iPhone X vs iPhone XS Speed Test!

Nick Ackerman
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iPhone X vs iPhone XS Speed Test! Hello all and welcome to my Apple iPhone X vs Apple iPhone XS Speed Test! In this video we test the differences in performance in a multitude of tests of the A11 Bionic chip found in the X vs the A12 Bionic chip found in the XS. If you have either one of these phones consider sharing your experiences and thoughts down below in the comment section of this video and enjoy the content :) Any further questions, comments, concerns, feedback, suggestions, please be sure to go ahead and post that down below in the comment section of this video. As always thank you for watching and be sure to be well and peace :)
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Sep 24, 2018




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Comments 584
Nick Ackerman
Nick Ackerman Year ago
iPhone X vs iPhone XS Speed Test! Welcome to the last year Apple flagship vs the current year Apple flagship! The intentions of this video is to showcase the performance differences from last years phone and the current XS. Share your thoughts, questions, comments, concerns and enjoy the video : )
Jacob Burnett
Jacob Burnett 9 months ago
Comparing the iPhone X to X’s is basically like comparing the iPhone 6s to the iPhone se
Skinny Penus
Skinny Penus 11 months ago
I’m called nick
Chanda H. Da Samurai
Keep up the good honest reviews. I’ll stay with my iPhone X. Of all the S models this is the worse. There use to be a difference from design cycles with the S models.
JETSTREAM123 Year ago
I have a galaxy s8, I was gonna get the XR it thought to would be £570 becuase of it being $750 but No, it's £750 Which is $980 so apple Are SCAMMING US I could buy the IPhone XS for that much in America. Now I'm thinking about getting the 2017 iphone X someone help and reply thanks.
suman roy
suman roy Year ago
Hey Nick, will be glad to see a camera comparison between the X and the XS/Max
FSB WOLF 8 days ago
Stop saying iPhone 10 or iPhone 10s. Their official names are iPhone X and iPhone XS. Almost every reviewers say that.
Nick Ackerman
Nick Ackerman 7 days ago
Those are Roman numerals they are pronounced 10.
tehepicgamer45 9 days ago
When apple release the exact same phone 2 years in a row
Josh 3204
Josh 3204 17 days ago
Hence, this video proves why I chose the iPhone X over the XS. Plus, I was using the X since launch date.
ARENAHS 21 day ago
Is the X more slimmer than XS but more has more screen than the X? I wanted the X but now I’m looking at the XS now. I’m watching from iPhone SE
Blind Eyes
Blind Eyes Month ago
Thanks for making this video and i stay back with my iPhone X
MordTheLord Month ago
2:06 you'll get more likes with ip x
SimplyStimulating 2 months ago
That's very interesting
DramAlert 2 months ago
Can I get a iPhone X of xr
Noah Noah
Noah Noah 2 months ago
Who’s here after Iphone 11 Pro alien came out?
Rohit Yadav
Rohit Yadav 3 months ago
Both are slowwwww😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Anonymous MC
Anonymous MC 3 months ago
You can see the difference in gamming
너튜브 3 months ago
A11 win
Anamul Haque
Anamul Haque 3 months ago
Iphone x super hit.......
C'rine ML
C'rine ML 3 months ago
XS just upgraded +1GB ram and +IP68
Yahia Abdal Hamid
Yahia Abdal Hamid 3 months ago
C'rine ML and A12 Bionic
Mathieu 3 months ago
I prefer android
Extraterrestrial 7
Extraterrestrial 7 3 months ago
Does anyone else noticed that the X has abit bigger display? Or am i false
Krypton Eye
Krypton Eye 3 months ago
i know why the iphone x is faster its cuz has 3 bows on the internet logo and on the iphone xs it only has 2 stripes
Burrgundy 4 months ago
bruh there was like 5 reloads
rosna abdul hamid
rosna abdul hamid 4 months ago
He is just holding two same phones with different prices. I choose X
Bruh No
Bruh No 3 months ago
@Gabriel C no it's not apple just wants you to think that
Gabriel C
Gabriel C 4 months ago
Might as well get Xr or XS , X is irrelevant
Shagster 4 months ago
It's the same, but different
Aadi Production
Aadi Production 4 months ago
I prefer iphone xs
Chirayu Upadhyay
Chirayu Upadhyay 4 months ago
I still keep my X
Joel Suico
Joel Suico Month ago
Chirayu Upadhyay Me too
simon nadar
simon nadar 4 months ago
please when relase 13ios on my 8plis
GamingPlayz 4 months ago
A11 (x) vs A12 (xs)
Gaurang Gupta
Gaurang Gupta 4 months ago
Top stuff. Liked and subscribed. Realistic test. Please suggest me between X and XS. Price difference is around 28,000 INR (400 USD) My main concerns are Battery life, Camera, Face ID performance, speakers and Network (I have heard bad things about iPhones in the Network department) Note: I mostly use my phone for social media, RUvid, music (via Bluetooth) and camera. I DON'T PLAY GAMES. I am not considering iPhone XR because of the looks. No offense please, it's my personal opinion. Will the iPhone X last me the day (from 8 AM till 8 PM) I am currently using two phones: Samsung Note-9 and OnePlus-6. I will be trading one of them to buy any of the iPhone. All suggestions are welcomed. Please help me with my confusion. Thank you!
sarahbeautiful dia
sarahbeautiful dia 4 months ago
Tara Xyz
Tara Xyz 4 months ago
Can someone say should i buy 8 or 8plus?? Im scared cuz i think 8 will be 2small and plus will be 2big (for pocket)
Rajesh Solanki
Rajesh Solanki 4 months ago
Best comperision
eli raN
eli raN 4 months ago
In the next versions of ios ths difference will be bigger
Jiris M
Jiris M 4 months ago
yea, because they will slow down the X :)
Tanish Singh
Tanish Singh 5 months ago
Can you do a comparison between the iPhone 2g and the iPhone XS max 😂
Tanish Singh
Tanish Singh 5 months ago
I have a iPhone 6s and I am not upgrading P.s. I am a kid
Max Caca Sty
Max Caca Sty 5 months ago
I have a question are they both the same size?
Ажам Абакарова
iPhone X or iPhone XR? Which is better? Help
Adlina S.
Adlina S. 5 months ago
I'd say X
H20 Inferno
H20 Inferno 5 months ago
The iPhone X seems to have smaller vessels compared to the Xs, kinda strange
Uros Stojilovic
Uros Stojilovic 4 months ago
I thought i was trippin, glad i’m not the only one who noticed it
Ritom Chakraborty
Ritom Chakraborty 5 months ago
Iphone x reloaded Instagram
Arben Thee Raznikaako
Watching On My Xs Max😍
john ayacko
john ayacko 6 months ago
will you take the x over 1+ 6T
NOAH 6 months ago
XS maybe needs longer in some games because it has better graphics
Boda Deez
Boda Deez 6 months ago
Now i’m here to see what I get for my cash. The thing with these phones is that stock they’re just pretty mugh equal. But what about in 2 years of usage? Will they still perform the same? Does the A12 have a longer life duration than the A11?
Boda Deez
Boda Deez 5 months ago
@TheRealTropic too bad I copped the S10 instead, honestly suprised how Android has changed. I can say that Android is more than that meets the eye in 2019.
TheRealTropic 5 months ago
Supur Gogetuh yes iPhone XS will last longer
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