iPhone 11: Unboxing & Camera Tests

Tyler Stalman
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First day unboxing testing the wide and ultra wide cameras on the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro, check out the Casetify Ultra Impact case bit.ly/31zGsHq - discount code 20STALMAN
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Sep 19, 2019




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Comments 80
Samanda Hakim
I hope I can buy it one day
Roli Mogaka
Roli Mogaka 6 days ago
Great video
Theo S. Adinata
Theo S. Adinata 9 days ago
Cool reviews and videos!
Daniel Marius
Daniel Marius 13 days ago
Why the people that i speak to about the iphone 11 say was steal it?
Anne Smith
Anne Smith 16 days ago
I’ve have a iPhone 7 for like 3 years now and I haven’t been able to get another phone because of paying for school out of pocket. I happened to finally get a better paying job so I ordered the iPhone 11 and I’m just amazed at how clear all these videos look 😭 I’m so excited major upgrade
Suthida Chuenklin
Suthida Chuenklin 20 days ago
Thank you so much for devoting your time and effort doing this! I just purchased an iPhone 11 and looking for some technical reviews. This video is very useful. Keep up the good work!
Reycha Jb
Reycha Jb 23 days ago
Amazing video! Thank you so much for taking the time to do all these testings:)
Macky Aguilar
Macky Aguilar 24 days ago
Wish to have my dream phone iphone 11❤️
Dian Mu
Dian Mu 24 days ago
Feel like I'm listening to Tony Stark's voice haha.
Tray Little
Tray Little 26 days ago
Nice! Just subscribed!
matteo Month ago
The way it hyperextends your arm, 2:30 , is hilarious
WWE World
WWE World Month ago
Please give 1 to me
Ramadhan Month ago
use a screen protector then if the screen scratches easily
Vanndy Ouk
Vanndy Ouk Month ago
Can you change the f stop and such with the 11 or does it only apply to the pro?
Faith A.
Faith A. Month ago
Wow the camera of this video which camera did you use? 😍😍😍
who sent you here
wow camera looks great ordering 11 pro on friday
All Things Houseplants
What camera are you using to film?
HaychGB Month ago
3:00 so is this wide lens mode that’s basically a fisheye lens on the iPhone 11?
el conejo blanco
what is your camera? 1:50
Justice For All
Justice For All Month ago
İ had Samsung Note 9 and camera was much better and much more quality and details. İ am very disappointed with İphone 11 camera.
amit singh
amit singh Month ago
Loved your camera test
Kristina Pikuza
Kristina Pikuza Month ago
Hey man wanted to say thanks. Very great experience through it all. I know it’s been 6 months when you posted it, but if you read it even now - I’m tapping my hat to you 😁
Prabu Prabu
Prabu Prabu Month ago
Sound effects in headset.. iphone 11 is better then sony xperia?
Juan Torres
Juan Torres Month ago
These are the exact two iphones me and my brother got. He got the 11 and i got the 11 pro
Morgan Perry
Morgan Perry Month ago
When the mic cut out you saying 11 and you glitched the number on the screen. That was slick
Hannah Mata
Hannah Mata Month ago
I love your background, so refreshing to watch, thanks for this!
Subhokar Bose
Subhokar Bose Month ago
Iphone 11 vs 11 pro which green colour you like most?
Tyler Stalman
Tyler Stalman Month ago
Pro for sure
Toriq Trisna
Toriq Trisna Month ago
just ask for one
Rock Student Ministries
wait, this was 11 pro the whole time wasn't it? not the 11?
Tyler Stalman
Tyler Stalman Month ago
It was both, and they have the same camera
Zmoney TV
Zmoney TV 2 months ago
I heard that u can’t zoom in on objects for the regular iPhone 11; is that true?
Tyler Stalman
Tyler Stalman 2 months ago
That is correct, the zoom lens is only on the 11 Pro
Marwan Omar
Marwan Omar 2 months ago
So far, the best review of iphone 11 camera test. Keep it up!
Denny Cippo
Denny Cippo 2 months ago
Iwant please gift me :(
Lily Rose
Lily Rose 2 months ago
Okay but tell me is iphone front camera our true face???? 😂
vBxndz 2 months ago
I got iphone 11 but the thing is it's color yellow :< other colors sold out
Ben's Pictures
Ben's Pictures 2 months ago
8:57 it's actually better on iPhone X .... :)
Vinayak Ramlogan
Vinayak Ramlogan 2 months ago
A lot of you tubers use their iPhones with a case and or screen protector. It amazes me lol
Rishab Banotra
Rishab Banotra 2 months ago
Please tell me should i go for Xr or 11 I love photography. But paying extra for 11 is the camera that good ? Or iphone xr will suffice. ?
bnzlryj 2 months ago
_just buy the iPhone 11 the starting price for XR is much expensive than the 11's startibg price, 2 camera lens is worth it that single camera lens_
Ronabel Navarro
Ronabel Navarro 2 months ago
Is the iphone 11 has a dual sim?
Mark Joseph Baysa
Mark Joseph Baysa 2 months ago
Iphone 11 Pro Max is my Dream phone my Streamer soon🤧
Mark Joseph Baysa
Mark Joseph Baysa 2 months ago
Dreaming that phone please🤧
Reroli Rvns
Reroli Rvns 2 months ago
I wish I can get a test of any IPhone phone but very expensive for me. Too bad I just have to keep on admiring them... All new ones n old ones. Thanks for the video I enjoyed it
jin kazama
jin kazama 2 months ago
can I have one iphone
Ace Hardy
Ace Hardy 2 months ago
Subhokar Bose
Subhokar Bose 2 months ago
Sir can u please share me ur iphone 11 pro homescreen wallpaper! Thank u sir.
FabienPath 2 months ago
OMG! let's forget the iphone. Which camera do you have?
M3DD 2 months ago
I love the image quality of his camera,not the iphone
Copperlake 2 months ago
what is iphone pro case in this video?
Golden Optics
Golden Optics 3 months ago
see my video on the iPhone 11
Orsonrick Marcera
Orsonrick Marcera 3 months ago
Iphone 11 or Iphone 11 pro max?
Harry Pattinson
Harry Pattinson 3 months ago
I’m using iPhone11📱
Miertje Stoer
Miertje Stoer 3 months ago
Hi.i love the iPhone 11 or iPhone X the most😄
Aqyl 3 months ago
imagine if the purple is this colour 1:58 ....
ginaloveian 3 months ago
I’m buying the iPhone 11 in a few months
Poulami Sukul
Poulami Sukul 3 months ago
Gift me one 😔
Levi Galang
Levi Galang 3 months ago
Can i have one of your phone i desperately want an apple 11 max huhu
limabean 3 months ago
istg apple camera makers are geniuses
Stephen 3 months ago
I don't know if it's just me but with this line, the iPhone 11 just feels like the standard model and the Pro is just their top-tier option. The iPhone Xs felt like the standard model and the XR felt like it was just the 'cheap' one in 2018.
Snyder 3 months ago
So the regular 11 has Wide Angle Lens correct? and the 11 pro has the ultra wide
Tyler Stalman
Tyler Stalman 3 months ago
The 11 has ultra wide and wide. The 11 pro has ultra wide, wide and telephoto
HL 3 months ago
Should I give up the telephoto lense on my ip8+ for 11? 😁
- rainbowine -
- rainbowine - 3 months ago
"shot on iphone 11" um 3:24 maybe you could have specified that it was the pro?
Tyler Stalman
Tyler Stalman 3 months ago
Same camera, 11 and 11 Pro
Himanshu Khanna
Himanshu Khanna 4 months ago
Cats Land
Cats Land 4 months ago
you didn't compare between the two iphone zoom test you must work on iphone 11 and 11 pro video zooming and picture zooming
меdшiск јоѕн иоlаѕсо
3:25 i think it's iPhone11PRO not 11
Alex Techtuber
Alex Techtuber 4 months ago
Damn really love your video alot...such a perfect preset and tone i really like it
Harlida Abdul Hadi
Harlida Abdul Hadi 4 months ago
Can i get the phone
Venture A Highway
Venture A Highway 4 months ago
This is the best iPhone camera review I've ever seen... or any review for that matter. Incredible production. You earned my subscribe :)
Beka Machurishvili
Beka Machurishvili 4 months ago
Is it worth upgrading from an android
Vanessa Lauren
Vanessa Lauren 4 months ago
Yes, the 11 looks so elegant! I have the lavender ordered and I can't wait.
Zei Agaid
Zei Agaid 4 months ago
@ 3:29 shot on iphone 11? I see it was iphone 11 pro
Arnav Dutt
Arnav Dutt 4 months ago
That's the case here.(no pun intended)
DeavmonTV 4 months ago
Bahtiyor Sultanov
Bahtiyor Sultanov 4 months ago
Good job
KAI1707NL 4 months ago
Why do you keep using iphones as your camera They aren't the best cameras out there for that price
Jahmya 4 months ago
On the commercials the recording look like an actual movie
88rising •
88rising • 4 months ago
please donate iphone 11 to me hahaha
MrrealFrank1 4 months ago
What I wanna know is where in NY is that!
Widasta Abi
Widasta Abi 4 months ago
Bro. Give me your iphone 11 pliss. Im poor, but i like it. Huuuu😢
Duc Nguyen
Duc Nguyen 4 months ago
iPhones 📱 are Bests Androids are Jokes let’s just Face it🎁🚘😍🚗
Zhakesha Music
Zhakesha Music 5 months ago
рахмет,бəрі түсінікті)
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