iPhone 11 review: the phone most people should buy

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Apple’s iPhone 11 offers the best cameras on a phone, terrific battery life, faster processors, and a $50 cheaper starting price than the iPhone XR, at only $699. What’s not to love? The new iPhone 11 is the phone most people who are upgrading to a new iPhone this year should get.
Check out the full review here: bit.ly/2mmwBoN
How to preorder: bit.ly/2kFfpub
How to choose which phone to buy: bit.ly/2klgQO2
Compared to Android devices: bit.ly/2kE8lOq
iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max review: bit.ly/2miGPpX
Apple Watch Series 5 review: bit.ly/2kQfH1e
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Sep 17, 2019




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Comments 3 475
The Verge
The Verge 26 days ago
Would you buy the iPhone 11 or the 11 Pro instead?
Sahin Tunc
Sahin Tunc 2 days ago
Iphone 11 pro I am going to buy it
Cash Carti
Cash Carti 8 days ago
Anyone knows if the 11 can play 1080p videos or is it like the XR?
Cheeseburger Mac Pac
The iPhone 11.😎
Ryan Sato
Ryan Sato 13 days ago
iPhone 11 is a far better value with only a few compromises. For a low resolution screen, it looks pretty good honestly, and that is the main difference other than the zoom lens
【Gacha Llama】
Is this phone bigger than a Samsung J7 V?
john doe
john doe 2 days ago
Most of this video centered round the camera
DashCamEyes 2 days ago
I have 7+ and still hold out for update. I might get this iPhone 11.
Gjetto Gjetto
Gjetto Gjetto 3 days ago
It is fortunate that changing the rear 11 glass seems to cost only $ 399.....😎
Katatsumuri 3 days ago
iphone 11 pro max "bleeding edge of tech" 🤣😂🤣😂
YZAN 4 days ago
Cant wait to upgrade my iPhone from SE to 11
Martín Fallas
Martín Fallas 5 days ago
Before buying one, remember: 326 ppi.
Morgan Juratich
Morgan Juratich 5 days ago
699 to like now it being like
White Kyrie
White Kyrie 5 days ago
Should I buy an iPhone eleven or an Xs max?
Paulina Acomor
Paulina Acomor 5 days ago
Is anyone having trouble with the iPhone 11 and the night mode? For some reason when I take pictures with night mode on they look really bad and I don’t know if it’s my device or it is because I’m doing something wrong but I’ve seen a lot of videos and none of them appear to have the same problem as me, and I bought it today
/ Lockuhma
/ Lockuhma 6 days ago
Y'all need to stfu I'm on a galaxy s5 in 2019
Oscar 7 days ago
My 4s still hanging there
Euphoria Rm
Euphoria Rm 7 days ago
I literally have a iPhone 6s And tomorrow I’m getting a iPhone 11 ;-;
Evanz 123
Evanz 123 5 days ago
Euphoria Rm who cares?
haroon miah
haroon miah 7 days ago
if only the display was 1080p
Geoffrey Mallya
Geoffrey Mallya 8 days ago
Is it upgrading or downgrading? From my samsung galaxy s9+ to iphone 11
80 KG
80 KG 8 days ago
"This is not exactly the hardest review I've ever had to do"
Marion Knight
Marion Knight 9 days ago
Not worth upgrading if you have a iPhone X.
Lindsey Theodorakis
Thank you for the review I am upgrading from my 8 to the 11
Lactrix 10 days ago
Apple does not offer the best camera, they are not even in the top 3 with battery time. Processor speedo n phones are useless.
Meme guy 41968
Meme guy 41968 10 days ago
If you shout in 4K you can’t even view it because the rez is still lower then a Nokia 5 lmao
dane johansen
dane johansen 11 days ago
Lol not 720p get it right
Thu Pham
Thu Pham 11 days ago
I just got the iPhone 11 yesterday 😍
Ka 11 days ago
Can you please do a iPhone XR vs iPhone 11 video and if it is worth buying the XR for $100 cheaper thanks 😊
Wak Daeng
Wak Daeng 12 days ago
minta saran donk, untuk kameranya lebih bagus mana antara iphone x s max dengan iphone 11 . terima kasih.
Wak Daeng
Wak Daeng 12 days ago
minta saran donk, untuk kameranya lebih bagus mana antara iphone x s max dengan iphone 11 . terima kasih.
Tushar A.
Tushar A. 12 days ago
This guy looks soo badass 😎
Icey X
Icey X 12 days ago
Had my iPhone 6 for 4-5 years. Getting my iPhone 11 tomorrow 🤩🥰
Icey X
Icey X 11 days ago
No because I live on campus. The mailroom is slow and only open during certain hours
Xenaer 11 days ago
did you get it yet?
Vincent Matlock
Vincent Matlock 12 days ago
I wanna upgrade, I have an 8+ but idk I rather get the latest and greatest just so I can hold onto it for the next 2-3 years just like I did with my 8+. But goddamn, $699 is really freaking good. I’d end up paying like a 100 bucks if I trade in my 8+.
Peacock Plays
Peacock Plays 12 days ago
Peacock Plays
Peacock Plays 12 days ago
The one that has two cameras is iPhone x r
Nicolo Don Diego
Nicolo Don Diego 12 days ago
My 7 plus is 2 years old! I think it's time to upgrade with this phone...
Trill Xero
Trill Xero 12 days ago
This is probably self promote and I might get a lot of hate but I’m a new streamer with only 1 subscriber I stream fortnite nba 2k20 and brawlhalla Apex and a lot of games please check me out because I’m trying to start a Minecraft series
Lara 12 days ago
Who else is upgrading from an iPad 😂
Yantz VR
Yantz VR 13 days ago
“An apple at year keeps the androids away” 🙊
Meli Fts
Meli Fts 13 days ago
Who else is switching from Android to iPhone? Can I get a like. Switching from Samsung Galaxy s8 to I-Phone 11.... Can't wait
its_ Addyyy
its_ Addyyy 8 days ago
Switching from my samsung 9 to 11😍 somewhere today or this month. There is goin to be a big a diff
Alyssa Radanovich
Alyssa Radanovich 13 days ago
Is it just me or does he look like an older version of Tony from 13 reasons why 😂😂
Matthew Godwin
Matthew Godwin 13 days ago
Why it called 11 cause has 1.1k leads on its main chip what nightmare to design and government wants access to prevent terrorism We buy stuff keep people out Anybody know what Samsung main chip has
April Taylor
April Taylor 13 days ago
My husband has ordered the 11 for me. I am not a techie, which is why I am asking the question here. I do use the music function on my phone, via headphones, when I am doing research or writing in the local library or coffee shop. I cannot wear buds that stick into my ears and have to wear headphones. Is there a way of still being able to wear headphones with the 11, please?
April Taylor
April Taylor 12 days ago
Just Another Science Nerd Thank you. Getting noise-cancelling Bluetooth headphones.
Just Another Science Nerd
I am guessing that your current phone has a headphone jack, whereas the iPhone 11, of course, does not. Two options: 1. Use Bluetooth headphones. 2. Buy an adapter with a lightning connector on one end and a headphone jack on the other. Plug this into the lightning port on the phone and plug your wired headphones into the jack.
Iarina Ticiu
Iarina Ticiu 13 days ago
I never had an iPhone in my life. I am 11 btw and I was thinking to upgrade to the iPhone 11. I had my phone for like a year which for some people is quite early to get a new phone but I really like this one and I am not 100% sure i should make the change. If someone has this phone or knows how to is reply to me
Xenaer 8 days ago
Iarina Ticiu what phone do you have
Eang Chan Theng
Eang Chan Theng 13 days ago
I really want it but....... 😔
Danielle McCormick
Danielle McCormick 13 days ago
Hongkong Awongdong
Hongkong Awongdong 13 days ago
in Australia the iPhone 11 is $1100
Mendoza Ethan
Mendoza Ethan 14 days ago
That’s tea sis how they we’re arguing 🍵
park chimmy
park chimmy 14 days ago
I don’t have a new phone 😢
ICUP2002 14 days ago
If I was to get the iPhone 11 I would have to get the 11 pro or pro max, because I think the 11 would be a down grade I’m not to sure. 🤔
Filip Ivan
Filip Ivan 14 days ago
Whos finally upgrading from SE ? IMO best iPhone ever, but the battery is so weak.
Orav A.
Orav A. 14 days ago
Trap phone don't have 720p tho Only 1080p on trap phone these days
Eman Live
Eman Live 14 days ago
Eman Live
Eman Live 14 days ago
TigerLeon 14 days ago
Hahaahahahha I laugh in Iphones face... Have you even seen the huawei p30 pro's camera and specs?? You just pay extra for the Apple on the back
Megg Gill
Megg Gill 14 days ago
Can’t wait till mine arrives can’t wait to get rid of my iPhone 5 😂😂😂
happy2be 14 days ago
Well until now I thought time travel was impossible... But, Apple have managed to travel back three years and bring us this.... "we've completely reinvented.... Eeeerm.... Hmmmm.... An old Samsung"?
JonSnow 14 days ago
My XR broke. Under warranty refunded me. So just brought the 11. Got a newer phone and saved 30£.
Munro McLaren
Munro McLaren 14 days ago
Yeah the bug made your battery drain and also when I opened up Instagram the keyboard wasn’t there though I could still type. It was weird.
Charlie Davies
Charlie Davies 14 days ago
Anyone upgrading from an SE? 😂 Just meeeee ??
Munro McLaren
Munro McLaren 14 days ago
The fast charging will actually harm your phone.
Munro McLaren
Munro McLaren 14 days ago
I’m upgrading from the iPhone 7 to the iPhone 11. It arrives tomorrow. So excited!
Nigel Thornberry
Nigel Thornberry 14 days ago
I have an iPhone 7 and it works just fine. Gonna wait for the iPhone 12 hoping that it has an oled display and fast charger in the box. Finger print reader under the display would make it the perfect phone.
TFG_YSN 14 days ago
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