iPhone XS Hidden Features - Top 10 List

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Watch this video to see the best Hidden iPhone XS Features. Including over 10 Hidden Features, Tips, and Tricks for your iPhone XS!
From the ability to enable Dark Mode, 4K videos & Memoji to turning on Emergency SOS and even accessing a secret virtual home button, this video includes the Best Hidden Features for the iPhone XS.
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Let us know what your favorite iPhone XS Hidden Feature is in the Comments Below! Thanks for watching!
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Comments 100
AppFind 8 months ago
Let us know what your favorite iPhone XS Hidden Features are in the comments! Thanks for watching.
Mark Burke
Mark Burke Month ago
AppFind spyguru001 @ gmail com is reliable and can spy on iPhone and Samsung phone 📱
Benjamin Simmons
+Emerald Almonte Its the Infrared Projector for Face ID.
Apple Fans Giveaway iPhone Xs
hello good video 4318835
Emerald Almonte
Emerald Almonte 2 months ago
Why is that light on your iPhone flickering? Plz answer
Benjamin Simmons
Benjamin Simmons 2 months ago
+Todd Griffin That's the Infrared dot projector, projecting 30000 IR dots at the face. Its used to track your face for Face ID and the Animoji. You can't see it with your eyes, but cameras tend to pick up infrared signals as a bright purply sort of flash, which is what you're seeing in the video.
Giorgi Kvitaishvili
Ali Maaz
Ali Maaz 12 hours ago
I’ve been an android user all my life, recently shifted from android to Ios. And all these videos make me so happy, I feel like yeaahh man iphone xs max is cool. 😂
Mark Ferrell
Mark Ferrell Day ago
You left out one that I use all the time and it saves so much frustration
Icy 2 days ago
Does the hearing aid work with ear buds?
George Chavez
George Chavez 2 days ago
What’s that blinking light on top of your phone?
ljubumel Day ago
yeah.. it's scary
ALEJANDRIA50 3 days ago
Excellent video.
Fear Upland
Fear Upland 3 days ago
My iphone 8 can all of these
LilMoma Queen Wueen
My fav is screen recording!
Jerrica Case
Jerrica Case 6 days ago
Not having an iPhone before getting the xS max a lot of these were new for me but my favorite is the home button
Mahesh punalur
Mahesh punalur 6 days ago
my phone is friend notification light is not working please solution
Bae 6 days ago
This is cool
ASMR Brandon
ASMR Brandon 6 days ago
Thankyou for this video!
James G
James G 6 days ago
With the Call with side button make sure you turn off the Countdown sound. Otherwise it makes such a loud noise. If you think you may ever hit that button 5 times on accident than maybe keep it on lol
SaintCorVic 7 days ago
Im using that sos feature for endgame spoilers
Barry TheMan Douglas
Reversing the color scheme was my fav!! Thx
V Raimbuse
V Raimbuse 7 days ago
dude those are not even hidden features,
MrLuvless 10 days ago
what is that flashing light?
das_Baumii 7 days ago
It's the face id
ADNAN ALTAF 11 days ago
I just got iPhone XS. Yay!!
Giselle Guillen
Giselle Guillen 11 days ago
Anyone else know how to make that front light work that was going on in the whole video that he did not show how he even turned it on...
Faisal Malik
Faisal Malik 12 days ago
This is actually a very helpful video I used to be a big tech guy then fell off I just recently got this phone and forgot about the neat things you can do with iPhones. So thank you 😀
Sara Alrashyd
Sara Alrashyd 12 days ago
How did you make the light that beside the front camera on?
Matthew Spiteri
Matthew Spiteri 8 days ago
The light you could see on the front was infrared from Face ID, which can only be picked up by cameras, you can’t see it with the naked eye.
Hawwi TOLLA 13 days ago
its that working on normaly iphone x i will try it when i got at 2 day ago
Mohab Abdallah
Mohab Abdallah 13 days ago
why is this video so long?
someone 14 days ago
Hidden feature : how to set an alarm using Siri.
Ashraf K
Ashraf K 16 days ago
Its great experience....THANKS
Sheldon Fisher
Sheldon Fisher 16 days ago
Great video!!
JuanJR 17 days ago
What’s the blinking on the front camera??
Sheryl Jane Taguiam
Thank you so much for the very informative vlog! It helps me a lot in maximizing the use of my newly purchased iphone xs max..
Girlintherocket 18 days ago
DORK mode?
Don Alejandro
Don Alejandro 19 days ago
Thanks man, i just got my iPhone 10 :) thanks for the help!
Kamal Khaffaf
Kamal Khaffaf 20 days ago
Super video...
Dee 14790
Dee 14790 20 days ago
“Hidden” features?!
Bad Bitch
Bad Bitch 23 days ago
who’s watching this even tho they don’t have an iPhone XS??
Kumane Cherry
Kumane Cherry 26 days ago
I didn’t know most of these tips
Kumane Cherry
Kumane Cherry 21 day ago
Dulce G lmao too expensive
Dulce G
Dulce G 22 days ago
Kumane Cherry Right? Me too. I added them all except the Airpods one so far, I don’t have those or care for those 😅😆
Lalhriatpuia Photography
everyone knows your useless tips already
Kristina Kiritsy
Kristina Kiritsy 29 days ago
Does the regular x do this
sam minor
sam minor 29 days ago
Kristina Kiritsy none of the features are new all iPhones do them.
Pavel Roll
Pavel Roll 29 days ago
I found a competition where you can win iPhone Xs Max for only £5 😲🤑 at PlayToHelp.co.uk and the best part is that profit is going to Pet charity called Blue Cross for Pets 😻
zmaj singer
zmaj singer Month ago
Coool ty
Nozem Kerkhof
Nozem Kerkhof Month ago
This works on every iphone
lisa koola
lisa koola Month ago
Thank U 👍🏻
Daryll Dan Singco
How to delete apps?
siraj bahurudeen
why the navigation not appearing on maps
Element CeKSagi
Element CeKSagi Month ago
He wants to flex his airpods 2
stev6963 Month ago
Shoot I’m sad my first generation AirPods’ batteries are draining by the day lol.
Jay'sLifeNVegas Month ago
Yup I love my new iPhone XS 😍🥰
Jay'sLifeNVegas Month ago
Mohammad Mubarak Okay 👌🏾! 😍 I’m going to check it out
Leopard 98
Leopard 98 Month ago
Jay'sLifeNVegas, play PUBG in ur new phone with ultra graphics.. it’s look great😀
Alexander Sahlman
Outstanding! Dark Mode is an eye strain savior...hidden home button is the best
Blair Fraser
Blair Fraser Month ago
Here’s a thought.....stop lying in the title of your videos, and you might get more subs and likes?
P4 paku
P4 paku Month ago
Sensor activated riply my Emil javedraj380@gmail Com
scumbag supreme
scumbag supreme Month ago
Don’t think that’s an official “Dark Mode”
Rodney Hogrefe
Rodney Hogrefe Month ago
My 7s records in 4K , old features
Timothy C
Timothy C Month ago
The video could be shortened significantly by omitting repetition. If viewers want to review content, there's always re-wind!
tommy t
tommy t Month ago
This is real bad with a 5 minute ad and features that everyone knows.......screen recording 🤯
Bonnie Brannon
Bonnie Brannon Month ago
Very helpful tute - thank you!🥰👏
Autoforce Crete
Autoforce Crete Month ago
This could be a maximum 10 min video!
Elena Gibson
Elena Gibson Month ago
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Craig Bellion
Craig Bellion Month ago
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Eric Donald
Eric Donald Month ago
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Johnson Darren
Johnson Darren Month ago
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Johnson Darren
Johnson Darren Month ago
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Mark Burke
Mark Burke Month ago
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Mark Burke
Mark Burke Month ago
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Theresa Choriza
Theresa Choriza Month ago
Thank you!
KZ Productions
KZ Productions Month ago
Just got iPhone XS Max. This video definitely helped me learn some features. Hate ads but that’s life lol
Jeff and Mandy Pritzker
awesome quick videos, clearly explained. very interested in accessibility features, might you do a video on them? AWESOME VIDEO! THX
Free Giveaway iPhone XS
helpful ❤️
Lazaro Jordan
Lazaro Jordan Month ago
IT WAS very useful, most of the features you describe I didn't know and I adopted them immediately. Thank you for your clear explanation it was very easy to follow you. Best Regards,
Adam Thurmond
Adam Thurmond Month ago
How did you get that flashing light at the top of the screen
Charlie Month ago
It’s just infrared light, we can’t even see it but cameras can. it works all the time. It’s the Face ID projector.
PepTalk Series
PepTalk Series Month ago
This helped soo much
Crippled Survival and Hunting
I'm not sure if you still read these comments but my doctor suggested that I get the newest I phone and watch in order to moniter my vital signs. Maybe a video explaining these features could be helpful for those of us with physical disabilities. It would be a great help for those of us handicapped, old and young alike who are not sure how to program the phone and watch for optimum medical data use. I feel like I may have options now to getting back to leading a healthy life. Thank you. Again I'm sure you won't see this but in the off chance that you do, it can be a games changer for those of us who can use new technology to treat out illnesses......,.
Pauline osher
Pauline osher Month ago
Is there a way to shut off shutter sound without shutting ringer off?
budiono tri
budiono tri Month ago
i think it is possible
Dollie davis
Dollie davis Month ago
I’m about to upgrade to the IPhone XS Max from having a 6s should I do it?
Bishop Johnson
Bishop Johnson Month ago
Yea if want to the xs is great l like it eventho iPhone 11 around the corner I'm fine lol
TWITCH Unlucky
TWITCH Unlucky Month ago
8:14 what’s the flashing at the top
Chue Xyooj
Chue Xyooj Month ago
What’s that purple blinking light.
Namrata Das
Namrata Das Month ago
Wow this was helpful! I am gonna buy this phone real soon.Next week!
Ibrahim CAMARA
Ibrahim CAMARA Month ago
Beauté Française
i have to come back to this video
Delilah Jackson
Delilah Jackson Month ago
Will these work on the iPhone 6s ?
D G Month ago
The difference between a 6 and an Xs with IOS12.2 is so minimal, that unless your a tech guru that truely knows the ins and outs u would otherwise never notice let alone find
Frank Chance
Frank Chance Month ago
Delilah Jackson some will but others are only available on the newer phones
Rajesh Sharma
Rajesh Sharma Month ago
Thanks for the information sir😊
Nivedita Shinde
Nivedita Shinde Month ago
Screen recording is the best feature that I’ve seen
Chuck Falkenstein
Being a relatively new user of the iPhone Max 10, I found this video very helpful.
BeautifulBliss With Nija
All iPhones have these features not just X & Xs 😕 & most of them are not new.. but it’s a great refresher tho 🤷🏽‍♀️
anônimo Jack
anônimo Jack 25 days ago
BeautifulBliss With Nija 👌🏿
Michael A. Viteritti
Very cool, thanks for sharing :D
cojax232 Month ago
This video is almost identical to your old X review ruvid.net/video/video-SuwTMeStGRg.html
Michael Barrett
Michael Barrett Month ago
terrible video color
Mohamed Habarir
Mohamed Habarir Month ago
Very useful
OmbreHyun XOXO
OmbreHyun XOXO Month ago
Why am i watching this even if i donthave a iphone Xs max😂😂😂
Seksislavic Russia
OmbreHyun XOXO i will have one on monday
Sippe original
Sippe original Month ago
OmbreHyun XOXO same i have iphone X
dipen shikhrakar
Thanks for the tips.. :)
Gregory Wright
Gregory Wright Month ago
You have a tip to put ear phone jack on my phone so I can charge it and play music at the same time?
Jeurdane Katrysse
I hope that virtual home button could read fingerprints too tho.
QUEEN QQueen Month ago
I would turn the SOS on butttttt I always lay on top of my phone by accident when I fall asleep and I don’t want to call emergency services. LOL
Angith Menon
Angith Menon Month ago
For permanent inverted colors on your phone, Open Settings > General > Accessibility > Display Accommodations > Invert Colors > turn ON Smart Invert
Johnathan Rusch
Johnathan Rusch Month ago
Wow good tips and tricks.. too bad you had to do you’re dumb pitch for eBates right in the middle of your otherwise awesome video. You get a big fat dislike on the video for that son
Faisal Ismail
Faisal Ismail Month ago
My Pokemon
My Pokemon Month ago
This is also general hidden features not specific to xs but helpfull
Diaspora Sierra Network
Mathew Dee
Mathew Dee Month ago
I love the dark mode feature it’s lit
Bikash Adhikari
Bikash Adhikari Month ago
Those are just apple given features, not hidden features. Fooling
Heezariq Kamal
Heezariq Kamal Month ago
Dude, this is basic.
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