iPhone 11 Yawner, iOS 13 Beta 2, 5G iPhones 2020 & Scary Hack!

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Your iPhone can be hacked.. Latest iPhone 11 spec leaks, 2020 iPhone screen sizes & 5G, iOS 13 beta 2 & more Apple news!
Last iPhone 11 leaks.
iOS 13 review.
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Jun 18, 2019




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Comments 3 278
Cole Sebastian
Cole Sebastian 2 days ago
Dave kurt
Dave kurt 4 days ago
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Michelle R
Michelle R 10 days ago
You were right
Dave kurt
Dave kurt 4 days ago
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Mike Watson
Mike Watson 24 days ago
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AJ Month ago
I phone 11 looks nice if only it had 5g I would have bought it.
Dave kurt
Dave kurt 4 days ago
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Redcloud _TM
Redcloud _TM Month ago
to many fucking ads dude
Dave kurt
Dave kurt 4 days ago
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Kayla Earl
Kayla Earl 2 months ago
Can we take a moment to appreciate that beautiful Cyan blue at the start of the video
Sean V
Sean V 2 months ago
I have a Galaxy S6 so there's nothing disappointing about the iPhone 11
Abstract08 2 months ago
For y’all that asking why haven’t we gotten the iPhone 9 well this is what I think iPhone 6 iPhone 7 ate 9 you guys get it or nah 7 8 9 seven are nine there
Joe King
Joe King 2 months ago
Apple: This is what's coming and it's the best.... Android: Been there done that... Seriously, are Apple users buying this whole "just wait" crap??
Aryann 2 months ago
Medical Reasons xD
Joseph cavagnaro
Joseph cavagnaro 2 months ago
0:07 LOL Samsung is better
Pnuttz Clark
Pnuttz Clark 3 months ago
I just dont get why you guys want 5g soo bad, your 4g phone is fast enough. Its going to be an eye sore seeing 5g antennas everywhere. Also, think about how many headaches your going to have in a week.
Erica smith
Erica smith 3 months ago
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Sadie Blackwell
Sadie Blackwell 3 months ago
I'm definitely considering just going for a XS Max instead of an 11 in September because there's really nothing that's appealing to me about this new phone. I do need an upgrade and I will wait until these come out to make my final decision but I've been leaning towards this year's ones for longer.
Ashwil Pereira
Ashwil Pereira 3 months ago
I love the iPhone 11 design
DJARIA 3 months ago
If Samsung gets 5g out first apple will lose a lot of money
Peizxcv 3 months ago
The Chinese are so far ahead in innovation it will take Apple a couple of years just to match current Chinese phones.
Free World
Free World 3 months ago
Apple has no innovation. I'm keeping my iPhone 8 for a while until they upgrade their design. Since the newer iOS works good on older phones, there's no point in upgrading.
Hallo Haris
Hallo Haris 3 months ago
Green color
Fabian Gonzalez
Fabian Gonzalez 3 months ago
I’m still on my seven and only reason I want to upgrade is battery and camera. Thoughts anyone?
Nicolas Garza
Nicolas Garza 3 months ago
Fabian Gonzalez do it
crazy HDR and yt it’s Nathan
I have a iPhone 6 but am getting a iPhone 6 + or a iPhone 7 +
ору не могу
Lmao , I’ll buy note 10 5g instead iPhone 11 2g 2head
Deepesh Shrestha
Deepesh Shrestha 3 months ago
No any revolutions ...
Deepesh Shrestha
Deepesh Shrestha 3 months ago
I miss Steve Jobs if he was here I phone would be just flawless but.... Nowww
she took the freaking kids
Apple sucks
Eileen Prieto
Eileen Prieto 3 months ago
You said that we have the the new update using a computer, how do I do it?
SPY WARE 3 months ago
assha du allah ila ha illlallah wa assha du annamuhammaderrosululloh there is no god but Allah and the Prophet Muhammad, the Messenger of Allah
Cash Breasy
Cash Breasy 3 months ago
got this pretty cool iphone case from spacegalaxycases.com
What the fuck are you doing reading my username?
ah this is from the time we thought that 3D Touch was gone from iOS 13
Md Sohid
Md Sohid 3 months ago
Daniel Patton
Daniel Patton 3 months ago
I’ve got an s10 plus and I’m kinda torn. Idk if I want to go back to apple with the 2019 iPhone. If they have an in display figure print scanned I think that would seal the deal
Cameron Wallace
Cameron Wallace 3 months ago
😂you guys know you can get pods at Goatpodz.co for $29.99 right 😂😂
KalebDaLegend 3 months ago
Rice Gum bro that’s lit I got them from there too the black AirPods are the best ones!!
JN VuC 3 months ago
Sometimes you get it just right, and sometimes you’re just too much of an Apple lover
JN VuC 3 months ago
That sucks too, it isn’t as bad because it doesn’t look as big and is much smoother. (The camera setup)
Callaghan McKeon
Callaghan McKeon 3 months ago
Actually Apple hasn't revealed what the iPhone will look like so if Google said something first that means that they used it first
Thanasis Lappas
Thanasis Lappas 3 months ago
Guys please listen to me !!!!!!I downloaded iOS 13 public beta and it killed my SIM card.I went to my mobile carrier and got a new one but it killed the new one too!!!!!!!DONT DOWNLOAD THE IOS 13 PUBLIC BETA .Please help me get this message seen
Steve Ramirez
Steve Ramirez 3 months ago
I’m likely going back to PC and Android. Extremely annoyed with Apple 🍎 shenanigans
Lewis Vang
Lewis Vang 3 months ago
Just got the Xs Max, I’ll wait for the 2020 or 2021
Lion HD
Lion HD 3 months ago
OliverX 3 months ago
I’ll likely wait till 2020 -sent from iPhone 8
Eevee Doodle
Eevee Doodle 3 months ago
I use centimetres
Aram Haji
Aram Haji 3 months ago
Buy the latest model off Apple Airpods and get 20$ as an offer amzn.to/2XCzjXU Apple AirPods with Wireless Charging Case (Latest Model)
Tinashe Gamer
Tinashe Gamer 3 months ago
It would be IPHONE XX Or something oh maybe ..... IPhone XZ *Record Scratch* Wait no IPhone XI (Iphone 11) coming soon in 2020
king_ryan_james 3 months ago
I've got an iPhone X still. Should I upgrade? It seems like every year for the last three years, you've been saying, "Wait until next year."
1,000 subscribers with no videos
I think,the better for iphone would be having atleast 40 megapixel camera with a f1.8 and another 40 megapixel one with a f1.6 for better blurr,then a 10 megapixel ultrawide f2.2,and then a 32 megapixel front,atleast 8gb ram,minimum space 128gb,then a color like the huawei ones,but I think the best looking forward is the breathing crystal and aurora,then use a recently new chip 5g would be the best, a thin bezel,with a notch but smaller,and it would have a lightning port but faster and a 4,500mAh battery,and then in the box some Apple Airpods 1st Gen,A usb c to lightning cable,a usb c brick,a 4Hour battery,a Tempered glass,also tempered glass for the cameras,apple sticker and a rubber case, All that for atleast 1,500 dollars and then a 1tb 12gb ram one for 2000,
Butterbread2019 3 months ago
Me in 2012, I will wait to 2019 Me in 2019, I will wait until 2025 The iPhone XZ price, $6,000,000 Me in 2025, I give up -Sent from my iPhone 7
Jonathan Ramirez
Jonathan Ramirez 3 months ago
Just gotta question, hopefully you or someone would respond. I want to download the public beta but when the official update comes out, of course I want to download the official update. Now, would I be able to download the official update without having to go back to my backup? Or do I need to do that in order to get the official update?
darckfer 3 months ago
You sux bro you talkk about i0phones like you are the developer and creator and then you contradict your self wtf o well is a ncie way to `get your subscribers to lie and make exageration news typical o well let me give you thumps down just for being so fake
Aldino Parmelletto
Aldino Parmelletto 3 months ago
probs waiting for the 2020 iphone -sent from the iphone 7
Peyton Evans
Peyton Evans 3 months ago
I wish my mom would by me an Iphone I have never had an Iphone in my life. She said I will get you one for you birthday. Then guess what here comes my birthday. I don't get one.
Bryan Estrada
Bryan Estrada 3 months ago
How much for the Iphone 11? Apple: Only made for youtubers over 10 millions subscribers because only theh can afford
MikeCharlieAlpha 3 months ago
Ugly camera module
10,000 subs with like 7 videos _
Just get a HEX BTIO protector it should be uncrackable because it basically copy’s the OS the device is running and patches a small remote root drive which when a unknown source tries to hack/crack the device it just deletes the copied os and patched os then re-installs a fresh IOS os then copies that OS again and reinstalls but transfers and wipes all data to a parent device usually a server that you run. 5:59 The whole thing about hacking devices
Melissa Chillington
Melissa Chillington 3 months ago
iOS 13 has been jail broken?😦
MeMyself &i
MeMyself &i 3 months ago
You only need worry if you are doing illegal things, otherwise, it will never be an issue for you
vEd-LOCITY 3 months ago
Oppo and Vivo: Under display camera is here! Apple: Guys here’s dark mode!
No One:
No One: 3 months ago
I'm still on an iPhone 7 plus so i have a great reason to buy a new 2019 iphone
Isabel Gerber
Isabel Gerber 3 months ago
Sry but I really don’t want the square design on the iPhones😫😩😣 (this is why I’m the 2019 model being released in September)
Eileen Reyes
Eileen Reyes 3 months ago
I don’t know what to get yet. I have a 6s Plus but Samsung looks tempting. It’s crazy that the Galaxy 11 might have a rotating camera.
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