iPhone X vs iPhone XS Speed Test!

Nick Ackerman
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iPhone X vs iPhone XS Speed Test! Hello all and welcome to my Apple iPhone X vs Apple iPhone XS Speed Test! In this video we test the differences in performance in a multitude of tests of the A11 Bionic chip found in the X vs the A12 Bionic chip found in the XS. If you have either one of these phones consider sharing your experiences and thoughts down below in the comment section of this video and enjoy the content :) Any further questions, comments, concerns, feedback, suggestions, please be sure to go ahead and post that down below in the comment section of this video. As always thank you for watching and be sure to be well and peace :)
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24 сен 2018

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Nick Ackerman
Nick Ackerman 4 месяца назад
iPhone X vs iPhone XS Speed Test! Welcome to the last year Apple flagship vs the current year Apple flagship! The intentions of this video is to showcase the performance differences from last years phone and the current XS. Share your thoughts, questions, comments, concerns and enjoy the video : )
Worawat Srisawasdi
Worawat Srisawasdi 22 дня назад
Nick Ackerman Why is the chip in my iPhone XR called ARM instead of A12?
Skinny Penus
Skinny Penus Месяц назад
I’m called nick
Chanda H. Da Samurai
Chanda H. Da Samurai 4 месяца назад
Keep up the good honest reviews. I’ll stay with my iPhone X. Of all the S models this is the worse. There use to be a difference from design cycles with the S models.
JETSTREAM123 4 месяца назад
I have a galaxy s8, I was gonna get the XR it thought to would be £570 becuase of it being $750 but No, it's £750 Which is $980 so apple Are SCAMMING US I could buy the IPhone XS for that much in America. Now I'm thinking about getting the 2017 iphone X someone help and reply thanks.
suman roy
suman roy 4 месяца назад
Hey Nick, will be glad to see a camera comparison between the X and the XS/Max
M.R Penguin YT
M.R Penguin YT 18 часов назад
Which should i get now?
Ayy Lmao
Ayy Lmao 2 дня назад
7:36 why do the bezels look thicker in the xs?
Keira Palumbo
Keira Palumbo 5 дней назад
Does the X have the Animoji? I know the XS does but I’m not sure with the X.
Apple Manía
Apple Manía 10 дней назад
Watching on Xs Max
Haley Sullivan
Haley Sullivan 10 дней назад
Is it just me, or does the X have smaller bezels?
CrocoliWorldMusic 12 дней назад
Awesome video!
Angelo Metel
Angelo Metel 12 дней назад
Gif my the iphone XS Max
PurpleRupees 15 дней назад
Would you save $250 and choose the X? TMobile has X for $750 and Xs for $999.
datboij03ee _
datboij03ee _ 18 дней назад
I need help from y’all so like I’ve an iPhone 6 almost had it for 3 years and I am lookin for an upgrade and idk what to choose the iPhone X or the iPhone XS and to me both X and XS seems the same but idk what to choose
Hell Fire Army
Hell Fire Army 18 дней назад
Personally it’s just ridiculous to upgrade to iPhone XS cause it’s the same balcony compared to the iPhone X from 2017. But i would stick to my iPhone X compared to the iPhone XS, cause the iPhone X is far more better than iPhone XS or XS Max depending on yourself. But i wouldn’t recommend purchasing the XS or XS Max just stick with the X better.
Gerald F
Gerald F 19 дней назад
The X had the better wifi connection. I suggest you swap the phones sides (X to the right, XS to the left) and see how that affects the connection (if at all) and try the test again. Those antenna bands can be quite sensitive if you put two devices so close together.
Yasi El Khatib
Yasi El Khatib 24 дня назад
I have an iphone x and i want to upgrade and this video really helped me out thx man and who ever wonders i am going to buy iphone x beacaise not only its cheaper but some things on it are faster
EG_ Champion
EG_ Champion 25 дней назад
Someone make a video for iPhone 6s vs iPhone XR Speed test
Aleksandar be together not the same
It's same iPhone but apple aded new word 😂xs😂
terason ongard
terason ongard 28 дней назад
I think X and XS like the same size
bogdan TNT
bogdan TNT 29 дней назад
I don’t think the people that really care about this type of videos are those with iphone x but people with a se 6s or 5s that want to upgrade
-CraftedXCX -
-CraftedXCX - Месяц назад
Is it just me that iphone xs looks curvier
TE xXJohnCarlXx
TE xXJohnCarlXx Месяц назад
Who else is subscribed before 50k subs
Martin Месяц назад
to speack about internal graphics in these phones? How much more performance for games give me the iphone xs?
JJ Escobar
JJ Escobar Месяц назад
I think the best deal right now is getting a mint condition used 8 plus for around $475-500 or an iPhone x for around $675-700 . The a11 is still top notch
anouschka luijten
anouschka luijten Месяц назад
going to switch from Android to Ios. Witch one should i buy???
JATR1X Месяц назад
you do realize the simultaneous face id test is a bad idea right? they both shoot and capture dots, can't do it together.
Patel Ashwin
Patel Ashwin Месяц назад
both are good
bimlesh mehta
bimlesh mehta Месяц назад
Bhai itna v nahi pta hai ki dono phone mai net ki speed equal kabhi v nahi hota is liye in main se kabhi koi first start kerta hai app
esqin davidov
esqin davidov Месяц назад
İphone x xs
THE PROFIQ Месяц назад
iPhone X$
amber warmone
amber warmone Месяц назад
*Amazing phone!!!>>>**ur2.pl/1250** Simply put.... Amazing !!! When the phone first came out I thought it was just a gadget and not worth the money. However after a week of using it, I can honestly say I was wrong. Love the full screen display, facial recognition and other new features. Great phone !!!*
Jose Lolo
Jose Lolo Месяц назад
loved it
Money Money
Money Money Месяц назад
is it just me or do the bezelles look smaller on the iphone x
eProds. 29 дней назад
xs is black color, and you can see the side of it, but it's the same
Midnight’s Galaxy
Midnight’s Galaxy Месяц назад
Is it just me or does iPhone XS looks smaller then the X
xBanditOfHellxX xbox
xBanditOfHellxX xbox Месяц назад
Richard Bray
Richard Bray Месяц назад
Sexy voice x
Verti Месяц назад
Nah, I’ll stay with X.
Jason Salvatore
Jason Salvatore Месяц назад
iHorton S
Daniel Mcgregor
Daniel Mcgregor 2 месяца назад
it was really shocking to see iPhone X loading one of the games faster
YouTube User
YouTube User 2 месяца назад
Flash Storage Speed Tests.
Adjan Kesselaar
Adjan Kesselaar 2 месяца назад
Could you please do a wifi speed test to compare modems (also in future reviews) :)
Zkila 121
Zkila 121 2 месяца назад
I have iPhone 8 I trying to upgrade to xs or xr
marocan jusqua mort
marocan jusqua mort 2 месяца назад
i think samsung note 9 is more fantastic !! apple is still in the same level like iphone 6 not much difference only face id but its not important !! i prefer finger !!
Daniel Luca
Daniel Luca 2 месяца назад
♡■■●●OMG! Ihone X
Mahmoud Saber
Mahmoud Saber 2 месяца назад
What about 3D touch
CyberDasherXD 2 месяца назад
1:02 he looks at the 10s first then the 10
George Miller
George Miller 2 месяца назад
Seems to me apple is charging for the s printed on the box.
Ray Tomson
Ray Tomson 2 месяца назад
It’s just not worth it I downgraded from n9 to ipx as I’m into fitness and water iwatch s4 and I got my partner ip8 plus for Xmas so make sense to stick apple. I just wish apple would do power strap for iwatch
Pranay Mehta
Pranay Mehta 2 месяца назад
so what should i buy iphone x or xs ?
Lilith Machin
Lilith Machin 2 месяца назад
Have been into Apple 3 days in a row to look at the iPhone XS Gold - I love it. But should I just get the x??? Someone help me chose.. ALSO why was the x discontinued?
moose185 Месяц назад
I got the XS I love it! The X is pretty much the same but the XS will likely last you a year or two longer. So pay more money now or later works out the same really.
Ali Güneş
Ali Güneş 2 месяца назад
change x background tadaa xs
BalthazarTheGreat 2 месяца назад
I just want the bog screen like really big screen. They should of made a x plus and i would have no need to upgrade
Olivia Etherington
Olivia Etherington 2 месяца назад
today i’m getting my iphone xs lol
GENERALL 3 месяца назад
Here's my theory on Apple, I don't wanna shoot down Apple fans and Tech consumers. But I have this theory that the phones slightly advance each time as technology can get better. But I swear on everything Apple's speed has remained the same on these new phones. The iPhone XS Max might be able to perform better because it's bigger and they can fit more under it's shell... But I think personally most of the time Apple just scraps the previous launched device and creates a "New" Device. Say I'm wrong but I'm just saying Apple loves to pull in money, I'll be buying the X just because the XS looks the same.
CIA 4GENT 3 месяца назад
The apps are not optimized in the time you shot this video in..retest them now the xs will beat it
Mohamed Aseem
Mohamed Aseem 3 месяца назад
Bro which one is best bro i phone 7plus or samsung note8 pls bro tell.i am waiting for u r reply
Dimitar The_Bulgarian
Dimitar The_Bulgarian 3 месяца назад
i think the difference is not magnificent ... there is no serious need to change X for XS according to me
Zé Mané
Zé Mané 3 месяца назад
Thank you from Brazil... nice meet you... bye
TheRainingKing 3 месяца назад
Best thing about the xs is it makes the x cheaper!
Fahmid A.
Fahmid A. 3 месяца назад
Ok but if I’m coming from the iPhone 7.. should I get the X or XS? (given both of them have similar specs and speed) will the iPhone XS last longer than the X or which should I go for?
Silver Eagle
Silver Eagle 3 месяца назад
I’m upgrading to the Xs from the 6s
Silver Eagle
Silver Eagle Месяц назад
Rebecca K I bought the space grey
Rebecca K
Rebecca K Месяц назад
ReadyTo BringDaLightnin which color?
iNeoGamer cdb
iNeoGamer cdb 3 месяца назад
iPhone X wins!
Super Sonik
Super Sonik 3 месяца назад
Umm I don’t know why but every time I took a picture, the screen turn white like if you try
Super Sonik
Super Sonik 3 месяца назад
I don’t really see any differences at all, cuz I’m using x right now
Tùng ok
Tùng ok 3 месяца назад
Ip8 plus vs ip xs nên mua con nào ạ
TheMastaPlan 3 месяца назад
dude, going from a X to XS is RETARDED!...hahaha wow i mean thank you for the video but what the heck....I would spend $1000, but I'm also on the SE, not a 7 or 8 even....haha so it would be worth $1,000 to me and other users, not X's...who does that!?
DammitCarl108 3 месяца назад
If i wanted to buy a new one, which would be the better pick? The X is significantly cheaper where I live than the Xs.
Pedro Heck
Pedro Heck 3 месяца назад
applications are optimized for iphone x, so it still does not make much difference
Aldo Mita
Aldo Mita 3 месяца назад
What a boring race have we become?Watching phones speed test like if 1second will change our life when at thst we spend our life on doin nothing and watching bullshits for hours here.A phone just need to do the normal task fast and clear,and have a good battery(mi max 2 owner).No one seems to be interested on how can we become better with each other,but just on buying buying buying.
Danyele Mollyca
Danyele Mollyca 3 месяца назад
What is the most difference ??
KO 3 месяца назад
No reloads on either ? Thats such a bullsht check again youtube and whatsapp reloaded on x. I dont give a sht about whatsapp or youtube if they are reloaded but you cannot say no reloads either coz thats bs
Chillednfunked 3 месяца назад
What’s up not what is up, sounds so awkward...
Norah Hass
Norah Hass 3 месяца назад
Upgraded from my 6s to a xs best choice I’ve made!
Series فون
Series فون 3 месяца назад
i can t use your video sir and thank s so much
tavoris the dominator
tavoris the dominator 3 месяца назад
Can you get me the I iPhone
RED FIRE 2 месяца назад
tavoris the dominator yea u should give him your mama
tavoris the dominator
tavoris the dominator 3 месяца назад
Can you give me the iPhone 6s Plus if I like all your videos and comment
Vo Le
Vo Le 3 месяца назад
Id appreciate XR vs XS since idk which one to buy as an upgrade from my beloved iPhone 6..
Emerald lx
Emerald lx 3 месяца назад
The xs obviously opens faster . The iPhone X has a loop look while opening, not big but their .
Emerald lx
Emerald lx 3 месяца назад
You can never judge any fun on there boot up because everything is different due to their operating system . You can only compare Identical apps
Awesome Gaming and Tech
Awesome Gaming and Tech 3 месяца назад
iPhone X is Stable and iPhone Xs is more cutting edge
iCY Lynx
iCY Lynx 3 месяца назад
I just notice the iPhone X bezell is more less then iPhone XS
Anthony Webb
Anthony Webb 4 месяца назад
It’s not hard there is a lot of difference between them I had the x and upgraded to the Xs max and it’s a beast the battery is amazing and the camera it’s all round better
MING STUPITS 4 месяца назад
what your iphone x color
Morgan stanwood
Morgan stanwood 4 месяца назад
u forgot to say your signature phrase“lets gooooooooooo”
Ruan Cavalcanti
Ruan Cavalcanti 4 месяца назад
Worth upgrade from the X to the Xs Max?
vintage babe
vintage babe 3 месяца назад
Ruan Cavalcanti No
dEE zU
dEE zU 4 месяца назад
I guess i dont need to upgrade from X to XS
MysticMaven 4 месяца назад
Horrible horrible review. First boot up time are affected by installed apps. This should have been tested on stock iOS. Secondly those speed tests are huge! I would notice that difference all day long. I’ll definitely be upgrading. Then I stopped watching because this is such a bad comparison.
Jonathan Hoffman
Jonathan Hoffman 4 месяца назад
Xs does have slightly better speeds and ram than x, but both are worth it.
NEVER LAND 4 месяца назад
A12 Amazing
Amer Muhmed
Amer Muhmed 4 месяца назад
iPhone x faster 😂
muhammad ikhsan
muhammad ikhsan 4 месяца назад
i bet nobody x user upgrade to xs.....
박진우 4 месяца назад
카메라때문에 흔들려 ㅋㅋㅋ
Nawazish Nawazish
Nawazish Nawazish 4 месяца назад
Nestero 4 месяца назад
Iphone 4 vs iphone x's
mubarram afaq
mubarram afaq 4 месяца назад
Wow iphone X beats Iphone XS in Boot up
Nasim Rasoli
Nasim Rasoli 4 месяца назад
Iphone x win
Melody 4 месяца назад
If Apple kept the iPhone X the new iPhone XR would not sell. That’s why they discontinued it.
Gapple 4 месяца назад
Very disappointing indeed
Lukas Tran
Lukas Tran 4 месяца назад
Why do people have the urge to upgrade every year? The reason why you buy an iPhone is that you expect it to last 2-6 years depending on your patience.
Sipping Coffee
Sipping Coffee 4 месяца назад
Is it just my eyes or does the xs side bezzle lool a little thicker
PolisLinny 4 месяца назад
Do their have the name screen
Chuck Chuck
Chuck Chuck 4 месяца назад
Who else is watching from iPhone 4s ????
Moustafa 4 месяца назад
Wrangler Slr
Wrangler Slr 4 месяца назад
If your are upgrading let’s say: from a 6 or a 6+ to an IPhone Xs it’s worth the money. But if you’re planning to upgrade from an iPhone X to an Xs It would definitely not worth Paying that much money for the same exact phone with different color that’s all. Try the Xs Max better. Same phone with steroids.
Shahab Ali
Shahab Ali 4 месяца назад
Bro show the comparision of Iphone X with ios 11 rather than ios 12 as it came out with A11 Bionic chip and ios 11 being its stock OS and iphone XS with ios 12 as it has come with A12 chip and ios 12 as the stock OS. Then match both their speed and see who wins. Cheers!
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