iPhone 11 Pro by Pineapple | Rudy Mancuso, Anwar Jibawi & Hannah Stocking

Rudy Mancuso
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Sep 6, 2019




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Comments 7 297
Rudy Mancuso
Rudy Mancuso 4 months ago
Blue Raccoon games Clowes
Rudy Mancuso is a way do another video of the grinch?’vhgjghjhgvbbmlhkffgah)(??)^*%>~#%~*%^~<~<>~><>><><<<%<€%#%%<?$>€<><~$¥$
UwU Trash
UwU Trash 11 days ago
Roshni Lopes yo
the warface dude
the warface dude 14 days ago
@prizm this video was 4 months ago lol
prizm 14 days ago
MyWeirdAccount21 Ye
Can I get all of the products?!
Crazygamer 001
Crazygamer 001 5 hours ago
What yoga pants gotta do with phone Rudy??
Gaming with Soul Reaper
I want pineapple card
DMC Gaming
DMC Gaming 15 hours ago
Yo crazy
Debbie bG
Debbie bG Day ago
0:36 Sport that nobody watches 🤣🤣
Subham Ranjit
Subham Ranjit 2 days ago
He's like Steve jobs but a little.......... Better Nope not crappier🤣🤣
MasterAngel :P
MasterAngel :P 2 days ago
This is apple in 2043 when they ran out of ideas 😂🤦‍♂️
Sandra Steadman
Sandra Steadman 3 days ago
Ur so cute even though I’m nine
Dixshant s
Dixshant s 4 days ago
Steve trabajo 😂😂lol
Taj Garza
Taj Garza 4 days ago
For those who may not have gotten it already...Steve Jobs is apples CEO He's Steve trabajo... trabajo In Spanish is Job
Phùng Linh Anh
Phùng Linh Anh 4 days ago
Rudy,i think u should add,"with a little bit of tequila" in 0:53:))))
juan's tech guide
Gotta get my pineapple card right away!
Keykey Morgan
Keykey Morgan 5 days ago
Canadians do say thankyou but not eh
willbgaming46 6 days ago
Dang I need this can someone link me the website for this plz
jbl lb
jbl lb 6 days ago
What about......pineapple pie phone? 😂😂
URI Dromi
URI Dromi 6 days ago
Violet Todeva
Violet Todeva 6 days ago
I miss Maria
Brayan Chavez
Brayan Chavez 6 days ago
You got a apple phone🥳🥳🥳🥳
TopWar DemiGOD
TopWar DemiGOD 7 days ago
He says overplayed sports and shows boxing which is the one sport which isn’t overpayed
A person who has a google account
Was funny until you mentioned rich white people. I see you're a liberal. Unfollow.
Noobiefinder55 6
Noobiefinder55 6 7 days ago
Check robs version of this too 🤫
tarquin matroos
tarquin matroos 7 days ago
xCxJx Gaming
xCxJx Gaming 7 days ago
I'm watching this with my APPLE
Shxft Ra¡d&n
Shxft Ra¡d&n 7 days ago
Low key opened up Siri as soon as he said sry
Mafia King
Mafia King 8 days ago
All the dislikes r from apple's employees
Ronaldo Thebeast
Ronaldo Thebeast 8 days ago
What if this was real😂😂👏🏾👏🏾🔥
Eco Decor
Eco Decor 8 days ago
U said pineapple so many times I nearly cried
SeedraHere YALL
SeedraHere YALL 8 days ago
Crapple - Apple, but a bit crappier
Fernando 8 days ago
Intro so video a pior possivel
BunnyScotch YT
BunnyScotch YT 8 days ago
*I would buy the headphones..* *”A pineapple away keeps everything crappier like today”*
Mr_Rage 334
Mr_Rage 334 8 days ago
Hello merry merry Christmas 🎄 is a Christmas merry Christmas to
Please don't entente that Compony
DJ K 9 days ago
somon 369
somon 369 9 days ago
Steve jobs left the chats:(
The churro life 101
This guy is talking the truth 😂
Izumi Sagiri
Izumi Sagiri 9 days ago
I thought it was maria
maya 2020
maya 2020 10 days ago
who else would rather have a pineapple phone instead of an apple phone.....no just me ok
Nico Llanos
Nico Llanos 10 days ago
Nam jesus
Nam jesus 10 days ago
Gil Hutcheson
Gil Hutcheson 11 days ago
Trabajo is jobs in the language
Zodiac Everden
Zodiac Everden 11 days ago
Pinned by Rudy Mancuso
GrigGackYT Abrahamyan
But little crappier
GrigGackYT Abrahamyan
I am jake the med
Ashlyn Deras
Ashlyn Deras 11 days ago
i am the only one that notice steve jobs and steve trabajos is the same because jobs=trabajos in spanish yea probably not
Ana B
Ana B 11 days ago
This reminds of ROB the video he made is the same sort of😂
mae lemon
mae lemon 11 days ago
Iphone Poor🤣🤣🤣🤣
The bear Crib
The bear Crib 11 days ago
Is it weird I actually want this
Tobi A
Tobi A 12 days ago
Who else is here after røb's video???
Verony H.
Verony H. 12 days ago
AyeItzMattG Yt
AyeItzMattG Yt 12 days ago
kenan dzaferagic
kenan dzaferagic 12 days ago
Goood ooonnneeee!
Gabriel V
Gabriel V 12 days ago
What’s the song called??
Jàhlíl çàrr
Jàhlíl çàrr 12 days ago
0:30 boomers*
Kenneth The Best
Kenneth The Best 12 days ago
he’s just listing the bad stuff about Apple
Jah Gamer
Jah Gamer 12 days ago
Toye Fagbulu
Toye Fagbulu 13 days ago
Who is Ashish?
cjum nugget
cjum nugget 13 days ago
When is the pineapple watch comming out?
PRETTY SURE 130 13 days ago
Imagine this as a real commercial or ad for apple and people buying these things that would be amazing😁😁😂😂
Wabel AL
Wabel AL 13 days ago
Can anyone tell me the sound tracks name?
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