iPhone 8 Plus vs iPhone XR Speed Test!

Nick Ackerman
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iPhone 8 Plus vs iPhone XR Speed Test! Hello all and welcome to my speed test comparison between the 2017 iPhone 8 Plus and the 2018 Apple iPhone XR. The intentions of this speed test video is for you to see the real world differences between both phones and make a decision which is going to be the one for you. Apple iPhone 8 Plus features an Apple A11 Bionic chipset and 3GB of ram and the Apple iPhone XR features an Apple A12 Bionic chipset and 3GB of ram as well, both are running iOS 12. If you do have either one of these phones please consider sharing your experience with the community and enjoy the content :Any further questions, comments, concerns, feedback, suggestions, please be sure to go ahead and post that down below in the comment section of this video. As always thank you for watching and be sure to be well and peace :)
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Nov 2, 2018




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Comments 520
Nick Ackerman
Nick Ackerman Year ago
iPhone 8 Plus vs iPhone XR Speed Test! 🔥2017 VS 2018 Let's Gooo!!
VIDEO HOUSE 8 months ago
which is better?
Bacon Studios
Bacon Studios 10 months ago
Daniel 7 but, iPhone XR won, bit whatever
lukassan69 Year ago
Hi Nick. Just to let you know that someone used that video 🤔 ruvid.net/video/video-m1nHak4WQMc.html
I switched from 6s to s9 2 months ago and am not at all satisfied with it ,should I switched to 10 R from it or should I have to do any setup for good performance and battery . My s9 is laggy and it’s battery really sucks please help
Макс Кондраков
Go iPhone se vs iPhone xr
Ram 3 days ago
Infront of 8plus xr bezels are looking small
Jedwyn Marc Salado
Nick can you do iphone 8 plus ios 12.4 vs ios 13 battery drain test.
Jesus Carrillo
Jesus Carrillo 5 days ago
I phone xr team like if you team I phone xr
Farah Bedda
Farah Bedda 7 days ago
My next iPhone: iPhone 8Plus From: iPhone 7
Jewish Garbage
Jewish Garbage 14 days ago
8 plus is almost like an xr but with a home button so they’re kinda the same
ling ling
ling ling Month ago
Ling ling liked the red one
Dissapointment__ 11 days ago
ling ling yes Ling ling likes the red one very much
Izaeiah Harrison
We’re my Xr gang at
Juan Luis Londoño
I have the xr i kinda wanna go back to the 8 plus
Paolo Gaborni
Paolo Gaborni Month ago
I just watched this just to compare both of my red iPhones
Ransime Month ago
I want the 8 plus or the xr but I dont know which to get
Ieva -_-
Ieva -_- Month ago
The red 8+ is just 🔥🔥
Kapone 313
Kapone 313 Month ago
Money is not a issue with me nor is keeping up with the new phone everyone wants. I went from a 6s plus to a XR to a 8plus I prefer the classic iPhone design. 🤳🏾 btw the XR doesn’t have 3D Touch and has lower screen resolution and has that annoying notch
IVAN RODRIGUEZ 2 months ago
RIP the people who love the home button and now it’s gone 😔😔😔
Robloxian3 Month ago
Just wait till you see the SE 2
Jourdyn Davis
Jourdyn Davis 2 months ago
Watching on xr
Antonio José
Antonio José 2 months ago
Hi Nick, May I know why is Face ID more secure than Touch ID? Thanks
•S U N F L O W E R •
I'm getting the Xr in a couple of weeks!
Yahya Be
Yahya Be 2 months ago
Can someone give me 60$ to get that phone :( ive been working so hard until i broke my arm
Lil bo Peep
Lil bo Peep 3 months ago
Xr gang wya
ItZ DrexmZ
ItZ DrexmZ 3 months ago
People are liking the 8plus cuz they cant afford a xr
The Avengers
The Avengers 3 months ago
I bought the xs max and then i bought the xr after a month and i use xr now as a daily driver
Darknight E
Darknight E 3 months ago
Your hands are massive.....
Gus McFann
Gus McFann 4 months ago
I have the same XR
pravyoo 4 months ago
Anyone watching this in iPhone 6s??
Lisa Heider
Lisa Heider 4 months ago
iPhone 8 Plus is better💘🥀
Ashley Baggio
Ashley Baggio 4 months ago
The iPhone 8 just looks dated now
David Sheleru
David Sheleru 4 months ago
Lol the xr isn’t faster ... u were just clicking the xr apps before the 8 plus apps 😂
F U Z E P E T E 4 months ago
I think i'm gonna buy the 8+ and X instead of the XR.
im shookT
im shookT 5 months ago
When it comes to finding signals which is better?
Ram 5 months ago
Both are great
Lil_Ghost 32
Lil_Ghost 32 5 months ago
*How to start a civil war*
Esco Whitfield
Esco Whitfield 5 months ago
I’m keeping my 8+. Not trying to have a 720p display👎🏻
mustafa muhamed
mustafa muhamed 5 months ago
I think i'm going to buy iphone xr ( switching from android to ios ) ;)
sтеаlтн 10 days ago
You won’t regret it!
KOUBOOM_GR 3 months ago
Do it
Albert Diaz
Albert Diaz 5 months ago
I have the Xs Max and I think I’m going back to the 8+ for a while. This video made me miss it. Lol
Andrew Langellier
Andrew Langellier 5 months ago
I have the red XR and coming from a 6 this is crazy fast
Reanamation Month ago
Andrew Langellier that’s what i did :)
Gus McFann
Gus McFann 4 months ago
Andrew Langellier I used to have the SE and I upgraded to an XR (red)
Thotty Ho
Thotty Ho 6 months ago
As a person with an identical twin, Face ID is DEFINITELY not more secure.
Adam Creates
Adam Creates 4 days ago
Alex nobody has the same finger print actually
Ashton bailey
Ashton bailey 4 months ago
My friends are identical twins and they can not unlock each other’s phone using Touch ID or Face ID, we had to test it 😂
Alex 4 months ago
Twins generally have the same fingerprint.....
V 5 months ago
maybe it was just a joke ... i'm sorry. however, I think u can trust your twin brother ;)
V 5 months ago
twins are usually not exactly the same. mistakes can happen, but not so often. according to statistics, the chance to unlock someone else's smartphone with a touch id is 1: 50000, and with a face id - 1: 1,000,000
Gopabandhu Das
Gopabandhu Das 6 months ago
Cañ I get it from you sir
ZS Lai
ZS Lai 6 months ago
U may be a fan of iphone xr but during comparison remove that things
Earrape Playz
Earrape Playz 6 months ago
I saw a vid where the SE beat the xr but the xr kills the 8+???
LONE WOLF 6 months ago
to be honest please tell me which one should i buy?8plus or Xr?
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