iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max Impressions!

Marques Brownlee
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iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max are officially official. This is everything you need to know!
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13 сен 2018

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Calzone 6 дней назад
Fuck me up with that smooth ass intro...
KatanaRikku 7 дней назад
hellboy 9 дней назад
Hi. Should i buy iphone X (2017) as it got cheeper or to go for new ones. At present i am using 6s.
Benaam 王
Benaam 王 10 дней назад
Im so "torn" between this and pixel 3 xl which one to get????
TornAdo 11 дней назад
Why doesnt iphone make their logo on the back a fingerprint sensor?
Hyderabad Best IGCSE Math Tutor, IB MYP Math HL Maths SL Maths tutor
It’s very good review. Right now I am I am using iPhone 6 Plus. Still it’s working wonderful, I am iPhone lover. Surely I will buy iPhone XS Max . I like bigger size 6.5 inches. Basically I am Online IB & Cambridge IGCSE Maths Tutor . Sometimes I can teach through iPhone 6 Plus. Now I needed faster , bigger smarter,clover and speeder. So all features have in iPhone XS MAX . Even I teach Math lessons So I need MAX.( Math @ MAX). He explains every nice. Thank you for your good review!
John Velasco
John Velasco 12 дней назад
One thing I've noticed quite surprisingly is that the Max is much easier to hold than the 7 Plus or 8 Plus. This isn't only because the previous models used slippery aluminium, but the Max is ever so slightly smaller, which makes it significantly easier to hold for me. It's not top heavy like the Plus and I can click icons even up to mid top section comfortably with one hand. Also I noticed the White Max sides are pure metal (cold to touch) whilst the Black and Gold have a resin coating or rubbery feel (and not cool to touch), which is great as it adds more grip. Little nuances that count!
Hector Silva
Hector Silva 15 дней назад
it is easier for me to get the thanos glove than the iphone xs. LOL
Xian Wei Han
Xian Wei Han 16 дней назад
just another copy and paste of iphone x just with different camera features duh
Respect The Face
Respect The Face 16 дней назад
Stylo 4 ya played yourself
Royally Qubed
Royally Qubed 16 дней назад
Have you also discovered that the bottom left speaker does not work on the iPhone XS Max? I’m not 100% sure, but it seems like it’s there more for symmetry/ decoration then actually being useful.
TheArmoredWolf 16 дней назад
passerell 16 дней назад
Apple is no longer Apple. Change the name of the company. It's embarassing. The clean look is long gone. Notch is ugly. Bump for the camera is ugly. Even the names now are like crappy lenovo techy shitty names. MAx X SUPER COOL KYXXX X X what is this garbage?
Vi An MUSIC 16 дней назад
Why is there no more landscape home screen????????????? Anyone else care?????? Thanks love you all.
oscar x
oscar x 17 дней назад
Was it worth it if I went from a iPhone 8 to an iPhone XS ? or should I have saved money and got the X ?
Dat Truth
Dat Truth 20 дней назад
Marques “I think whatever has the best tech is worth an upgrade no matter how much it costs because I can afford a Tesla on RUvid videos and why can’t you” Brownlee. If everyone listened to your recommendations at least 3 million people would be mired by credit card debt for an unreasonable and unjustified upgrade for minuscule returns. “Worth an upgrade from iPhone 8”? Dude the iPhone 8 is a fucking year old, if people didn’t buy the iPhone X because the price was ludicrous, they’re not going to or they shouldn’t be recommended to buy essentially the same phone that now has a small spec upgrade and new colors. Shame on you dude, you’re supposed to be about the people, how fucking deep are you in bed with the tech companies to recommend $1000 price tag phones when virtually all other reasonable reviewers are saying this is bullshit Unsubscribed, mate
bbcmotd 20 дней назад
Nah thanks I'm sticking to my Galaxy S6 Edge
selvabharathy selva
selvabharathy selva 20 дней назад
iphone Xs series has charging issue... is it true?...MKBHD
Ahsan Shah
Ahsan Shah 22 дня назад
Levi Ackerman
Levi Ackerman 22 дня назад
There comes a time when iPhones are more expensive than kidneys
TAY Jia Ming
TAY Jia Ming 25 дней назад
jetndrosa 25 дней назад
My respect bro!
Ivan Quintero
Ivan Quintero 25 дней назад
Same shit different toilet
Issy 25 дней назад
Is the xs display in 1080p
Aboudi Anani
Aboudi Anani 26 дней назад
You are the best phone reviewer
Tim S
Tim S 26 дней назад
I already have the iphone x, and i have the iphone xs max 512 on pre order. after watching this video i now have my doubts about keeping the new phone. When it arrives i will just see if the bigger screen is worth the price. basically that is what it comes down to.
Soccer Mayhem
Soccer Mayhem 26 дней назад
Honestly guys should I get iPhoneXS or IPhoneXS max jus these 2 phones
cance7984 26 дней назад
Ugh! That horrible notch.
Sean Malvaroza
Sean Malvaroza 26 дней назад
X max tooo overpriced
NAFC GoPro 27 дней назад
The next iPhone will have an ability to become a vibrates dildo and he'll called "iPhone Xnxx"
jay smith
jay smith 28 дней назад
Is this worth an upgrade from iPhone 8 Plus too get Xs
MrAmad3us 28 дней назад
These should have been named XS and XL really.
Javaris 28 дней назад
Can you do an iPhone Xs Max giveaway and choose me please lol? I badly need an upgrade! I'm the last of my group of friends to have an Android LOL the peer pressure is super real!
XxX Factor
XxX Factor 29 дней назад
Why r u so black ?
quentin shipman
quentin shipman 29 дней назад
If you go to a car lot would you buy a lemon or would you get the best you could buy? one with resale value? Buy the note 9. 900$ today sale it for 300 tomorrow.. why waste your money?
Hector Juan
Hector Juan 29 дней назад
Sourabh Kamboj
Sourabh Kamboj Месяц назад
Why I purchase this phone because I known in this much money I afford a brand new gold diamond ring
Sourabh Kamboj
Sourabh Kamboj Месяц назад
Too too......................... Much costly shame on apple Greedy for more money 😡 This is loot
Gold bad Black nice Silver yes If red I like it
Valentin Hörzer
Valentin Hörzer Месяц назад
Damn he sucks..... freaking Apple fan boy....I‘m actually one myself till the X came out and now these are a load of expansive crap!! You have to acknowledge the fact that Apple is by no means innovation anymore... particularly as an Apple user the other ones know it already cheers!
Shameer Shamas
Shameer Shamas Месяц назад
Post I phone x max review soon.....!
Nick dominic
Nick dominic Месяц назад
Sells you a phone that’s waterproof but will not warranty it due to water damage. When are we gonna stop accepting the bare minimum from these corporations.
SURENITY ! Месяц назад
Get a Note 9, a LG G7Q, or a Moto Z3 Force! I just bought a refurbished Z2 Force unlocked for 70 percent off its retail price!!
JayEl Месяц назад
You are probably the only RUvidr seems genuinely excited about these new iPhones this year
Mehul Kalra
Mehul Kalra Месяц назад
If apple just made iPhone slightly thicker....it would create space for a larger battery and also avoid that camera bump
Mehul Kalra
Mehul Kalra 28 дней назад
+Joe morgan no doubt why Huawei made fun of the people standing outside the apple store by providing them free power banks with message "you will need it"😂
Joe morgan
Joe morgan 28 дней назад
They have space for a larger battery. They choose not to put it in and still charge you for it.
Pia Schneider
Pia Schneider Месяц назад
bake application rate injury insect.
/Fluffy The PUSS\
/Fluffy The PUSS\ Месяц назад
iam want Iphone XR
Laugh Now Cry Later
Laugh Now Cry Later Месяц назад
What a fuckin waste I have a iPhone 5s (still) and I find it a pain in the arse to carry in my pocket .. We’re do you stick that thing ,we all don’t have man bags...😡😡😡
Milan Thakkar
Milan Thakkar Месяц назад
Ayy droeloe
Thewirter Reyes
Thewirter Reyes Месяц назад
I. Want. A. iPhone. 7+
strong focus
strong focus Месяц назад
In 2017 = no 3.5 mm headfone jack After 3 years Iphone = no dislplay, no camera, no battery, no software, no hardware Lol!
mohammed aseeb
mohammed aseeb Месяц назад
so basicly its the iphone x but a couple more secounds faster wow ive done it with apple nothing new just want the money bye apple, samsung it is 😤
Bryan Месяц назад
mohammed aseeb you're dumb as hell if you think you should buy a new phone every year.
levi6859 Месяц назад
Great video first off. Do I agree that the phone is pricey yes I do The way I see it is you USF’s two choice get it or don’t. If I had the x most likely I wouldn’t get the Xs unless I wanted a bigger screen in witch case I’d get the max. I have the 7s for for me this will be a true upgrade. I do feel that the phone is a little pricey but unfortunately this is wheee we are with cellphones. If we went it we’ve godda pay up for it. I’m not crest about the pride but that being said I’ll have mine this week.
Juan Morales
Juan Morales Месяц назад
Y love my note 9
jmek08 Месяц назад
Much respect to you bro but... mehhh and whatevs to the iphone.
Pauniプリンス Месяц назад
Very well done all the way from DRCongo.
O _ O i nose
O _ O i nose Месяц назад
Another iPhone, another nail in the coffin for Lag-Insecurity-OS Inconsistent-droid.
MSi GS70 6QE
MSi GS70 6QE Месяц назад
What is the so hype to do faster faster faster faster faster cpus?? what will I be calling faster ?or sending sms faster ?? or what ???
Google Assistant fun!
Google Assistant fun! Месяц назад
This video looks great on my amazing LG V20.
david george
david george Месяц назад
is it worth going from a 8 + to this bigger one?
Yash Ramani
Yash Ramani Месяц назад
Can i get job in your company? Trust me I'm 17 years old
MOON HEAD Месяц назад
Wow !! Apple must need higher profits. Keeping my old phone until Apple releases a phone that can pay for itself
Abhinav T
Abhinav T Месяц назад
Bruh marques Intro game is at another level..
ganesh nesh
ganesh nesh Месяц назад
Just get the X 😂
Hamza Toko
Hamza Toko Месяц назад
What’s the e-sim all about??
BrunOz z
BrunOz z Месяц назад
When you already sold both your kidneys to get the X
Joseph Saber
Joseph Saber Месяц назад
man this iPhone X S has no compromises whatsoever and unlike most android phone it doesn't suffer from poor updates or bad UIs making it the best smartphone in the market but it isn't the best value out there
Negeri Dongeng
Negeri Dongeng Месяц назад
It seem you missing something, aple watch series4?
Av Месяц назад
This video is more Over rated than iphone
omri peretz
omri peretz Месяц назад
I stay with my 7 plus thanks
Rado Colo
Rado Colo Месяц назад
Motorola RAZR!!
Matt Packer
Matt Packer Месяц назад
I have the X but just can’t say no too the 6.5 gold 😱😱
Shannon Kim
Shannon Kim Месяц назад
Man you got a big hands.
Chaēž JR7
Chaēž JR7 Месяц назад
Elson Yours to luv
Elson Yours to luv Месяц назад
Bruhh i want to thank you for shinning some vid time one the space gray xs max everyone kissing ass for the gold color.😊😊😊😊thank you for giving each color its glory.
David Millard
David Millard Месяц назад
Watching on my Note 9 in DeX mode with bluetooth speakers and bluetooth keyboard and mouse. Slight upgrade my..... iPhone changed basically nothing and cost more than my Note 9. Same old nothing from Apple. No multi window, no stereo recording, no pen, no headphone Jack and that notch takes up screen real estate. 6.5 inch and a notch. Apple can't beat my Note 9.
Muffin Man
Muffin Man Месяц назад
I’ll just keep my 7 these prices are stupid.
N/A Nation
N/A Nation Месяц назад
you are literally cringe calling them all " the Ten " call them X, they are named X not TEN
Satya Prakash
Satya Prakash Месяц назад
Hye brownie
josephine s
josephine s Месяц назад
Honestly miss the home button on iPhones. Might upgrade my 6s to an 8 plus for the home button
Brandon Carmona Cosme
Brandon Carmona Cosme Месяц назад
If only there was a red xs 😔
Brandon Carmona Cosme
Brandon Carmona Cosme Месяц назад
So Marques so what phone should I get ?
Fareast Месяц назад
Lovepreet Nijjar
Lovepreet Nijjar Месяц назад
Goning to buy galaxy note 9!
Satyam Gupta
Satyam Gupta Месяц назад
Sebastian Месяц назад
5:42 Virgil Abloh !!
Shonte Robinson
Shonte Robinson Месяц назад
Just ordered mine
Cam Levro
Cam Levro Месяц назад
So wait why should I get the iPhone X over the one plus 6? Oh yeah, because apple doesn't change anything they just re brand the same phone with a shiny new look. I'm not a fan.
Sebastian 0113
Sebastian 0113 Месяц назад
Apple is the best! (In my opinion) And all you android users! I don’t give a single shit about what you think about apple
animalsandiphones Месяц назад
i love this video :)
Sergio Ayon
Sergio Ayon Месяц назад
I'm still in love with my Note 9!!!
Jams Fan
Jams Fan Месяц назад
do watch series 4 there is 120hz touch sensing
Dainius Vyšniauskas
Dainius Vyšniauskas Месяц назад
Yeah, but it's display refresh rate that matters
HyperspaceKamakazi Месяц назад
Its weird hearing droeloe from popular youtubers
Aqeel Shahzad
Aqeel Shahzad Месяц назад
Iphone Xs and Xs Max both have 120hz display.....kindly recheck.
Aqeel Shahzad
Aqeel Shahzad Месяц назад
We will have a discussion on this so called touch sensing 120hz.
Dainius Vyšniauskas
Dainius Vyšniauskas Месяц назад
How about you kindly recheck your facts? New iPhones have 120hz touch sensing, 60hz refresh rate.
Deetsitmeister Месяц назад
Laughing at how pointless these are while watching on a Pocophone. Booked a holiday and bought a Switch with the money I saved too! While all you fucking bitch ass sheep cry about having no money. I'll be on the beaches of Hanoi playing Breath of the Wild. Serves you fucking right for licking Apple's asshole.
Daniel Boon
Daniel Boon Месяц назад
I think the sound correction is bad
Daniel Boon
Daniel Boon Месяц назад
On this video I think
Donald Hump
Donald Hump Месяц назад
I haven't had an iphone since the 5s. Should I buy?
Dainius Vyšniauskas
Dainius Vyšniauskas Месяц назад
Vyrkhan Месяц назад
Not worthy
George Enis
George Enis Месяц назад
There's no reason of buying phone for $1449 come on Apple we are all smart enough to know that you're just a ripoff. Extremely overpriced!
NelTTV Месяц назад
Does it come with a fast charger or do we have to buy one
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