iPhone 11 Pro Review: For the Love of Cameras!

Marques Brownlee
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There's really only 1 reason I'm upgrading to the iPhone 11 Pro Max.
Unboxing every green iPhone: ruvid.net/video/video-QK8Se8CvyHc.html
iPhone 11 Robot skin: dbrand.com/robot
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Intro Track: Alltta by Alltta
Playlist of MKBHD Intro music: goo.gl/B3AWV5

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Sep 19, 2019




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Comments 80
highsociety 21 hour ago
where do i can download the wallpaper he is using on the 11 pro here?
Tobias L
Tobias L 8 hours ago
From unsplash app
Shaarif Ansari
Fantastic I wish i purchase it
Delta Reviews
Delta Reviews 2 days ago
Dude that opening shot was dope how the I mean wtf you da man
F F 3 days ago
no matter what, out with friends it'll be always the iPhone guys taking the pictures
Shantanu singh 2k18_EC_157
why don't you do a night mode blind camera test ?
orvinal 4 days ago
everyone's talking about how they have an old iPhone, i don't even have a phone.
Umair Day ago
Same I'm typing this on the samsung smart fridge
Gabe Warmuth
Gabe Warmuth 4 days ago
Where do I get that wallpaper!?
Jaxson Smith
Jaxson Smith 5 days ago
I have the 11 red cause I couldn’t afford the peo
Jaxson Smith
Jaxson Smith 5 days ago
Praneet Ezekiel
Praneet Ezekiel 5 days ago
🎛️⬛⬛ ⬛🍎⬛ ⬛⬛⬛ ⬛⬛⬛ ⬛⬛⬛
Jamir Medina
Jamir Medina 5 days ago
love the casey neistat/368 like intro music 💯
D 5 days ago
should i get the 11 or wait for the 12?
Roy Lin
Roy Lin 6 days ago
6:38 I just realized how much apple products he has...
Parth Pandya
Parth Pandya 6 days ago
can we just take a moment and appreciate the intro
Izzzy Demon
Izzzy Demon 6 days ago
just bought my 11 pro max. you're the first review i watched before i decided to get this phone and the last one i watched after i bought it💯💯
ashok kumar alladhi
One day I will afford iphone
Samir feikert
Samir feikert 7 days ago
13:20 he is flying
Matthew Shafer
Matthew Shafer 7 days ago
That intro was ⲟrgasmוֹc
Rafique Hola
Rafique Hola 8 days ago
2:31 The difference of the colour in the middle is pretty substantial.
Bauzli GG
Bauzli GG 8 days ago
Im confused at the specs. I know its not only about them but.... They seem very underwhelming for a 2019 flagship phone. Idk, didnt own one, how was it?
Chris Ward
Chris Ward 9 days ago
Great review Marques. One of the best I've seen. I've ordered the 11 pro max and awaiting delivery.
I'm A Youtuber
I'm A Youtuber 10 days ago
Nice intro tho
Siddharth Sharma
Siddharth Sharma 10 days ago
Hey man where do i get this wallpaper you’re using?
Sharky 11 days ago
My soul: iPhone 11 Pro My heart: iPhone 11 My wallet: Samsung galaxy A10e
Bambi Habesha
Bambi Habesha 12 days ago
I wish I have a phone like this😭😭
Aishwarye Kumar
Aishwarye Kumar 14 days ago
Marques, please share this blue and red wallpaper with us ! It’s mind blowing !
Rishad 14 days ago
If i could get atleast an iphone 7... 😪💔
Temptation 15 days ago
What color should I get?
sharktony jaws
sharktony jaws 15 days ago
how about burst shoots
Aum Prajapati
Aum Prajapati 16 days ago
Been watching you since I got my first iPad, I can’t tell you how big of a rolemodel for film you were to me, keep it up man. You motivated me to open my own channel and record my own iPhone 11 video ❤️❤️
Anjali Shannon
Anjali Shannon 16 days ago
Can I get that iphone as a giveaway.?☺️
Cody 16 days ago
6:39 That flex tho...
ABS283 16 days ago
The iPhone SE The iPhone X Nice one apple 🍎
Marcus Förster
Marcus Förster 17 days ago
The Music of the beginning is from 368 from Casey, Right ?! Best wishes from Germany
videorocker256 17 days ago
Sauja boyie eemei oo,naisutula pee oo
The Notorious
The Notorious 18 days ago
Future Legend
Future Legend 19 days ago
Why is iphone so mocked for its price. I mean android flagships are also a 1000 dollars.
Anagh Wadhwa
Anagh Wadhwa 19 days ago
What's the wallpaper?
Sagnik 20 days ago
Music is awesome
Syed Misbah
Syed Misbah 20 days ago
What's the camera name and model at 8:35
Jagdeep Singh
Jagdeep Singh 21 day ago
Kive aa
Michael Vines
Michael Vines 21 day ago
Using your silly fingers to make quotation marks isn't PRO either.
LiF3 oF NAs
LiF3 oF NAs 22 days ago
Lmao dude has 11 million subscribers and doesn't want to test if its the strongest glass. Huhhh
-Omer Rizwan
-Omer Rizwan 22 days ago
Help Needed I Need To Buy New Iphone Which One Should I Get ? i had iphone x but it broke from me.i need two things in iphone 1-Camera 2-Battery Please Help
Zafeera Naim
Zafeera Naim 22 days ago
At first i also thought it wasn’t that good to look at but after that the android flagships started launching and looking more horrible than this.
Nitish Kumar
Nitish Kumar 22 days ago
need that wallpaper
GoldenGaming World
GoldenGaming World 23 days ago
Where does he get that wallpaper from
vince *
vince * 23 days ago
What happens if you want to take burst photos? Did they just get rid of that feature?
Salmon_Boy 23 days ago
Markass Brownlee Said Will Smith
King Sean
King Sean 23 days ago
How did you remove the flashlight and camera from the lock screen? @MarquesBrownlee
Mithilesh Lokhande
Mithilesh Lokhande 24 days ago
Coming back here after the 6 month review version Just for that INTRO!!!!!!!!!
Saif Ashraf
Saif Ashraf 24 days ago
that intro was SOLID
You are eloquent, you are good at what you do, you are indeed a "pro". I enjoy your professionalism and the art with which you handle a subject matter. I think no matter what the subject matter it is that you are treating, you 'll make it an enjoyment to watch and listen to. Keep on shining and more anointing.
Lil Mcoy
Lil Mcoy 24 days ago
Niko Lehtonen
Niko Lehtonen 24 days ago
Enough about the phone. What is that shirt ur wearing? That’s nice bro 👌
John Les
John Les 24 days ago
8:05 if you caught that his education degree corrected his hood talk lol
Cristian Rosca
Cristian Rosca 24 days ago
Pro stands for Pro-hibitive.
Vaishali Kumbar
Vaishali Kumbar 25 days ago
Cool intro music
Himanshu yadav
Himanshu yadav 25 days ago
Wallpaper link ?
NovaAzimYT 25 days ago
What is that wallpaper🔥?
Bryce Cxtry
Bryce Cxtry 26 days ago
The 11pros screen scratches so easily you can’t even put it in a empty pocket without a scratch. My phone is covered in scratches lol
Nog311 26 days ago
Do you have to use Face ID? I want to unlock by finger
Kartik Kankurte
Kartik Kankurte 26 days ago
What is the name of the the intro music?
Abijit Dikshith
Abijit Dikshith 26 days ago
did anyone realise that the intro is the same as Casey's 368 vlogs?
Arya kumar
Arya kumar 26 days ago
is that 11 pro or pro max ?
KeithGanHC 26 days ago
A Linus Pulseway ad on a MKBHD video. Noice
Aussie iF
Aussie iF 26 days ago
Where did you get your wallpaper from? It looks sick
Rahal Pathirana
Rahal Pathirana 26 days ago
me: this is your card Marques: this is your $1000 phone, ha gotcha
Najee Alexander
Najee Alexander 27 days ago
The back glass is a work of art! JerryRigEverything did a video on it. Highly scratch and rub resistant.
Dailydriver 28 days ago
What I really want is thru the screen Touch ID. I would have missed that too much and when my gen 1 SE went out I went to an 8 because the cost AND the Touch ID loss was just too much. I don’t enjoy Face ID it’s annoying
E1N 28 days ago
I bought it on Argos for £1300 I can pay it off in 6 months ☺️ Could have found it a bit cheaper but I wouldn't be able to afford it any other way LMAO
Jonathan QuantumJG
Jonathan QuantumJG 28 days ago
I got the iPhone 11 Pro Max, and it’s definitely an upgrade from the iPhone X. I wouldn’t upgrade from the iPhone XS Max to it, but I was using an iPhone X. The brightness and battery life, are things that I’ve noticed. It’s faster, and the camera is better. But being in lockdown, has really restricted what I can take photos of. I got my dad an iPhone 11, and I can’t really see a difference in the screen quality. It still looks vivid. I asked dad what he wanted, and he said the bigger phone. I interpreted that, as the iPhone 11 Pro Max. The guy at the store, interpreted it as an iPhone 11 (as it’s bigger than the iPhone 11 Pro). I didn’t realise, until I left. But I did realise it was much cheaper to get him the iPhone 11. I still think the iPhone 11 is a good phone, but I just had to get the 11 Pro Max, because I like big phones. I also want the best model, as my phone is the most important device I own. One thing I prefer on the 11, is the glossy back. I’m not really a fan of matte, but it’s growing on me. I also use a Tech 21 case, so it can withstand drops. I spent $240 just on cases and shatterproof screen protectors for our phones. Mine is worth $2.5k and dad’s is worth $1.3k. I’m going to get Apple Care for both my iPad Pro and my iPhone 11 Pro Max. A $2.5k phone is worth a lot of money to me. My iPad Pro 12.9” is worth $2k. I probably have assets worth $8k or $10k. When all my tech is combined. Over half of it, is Apple products.
Talha Jat
Talha Jat 28 days ago
Jonathan QuantumJG nobody gives af Karen
mariacheline 28 days ago
Is nobody gonna talk about the dog actually posing 😭
Asher Lara
Asher Lara 28 days ago
i have a iphone 11 pro max so cheap
Joshua Miller
Joshua Miller 28 days ago
2:48 good grieefffffff those scratches lol
Deji Iledare
Deji Iledare 27 days ago
Wait till u see my phone
Abraam Saife
Abraam Saife 29 days ago
Intro🔥 MKBHD
Abhik Sahana
Abhik Sahana 29 days ago
who are here only for the intro after TechDevoted
CarCam Media
CarCam Media 29 days ago
No one in the comments mentioned the intro music? Kind of miss Casey.
SirGerman3 29 days ago
The intro to this video will forever be iconic
Brooklyn Thomas
Brooklyn Thomas Month ago
Did you now you can go undwater with that phone without breaking it
MrDarito Month ago
This intro was 🔥🔥🔥
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