iPhone 11 Pro by Pineapple | Rudy Mancuso, Anwar Jibawi & Hannah Stocking

Rudy Mancuso
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Sep 6, 2019




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Comments 100
Rudy Mancuso
Rudy Mancuso Year ago
Cris Hernandez
With embracing this as a crappy Apple product why not just Crapple
ツsh4y 3 days ago
Rudy Mancuso oh I will
Kebjn K
Kebjn K 22 days ago
peter opemiposi
peter opemiposi Month ago
Funny as always
Margad Hosbayar
Margad Hosbayar Month ago
hi steve trabajo
Zulthan Nazab zame
Zulthan Nazab zame 15 hours ago
Yoga Pants 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Rezcu 22 hours ago
Bro he’s funny
Khaos Moji
Khaos Moji Day ago
A pineapple phone actually seems pretty nice actually. They say it’s crappy but it’s pretty much only missing all the useless stuff iPhones have.
Maverik Day ago
I clicked on this thinking it was a real add
Edward Ooi
Edward Ooi 2 days ago
whats the music in the background, can someone pls tell me?
Aurora Stars
Aurora Stars 2 days ago
Aya Harakat
Aya Harakat 2 days ago
I'll take the headphones😂🤣
Fandom 2 days ago
Pineapple: also known as iphone poor LMFAOOOOO
king of kings
king of kings 2 days ago
Who want subscribe
Jerry Yang
Jerry Yang 2 days ago
Intro doucing 2020 It's just like 2019 But it's a little shittier
Rabbina Tahmid Alam
Anybody From Ashish Chanchlani Vines? ❤️❤️
Gagandeep Singh
Gagandeep Singh 3 days ago
who is here after ashish chalchani video
hello desi
hello desi 3 days ago
His turtle neck is like Steve job's but crapier
___shan ___
___shan ___ 4 days ago
Hailey Duggan
Hailey Duggan 4 days ago
“Family reunions...also known as anxiety” 😂
Mozetail 4 days ago
Can somebody order on
Amaan Rahimtoola
Amaan Rahimtoola 4 days ago
Ny1 watching this 1 year later??
Adam Aiman
Adam Aiman 4 days ago
Hello there this is steve jobs
Iaroslav Bulimov
Iaroslav Bulimov 5 days ago
Anybody here after watching apple presentation on 15.09.20?:D
Nathanael Alcantar
I want the headphones
Ghost yoda Productions
I’m watching this video on the pineapple 11 pro right now
Francis Paul
Francis Paul 6 days ago
idk how many times I've watched these pineapple episodes...so fuckin hilarious
Angela 6 days ago
You are stupid he he
Titli Ahmed
Titli Ahmed 6 days ago
It should have been Piphone since it's pineapple...
minecraft typical gamer
i want it in the first part of the video he said give whatever you have in your pocket then if i have 1 cent it is free
Megi Lo
Megi Lo 7 days ago
🍍Pineapple is like Ipone,but a little Crappier🤔😎😁😘😃🤗🤣🤣💖
Suhail Khaled
Suhail Khaled 7 days ago
How much the pineapple
Ham- Dan jemal
Ham- Dan jemal 8 days ago
I hate iphone
Yash 8 days ago
Shot on iPhone.
pink diamond
pink diamond 8 days ago
if ads were honest 😍
Captain Pramila
Captain Pramila 9 days ago
It's Mexican steve
CMC CLASHER 9 days ago
Steve Trabajo 🤣🤣🤣
Blue bxrry
Blue bxrry 10 days ago
"Things other things"
Dinosaur Gamer
Dinosaur Gamer 10 days ago
Nocs Scape
Nocs Scape 10 days ago
What's the background piano music?
Werewolf Rauf
Werewolf Rauf 10 days ago
So funny when you say goodluck
T-gaming official
T-gaming official 11 days ago
What are you talking about this is 10 times beter than apple
Recker Production
Recker Production 12 days ago
If You liked it, like in the comment below, if You didn't like it, like in the comment below
Recker Production
Recker Production 12 days ago
The world is ready for the next unnecessary product Steve Trabahjo
TAWANNA STARKS 12 days ago
ayyyyyyyyyyyyyy i luvo you
Kazi Shehjaar Rahman
Its Rudy Mancusco just like Steve Jobbs but a little crappier
Savannah Briseno
Savannah Briseno 13 days ago
You should sell pineapple merch.
Lisa Kade
Lisa Kade 13 days ago
LovingBlossom 13 days ago
Oh wait røb was inspired
gottogofast2242 yt
gottogofast2242 yt 15 days ago
Ther is a head phone that canesel Me I will take your intier stock
O DamnedOne
O DamnedOne 16 days ago
shit I think I like this company XD
Someone not Important
I'll take your entire stock
Shashwat Agarwal
Shashwat Agarwal 16 days ago
Ashish Chanchalani had got his video inspired by this one
Jayden Johnson
Jayden Johnson 16 days ago
I’ll buy this phone how much lol
George Mourelatos
George Mourelatos 18 days ago
Is it just me or does apple always post there new products the same time that pineapple does 🤔
Laith Fawzy
Laith Fawzy 18 days ago
Conner lucas
Conner lucas 19 days ago
I actually prefer pineapple products to poles products
Jah vow Phillips
Jah vow Phillips 19 days ago
I booked my flight I'm going to buy a pineapple phone
A T 19 days ago
that was funny and stuipd
Ani G
Ani G 19 days ago
People need this piece of shit😂😂😂
Layla Bridges
Layla Bridges 19 days ago
Layla Bridges
Layla Bridges 19 days ago
Layla Bridges
Layla Bridges 19 days ago
Uh uh
Kensly Moncoeur
Kensly Moncoeur 19 days ago
“iPhone poor”
Charlie Hamilton
Charlie Hamilton 20 days ago
I’d like a pineapple card please.
Noobity Plays
Noobity Plays 20 days ago
Everyone in the comment section is... A little crappier
Daendre Eaton
Daendre Eaton 20 days ago
If he’s gonna give me the phone for whatever I got in my pocket, I’ll just bring nothing and get it for free💀
Sina Afshari
Sina Afshari 21 day ago
Love that
Lil t The rapper
Lil t The rapper 21 day ago
Any money u got me with a dime: that it? How do u get that phone
luna 21 day ago
and im just here waiting for your new iphone 12. just a little crappier.
Jenna Snyman
Jenna Snyman 22 days ago
The Iphone poor Lmao😂😂😂😂😂
ইনজাMEME 22 days ago
That's awesome
viky ghanekar
viky ghanekar 23 days ago
Lovely brother 😂And that girl is super hot ❤️
dannyngo334 24 days ago
BIG SAUCE 24 days ago
My chest 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Anshul B Bhawsar
Anshul B Bhawsar 24 days ago
Who is here after Ashish's video??
Miguel Da-silva
Miguel Da-silva 24 days ago
Diego's mixtape bro?
Tshitize Sarki
Tshitize Sarki 26 days ago
Kamini Singh
Kamini Singh 26 days ago
Awesome 🤣👏
Alek Quezada
Alek Quezada 27 days ago
Does the pencil work with any other eraser?
Sophia Lenard
Sophia Lenard 27 days ago
2020 Like 2019 but a little crappier
Sam S
Sam S 27 days ago
Apple: iPhone 11/iPhone Pro Rudy: iPhone _poor._
xXCodalexsXx 27 days ago
i got nun in my pocket can i still buy it?
Olly Verse
Olly Verse 27 days ago
Can I buy some wig canceling headphones so I can use some for me to cancel my bf so he can shut up
Eliza Aziri
Eliza Aziri 28 days ago
uhhh..... but at least no one else is doing that🤣🤣
Dev_plays :3
Dev_plays :3 28 days ago
Rudy can I get one pineapple phone thx
Ariel Bullard
Ariel Bullard 29 days ago
😂😂 kml love it
Marce Castillo
Marce Castillo 29 days ago
la ma
la ma 29 days ago
describe your ex: like any other playboy just a little crappier
Roger Games
Roger Games 29 days ago
I remember watching you when you were the Grinch
aashow Sisters
aashow Sisters 29 days ago
maybe the phone could be like $10
Amelie 29 days ago
S’moregirl Alvarez
How can I buy it
Carlo Carlo
Carlo Carlo Month ago
That phone you can see a iPhone case and a pinapple sticker
Carlo Carlo
Carlo Carlo Month ago
That intro tho
witherednako Month ago
back to watch this again, only realising he made the music himself
Leah Staub
Leah Staub Month ago
Is it weird that I want to get pineapple products.
Roshan Mandal
Roshan Mandal Month ago
Rudy you are amazing
the crazy life of layla
why is he making me wanna buy it tho
The life of Animal lover
If you want more storage buy this but if you don’t want to carry it all the time around well. Your loss haha 🤣
Brenda Diaz
Brenda Diaz Month ago
Introducing 2020 it’s like 2019 but crappier
FBI Month ago
FBI news phone is pineapple
Tanishq Sanger
Tanishq Sanger Month ago
We indians like this 😂😂
ÂmRïThĖñDū P.B
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