iPhone Xs Max and iPhone Xr!

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Some highlights from the 2018 Apple Event! Hands on with the new iPhone Xs Max, iPhone Xs, iPhone Xr and the new gold Apple Watch Series 4.
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13 сен 2018

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Hari Haran
Hari Haran 6 часов назад
Ok give me iphone xs
Ashleyjoan Nollora
Ashleyjoan Nollora 6 часов назад
All Americans are rich can you give me an iPhone 📱 8 plus
Kolo Mee
Kolo Mee 7 часов назад
Watch with ifon 8+
Adam Apple
Adam Apple 7 часов назад
I want to know the difference pls
Multi Fandom Trash
Multi Fandom Trash 7 часов назад
Haha i dont have money 🙂
Asyia Syed
Asyia Syed 8 часов назад
Stop flexing on us broke Niggas
Savage Minswaggy
Savage Minswaggy 9 часов назад
And I’m already good with my Iphone X ahahha- rather.. ONLY THE CAM, COLOR AND SIZE AND SOME BLAH BLAH- sigh
Ragad Lollipop
Ragad Lollipop 9 часов назад
Well her name is ijustine... Is she an advertisement?
Zoe Hoard
Zoe Hoard 10 часов назад
The most amazing photos you can take!! 😵
Welay Cyntal
Welay Cyntal 10 часов назад
Adi 11 часов назад
say shit about iPhones but people will still buy them.....
kolinda gagebsv
kolinda gagebsv 11 часов назад
Youu you just released iphone x and 8 chill
Mia Martinez
Mia Martinez 13 часов назад
I’ve always wanted a phone since I was 10, ik that’s young but I like phones, anyways I would always complain saying I need a phone for emergency’s and such😂I always had a thing for iPhones. I liked the camera quality the cool tech stuff and things when I was 11 and it was Christmas I got my first phone. No it wasn’t an iPhone it was an android but I was so happy that I even got one. I’ve had that phone for about 6 months and I got a new one next Christmas and yes another android but like a better one😂 I was still very greatly I got a phone. I sorta recently just turned 13 and I got an iPhone 5 SE. I was so happy and shocked and I was crying and rolling on the ground cuz I was that happy. I’m just very grateful I got an iPhone
Quinten Deceulaer
Quinten Deceulaer 13 часов назад
my gold 7+ is to rose😂
Jay Makai
Jay Makai 13 часов назад
*She might as well buy me one then since she RICH OR WHATEVER*
Slime Cinema
Slime Cinema 14 часов назад
I have an iPhone X but I really want the iPhone X max my dad already have the iPhone X max
Eliranpaul King
Eliranpaul King 14 часов назад
היי מה קורה שלווווווווווםםם
Rose #animelover Koski
Rose #animelover Koski 17 часов назад
lemon fresh douchebag
lemon fresh douchebag 19 часов назад
OHHMYGAWD! getting a new apple product is like growing a bigger penus every year. The 10r I will buy as a drink coaster for my coffee table. I'm getting the 10x max cuz I'm such a fanboy. Besides I'm filthy rich and make my morning smoothie with $100 bills.
Lily Soares
Lily Soares 20 часов назад
iPhone 6 gang where u at?
phoebe the Labrador
phoebe the Labrador 21 час назад
Dzung Le
Dzung Le 22 часа назад
Smhhhhhhhhh, let have that other iPhone X🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Ruby Kerwin
Ruby Kerwin 23 часа назад
Ali Hirani
Ali Hirani 23 часа назад
Every year when a new phone comes out I get really hyped and realize I cant get it. :(
666nataS День назад
love how the most praised thing on the phone (display) is from Samsung lawl.
sushioppas День назад
My last phone is gonna be the 8+ and that’s it, to expensive and it’s that thing is gonna slip out of my hand if I touch it
Megan Charles
Megan Charles День назад
iOS - overrated
Parvin Akter
Parvin Akter День назад
am I the only one who thinks the IPhone XR is pretty affordable? people are saying it's so expensive but I don't really think so you get what you paid for! I'm definitely going to buy the IPhone XR in October...
Kaden Steltenpohl
Kaden Steltenpohl День назад
I have a samsung galaxy s8 and it is so terribly bad, I know people are going to attack me for this but I personally think that Apple is way better than Samsung, Apple phones don't have to deal with viruses and their apps randomly stopping.
Patricia Alonso
Patricia Alonso День назад
im good with my iphone 7 :)
Emily Wise
Emily Wise День назад
i’m jealous. i have the 6 plus who feels me? 😂
bubbles День назад
Price:1000 something dollars Me: im keeping my iphone 7
Kayla_ FORNITE День назад
Ownagetimex3 День назад
USA prices are okay, other places (which have lower wages typically) pay so much more. Even taking into account tax. $750 or £750 for the XR, £750 is worth $1,000...
God child
God child День назад
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xXYeboiDavidxX 7
xXYeboiDavidxX 7 День назад
Your such a apple person
- umtrillest -
- umtrillest - День назад
look at the title then look at the thumbnail🤔 what’s wrong with that picture?
Richie Matin
Richie Matin День назад
Me, I, I'm, mine, me, mine, I, I'm, I. This is how these people think. About themselves.
legendary День назад
She crazy when It comes to apple products this iPhone is overrated Xs XsMax Xr. Galaxy note 9 plus is better than these iPhones
Simple Vanilla
Simple Vanilla 9 часов назад
legendary I know apple just copying them now because they don’t have anymore ideas 😅
Devon Bigelow
Devon Bigelow День назад
Keyli Estrada
Keyli Estrada День назад
I watched this on my iPhone 5s
Haley Hampton
Haley Hampton День назад
Petition to bring Steve Jobs back from the dead. Please like this comment
Maibon Iralu
Maibon Iralu День назад
No matter what this haters say at the end of the day apple is the best 😜 I’m loving this new model 😍💕
Hasibur Tech
Hasibur Tech День назад
Fantastic 😘😘😘 Sister love from Bangladesh 🇧🇩🇧🇩
Shaira Turab
Shaira Turab День назад
ill stick with my OLED screen on my s8+ lmao
Jaretzy Rodriguez
Jaretzy Rodriguez День назад
We all love how each year the prices get higher like with the 7 is was 700 something and the 8 was around 800.
Aishwarya Ravichandra
Aishwarya Ravichandra День назад
I have a iPhone X, and I like the iPhone 8+ better (it just fits my hand better) but I am extremely grateful that I have an iPhone💖
BxGirl Blazin'
BxGirl Blazin' День назад
For these prices, the phone better vacuum for me and drive me home in the morning after a 13 hour night shift.
Madi M!
Madi M! День назад
her sleeve was bothering me everyone else is talking about prices lol
BxGirl Blazin'
BxGirl Blazin' День назад
This is just out of control. These phones are absurd.
Kaelyn Kincade
Kaelyn Kincade День назад
That phone is just dumb
Walk though life With Emily
Walk though life With Emily День назад
The phones are fake
Games With Freja
Games With Freja День назад
wtf you need help. why do you need this many phones?
Tea День назад
Imagine she drops the Phones XD
Lily Lollipop
Lily Lollipop День назад
So is the iPhone Xs max bigger then the pluses?
Counterfeit Rainbows
Counterfeit Rainbows День назад
I’m gonna stick with the 8 :(
Mya Sackey
Mya Sackey День назад
The iPhone Xr comes out on my birthday
Melanie Rodriguez
Melanie Rodriguez День назад
Omg I only have the iPhone 7
Dangson 177
Dangson 177 День назад
My freaking dad just bought it *I A M J E L L Y*
OpTiMiStIcFõx Ava
OpTiMiStIcFõx Ava День назад
I am cryin rght now any1 kind enough to gift me one😭
Cristina Scalzi
Cristina Scalzi День назад
I'm good with my iPhone 5c
Tiny Grizzly
Tiny Grizzly День назад
Watching this hoping it would change my mind and upgrade but meh, I’ll keep my X lmao
Alex Jones
Alex Jones День назад
Iphone r more like iphone recycled
る たぱ え
る たぱ え День назад
I bought a new iPhone with my parents money
Randhawa Info
Randhawa Info День назад
Paladin Stoepa
Paladin Stoepa День назад
So is it worth to upgrade from Sony Xperia X to IPhone Xr?
Vipul Garg
Vipul Garg День назад
You can gift me that🤭
N I Y A A A День назад
Apple needs to chill i swear
AnythingIrise День назад
Ima ask my parents for the XR wish me luck I have like an iPhone 4
Gabriela R.B.
Gabriela R.B. День назад
Ha can you give me your iPhone X when you get the new one lol
Alexis Estrada
Alexis Estrada День назад
Mmmm no. That’s a whole tablet
Blow You Awei
Blow You Awei День назад
I had the newest model until apple came out with three new clones if it ugh
Emily Donado
Emily Donado День назад
What’s the point it looks basically the same
Heather Bowers
Heather Bowers День назад
Why is your name iJustine? Is it because you like iPhones so you put a i in front of your name
Haley Wolford
Haley Wolford День назад
Me over here watching this with an iPhone 8 Plus ;i don’t wanna iPhone X Of any cuz there’s no button I have to have my button
triio День назад
omg i have iphone xs in silver 2 haha
G2I Media
G2I Media День назад
I hope they make a XS Mini. I would totally buy that. I love Apple products but I hate that everything keeps getting bigger and bigger.
Петр Карякин
Петр Карякин День назад
Петр Карякин
Петр Карякин День назад
ООО мой пенис
Landon Motes
Landon Motes День назад
new iphonexs and iphoneR *starts talking about the apple watch*
The last Potato left alive
The last Potato left alive День назад
I’m 2 broke to get One ;(( lOlz
its john laurenz
its john laurenz День назад
Can i have one
Maleeha Khan
Maleeha Khan День назад
Wow and here I am watching this on an iPhone se I’m still happy I even HAVE a phone
Lauren Reber
Lauren Reber День назад
I have an iPod cause I am 11. I love apple devices
Xingxing Peijer
Xingxing Peijer День назад
Apple. Watch. Series 4. 😩🤤
Zwitzel Monte
Zwitzel Monte День назад
Now i’ll be needing sugar daddy lol jk
Johnphillip Samson
Johnphillip Samson День назад
I’m so poor
Evie Proctor
Evie Proctor День назад
Are they going up numbers or letters IM SO CONFUSED 🤯 these are way to expensive and I cant afford this shit
Vincent Gervais
Vincent Gervais День назад
@ijustine Do you know is obsolescence? You are promoting a compagny that is making us buying things that we don't really need. If my Iphone 6 works well, should I throw it away?
Helga Ks
Helga Ks День назад
Watching this with my Samsung S5...
Bilal Umer
Bilal Umer 2 дня назад
Beautiful girl will you marry me?
Nerd Of Steel
Nerd Of Steel 2 дня назад
I have the iPhone X
meja ccp
meja ccp 2 дня назад
Thats a rose gold?
Gunnar 2 дня назад
idk why everyone is bitching at the price. theyre premium phones, if its more than you can afford get a 400 dollar phone - you dont need the fastest processor out there. do you go to a BMW dealership and bitch at the prices?
Tosh 2 дня назад
How many phones does she have?
CarPassion 2 дня назад
Not worth it dont buy
Macayla Mishele
Macayla Mishele 2 дня назад
Sooooo the Xr is just a 5c...
wendy loriant
wendy loriant 2 дня назад
I wish I had a phone😔
rivmchl 2 дня назад
iJustine is the only tech RUvidr I trust.
Bonita Venter
Bonita Venter 2 дня назад
i have a question. where can i block you so u don't show up on my feed and irritate me
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