iPhone 11 Pro Impressions: What a Name!

Marques Brownlee
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iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max - If you ignore the name, this is a pretty impressive phone.
iPhone 11 Impressions: ruvid.net/video/video-UVpJouUyLBM.html
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Sep 11, 2019




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Comments 27 815
YouTube Mini
YouTube Mini Day ago
I don't know if I should keep my xr or switch I really want to keep it but I don't know
Edgar Renje
Edgar Renje Day ago
When you want your kitchen always with you.
King8233 EnT
King8233 EnT 5 days ago
I just got my midnight green iPhone 11 Pro Max it’s amazing!!
Alexander PH 272
Alexander PH 272 6 days ago
What's so pro about it that other phone's don't have
Nate DS
Nate DS 13 days ago
Mark my words, the iPhone will never get a usb c port but will instead get rid of all its ports to create a “wireless experience”.
Mr bullet
Mr bullet 16 days ago
My teacher has iPhone 11 Pro Max
2 m8s
2 m8s 17 days ago
Yay, now I can buy the iPhone 5 😃😃
Jhon Appleseed
Jhon Appleseed 19 days ago
I can testify for the battery life it lasts me the whole day without charging
Branden Lucero
Branden Lucero 21 day ago
mine was the HTC Touch Pro running Windows Mobile 6.1. Still have it somewhere, still works to this day .
the phone is like 5 years old in tec. but in naming apple is the real PRO
BackToPray 22 days ago
sriharsha kolluru
sriharsha kolluru 24 days ago
Watching it in iPhone11 pro😂😂
Y. E
Y. E 24 days ago
Which camera do I look at when someone is taking a picture of me lol
kevin E
kevin E 25 days ago
Hi MKbHD. Do you notice any vertical banding on this iphone on lowest brightness?
NICE NIGHTCORE 25 days ago
android users: They added pro as if its for professionals. real life: Androids been using pro since the end of 2017. Have a Great Day.
Mansa Pratap Singh
Shit... I’m stuck with 5s
kdshenderson Month ago
Hilarious all the Apple haters but yet they here watching lmaoooooooo
Sunny Sunny
Sunny Sunny Month ago
And obviously as u said camera could have been more professional as it claims to be. In 2x max digital zoom pics get blurred and distance cover is poor too unlike a dslr of same price level which i think apple should upgrade it as a real pro next year.
Sunny Sunny
Sunny Sunny Month ago
Marques i have the grey max and i liked the camera much. Also i must tell u that u r the best👍👍👍
Brock Middaugh
Brock Middaugh Month ago
What if they put a print scanner in the Apple logo on the back ?
Kelvin Tang
Kelvin Tang Month ago
For global iPhone user: *Don't use safari* to surf internet as all of ur *data/privacy are sent to Tencent(China government controlled)company* as well without permission.U don't believe?well u can check the latest T&C(setting-safari-abt safari policy-fraudulent warning paragraph)
danne Month ago
The counselor at my school has an iphone 11 pro and tbh, it looks kinda dumb irl
Shawna's Scent Story
Hmm why I feel I should be having your babies.. I don't know I came here to hear about phones but now alI I can think about is I should be having this man babies.
...it would be nice if he put up side by side pictures of a shot taken with the iphone max telephoto lens at 2X and the same shot with the iphone 11.
miverick86 Month ago
Tbh. The battery does last 5 hours longer so far.
Sai MJ
Sai MJ Month ago
The cameras remind me the back of a coconut
Maximus Indroducent
5:03 Markass brownie looks bald
jesus ramirez
jesus ramirez 14 days ago
silesasi Month ago
The screen is working when its wet! Yayy
Catch Eagle
Catch Eagle Month ago
When the camera looks like a fidget spinner.
Mr. T
Mr. T Month ago
I just got mine 11 pro max and I’m loving it
Clip God
Clip God Month ago
Lucky. I plan to rock out with my regular Xs for another year
Tech Ghost
Tech Ghost Month ago
Mr. T I am the one who liked.
GBody786 Month ago
If apple continue this grand theft auto by taking the mickies out of their customers pockets by selling the same shit every year with no major updates if their customers actually start reading the consumer comments on youtube apples future is not looking good sales will drop people want to save period 🤷🏽‍♂️ 2020 everyones youtube educated now 😂💀
M 08
M 08 Month ago
I always liked iPhones but this year I’ll pass sorry
Sanath Rao
Sanath Rao Month ago
I believe that the Samsung Galaxy 10 is way better than IPHONE 11 pro max....
Nathan Pham
Nathan Pham Month ago
Apple hasn’t changed the iPhone’s body shape in 5 years (since iPhone 6).
Shyel Singh
Shyel Singh Month ago
Everybody says that there is nothing pro about the iPhone, but there is nothing pro about the one plus 7 pro either. That’s not right.
Tulio Viloria
Tulio Viloria Month ago
Not going to buy it
jacqueline huynh
kitchen stove 😂
passion4movies Month ago
it looks so ugly from behind :))
Mad Gamer
Mad Gamer Month ago
So...that is the 4K camera... 5:05
My Brother Bobby
6:09 they actually did it, they listened to mkbhd lol
Casey Webb
Casey Webb Month ago
Watching this on my iPhone 11 pro max... Now I kinda regret it.
Gastper Kaswaki
Gastper Kaswaki 2 months ago
Still on my iPhone 6, and I’m proud.
Felix Golez
Felix Golez 2 months ago
Watching this vid on my OnePlus 7 pro. My last iPhone was 5c and that's it I'm not going back to iPhone. It's 2019 and still iPhone has 12mp camera with 720p screen resolution lol but the price is still $1000+.
iz the fourth of juleye
Felix Golez the one plus 7 pro is on my Christmas list
awesome videos
awesome videos 2 months ago
Who else saw Rajiv makhani 😂
Shan Iqbal Adviser
Shan Iqbal Adviser 2 months ago
Honestly you wanna listen... I was a huge fan of iPhones etc Apple... yesterday I bought S9 Samsung I can't say I'm really loving that one.. I don't want apple..just getting money for fame or showing off ?
London Miyuki
London Miyuki 2 months ago
I love my iPhone. Wonderful stuff. 👍
Xavier Ortiz
Xavier Ortiz 2 months ago
Its a solid phone but they overhyped it's value big time. i still have a 6s that works great but again, Apple's crappy infamy in how they treat users using past generations of their products takes it's due. No big tech company is entirely "pro-consumer" but i just really don't like Apple as a company.
Ivan Bautista
Ivan Bautista 2 months ago
No I feel the same as you didn’t make it too much of a “pro” phone really needed to do much more ! I’m still getting it tho 🤞🏽😂 from the 8+ to the 11 “pro”
sai sudhakar
sai sudhakar 2 months ago
Everyone likes build quality of iPhone. You are giving froasted Matt finish instead of Aluminium back in iPhone. It reminds me of Sony Xperia Z5 which is android smartphone. I don’t want wireless charging. I want look of iPhone device premium. Please produce iPhone with top build quality Aluminium
JöNNY BräVø 2 months ago
Now a days you don't buy iPhone for it's specifications you buy it to show how rich you are it's now a luxury item🤑
Methsara Muditha
Methsara Muditha 2 months ago
It sucks dude.waiting for Samsung s11
Tejas Gadekar
Tejas Gadekar 2 months ago
Just came here to give a dislike, you are baised af
Miguel Mendoza
Miguel Mendoza 2 months ago
Apple: slaps another camera on the back and just upgraded the XS a little bit and include fast charging charger on the box = Iphone 11 pro
Benjamin Malave Jr.
Benjamin Malave Jr. 2 months ago
Not enough differences to justify the prices. Welcome changes: Increase display sizes by 0.3" Increase battery sizes Include fast charger (all models and faster than 18w) Dedicated low-light camera Start storage at 128GB USB-C More RAM Split-screen multi-tasking Picture in picture multi-tasking Bootcamp for iOS (to run Android on iPhone)
Imtiaz Mahmud
Imtiaz Mahmud 2 months ago
Next year Apple will be releasing DSLR camera with iOS.
Gmail Account
Gmail Account 2 months ago
5:20 i thought he was ganna turn around and walk away
Dhaval Patel
Dhaval Patel 2 months ago
7:23 this is exactly i think first
Minato Namikaze
Minato Namikaze 2 months ago
Midnight green or gold?
Carlos Duarte
Carlos Duarte 2 months ago
i just wanted 90-120 HZ screen 🥺
Rohan Gajjala
Rohan Gajjala 2 months ago
Same lol.
Labbazz 2 months ago
Hmm is that a One Plus backpack I see in the background :)
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