iPhone 8 Plus vs iPhone XS Max Speed Test!

Nick Ackerman
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iPhone 8 Plus vs iPhone XS Max Speed Test! Hello all and welcome to my speed test comparison between the 2017 Apple iPhone 8 Plus and the 2018 Apple iPhone XS Max. The iPhone 8 Plus comes with an apple a11 bionic chipset with 3GB of ram and 3 core apple gpu. The iPhone XS Max has an apple a12 bionic chipset with 4GB of ram and a 4 core gpu. The intentions of this speed test is for you to see if there is any real world upgrades to the iPhone XS Max from the 8 Plus in performance day to day. If you have one or the other of these phones, please consider sharing your experiences and feedback with the community and enjoy the video :) Any further questions, comments, concerns, feedback, suggestions, please be sure to go ahead and post that down below in the comment section of this video. As always thank you for watching and be sure to be well and peace :)
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Sep 22, 2018

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Comments 1 026
Nick Ackerman
Nick Ackerman 10 months ago
iPhone 8 Plus vs iPhone XS Max Speed test! Last years Plus model vs this years replacement! Let's see how far ahead if any the iPhone XS Max is of the Apple iPhone 8 Plus! Share your thoughts, experiences, comments, and enjoy the content :)
Kholoud Alawneh
Kholoud Alawneh Month ago
Should i trade my iphone 6 s plus foe an iphone 8 plus or an iphone xs or xs max?
White Chili
White Chili 6 months ago
Kenneth Evans
Kenneth Evans 9 months ago
Nick Ackerman
Top-_-Notch 10 months ago
Nick Ackerman awesome video man I currently have iPhone 8plus and watching the video help me realized how much money I’ll be saving no having to upgrade thanx a lot
Vineet Bhingare
Vineet Bhingare 10 months ago
Do a camera comparison
Black Lotus
Black Lotus 6 days ago
Download Life is Strange. it’s a graphically intense games. I noticed a major differences in load time and performance coming from the 8 plus to the Max
Spirits Clan
Spirits Clan 14 days ago
8 plus has full WiFi bars xs max only has 3
FaNy Hyuk
FaNy Hyuk 14 days ago
8Plus for sure
TheSilentjoker666 25 days ago
still have my iPhone 8 plus 256gb
2. 9
2. 9 25 days ago
what kind of mf upgrades their freaking flagship phone every year?
Merkkk 12
Merkkk 12 28 days ago
Also when he was runnin the apps bear in mind theres also the other apps still running in the background which slows the phone abit if them apps were closed there’d be much quicker performances
Photoshop By Alfredo
Actually I want the Max it’s Beautiful but not for 1300.00 plus tax, plus a case. That’s like 1450.00 for the middle version . Fck
Joshua Aaron
Joshua Aaron Month ago
I miss the home button 😭
Theiss Andersen
Theiss Andersen Month ago
Is it just me or does the color look better on iphone 8 plus ?
Jada Developer
Jada Developer Month ago
Iphone 8 plus wins :D you can see it :)
Jedwyn Marc Salado
Guys hows your screen on time in 8 plus mine can only reach 5H30Mins moderate usage no gaming.
Steve Radonary
Steve Radonary Month ago
Iphone 8 plus have is fast beacause he have a lcd
Journeyman Month ago
iPhone 8 Plus color a bit warm and yellow but the XS Max white.
Gamer Studio
Gamer Studio Month ago
which camera you use for recording?
Son-Goku-Jiren Month ago
Samsung s10 is better than those 2
HatchetFam Entertainment
You might not like the oled screen if you like led? That’s some backwards a$$ 💩 if I ever heard it
HatchetFam Entertainment
Ok so what I got was A11-A12 bionic chip is of no significance but I also noticed games and RUvid was brighter and crisper on the max. I’m seriously thinking of downgrading to the 8plus just for a Chargemander. Don’t judge me
Lobo Grossgerge
Lobo Grossgerge Month ago
Who’s watching on their iPhone 8 Plus?
MwM Month ago
I came from a iPhone 6 to xsmax 🤓
Devin Caudle
Devin Caudle 2 months ago
The xs max is way more future proofed than the 8+. The a12 is a beast and way more advanced than the a11. As well as having an 8 core neural engine in the max. The x only had a dual core neural engine. Plus the camera on the xs and xs max with smart hdr is a world of difference than the 8+ and x camera. The 7 nanometer chip is a bigger deal than people think. Compared to the 10 nanometer in the x.
Arben Thee Raznikaako
Watching on my Xs Max😊
sukses slalu
sukses slalu 2 months ago
I like it iphone xs max
nanceicecream sunnyday
I currently hace a 8+, but man I really want an Xs Max
DE Adrian
DE Adrian 2 months ago
Elhassane Elmakhayar
who is bigger
Ali Alsadey
Ali Alsadey 2 months ago
People with iPhone 8 Plus come over here ❤️
sleepy child
sleepy child 2 months ago
I hate Touch ID cause it’s broken on my iPhone 7 and what I mean by that is whenever I do Touch ID inverted colours change back and forth non stop
Skyblazed Tarabay
Skyblazed Tarabay 2 months ago
📱 📲
LONE WOLF 2 months ago
8 plus is still better. 8 plus is best phone of apple
Anil Patkar
Anil Patkar 2 months ago
Watching in my 8 plus
Thuan Nguyen
Thuan Nguyen 2 months ago
I love my iPhone 8 plus ❤❤❤❤❤
František Young
František Young 2 months ago
And yet the 8 plus has better specs...
Hansa Welgama
Hansa Welgama 3 months ago
I love love love the Xs Max over my 8 Plus.😍😍😍😍
Hansa Welgama
Hansa Welgama 2 months ago
The display and camera😍
Rachel 2 months ago
Why? What are the major things that make you like it better?
Robbie Rolfe
Robbie Rolfe 3 months ago
The notch and rounded corners are still not optimized for all apps and games. You might be playing a game in the XS Max and part of your controls will be missing.
Henry Nino Cardino
Henry Nino Cardino 3 months ago
New sub here...
Henry Nino Cardino
Henry Nino Cardino 3 months ago
@Nick Ackerman welocome....
Nick Ackerman
Nick Ackerman 3 months ago
Welcome to the channel Henry!
Hartley Ginger
Hartley Ginger 3 months ago
Do an iPhone SE vs iPhone XS MAX test, bro. 😜
Rukshan Perera
Rukshan Perera 3 months ago
Iphone 8plus is still a beast
Leonnardo Alexandre
Leonnardo Alexandre 3 months ago
iphone 8 plus is wins
ron trump
ron trump 3 months ago
Super amoled vs lcd
jacksputrid 3 months ago
Ill take an 8 plus over an XR
μP3R t33n
μP3R t33n 4 months ago
Iphone ahora me das vergüenza Cómo es que te dejaste ganar por huawei 🎩
Kathryn Kaye Fermill
iphone 8 Plus is ❤
Amir r
Amir r 4 months ago
Witch should I get (I am 1,65 meters tall and) I want to get a iPhone XS Max or should I get a iPhone XS I am coming from a iPhone X.
El tio Thanos
El tio Thanos 4 months ago
Ambos celulares son una mierda el Samsung S10+ se los viola
Ayy Dylan
Ayy Dylan 4 months ago
Lol don’t get why people favorite the 8+ I have an XS Max so I prefer that!
Humphrey Ukpabi
Humphrey Ukpabi 4 months ago
8 plus all day
ottofrija 4 months ago
8 plus is beast!!!)))
Ahmed Raza
Ahmed Raza 4 months ago
Wow iphone 8 plus
Nhi Sherry
Nhi Sherry 4 months ago
Why does my Iphone 8 Plus need to be pressed and hold side button for a few seconds while his doesn't (just one click) to turn the phone on?
Ron Swanson
Ron Swanson 4 months ago
So you're the guy who keeps leaving my pubg squad when it starts 😤😤
Lenin HM
Lenin HM 4 months ago
Savio 133 Costa
Savio 133 Costa 4 months ago
E um sonho ter um celular desses
Jason Hensley
Jason Hensley 4 months ago
after watching this... im going to hold on to my 8. wait for supermax LOL
Tim Tim
Tim Tim 4 months ago
8+ the best phone
Disappointed Toast
Disappointed Toast 4 months ago
Watching that xs camera blinking and spying on meee😑😑
U N I C O R N 4 months ago
I have iPhone 8+. It’s cool, I love that’s:4
xAvveRY 4 months ago
iPhone XS Max is beautiful
Kushager Dogra
Kushager Dogra 5 months ago
I also have iphone 8 regular but now i have iphone xs 🤗😍😍❤❤❤❤❤
Kazi Sami
Kazi Sami 5 months ago
I phone 8+ best
Abner Santana
Abner Santana 5 months ago
Galaxy s10 😍😍 vs 8 Plus yes
Stam Dagd
Stam Dagd 5 months ago
Whatch this Video from iPhone 8 Plus
Wunger Save
Wunger Save 5 months ago
I have iphone 8, because of its size. Great phone, I can say.
Davide Calderini
Davide Calderini 5 months ago
Thank you very much for this video, it has helped me a lot
Tempsss2 LethalMosthateedOppboii061
I’m thinking bout getting the iPhone XS Max I’ve currently got the iPhone 8 Plus but I’m gunna be keeping both the phones for at least one month 🍎❤️🙏🏾🙏🏾👑
Omar jR
Omar jR 5 months ago
أكيد الماكس أقوى 😍
K R 5 months ago
I love both
Ruzaini Abgruz
Ruzaini Abgruz 5 months ago
I’m watch this video with iphone 6s
qaiser khan
qaiser khan 5 months ago
I phone 8 plus is best and cheapest
Dead Gamer
Dead Gamer 5 months ago
Why is the color white on the iPhone XS Max pinkish but the 8 plus is just white.
Reah Nent Lim
Reah Nent Lim 6 months ago
Thank to you I don’t want the xs max any more and I use 8plus
Eddie Spaghetti
Eddie Spaghetti 6 months ago
It’s brighter on the 8 tho
Jamie Robert
Jamie Robert 5 months ago
That’s just colour temperature
Jarold Jones
Jarold Jones 6 months ago
babi birdXD
babi birdXD 6 months ago
What phone should I get? I've never owned an iPhone before .....pls help
Fuse 6 months ago
babi birdXD iPhone 8 Plus it has a home button and its a better price with similar camera specs to the iPhone X max. Expect for the front facing camera
Rubén González Loera
I’ve got the 8 plus, i was thinking on buying the XS max. But now i can see there’s not a lot of difference. Should i buy it?
thrillsbreh 6 months ago
8 plus right now is the best option. Xs iphones are just too fucking overpriced
julia gacha
julia gacha 6 months ago
Please help me decide an i phone 8 plus or a i phone xs Max please reply
shwe lwin moe myint
shwe lwin moe myint 6 months ago
should i update my 7+ to ios12?? my ph is still in ios10.3.3 since i bought it. It's pretty fast with ios10 but with ios12??Will it be still great??
Liling He
Liling He 6 months ago
I like this iphone 8 plus case. amzn.to/2SyWgWq
Johnnygga 6 months ago
If I remember correctly, the reason why the 8 Plus is so close or on par in terms of 💪 with the XS Max is because the 8 Plus was overpowered to begin with when it came out. It was the most powerful phone in the world by a huge margin. It even still beats the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 that released almost a year later!!!
Mike Krzyzewski
Mike Krzyzewski 7 months ago
Aye I have both😎
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