iPhone "Gates" Explained!

Marques Brownlee
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#beautygate. #chargegate. #bendgate. What do they all have in common?
Official Apple Antennagate statement: apple.com/newsroom/2010/07/02Letter-from-Apple-Regarding-iPhone-4/
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Oct 1, 2018




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Comments 11 109
focus locus
focus locus 16 hours ago
Is this problem fixed in 2019
maxroman2010 21 hour ago
It is so interesting how... it all depends what you focus on and how you pronounce the words)))) and it makes all the difference. You make it sound as if the statement about the “antenna gate” is incorrect..? While, 🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️ I clearly remember my Nokia (I mean... we all love Nokia right..?) 3310 in 2004 or Nokia n70 in 2007 doing the same (if you covered certain parts of a phone, it had worse reception 🤦‍♂️).
Plant Lover
Plant Lover 14 days ago
Bill gates
RemingtoN1981 14 days ago
People just do this repeatedly because they know they get all that attention
DogSubZero 16 days ago
Isn’t it so that if someone plugs a malware on your phone it won’t have any effect?
BigOofz 17 days ago
Acoustic Destruction
Am I the only one that’s ever had the same “chargegate” type of issue with other iPhones tho? I’ve noticed my 6 and 7 used to commonly have the same problem. Obviously it’s been fixed now, but they used to do the same thing the XS was doing.
Ricardo Lemus
Ricardo Lemus 24 days ago
my 10s wouldnt charge at first
Timothy 24 days ago
What a stupid name tho
Mhel Mabayo
Mhel Mabayo 28 days ago
Bill gates, when money flows too much.
saif162 Month ago
Lmao, my Xs max has got the charge gate bullshit
wizkid3726 Month ago
Damn now I know why girls like iPhones, they look so good in photos but in person they are a different person
Lady.Whatever Month ago
7:56 Bill Gates: Uh, you’re welcome? I guess?
ridgeline006 Month ago
this how apple make sucker out fools
Yashit Kumar
Yashit Kumar Month ago
My iPhone 6 after a usage of about over 1 year of usage literally bent !!
Aaron Rivera
Aaron Rivera Month ago
I bet Bill Gates is laughing his shit off... apple Gates
TheCrazyDucks Month ago
Did he say “you 2 gay”? on 0:40
daniel_crissey Month ago
4:14 *"You know that's illegal right?"*
Evan Shultz
Evan Shultz Month ago
Apple only cares about money
PsychLone 2 months ago
Iphone:Doesn't charge Customers: It's a bug Apple: It's a feature
Tanner 2 months ago
You refuse to do an in depth video, because it doesn't effect you? Sounds like a Marques gate to me..
Yes 2 months ago
It didn’t charge and your about to die
Ivan Keca
Ivan Keca 2 months ago
Brad Meyer
Brad Meyer 2 months ago
All smartphones have their ups and downs, some may be better than others but they are kit 100% perfect.
Brad Meyer
Brad Meyer 2 months ago
I also too two selfies, one with the flash off and one it’s the flash on and I didn’t notice that beauty gate thing, and I compared both pictures while I was looking the mirror and they all look the same.
Brad Meyer
Brad Meyer 2 months ago
I never had charge gate
Ajaai Prannav
Ajaai Prannav 2 months ago
I think bill gates is involved 🤣
Rahul Chandramouli
Rahul Chandramouli 2 months ago
I want that wallpaper... Please someone help me to get it.
Tobias Lopez muniz
Tobias Lopez muniz 2 months ago
That’s why iPhone is better the creator of Microsoft is a gate. Bill gates
Lewis hughes
Lewis hughes 2 months ago
“Breaking-into-the-Chinese-market Gate”
Thundeon 2 months ago
There are people who are about performance... then there are people about camera's... and then there are people about the batteries. I personally am more about overall life of the whole charge rather than anything because if you don't charge your phone and you just... well, leave it then you basically got a small piece of wood in your pocket. (Reason why I say that is because phones weigh about as much as wood and they have about as much potential as wood when there dead.) That isn't saying that Camera's and Performance aren't important though. I just think charging and battery life are the most important things about phones.
bullcrapptv 2 months ago
"warranty programs, insurance programs, apple care..." 😆 The first one should supercede the last two, but it doesn't. That's the problem. They act like a typical scummy warranty company. "you have to be able to hold that company ... accountable" 😆 Yeah, by buying the hundred dollar apple care insurance *from them* because you know *their* warranty won't be honored. "Apple/Samsung has the best customer loyalty" ... "they'll probably be back" 😆 Yes, and abusive husbands are usually able to keep their wives coming back. They never learn.
Landen Lake
Landen Lake 2 months ago
Is that a glitch productions shirt?
Kameran Parker
Kameran Parker 2 months ago
I'm glad I still have my iPhone X
JauDiego 2 months ago
hehe he.. Bill *GATES*
Russ Fox
Russ Fox 2 months ago
Any gate this year?
Tainoush 2 months ago
charge gate effects every iPad I owned
DarklingGolem 2 months ago
I got a new gate... Bill Gates When you loose all your dollar Bills for an Apple Product
Omar Griffith
Omar Griffith 2 months ago
This year's Iphones are gonna have "Bill Gates" cuz they're gonna be expensive asf 😂
Ovidius 14 days ago
InSkeleton Productions 699
InSkeleton Productions
@Ovidius the "cheap" iphone is 900$
Ovidius 16 days ago
The new iPhone is cheaper
Aron Martinez
Aron Martinez 3 months ago
I thought it was my cable.
Areef Yusuf
Areef Yusuf 3 months ago
You missed COLGATE
Agent piggles
Agent piggles 3 months ago
Ha it’s like how Snapchat gives that skin smoothing effect
PhoenixShadow_37 3 months ago
How is it illegal? I don’t get it.
inderman Jones
inderman Jones 3 months ago
Ok apple you win but i still hate you
Jon Smith
Jon Smith 3 months ago
I think the overall minority of these issues shows how good Apples quality control is. Everyone is focused and making a big fuss because their face looks better and their phone needs to be touched to charge. People ask me why I like Apple so much and that is one of the reasons. It also just overall feels smoother (and to be cliche) I message is better (sorry Orly hate to type that lol makes me seem so fucking dumb). The overall specs of the Iphone is defiantly below Samsung and Android phones, but the who really needs a 144hz 8k screen on a phone? You cant even really see it most of the time because the screen is so small. Anyway, small rant over.
MyTechFusion 3 months ago
Great video! Keep up the good work! Just subbed to your channel.
Yuri Lopes
Yuri Lopes 3 months ago
3:40 really that's the example you came up with? what about putting your $1k phone to charge before you go to sleep, and then waking up at 3pm, realizing you're 5 hours late to work, because your iphone wasn't fucking charging?
Kundaniel Ouk
Kundaniel Ouk 3 months ago
What about Watergate
doogieAfro 3 months ago
Beautygate sounds like that guy who's running for US president
Adipocere 3 months ago
wait whats illegal?
Mutant Raze
Mutant Raze 3 months ago
Minor charging bug vs. phone literally burning a hole in your leg Not exactly similar Instances of brand loyalty
Eduardo Cespedes
Eduardo Cespedes 3 months ago
The most famous gate is the bendgate for the iPhone 6 and 6s.
Doctor Laughtor
Doctor Laughtor 3 months ago
My friend cant pronounce ‘t’ so he read it as ”iPhone Gays Explained”
Brian Jake
Brian Jake 3 months ago
Trump's p**sy gate
joey rosenbaum
joey rosenbaum 3 months ago
Sponsored by Apple Kapa
John 4 months ago
Just got an ad for Rick Astelys ,Never Gonna Give You Up and watch the whole music video probably one of the best ads I’ve ever gotten
Rana Dheer
Rana Dheer 4 months ago
when you have a problem paying BILLS with iphone ,then apple calls it "BILLGATES".
Vicente Walbaum
Vicente Walbaum 4 months ago
The best selfie is the Pixel selfie
The Fountain Pen Desk
What about battery gate
Country Conn
Country Conn 4 months ago
Speaking about gates, Kevin Gates just dropped some new music.
Imtiaz Mahmud
Imtiaz Mahmud 4 months ago
Great Video. Very informative..🔥
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