iPhone 11 UNBOXING Green vs Red

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Apple iPhone 11 Green and Product RED Unboxing, First Look & Impressions
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iPhone 11 vs iPhone 11 Pro Max Hands-On - ruvid.net/video/video-eZDx5hgKy1E.html
iPhone 11 Pro Max UNBOXING (Midnight Green) - ruvid.net/video/video-xK-gWtjf4AM.html
A successor to the iPhone XR, the iPhone 11 features a 6.1" Liquid Retina Display, comes in 6 Colors (Black, White, Yellow, Purple, Green and Product RED) has 12MP Dual Cameras (Primary f1.8 OIS + Ultrawide f2.4 120°), a 12MP Selfie Camera with up to 4K 60FPS (All cameras), Night Mode, A13 Bionic, iOS 13, IP68 Water & Dust Resistance, Improved Face ID and price starts from $699/£729.
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Sep 18, 2019




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Comments 80
SuperSaf 8 months ago
Xavier Vaughan
Xavier Vaughan 7 hours ago
Joymati Mayanglambam
2 Account
2 Account 19 hours ago
Christian Salas
Christian Salas 2 days ago
SuperSaf Green 🧤🐢🌲☘️🍏🚛🛶🗽📗💚✳️❇️💹🈯️
ennysanusii .x
ennysanusii .x 7 days ago
2 Account
2 Account 19 hours ago
I’m on an iPhone 6 and about to change to iPhone 11 which color shud I get 🤔
Abby Gober
Abby Gober 3 days ago
I have the red
Juzt D4n
Juzt D4n 4 days ago
Thinking of saving for the red one hopefully will buy it in 1-2 months from now
I do prefer the green but I would buy the red to help charity
Ace Erick Olaso
Ace Erick Olaso 7 days ago
red or green?? im scared that green might not match with a lot of cases while red as a sexy one, but green is also damn good but idk.. someone help
Nicole 7 days ago
I want an iPhone 11 but idk what color to get should I get purple or green??
M. Atif
M. Atif 7 days ago
His watch band says it all
Nilaba Parmar
Nilaba Parmar 8 days ago
Mary Turner
Mary Turner 10 days ago
The green
Leyah Casey
Leyah Casey 12 days ago
GREEN 🧼💚❄️
Burpy YT
Burpy YT 13 days ago
I like green color
Kiah and Keira Show
That’s red would look so good in my hand 😍
Tshibangu Home
Tshibangu Home 15 days ago
I need help which one is nicer and cool pls tell
Julen Taylor
Julen Taylor 19 days ago
Pranav - PUBG mobile
I’m going to get a iPhone 11 which Colour should I get Red : Like Yellow: reply
wishiwasabook 20 days ago
Love the mint green iPhone 11 🤩
Rogue_ FISHY
Rogue_ FISHY 21 day ago
I got a red one :)
parkourAYCE 17
parkourAYCE 17 23 days ago
The green😊😊
cash money
cash money 23 days ago
i’m getting my 11 in 2 weeks and i’m nervous that the green isn’t gonna be the teal that i want it to be 🥺
Joel McDonald
Joel McDonald 22 days ago
cash money I hope your not disappointed cuz in videos the green looks really clean
Aadiil 25 days ago
I’d buy the red one but I’m waiting to see what the iPhone 12 will look like 😂
Martha Ordóñez
Martha Ordóñez 27 days ago
Chloey Wilson
Chloey Wilson 28 days ago
I have the red one and I love it
Qveen Leo
Qveen Leo 29 days ago
I'm waiting on the red one to come in the mail
Holly Samer HS7
Holly Samer HS7 29 days ago
Im coming from iPhone 7 to iPhone 11 for my birthday this year, I'll buy the green iPhone 11 128gb tomorrow and im so excited!
Gianny Lopez
Gianny Lopez Month ago
when i got my iphone 11 i didnt get rhat charging box
Imani King
Imani King Month ago
Sebastian Torfason
Which Color should I get like for red comment for black
Katie Agee
Katie Agee Month ago
I love the green I might even get it
Tic Tok and other
RouchDi Đîéšèl
Red is the best
shazilshaz_ shazilshaz_
Sir red or green which clr best?
Loujaine Ayman
Loujaine Ayman Month ago
I would prefer the tele color because it is my favorite color
Barredowl001 Month ago
Monyx 010
Monyx 010 Month ago
sajid Malek
sajid Malek Month ago
Green lovers hit like
Thatboirook Month ago
Just gonna act like this background music isn’t on a hentai game
Juan Carlos Iguaran Loaiza
Like si hablas español y comenta de que color lo quieres
Julio Hernandez
Julio Hernandez Month ago
Gabriel Angelo Encarnacion
Green apple or red apple?
Luke Kane
Luke Kane Month ago
I know I'm late commenting here but in real life is the red more on the pink side or does it look red
Resa Adi
Resa Adi Month ago
I prefer the Red.. 😊
nick horvath
nick horvath Month ago
Vex Month ago
Nick Tahir
Nick Tahir Month ago
Which color is great? 💚or💜 please comment
Isoo_Godd 13
Isoo_Godd 13 Month ago
I dont know which to get Like for green💚 Comment for white❕
Jacob Hummel
Jacob Hummel Month ago
I really wanted a black one. But I ended up getting white
Eli Williams
Eli Williams Month ago
Maria Leon
Maria Leon Month ago
I’m getting the iPhone 11 but idk what color to hey comment for me to know what color I should get Like:red❤️ Comment:yellow💛
Dylan Kaulukou-Chang
_Ebony’s Life
_Ebony’s Life 2 months ago
I’m getting my red tommorowwww
Leona Dreo
Leona Dreo 2 months ago
I like green 😱😱😱
SAGAD ALshreefi
SAGAD ALshreefi 2 months ago
maya _.2k
maya _.2k 2 months ago
Red is better in my OPINION. After seeing them both in person.
Avinash Poojary
Avinash Poojary 2 months ago
iPhone 11 Red ❤️
Shakira Ssloojee
Shakira Ssloojee 2 months ago
darren plamo
darren plamo 2 months ago
that stupid that i buy iPhone X
meo meo
meo meo 2 months ago
Team white
Robe Liam
Robe Liam 2 months ago
getting mine in May. help me choose y'all !! :)
Bjørnar Pepperkake
Nayan Harijan
Nayan Harijan 2 months ago
I always prefer Red ❤️ If there's not,then blue, sky blue
Isabella Perez
Isabella Perez 2 months ago
Imma choose green
Arunima 2 months ago
Josh Guiomar
Josh Guiomar 2 months ago
Anyone else watching this on a red iPhone 11
William From The 6th Dimension
I think the colors are too kiddish, i think they should 100% bring back the original colors (Gold, Rose Gold, Space Gray, Silver) and obviously with the exception of (PRODUCT)red!
Dev Patel
Dev Patel 2 months ago
I got the green my bro got the red
Alexander Rivera
Alexander Rivera 2 months ago
Mohammad Leqyaneya
Mohammad Leqyaneya 2 months ago
Jaishri Jain Jaishri Jain
Yinka Tosín
Yinka Tosín 2 months ago
its like mint green
Samy Topalov
Samy Topalov 2 months ago
I prefer the green
jasmine 2 months ago
I’m getting a red one next weekend Excited 😌 Do y’all know where to get a clear phone case so I can show off the color? I don’t shop online
Neil Barot
Neil Barot 23 days ago
jasmine Walmart
TeamRabidDog 2 months ago
i like green
Hey MaeLoves
Hey MaeLoves 2 months ago
Watching this because I got the green one and my brother got the red 😂😅
Yambem Lokendro
Yambem Lokendro 2 months ago
@Hey MaeLoves thnks for the information....i'll get the red one since you say its cool...in my area only red white and black are available
Hey MaeLoves
Hey MaeLoves 2 months ago
Yambem Lokendro I was actually thinking on getting the white one but then I thought white is a little bit basic and I want something different for a change. And so I picked the Green one, I also wanted the Yellow one but they’re not available in stores, gotta wait for the store to order it first. Red is cool, and I got used to it since my brother’s previous phone was also red. Yellow and Red are the special ones.
Yambem Lokendro
Yambem Lokendro 2 months ago
Pliz be honest about the red one😂😂👍
Yambem Lokendro
Yambem Lokendro 2 months ago
Is red looking too cheap or good...i wanna see your opinion ....i am going to get it but i am little confused which one to choose -red or white😂
ParkCarmen 2 months ago
green mint !!! 😍
Tarang Lad
Tarang Lad 2 months ago
Nicole Martinez
Nicole Martinez 2 months ago
Green or purple ???? Help!
Lil Stevie [Minecraft]
I’m gonna get the iPhone 11 in a month and I can’t pick between green or red Like for red reply for green!
Holly Samer HS7
Holly Samer HS7 29 days ago
Lil Stevie [Minecraft] green
Lil Stevie [Minecraft]
D V I’m gonna get it in 4 days
D V Month ago
Did you get it bud?
Zeigiene Month ago
Jose Cruz
Jose Cruz 2 months ago
Red is the way to go
Jaxson Ciappara
Jaxson Ciappara 3 months ago
Can I have the green iPhone please
Mazen Ewais
Mazen Ewais 3 months ago
Green for life
Addison Bohman
Addison Bohman 3 months ago
Guys I can’t decide which one to get like for tele and comment for white plz I need to decide which one I should get
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