iPhone XS Max Review: The Phone I Hate To Love

MrMobile [Michael Fisher]
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A long video for a big phone: the iPhone XS Max Review is here!
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The iPhone XS Max does everything Apple set out to do. It crams a colossal screen into a manageable casing; gives it a battery big enough to last all day despite that display; and it brings improvements in everything from the camera to Face ID to iOS itself to fashion a worth competitor to that “other” gigantic phone across the Android aisle: Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9. But the iPhone XS Max also carries a price tag starting at $1099, and despite how many people will buy it at that price - I can’t say I’ll be one of them. Join me for the iPhone XS Max Review!


MrMobile’s iPhone XS Max Review was produced following eight days using an iPhone XS Max review device purchased by Mobile Nations. Retail device running final software. Tested on Project Fi / T-Mobile US in Greater Boston, MA and New York City, NY.

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Comments 100
ajoshi06 2 days ago
i was android user for 5 years... buggy, shady, and crashy.... i think if you do quality per dollar.... apple still comes on top
d clark
d clark 3 days ago
Watching on my S10+ LMAO.
Dylan Power
Dylan Power 3 days ago
I never knew my xs max has its OLED screen folded back.
Rosangela Sena
Rosangela Sena 4 days ago
The same way you did. LOL
Alex Alex
Alex Alex 5 days ago
Yeah. That perfect display is made by SAMSUNG
Elaina Tillinghast
Wasn’t going to upgrade, but att buy second over half off with family, done. I hate face recog. It never works. But phone companies that strip 80+ percent of the memory being recognized as the operating system’s area for safe storage drove me away from android. I also needed an above average magnifier which was rare when I switched.
Ben 5 days ago
I suppose for apple fans 2 of those issues aren't a factor. Any iPad owners are going to share lighting cables across devices, and anyone apple user I know with both, uses the iPad charger to charge their phone. No defence for the needing all those dongles though.
Ehsan Ullah
Ehsan Ullah 6 days ago
iPhone is bullshit and only for stupid
Ron Chua
Ron Chua 6 days ago
Apple always integrate technology that are stable enough and ready for the market, unlike other company who launches new features that are not that yet perfect for market use just to say that they have innovation, turns out to be crap because the tech is not yet polished when they release it. That’s why Apple is winning and some just don’t see this.
David Letherine
David Letherine 7 days ago
I love my xs max. But not the price
Any S
Any S 7 days ago
Of course I don’t have an iPhone X or XS because they are ridiculously expensive. I’m sticking to my iPhone 7plus but I saw the phone and yes, it’s just gorgeous. Never going back to Android and their stupid apps and store or platform
Winter Tarzan Jagrup
Why do you have your hair gel'd like a grade 3 boy ?
T B 8 days ago
I went to Apple products with this phone. I've been an Android user since smart phones came out. It honestly one of the most irritating phones I've ever owned. To much crap to list, other than stating my switching over to Apple has been a BIG FAILED experiment.
Vojislav Markovic
this phone is cheap by default
leo H
leo H 9 days ago
Apple pay more get less
leo H
leo H 5 days ago
+Rudy Rodriguez my balls are delicious
Rudy Rodriguez
Rudy Rodriguez 8 days ago
you clearly don't know what iphones are cabpable of. more capable than android matter of fact. android pay less, get less
felicia cirlos
felicia cirlos 9 days ago
Totally worth the price
Bunta Fujiwara
Bunta Fujiwara 8 days ago
Not really...
felicia cirlos
felicia cirlos 9 days ago
iPhones are legit. The. IPhone XS Way better then all the prior androids I’ve had
shaique ali
shaique ali 9 days ago
I fucking love his reviews
Verrottesok 10 days ago
Its better but it seemsto have a charge problem so its not so good apperiantly
Ivan Ayala
Ivan Ayala 11 days ago
At this point you can no longer justify owning an iPhone. I use an iPhone 8 Plus.
Skeley - Ton
Skeley - Ton 11 days ago
even if you say all the good things about the iphone, it would stillbe overshadowed by its faults.... it has more cons than pros
SmurfsFTW Dora&friendsFTL
can I ask Micheal did you do the iPhone 10r video? If you did leave the link please Thanks!
Jesse 12 days ago
Just remember that Samsung makes parts for the iphone dating back roughly since the iPhone 1st came out. Samsung makes some the components for the iphone and also including now the amoled display. Proven fact Google it… Samsung made roughly over 20 billion dollars just on their screens to Apple for the iPhone 10. And continues to make money off of Apple for their components and screens including the iPhone Max.
Scott Diener
Scott Diener 12 days ago
I want that multicolor wallpaper, anyone know where I cam get it
John Morris
John Morris 12 days ago
I freaking hate Apple. The notch is so stupid
E. Wesley
E. Wesley 12 days ago
What I learned from getting an iPhone, It can get you ladies
Shallia Sam Kamanga
E. Wesley 😂😂👍🏻
cosmo c.
cosmo c. 13 days ago
*”Why do people keep buying IPhones?”* I feel attacked😂😂😂
Mohammad Taghipour
Mohammad Taghipour 13 days ago
Those cases look like shit...
Nick Fenoglia
Nick Fenoglia 13 days ago
I just upgraded to one from the iPhone 6 and let me tell you, even though I’m still adjusting to the newer buttons and features I’m straight up blown away with the quality
jonathan 13 days ago
iOS is the reason
Altema22 13 days ago
We've had the XS Max for a few months now. Very nice and fast. Only downside is gestures messing up games, and that notch when watching movies, but I do lots of gaming and media consumption, so those probably stick out to me. Feel in hand is OK. The metal frame is substantial, but feels kind of raw to me. My other phone is an HTC U12 Plus, but that feels like a carved and polished block of emerald, so it's not really a fair comparison.
HDS HDS 12 days ago
Hey, what do you think of the htc U12+ so far? Do you recommend it? Im planning to upgrade from my htc U ultra. Thank you
Fabrício Araújo
Fabrício Araújo 13 days ago
Where can I find this backpack in the beginning of the video?
ali hussain
ali hussain 14 days ago
So in the last year I have had in order a iphone 7 , s9 , iPhone X , pixel 3, iPhone 8 , S10e and back to iPhone 8 . I spent a lot of money looking for the best phone for me and I have came to the conclusion that iPhones are the best for me , android still isn’t as polished or secure as iOS also the apps have to be made for the 100’s of different android phone but for apple the apps are made for about 10 phones so the apps are better.
Lukas 15 days ago
only had iphone since the iphone 3 so thats why i only have iphones.
Lukas 14 days ago
Andreas Winje Mb my comment wasn’t clear enough. The reason to why i personaly buy new iphones and not android is because i only have had iphones since the IPhone 3GS model, eventhough it’s a high pricetag. If you still are confused by the comment lmk why ^^
Andreas Winje
Andreas Winje 14 days ago
Lukas uhm, what?
Dima 44
Dima 44 15 days ago
Finally a video that focuses on the good side of Apple and the XS Max. It seems like every other youtuber just follows the trend to hate and points out the flaws.
Dima 44
Dima 44 4 days ago
Techtonik I like it so I bought it. I love how’s its so different from every other phone. All these other phone brands all use android, their settings, google search, apps etc all looks like same. The only difference is the design of the phone.
Techtonik 4 days ago
+Dima 44 I can easily afford it, but is it practical? no. what do u really do on an iPhone xs max that needs so much power that u can get in a phone way cheaper?
Dima 44
Dima 44 4 days ago
Techtonik If you can’t afford it doesn’t mean others can’t. For me it’s no biggie
Techtonik 5 days ago
someone has to hold them accountable at that price lol
bup 8 days ago
Because the iPhone is nothing but flaws
riccccccardo 16 days ago
iPhone XS Max £1500 or £84/£94 per month 24 month contracts 2019 Apple loses %17 sales resulting in 2 billion loses. Greedy bad Apple. I’m calling it iphone 11 $2000
John Doe
John Doe 16 days ago
It's insulting that they even offer a 64g model just to sell you a more expensive version
one dolla snake
one dolla snake 9 days ago
John Doe 64 would be ok if they had micro sd card slot
L HK 13 days ago
Then why don't we put 1TB NVMe NANDs in our phones? +John Doe
John Doe
John Doe 15 days ago
+Steven Garnham for most things in life, you would rather have and need not, than to need and not have. Never say you don't need because you don't know.
Steven Garnham
Steven Garnham 15 days ago
64gb is enough for the average person out there though. Also, with airdrop, along with the other cloud storage apps, there's no need for the average person to buy a 128gb or above model. That being said, 128gb will probably be the bare minimum standard on flagships by 2020. 256gb minimum by 2022. I just hope that apple and samsung don't charge $2,000 for their base models by then.
Chunks Bunks
Chunks Bunks 17 days ago
I own one and I just see it as a PHONE , the phone is all around a nice phone but very costly.
matthew wilson
matthew wilson 17 days ago
Steve Jobs is rolling over in his grave as we speak
Bill Charalas
Bill Charalas 17 days ago
Is it true that the Xs Max takes 3 hours and twenty something minutes to charge? Because my brother says that it is a lie and that has asked one of his friends that has an iPhone 8 Plus and that friend told him that it takes 1 hour and 30 minutes to charge the iPhone 8 plus and that it's impossible that the Xs Max has to charge for 3 hours and twenty something minutes.
Thunder Bolt
Thunder Bolt 18 days ago
I like apple's blur effect. It's amazing to look at.
ruzzell907 18 days ago
It's big. It's gorgeous. It's fast. And it's fucking expensive.
Yamz_MG 18 days ago
I've used the Iphone 10s max and it's kind of a let down the phone feels slow compared to my samsung galaxy s10+ I miss the edge screen the notch is annoying I could go on ive since then returned it
deathward990 19 days ago
Maushichi gand Bolna kia chahta hai bhidu?
RePlayBoy101 20 days ago
there is no point to upgrade from an iphone 7
Dylan Power
Dylan Power 16 days ago
+RePlayBoy101 no iPhone has had a 480p display and will never.
RePlayBoy101 16 days ago
+Dylan Power sure with the 480p display
Dylan Power
Dylan Power 17 days ago
no. Wait for the next iPhones
Yewteck Lee
Yewteck Lee 18 days ago
Get the iPhone X
Tris Plays
Tris Plays 20 days ago
But android phones don’t run iOS... 😔😔
Moudire Ifan
Moudire Ifan 21 day ago
Awesome phone. I love it
Code Zero
Code Zero 21 day ago
another one sided review smh. All tech reviewers are horrible you all say the same thing and fail to give credit where it is due. smh but as long as you chasing your cheques from samsung and those other companies then ur review will be one sided. smh
Chanceral 19 days ago
Code Zero U thought his review was pretty unbiased. Wtf are you talking about?
aidensky 21 day ago
It's likely the best apple have to offer right now alongside the xs. But it's still just an iPhone and there are a slew of much better options out there when it comes to technology. Apple, imo are still playing catch up. I will spend my money elsewhere.
Danny O’Flanagan
Danny O’Flanagan 24 days ago
I have never seen an iPhone discounted within months of release but you can now get one $300 cheaper than the original price,this is for a phone only 2 months old,they’re simply not selling.Apple is now losing money,their greed is killing them off ,good,I’m a Samsung mobile phone user (the great Note 9) but I love my iPad Pro 12’9 2018 but f*ck it was expensive-,it cost more than my PC and TV😱
sidekicklx1id 25 days ago
he lives in somerville ma 😂
Maddy Rockhard
Maddy Rockhard 25 days ago
Understand the revolution not just criticise
Secretary Gwapito
Secretary Gwapito 25 days ago
what so special with iphone max? because its apple
Pavel Roll
Pavel Roll 26 days ago
I found a competition where you can win iPhone Xs Max for only £5 😲🤑 at PlayToHelp.co.uk and the best part is that profit is going to Pet charity called Blue Cross for Pets 😻
Wickedly Gravitational
Volume up volume down hold power button
okami gamez
okami gamez 27 days ago
Always fair thanks
ninja hyper
ninja hyper 28 days ago
Watching on my s10+....😛
Rudy Rodriguez
Rudy Rodriguez 8 days ago
i'm sorry
Awakened Bahamut
Your pronunciation of Huawei is the best out of all the non-Chinese technology reviewers.
DinoTheThird Month ago
You can get the iPhone XS for $679 if you trade in your IPhone 8 Plus 😧
Bama Made
Bama Made Month ago
Where did you get that wallpaper very nice
Carol Veenema
Carol Veenema Month ago
Great phone but the size is ot comfortable in daily use?
Chanse Ormon
Chanse Ormon Month ago
Apple if you’re listening please offer a Fast Charger in the box and also the Lightning to 3.5mm dongle I mean come on Apple and y’all need to just sell Factory Unlocked iPhones instead of the carrier specific iPhones
I LightenStar I
I LightenStar I Month ago
iPhones are expensive so they can pay the team who works on iOS.
Professor Snippety-snaps
I got the XS and the beautification feature on selfies is annoying. That’s my only thing. That and recently there is a bug where if I pause music then turn my phone off it starts playing the music like for god sakes please someone fix it.
Professor Snippety-snaps
WAIT omfg for years I’ve had one of those big block chargers sitting in my closet while I’ve been using the generic block charger and it’s faster??? Wtf have I been doing omfg
YoutuMax 23 days ago
LMFAO y’all pray for him😂😂 you’ll see a HUGE difference
SoLrPr 25 days ago
I just realised the same! Comes with the iPad but I just used what was on the wall lol. Switching right now!!
Ahmed Latif
Ahmed Latif Month ago
Thanks for the interesting review. I own a xs max and i love it for its screen and usability, but also dont like the way it weights, software glitches, width (difficult to use with one hand) and spending on iCloud especially if you have a lower end model of 64gb. Regardless of these issues I still think it competes very well with the latest android phones.
Sergio Marquez
Sergio Marquez Month ago
Your voice made me stay. Back to the point. Went from a mate 10 pro to iPhone XS Max being blunt. It’s not worth it.
Rorisang Ramokolo
what background is on the phone. please send it here
you didn't mention that without samsung, that oled panel wouldn't be there
Carlos De Amaro
Carlos De Amaro Month ago
Ego is a disease, somebody said pretentiousness?
Hazardous Month ago
We’ve gotten so spoiled these days, the best is still not good enough.
Shane Horne
Shane Horne Month ago
Your always playing favourites
Christopher Demateo
Well the reason why I bought my iPhone is because I’ve always had the worst experience with android I mean android isn’t bad but after a while it starts freezing and showing a lot of problems that iPhone never does but I guess it just depends on the person
from 0 to Ux
from 0 to Ux Month ago
For awhile I was ready to sell off my XR to get the max, but now XR life has been pretty good I’ll just keep on keep,n on with this little guy, I just wish it had the nice bigger size display
1mezion Month ago
Did someone say bubbles? Ppg forever
Wasay Month ago
Please someone share the wallpaper ar 5:02
Isaiah Month ago
If they used USB C then Jailbreaking couldn’t be stopped, but since they use the lightning it’s more secure.
Wasay Month ago
Where do you get those wallpapers from?
Melinda T
Melinda T Month ago
Can we get a review of the Apple battery case for this phone from you please?
Ish Kafo
Ish Kafo Month ago
In this day in age if a phone can't last atleast three years it is abysmal.
Jeremy Moore
Jeremy Moore Month ago
I switched to iPhone XS Max because of the size, the camera quality is slightly better than the iPhone X and more gb space. Its an expensive phone but I enjoy apple products simplicity.
wafflecougar Month ago
I have had an s5, note 5, and now a note 8, I'm thinking about trying out apple again.
Ariana Grande fan
Ariana Grande fan 10 days ago
U should totally move back to Apple
David Farag
David Farag Month ago
I’ve been trying to switch from iPhone to Android. I just purchased an S10+ and went back to my Xs Max. FaceID is fast and accurate, privacy and security is significantly better, an amazing camera, stunning display, polished OS, and gestures. Don’t get me wrong, the S10+ was a phenomenal device, I love the new Samsung UI and Android 9.0 is phenomenal. The battery life is about on par with with the S10+. Last but not least, apps. Apps on Android are horrendous, and that’s putting it nicely. I have significantly better experiences on iPhone when it comes to apps. I think when Android gets the memo on quality apps, things will shift.
2.0 Lyf Pop
2.0 Lyf Pop Month ago
The pricing does suck, but I can get trade in value with my iPhone 7 128gb so it depends or I can go with the smaller XS 256gb. Both very great phones!
I’m Hungry Now
Love my XS Max! Price is high but so are comparable androids. Not the type of person that cares for widgets and “screen customizations”. I was an android enthusiast and salesman for years, and well I’ll never go back. Apple just works and music is probably my top use for my phone. In fact my phone plays music via Bluetooth for 12 hours per day in the lab I work in. Hate if you must but it’s wonderful to not have to power cycle and what not to get your phone to work the way it should.
JOSHUA Month ago
i love Android i always have so wtf i bought an iPhone XS max and absolutely love it even though in some ways it is far behind google i still love the damn thing im telling its mind control and apple got me
Eric Leung
Eric Leung Month ago
Reasons y the iPhone X is better 1. U won’t get insulted
YTFanboys2 Month ago
Actually the android side is gonna kill I either way
Rat Rod Studios - DRR Customs Ltd
People buy them because they are very well built, and they always work . They are the Mercedes benz of smart phones while androids are the Ford Taurus of smart phones. Haha.
Notorious Stephen
Lol ok
Bass Hunter2007
Bass Hunter2007 Month ago
Because Android is shite and the google market is rubbish iOS is better and AppStore is better
alex sorg
alex sorg Month ago
U sound like oxhorn
Marie Martin
Marie Martin Month ago
My first time to your channel and I absolutely loved the quality of your videos. OMG, finally a tech that puts quality into their videos. I’m an artist so some things bother me when it comes to low quality.
arandomdude Month ago
What did you do at 3:48 that brought the screen down?
Sven 1216
Sven 1216 Month ago
arandomdude one hand mode ✌🏻pretty useful on the big iphones
anicetune Month ago
Great reviews aside, you should really check out The Orville.
James Stevens
James Stevens 2 months ago
Love my Max my wife likes her 8 plus better. When I’m with a group of friends they all want to use my phone to take videos. My only complaints are #1 it feels heavy and #2 it’s large and some of my buddies call it a purse size phone not pocket friendly.#3 it sometimes feels to advance and you don’t feel like your getting the most out of it I’ve had too watch some RUvid videos to understand how to use some of the features and I’m a long time iPhone user!!!
Lavish Lyfe
Lavish Lyfe 2 months ago
AxionXIII 2 months ago
A bit of nitpicking I’d say. But Samsung still makes a great phone, if you can’t afford an Apple.
jwathas 2 months ago
Both my husband and I just upgraded from the 7 Plus to the XS Max and we are LOVING it. We've been iPhone users since late 2010/early 2011 and this is, hands down, the best iPhone to date, in my opinion. Back in 2012, I did try out a Samsung Galaxy for a few months (I think it was the Galaxy S4), but that phone was the biggest piece of garbage and was constantly freezing up, apps were always crashing, and I constantly had to pull the battery out in order to reset the phone. Obviously, I switched back to iPhone and haven't strayed since. Yes, the XS Max is a bit pricey (my husband and I both went with the 256 GB), but we really don't mind spending the extra money to get a phone that we love. If you're going to have a phone for at least 2 years, you might as well make the investment in a good phone that is going to serve you well. That's how I look at it.
d clark
d clark 3 days ago
I've been a Samsung user starting with the S3 not one problem in 3 years. Upgraded to S6 not one issue in 4 years. Gave my S6 to younger family member as it still running strong. Now I have the S10. I did not have to invest in Samsung I just purchased agrate phone for a great price.
Altema22 2 months ago
Yes, we own the XS Max, and our reaction? It's... OK. The screen is REALLY nice, but the rest of the experience is just meh. One of my kids has it now, and I chose the HTC U12 Plus instead. The camera is better (subjective, I know), but audio, charging, gaming, build quality, and phone calls are better on the U12. And I know build quality is something that Apple obsesses about, most of the time, but compared to a device that feels like carved and polished emerald, the XS Max just feels a few rungs down the ladder.
Avaye_ kalaqha
Avaye_ kalaqha 2 months ago
Samsung S10 👊💪
Eating Away Time
Eating Away Time 2 months ago
4:41 Jerryrigged pixel 2
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