iPhone "Gates" Explained!

Marques Brownlee
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#beautygate. #chargegate. #bendgate. What do they all have in common?
Official Apple Antennagate statement: apple.com/newsroom/2010/07/02Letter-from-Apple-Regarding-iPhone-4/
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Oct 1, 2018

chargegate#chargegatecharge gatebeautygatebeauty gate#beautygateiPhone XiPhone X gateiPhone X problemsiPhone Xs problemsiPhone Xs issuesiPhone Xs vsApple responseApple statement




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Comments 11 116
Jon Smith
Jon Smith 17 hours ago
I think the overall minority of these issues shows how good Apples quality control is. Everyone is focused and making a big fuss because their face looks better and their phone needs to be touched to charge. People ask me why I like Apple so much and that is one of the reasons. It also just overall feels smoother (and to be cliche) I message is better (sorry Orly hate to type that lol makes me seem so fucking dumb). The overall specs of the Iphone is defiantly below Samsung and Android phones, but the who really needs a 144hz 8k screen on a phone? You cant even really see it most of the time because the screen is so small. Anyway, small rant over.
My Tech HD
My Tech HD 17 hours ago
Great video! Keep up the good work! Just subbed to your channel.
Yuri Lopes
Yuri Lopes 3 days ago
3:40 really that's the example you came up with? what about putting your $1k phone to charge before you go to sleep, and then waking up at 3pm, realizing you're 5 hours late to work, because your iphone wasn't fucking charging?
Kundaniel Ouk
Kundaniel Ouk 4 days ago
What about Watergate
doogieAfro 6 days ago
Beautygate sounds like that guy who's running for US president
Adipocere 13 days ago
wait whats illegal?
Mutant Raze
Mutant Raze 13 days ago
Minor charging bug vs. phone literally burning a hole in your leg Not exactly similar Instances of brand loyalty
Eduardo Cespedes
Eduardo Cespedes 15 days ago
The most famous gate is the bendgate for the iPhone 6 and 6s.
Doctor Laughtor
Doctor Laughtor 19 days ago
My friend cant pronounce ‘t’ so he read it as ”iPhone Gays Explained”
Brian Jake
Brian Jake 21 day ago
Trump's p**sy gate
joey rosenbaum
joey rosenbaum 25 days ago
Sponsored by Apple Kapa
John 26 days ago
Just got an ad for Rick Astelys ,Never Gonna Give You Up and watch the whole music video probably one of the best ads I’ve ever gotten
Rana Dheer
Rana Dheer Month ago
when you have a problem paying BILLS with iphone ,then apple calls it "BILLGATES".
Vicente Walbaum
Vicente Walbaum Month ago
The best selfie is the Pixel selfie
The Fountain Pen Desk
What about battery gate
Country Conn
Country Conn Month ago
Speaking about gates, Kevin Gates just dropped some new music.
Mohammed Mahmud
Mohammed Mahmud Month ago
Great Video. Very informative..🔥
S T O K E L E Y Month ago
*0:40** you too gay*
Josh Andromidas
Josh Andromidas Month ago
3:45 " *And you're about to die* "
MarcosElMalo2 Month ago
I thought the watergate scandal was called watergategate.
Michael Surjawidjaja
Watching this after airplay’s death is... puzzling.
Omlom Month ago
so your telling me that we should all use android phones?
Ravikumar G
Ravikumar G Month ago
Subtitles :"I'm Kim, PhD here" He is Dr. Kim !
Pencilsss Month ago
There’s no customer loyalty for apple, the customers are just stuck in the ecosystem
Kibé M.C
Kibé M.C Month ago
Nice shirt! May I get it for free??
Haider Ali
Haider Ali Month ago
start at 2:10
juicebox Month ago
iphone 4s had the wifi gate. the wifi switch would turn "transparent" and you couldn't toggle it on thru settings, control center, siri, anywhere. the wifi would only work again if you put the phone in the freezer for sometime or blew a hot hair dryer on the back.
Kai H
Kai H 2 months ago
One thing all iPhone s have in common is an iPhone charger does not last long
Andrew Beard
Andrew Beard 2 months ago
1:19 fun fact: 216 million phones is about the amount of phones MKBHD keeps in his phone drawer
Toby Chung
Toby Chung Month ago
I think you're talking about iJustine
Andrew Beard
Andrew Beard 2 months ago
lmao, I remember U2gate
WeeWeeJumbo 2 months ago
Marques' comments here are factual and even-handed, so nobody is happy: the Apple Defense Force is riled up and the Fandroid Posse's rolling thick
Aduh 2012
Aduh 2012 2 months ago
Do you sell your t-shirt, i want to buy
Puspa Sahoo
Puspa Sahoo 2 months ago
Less the features and more the price - Apple motto
memememe 2 months ago
Billgate, the problem with the price.
lil_toyota_corolla 2 months ago
My actual gate is bill gate
PatentLobster 2 months ago
Microsoft got Bill *Gates*
Rinzy 2 months ago
Puspa Sahoo
Puspa Sahoo 2 months ago
JustCause 16 days ago
@Henrik Lindström No we don't. Wireless audio will never be as good as a wired connection. While some people may settle for less quality, others will not. All you have to do is look at how many people refuse to buy a phone without a headphone jack to know this to be true. I left the iPhone when they removed the headphone jack as did many other people. It was just a way for Apple to get people to buy the airpods, which sound horrible.
Henrik Lindström
Henrik Lindström 29 days ago
Puspa Sahoo wires are getting old u have to move out of them at some point, but ofc its hard first but believe me in 10 years nobody remember they existed.
World Wide Wrestling
Don’t forget headphonejackgate
Arthur Morgan
Arthur Morgan 3 months ago
Bill Gate
Captaindog08 Builds
Captaindog08 Builds 3 months ago
If apple has so many people buying there phone why dont they lower the price
Maxwell Duran
Maxwell Duran 2 months ago
Captaindog08 Builds lol you just answered your own question. If a product has high demand you can over charge consumers. If it has low demand you can’t. Think of it this way. You’re a business owner selling a product but no one is buying it. Now would you lower the price to increase the chances of bringing more consumers. Or would you raise it to make it even harder.
ArianaGrande Fanboy
ArianaGrande Fanboy 3 months ago
Jroe 3 months ago
Chipgates, Bendgates, Chargegates, Beautygates, Antennagates, Billgates. Wait...
I LightenStar I
I LightenStar I 2 months ago
*W H A T A R E Y O U W A I T I N G F O R?!*
Gran due
Gran due 3 months ago
What about the iPhone XR?
Rayven Carino
Rayven Carino 3 months ago
I thought it was related to Bill Gates
Nick Molnar
Nick Molnar 3 months ago
Duude I thought there was something wrong with my chargers. Word. Chargegate
nj verma
nj verma 3 months ago
Usain bolt selfie in 2:53,,,,,
Nazim 3 months ago
If there was any apple pay issues will they call it Bill Gates?
Eshu Marneedi
Eshu Marneedi 19 days ago
Oh Yeah Yeah
Oh Yeah Yeah Month ago
i wish i thought typing that😂
Commando Master
Commando Master 2 months ago
Only if they make more money.
Tetlus Adams
Tetlus Adams 3 months ago
Ok but bend gate with the iPhone 6 and the... other bend gate with the iPad Pro 2018, are real problems
Sage Morgillo
Sage Morgillo 3 months ago
Microsoft scandal: Billgate
kosmo seedo
kosmo seedo 3 months ago
The sarcasm is so funny though I
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