind spending the extra money to get a phone that we love. If you're going to have a phone for at least 2 years, you might as well make the investment in a good phone that is going to serve you well. That's how I look at it.
Altema22 9 дней назад
Yes, we own the XS Max, and our reaction? It's... OK. The screen is REALLY nice, but the rest of the experience is just meh. One of my kids has it now, and I chose the HTC U12 Plus instead. The camera is better (subjective, I know), but audio, charging, gaming, build quality, and phone calls are better on the U12. And I know build quality is something that Apple obsesses about, most of the time, but compared to a device that feels like carved and polished emerald, the XS Max just feels a few rungs down the ladder.
Avaye_ kalaqha
Avaye_ kalaqha 10 дней назад
Samsung S10 👊💪
Eating Away Time
Eating Away Time 11 дней назад
4:41 Jerryrigged pixel 2
Jishan Khan
Jishan Khan 13 дней назад
My child like the tall man!!
CosmicHoot 13 дней назад
why on earth wouldn't they drop the phones 21 times??
Danilo Ucles
Danilo Ucles 13 дней назад
The bitching about the head-jack going away is pretty stupid! It's like me bitching about my computer not having a Floppy Disk drive! Takes companies like Apple making bold moves to advance technology. Personally, I hate detangling wires!
Csgo Mania
Csgo Mania 13 дней назад
not trillion dollar anymore. being anti-consumer is biting their own ass. they deserve it.
Chris Mack
Chris Mack 14 дней назад
Love my Xs max silver came from a note9 had apple before missed iOS so I came back with silver series 4 Apple Watch stainless steel gps and cellular.
BatterySonic 15 дней назад
I don't know why I watch these videos. I sport an lg k30 and have a fitbit versa. Haha
REVS TYsone 15 дней назад
Watching on my xs max 🤗
Eddie Dingle
Eddie Dingle 16 дней назад
I am by no means an Android hater, but when it comes down to brass tax, they just fall short to the sheer accessibility of iOS which is why so many people are so loyal to Apple. Their software literally makes it feel as if you would be unable to use anything else. I will look at the specs of Android devices and no matter how impressive they are, I will always drift toward iPhones simply because of their operating system. Until android makes an OS that's as streamlined and intuitive as iOS, Apple will always be a household name regardless of the hardware involved.
Nick Jeffrey
Nick Jeffrey 16 дней назад
I’m 29 and I’ve been a iPhone user since the iPhone 3G, sold my iPhone 7+ to get a LG android phone, it was the worst mistake I ever made, put up with it for a couple of months and then brought the iPhone 7+ again, brought the iPhone X outright on launch day and then upgraded to the Xs max when it launched. This video explains the very reasons why I have been a iPhone user since the iPhone 3G Great stuff, thanks
D w i l l K x x x x x n g
D w i l l K x x x x x n g 17 дней назад
Bro was just flaming apple in the first few minutes 🤦🏾‍♂️😂
Well nas
Well nas 17 дней назад
Why people keep buying iPhone? High security-1,iOS-2, Longevity-03, Brand-4. Apple is brand.
John Blessing
John Blessing 18 дней назад
Apple lost the plot years ago... Their prices are just insane.
John Blessing
John Blessing 5 дней назад
+Joshua james : How fast does a processor need to be? The A12 chip on an Apple isn't even fully utilized properly, how fast do you need it to be and for what? For everyday use all the speed thing is meaningless for the most part for most users. As for wireless charging well... for me that's useless aswell. What's wrong with plugging your mobile into a wall socket on fast charge? The screen is an Amoled display and good enough for most people. The OnePlus 7 is the mobile to watch and it will have a better camera and that will good enough for most people. I use Android myself and the apps I use are fine and haven't had any issues with bugs. The Apple OS and it's ecosystem is great but sadly Android can caught up for the most part. In the end it's what these companies are charging which is Laptop territory now and is insane.
Joshua james
Joshua james 5 дней назад
John Blessing i agree with u,ur absolutely right.Apple is overpriced,tim cook is drooling though being a billionaire n apple is greedy.True that.One plus is great phone,but processor of the op 6t is nowhere close to A12 chip.Camera is not good,no wireless charging,display is inferior too.Apple is overpriced and not given many specs compared to s10+.But the richness u feel when u have xs n xs max is different compared to s10+ n op6t Xs max's camera,battery,A12 chipset,snappy,polished apps of ios makes people who can afford to buy xs max or xs buy it
John Blessing
John Blessing 5 дней назад
​+Joshua james With Android, be slow and laggy that ship sailed long ago... My issue is with the price of these new phones. Apples prices are completely insane for let us face it… overpriced tech. Whether you think the MX is better than the S10 is subjective, but one thing is for sure they are BOTH overpriced. I think the OnePlus mobiles are better value for what you get. Apple as a company is overrun by greedy with regard to being caught slowing down older model phones overcharging for all the extra cables, adapters, earbuds, repairs and insurance etc… How anyone would still be interested in buying an Apple product is beyond me.
Joshua james
Joshua james 6 дней назад
John Blessing There are people who criticise android calling it slow laggy after a year n shitty and then there are people who abuse iphone for no fast charger n overprice Pal live it to the people.Those who want ios can go for xs max n those who love android go for s10 plus If u ask me i am really happy with my iphone xs max.I also own a s10+ too But i really feel the xs max better i really love it.The camera,the battery,big screen,Facetime,imessage etc My s10+ is cool too but has few issues like heating up n all
The Carmichel’s
The Carmichel’s 18 дней назад
I got it and love who wanna play iMessage games 😂
Mulder Nick
Mulder Nick 19 дней назад
I woke up one morning and my iphone xs max was dead it did not work anymore brought it to the apple store and they gave me a new one then i sold it to my dad and he bought me the s10+😂
DJ ROBLOB 20 дней назад
I love my xs max
A10TOES 18 дней назад
I got mine today, up graded from IPhone6, I can see a big difference in the photos this camera takes, I'm sure going to enjoy it for a few years.
fabulous 20 дней назад
the best previewer out there
sam sam
sam sam 21 день назад
I know that a lot of people weren't into jailbreakinv when it was available but if it was still an option Apple would be far and away a better option. Apple truly does not like it's customers.
Broken Heart
Broken Heart 21 день назад
That’s because the brain of apple is gone, Steve Jobs and now Apple is just a phone
Subhokar Bose
Subhokar Bose 21 день назад
Anyone please share the wallpaper at 2:00
Subhokar Bose
Subhokar Bose 21 день назад
Wallpaper at 2:00. Please share..
OrenStore Fan
OrenStore Fan 22 дня назад
hello :)
Sterling G
Sterling G 23 дня назад
Can’t switch over to Android, iMessage has too much to offer over android
dylan tyt
dylan tyt 23 дня назад
Iphone pos
kostas mitroglou
kostas mitroglou 23 дня назад
Just ordered the s10+ 512GB Got 2 years samsung care.Out of the box fast charging, galaxy buds, a case and a screen protector. 1200$ Lets say i want the Iphone Xs max 512GB. with Apple care, fast charging, a case and the airpods. 2470$ (for a 6 months old Phone). WTF
Jamshed Ansari
Jamshed Ansari 24 дня назад
LG G8 can you do a full review on this?
Deez Nuts
Deez Nuts 25 дней назад
iphones are the only phones people buy OLDER models for example iphone 7 plus. I dont see people going crazy for a s6 on sale
Effy on the Edge
Effy on the Edge 25 дней назад
I love my new phone.
Ana Stojevska
Ana Stojevska 25 дней назад
Apple deserves to fail fail and fail .... Samsung is future now 😊🙂
Raeka Dratini
Raeka Dratini 25 дней назад
Do you work for Apple ? Good luck ! Gonna be the second Nokia Soon.
oksana gutierrez
oksana gutierrez 25 дней назад
As long as us AMERICANS, are willing to keep paying then ridiculous prices, there’s not a need to reduce them. In Apple eyes, I guess. Lol. 🤨
pramesh gurung
pramesh gurung 26 дней назад
anyone having yellowish color and blue color when shifting problem?? just bought XS .. i am doomed
Paul Adams
Paul Adams 26 дней назад
Why not talk about dual sim ?? It’s the best feature on the phone
Jameel Khan
Jameel Khan 27 дней назад
I phone xs max is so slowly on wifi even Wi-Fi not working l used I'm so board i buy 5000 saudi riyal but I phone xs max is so slowly on wifi please don't buy iPhone xs max
Oi Oi
Oi Oi 28 дней назад
I was agreeing with you for some bit until you put a precious Samsung right next to an iPhone.
Myron Thomas
Myron Thomas 28 дней назад
Apple can sell a cucumber for 2,000 dollars and people will still buy it
Connor ,
Connor , 28 дней назад
What does the note 9 do better than the Xs? I’ve tried both phones to death and I’d take iPhone every single day
gary22898 28 дней назад
Jeffrey Olufemi
Jeffrey Olufemi 28 дней назад
Watching this on my xs Max..Awesome phone 🧡❤️✌️👌🏾
The Fishkeeper
The Fishkeeper 28 дней назад
You know, that simple swipe back gesture is one of the best and most underrated iPhone features in my opinion. I really missed it when I first switched to android as with todays large phones, having reaching for buttons in the corner of the screen when using the phone one handed is absolutely horribly impractical. Luckily I managed to find an app for android that adds that functionality in.
Universal Rize
Universal Rize 29 дней назад
Keep in mind that Apple buys there screens from Samsung
Alejandro Blanco
Alejandro Blanco 29 дней назад
iphone 🙄🤮🤮 ripoff galaxy10s+ is out and there is a headphone jack
Mike M
Mike M 29 дней назад
I have the iPhone XS Max and I’m totally happy with it:)
Edgarmm12 29 дней назад
I just upgraded from IPhone 6S to IPhone XS Max and I am kind of disappointed. But not for the reasons I thought I would’ve be,like the notch or the size. Every time I open an app that contains photos or videos(Facebook,instagram,Pinterest) it just doesn’t download the images fast as I thought it supposed to. Or when someone send me a video for WhatsApp it takes a lot to download it. It gets to the point I just prefer to get home and use wi-fi. I went trough the settings to figure what is causing this but nothing. I’m thinking to trade the IPhone XS Max for the New Galaxy 10. My carrier is Verizon. I missed my IPhone 6s
Wumbo Watson
Wumbo Watson 29 дней назад
he's in boston
Jose Fontanez
Jose Fontanez 29 дней назад
So I do agree with everything you said...!!! But especially about the total price they want to charge for their maxed out new iPhone 📱...!!! But with that negative 👎🏻 I’m going to counter it with a plus in my opinion...!!! And that is that yes you could get a Android phone 📱 like the Samsung flagship Galaxy phone for a little less but with more overall power and specs...!!! But the problem is that a flagship phone will still start to slow down in its first year of buying it...!!! Some of them start to actually get sluggish even a little before it’s first complete year...!!! Some of ya will say it doesn’t for ya but that’s usually depends on how and for what you use your phone for...!!!?? Believe me when I tell you since I always had both...!!! But after the prices started to rise like crazy I decided it was just stupid to be spending top dollars on 2 flagship devices...!!! Just because...!!! So I decided to stay with the Apple iPhone 📱...!!! And one of the main reasons why I went with Apple is because it just last way longer as a smoother and more powerful phone overall...!!! And that’s just the truth...!!! 💯 FACTS...!!! You could actually push your iPhone to the max before having to upgrade...!!! And that’s usually for 5 years with Apple still supporting their old iPhones still with all the new updates to and it actually overall makes them even better than they who’re before...!!! And still running smoother than any other old Android phone that you want to compare it with...!!! Your iPhone just keeps a bigger value for a way longer time...!!! And that’s why I rather buy a iPhone 📱...!!! Especially if you really don’t have any top dollars to spend like that every year...!!! So yes you spend a little more on a iPhone but if you really don’t want to you dont have to buy another iPhone for a couple of more years...!!! Since your iPhone would overall work fine until you actually have the money 💰💵 to upgrade your iPhone 📱...!!! And that’s 💯 my opinion...!!!
Asad Zafar
Asad Zafar Месяц назад
Sexy Phone.
Keven Faison
Keven Faison Месяц назад
Ppl just buy iphones so they dont look cheap.....they buying a brand dats all
A. A.
A. A. Месяц назад
Hasu Kay
Hasu Kay Месяц назад
Are you not with PocketNow anymore? tbh Jaime Riveras corny jokes were getting to me so i'm glad my favorite guy is going solo lmao
Nicholas Akinola-Ajayi
Nicholas Akinola-Ajayi Месяц назад
are those the prices
Mackin Cheez
Mackin Cheez Месяц назад
Michael I wondered what your thoughts are on the xr?
Питер Рай
Питер Рай Месяц назад
calm down ios always better because ecosystem
Ron Ron
Ron Ron Месяц назад
Lmao Android has wireless changing, eye, face and even voice unlock, you should check what you can do with a note 9 😉
Outlaw Seraphrim
Outlaw Seraphrim Месяц назад
So I haven’t had an iPhone in almost 8 or nine years and I can say that I am extremely pleasantly surprised with the new iPhone 10 max the face recognition is extremely quick and I was not a big fan of the idea of not having a fingerprint reader personally but the Face ID actually requires interaction So still pictures will not work to bypass your phone security it seems to be really quick and I’m enjoying the simplicity I do miss some of the customization that android offers but overall I’m extremely happy with my purchase
Sameer Khan
Sameer Khan Месяц назад
Am a andriod user ... and i have used xs max .... i must say xs max is one of the best smartphone ... i think u can forget upgrading to new phone for atlest 3 years .... where as you know about andriod mobiles sluggish after 1 year usage ...
Aidan Sparkes
Aidan Sparkes 10 дней назад
I've had a galaxy s8 for nearly 2 years and its not sluggish at all
X ZIDAN X Месяц назад
im with apple for the tech nd operating system IOS not because iphone i hate android operating system nd its so easy to hack unlike apple
Bryan Peralta
Bryan Peralta Месяц назад
5:55 #HAARP
Alicia Evans
Alicia Evans Месяц назад
I have been a samsung girl for the past several years. Right now I have the None 8... but I am for the first time, considering getting an XS Max. Right now..it is a debate between the XS Max and the Note 9
Dylan Power
Dylan Power Месяц назад
Alicia Evans wait for the s10 then decide. But the Samsung’s will have weak process. The new SD 855 is less powerful than the 2017 A11 Bionic just to let u know.
Kevin Месяц назад
I love my iPhone but I hate Siri, I wish Apple would let me use Google's assistant or Alexa. I don't understand how Apple fell so far behind with their personal assistant.
Dylan Power
Dylan Power Месяц назад
Kevin download the google assistance ap
Matthew Brooks
Matthew Brooks Месяц назад
Came to watch a review about a phone I might be upgrading towards when my contract runs out. Instead the first 1.5 mins was just apple bashing...& that's when I stopped watching.
Lighting Boy
Lighting Boy Месяц назад
Hey I am a apple fan
Derpy Face
Derpy Face Месяц назад
At least apple doesn't have some apple only wireless charging thing
Vincent S
Vincent S Месяц назад
Those are some nice headphones, dude. I'll get me a pair of Meze someday.
Robert Месяц назад
Why need an earphone jack, it's redundant, Apple has blue tooth earbuds and blue tooth headphones, so why would we want an earphone jack, why keep a prehistoric connection to a modern smartphone. Before the blue tooth earbuds and hearphones, Apple used the lightning jack (charger slot) to plug in the earbuds and headphones, so again, why need a headphone jack.
Big Fred
Big Fred Месяц назад
Everybody screaming about fast charge this fast charge that! After doing research those strong fast charging blocks cause your phone to heat up which reduces your battery life. Now I use nothing but the slow 5w charger that came with my iPhone X. I’ve had my X since launch ( December of 2017 ) and I’m at 91%. I think the same goes for Android too. Show me a battery that doesn’t degrade over time and I’ll show you I can bench press 850lbs! ALL batteries degrade overtime not just Apple’s! I’m sold on Apple! Their OS is buttery smooth! Smoother than Samsung! Samsung is too cartoony! With the One U.I. that’s out now I don’t know but before it was so glitchy and cartoony! Just saying!
Scott Pleasants
Scott Pleasants Месяц назад
You need to learn to shop. You can get an iphone at a better price now. The reason I returned to apple is that iOS consistently is stable. If I went to android, I would look at Nokia. But honestly, Apple allows me to run all the apps found on both platforms. I could care less about tweaking the phone. I need to get things done.
notstarboard Месяц назад
No chin, but worse screen to body ratio than the Galaxy S8/S9 because of that massive notch and relatively large side bezel.
steve kastner
steve kastner Месяц назад
It’s a pain in the ass to hold
Jacob Somerville
Jacob Somerville Месяц назад
The RUvid app on iPhones stutters too (a google product). I don’t remember it doing that in the past. My guess is software glitch.
Dark Matter
Dark Matter Месяц назад
Apple is like Microsoft when it comes down to batteries Microsofts Xbox brand is like "oh you want a rechargeable battery in your controller sorry buy our battery packs or use AAA batteries" apple on the other hand is like "oh you want fast charging well by our separate adapter for that" see how similar that is I don't hate Apple but come on Apple at least ship a fast charger with it if you're going to have the phone price that much
Cars Models Car Scale
Cars Models Car Scale Месяц назад
Note 9 is better
Dylan Power
Dylan Power Месяц назад
Cars Models Car Scale but has a weak SD845 which is slower than the 2017 A11 Bionic and that A11 will be more powerful then the SD855 so it will not last long and does not get updates.
Tobi Olusola
Tobi Olusola Месяц назад
I message?
Arvind Pal
Arvind Pal Месяц назад
What’s the phone at 8:45
Arvind Pal
Arvind Pal Месяц назад
Ah thought he said Palm
Dylan Power
Dylan Power Месяц назад
Arvind Pal google pixel 2
11thHrPro Месяц назад
Part of the issue with Apple was that they have to be the first to do everything. Consequently, you end up paying premium price for phone because it's the first typically to do something. This is exactly why I like Huawei. They've managed to wait out their competitors. They can offer a very good phone for a very low price.
Tech and Other
Tech and Other Месяц назад
things start to change when samsung starts its ecosystem with integrated devices
quincy wheeler
quincy wheeler Месяц назад
I love the iPhone Xs Max but honestly it is very limited but for sons reason I can’t get away from it 🤦🏾‍♂️
Dylan Power
Dylan Power Месяц назад
I never know my Xs max has a display that’s folded back.
hassan ilyas
hassan ilyas Месяц назад
What is fun new colors?
Jason Lin
Jason Lin Месяц назад
Here’s my take. I use iOS is because of their supreme battery life. Phone is not as hot when in use. Great loud speaker. Those three along to my top priority when picking a phone
bomb1st Месяц назад
super hipster
Blue Bomber
Blue Bomber Месяц назад
Been a long time iPhone guy. Not anymore. I'm sick of how Apple treats me and even more sick of their business practices. You should see the Note 9 and stop getting taken advantage of. They're losing sales on iPhones by the masses for a reason.
Anthonius Wu
Anthonius Wu Месяц назад
what the iphone has, has been owned by Samsung 2 years before. #iQuitApple
Alpha Wolf
Alpha Wolf Месяц назад
OMG.... Apple is so freaking boring... In no way is it better than the Note 9.... I have both... The Max can't compare to the Note 9... Weak Review
wpdh9102 Месяц назад
Apple no doubt has good products but they overcharge everything! Like he said, no fast charger included for so much money, no more included dongle... its ridiculous! Sure andriod has its flaws there's no doubt they at least include everything you need in the box
Chris on Cars
Chris on Cars Месяц назад
I carry iphone and pixel . . .and how many people have said . . wow i can get used to this face unlock, then later that day they crash their car simply trying to unlock their phone . . .
thegreatcalvinio Месяц назад
Tech21? Where is my DeBrand?
Kevin Bradshaw
Kevin Bradshaw Месяц назад
Things look prettier. And if there's a hardware advantage, I'd like to see actual empirical evidence about real world use. I won't hold my breathe.
shomari17 Месяц назад
I have been rocking with Samsung since the s6, and i will be getting the s10 ...but I can't lie that's the only thing i envy about iphones is that camera. Man it takes some beautiful photos
MacRat Месяц назад
You know samsung makes the displays for Apple's new Xs iPhone.
demetre nadiradze
demetre nadiradze Месяц назад
and? They only manufacture it not design it.
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