iPhone 11 Lens Explained + Apples Future Tech!

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Why the iPhone 11 lens is so big! iOS 13 passport support, Mini LED future, original Apple phone prototype & more Apple leaks & news.
Last Apple leaks.
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Titanium card article: www.arun.is/blog/apple-card/
Federico chip repair: instagram.com/federicocerva

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Comments 100
Might be posting another one later tonight regarding the iOS 13 leak today! Doing taxes today so wish me luck haha, enjoy the vid everyone!
John Kung
John Kung 4 days ago
EverythingApplePro fk u Philip jerk
Distant 27 days ago
EverythingApplePro i rather mag. It looks sick and is better
K CARTI 28 days ago
Can we spect an iPhone in 2020 and if so will it be around $1k
EverythingApplePro i think the Apple Watch series 5 get really nice
Ethan Montoya
Ethan Montoya Month ago
But will there be 3 cameras
Quinn McGinley
Quinn McGinley 2 days ago
2:20 no. NOOOOOO!!!!
Fishmark Holmes
Fishmark Holmes 2 days ago
After 2018 i began hate Apple.
Monu Yadav
Monu Yadav 4 days ago
That camera bump looks like shitt
NAYER Abu Soud
NAYER Abu Soud 4 days ago
# Document and Book Translator: itunes.apple.com/app/id1441227627 # Speak any language with one click : itunes.apple.com/app/id1249685934
Garry Oldham
Garry Oldham 9 days ago
I’ve had an iPhone since the 3s, bought a new one every year and this year is the first time I’m seriously thinking of getting the p30 pro, so far ahead of Apple and a lot cheaper, it seems like a no brainer. I’d deal with less tech and stay with Apple if the new design wasn’t so damn ugly. Can’t picture walking around with that thing, may just keep my XS max and buy the p30 pro and just switch my SIM card. Not happy with Apple.
Klim Klim
Klim Klim 11 days ago
Your videos have made anreally big step in quality so now it looks like a film and not an youtube video 🎞 I really appreciate it !!)
TeA TaLk
TeA TaLk 11 days ago
The back camera looks like the size of a Apple Watch screen I only consider buying something so ugly looking from the back the quality of the camera better be up to a expectation of greatness
TeA TaLk
TeA TaLk 11 days ago
I don’t get why didn’t they just put all of the cameras in a row also why put the flash in the corner it should be Evenly distributed by the camera in the center
Ana Love
Ana Love 11 days ago
Rachel Y
Rachel Y 14 days ago
ugly lens - yeah we’ll get used to it thicker phones - they should bcs they have better lens what’s wrong with people
Jack G
Jack G 16 days ago
Im sure I’ll buy one..
Jack G
Jack G 16 days ago
When this will be out? excited here...
Wide Open Motorsports
You can only make a Instagram model look so good no matter how good the camera is lol If anything it’s going to show more imperfections lol
Max Chavez
Max Chavez 17 days ago
What happend to your elbow
steve robinson
steve robinson 18 days ago
Have Apple resolved the bend issue on iPad Pro
Sam Fleming
Sam Fleming 19 days ago
Samsung still has better displays . PLUS-when he mentions Micro LEDs he says that apple is leading the charge (ignores 75 Inch micro LED Samsung TV
Gabe Ross
Gabe Ross 21 day ago
I love this content! Please keep it coming!! the renders are sooo clean oml
Darrell Yelity
Darrell Yelity 21 day ago
I hope Apple offers both the touch ID and Face ID on iPhones to come. I’d rather have the Touch ID.
Wesley Nelson
Wesley Nelson 21 day ago
Pleeeez I need the airpods my old ones just broke lol
hiccup22 21 day ago
Man I love the quality of your work
Nobody 21 day ago
1:12 this guy has never been to college and his making more than my parents salary combined 😭😭
Altareia 22 days ago
It’s gonna be a really cool phone but like you said, the camera will take a long while to get used to 😬🤔. Great video btw! 🔥
Cyrus broussard
Cyrus broussard 22 days ago
Yall broke i got my samsung fr8dge pods in my ears broke boys i carry 500 pounds on each ear
tipoomaster 22 days ago
A new chip called Omega internally kind of sounds like the kind of thing one might call the first transitory ARM mac chip...
Abu Yussif
Abu Yussif 22 days ago
Anything from Apple is good in your terms.
Abu Yussif
Abu Yussif 22 days ago
Are you explaining to us to understand what is coming from Apple or you are explaining to us as an Apple representative.
Gonzalo Azocar.
Gonzalo Azocar. 23 days ago
Increíble apple
Terina's Vlogs
Terina's Vlogs 23 days ago
This was a very helpful review video, I really needed it for my confused grandma😅
John Smitherson
John Smitherson 24 days ago
Apple is not even trying.
Ana Love
Ana Love 24 days ago
AirPods3 I love the new design 🔥🥰
Michael Seo
Michael Seo 24 days ago
You should consider the difference between being bold...and doing something to get attention.
tejpalsingh rathore
Call recording h ya nhi
takumi nightcore
takumi nightcore 25 days ago
i would like to see that apple make a mac with ray tracing like nvidia as a opition
Phillip Potgieter
Phillip Potgieter 25 days ago
crazy how iron man dies hey
AJ Morin
AJ Morin 25 days ago
MagSafe power adapter is the only way !!!!
Tony Do
Tony Do 25 days ago
When do we think MacBook Pro will be released this year?
eLiTE Twistyy
eLiTE Twistyy 25 days ago
Flush cameras? Check the phones 5s and below, and SE! XD
BHERIYAA 25 days ago
can you send me one iphone? i will not be able to buy any apple product.cuz i dont have any money to ever buy so costly..product.
White Bear
White Bear 26 days ago
At least the finger print is back
Corbin Williams
Corbin Williams 26 days ago
I also received a completely dead XS Max Battery Case, first Apple product I opened out of the box without charge.
Dionitrix Psytrance
Hi there, big fan of apple. Never won anything- i wish i had airpods. I come from Serbia, hope that’s not an issue
Evan Schneller
Evan Schneller 27 days ago
I want to win the give away since I have never won one
Ana Love
Ana Love 27 days ago
2020 IPhone ❤️
zila khaleesi
zila khaleesi 27 days ago
I hope i can win the giveaway because i never win giveaway.
Leslie Zani
Leslie Zani 27 days ago
Brandon Garzon
Brandon Garzon 27 days ago
"stay real" ???
Matthew Guthrie
Matthew Guthrie 28 days ago
Mag safe
DoOrDieTV 28 days ago
ive had i phone since they came out but recently ive been thinking of switching to Samsung galaxy fold , should i wait will apple be coming out with something better soon i dont wanna wait 2 years while apple catches up with technology?
Abdul AB
Abdul AB 28 days ago
sognoday 28 days ago
you are not fair, apple fanboy. you are too generous on apple.
Kate O'shea
Kate O'shea 28 days ago
The thicker it is it's H-harder to break because if you seen the iPhone 4 that was hard to break from a drop because of the thickness
Flash point
Flash point 28 days ago
I am so frickin excited
GamingBud 28 days ago
I have 5g
Pete Eddy
Pete Eddy 28 days ago
The camera uses a standard pro eye cup! That's not a "bold" design! You can find those on 15 year old Nikon cameras! The camera is a bit difficult, there are physics that lenses must obey. Everything they do on phones are work around for the limits of the laws of physics. I wish Apple would work with Nikon and Canon instead of trying to win a gun fight with a knife.
Ryan Frank
Ryan Frank 28 days ago
My Xs Max will more than likely be my last IPhone
Ray 28 days ago
هزمني الشوق
اكو عرب بطياره👀
Ride 28 days ago
All i want for my next iPhone is a secure chip as a cryptocurrency wallet not a stupid titanium apple card and a better camera xD
Madden Owczarzak
Madden Owczarzak 29 days ago
the promotion gives me a headache and it messes with my vision
Zbita Szybka
Zbita Szybka 29 days ago
wooow 🥳
SP4C3 29 days ago
*-Im just gonna wait until Apple releases a hologram iphone.-*
Dr. Toast
Dr. Toast 29 days ago
Ay bro I followed both and commented #apple air pods. I'm not begging but pls donate I'm broke XD
Nazz 291
Nazz 291 29 days ago
Dryden Lalonde
Dryden Lalonde 29 days ago
These renders are getting AMAZING! That 2021 iPad Pro concept looks sick 😍
PARASITE XK42 29 days ago
Iphones are thicker... Headphone jack maybe?? . . . Apple- Ah,there isnt enough space
Ebune Jason
Ebune Jason 29 days ago
Ugly camera design
J. Rodolfo Rodriguez Jaquez
Apple. You’ll like it titanium. Maybe.
Ana Love
Ana Love 29 days ago
Apple takes everything to next level 🔥🥰❤️
MEME122 29 days ago
USB-C make it universal
Crosby Pinelli
Crosby Pinelli 29 days ago
Anyway, I LOVE the triple lense!
Alexander Haga
Alexander Haga 29 days ago
I don’t know about the nitty gritty, but my college just got her iPhone 8 Plus and it was empty. I collected my new iPhone XS Max a couple of days before, and it had an 75% charge when I booted it up.......
Greyson Clark
Greyson Clark 29 days ago
apple should give u a choice if u want lighting port USB-C or the connecter one thats what i thing
ajsconk1 29 days ago
I’m tired of having a charge port that can collect dust and pocket lint. Why can’t they just creat a mag connection with the speed of USB-C?
Rahul Satwik Vlogs
Rahul Satwik Vlogs 29 days ago
P30 pro can take pics of the Milky way. This better do that better😁
M L Month ago
DaReelHenRye Month ago
When the new iPhones are more expensive then me
FlikM Month ago
Iphone X: hey apple watch ! Our creators are running out of ideas ! We need to do something ! Apple Watch: Okay i got an idea ! *Fuuuuusion Haaa* !!!! Iphone 11: Get ready isheeps cause here i come !
Chao Liu
Chao Liu Month ago
Iphone has nothing to do with future, iphone is history
BGY family BGY
BGY family BGY Month ago
Thats so ugly wtf apple if thats the truth im done with apple
Cons29 Month ago
So 4K, 5k then 6k? (Did they have 4K?)
Cons29 Month ago
The punch hole imo looks better than the notch. And this 3 camera setup is bad, and apple’s design usually looks good esp the iPhone 4. Also, and this goes for any brand, if you’re going to go thicc, give me a bigger battery. I think i like the stop light better than this sore thumb, and i thought apple was about symmetry? (Apple fans often say this)
The Pug Cicle
The Pug Cicle Month ago
In terms of the 120hrz oled display doesn't razer make a 120 hrz phone
The_Ultraviolet Month ago
Talking about micro LED technology. Acctually doesn´t explain how it works...
Nguyen Tanthien
Nguyen Tanthien Month ago
So nennen man sich .....Päpstlichen Kriegt mit Kindern......?
Nguyen Tanthien
Nguyen Tanthien Month ago
Wo verstecken Sie.....Rauben Gesundheiten......Kinders Weltweit..........Verbrecher....?
Nguyen Tanthien
Nguyen Tanthien Month ago
Nicht mich Belogen & Rauben.......?
Nguyen Tanthien
Nguyen Tanthien Month ago
Verbrecher von Kindern Weltweiter & Arrogante Sportler/in Disziplin......Brauchen Schützen Schweizerische Bundesrates............?
S C Month ago
So... 10 years from now the Iphone will be the size of your DSLR camera?
Diaomd Diallo
Diaomd Diallo Month ago
Great content ‼️🤘🏽
Zak Faire
Zak Faire Month ago
I like this channel and I like apple products, but this apologist shit has to stop. Apple: "Thin and tiny is the best thing, therefore that's what we do!" Apple Fan: "Samsung fukbois, thin and tiny is THE way to go! Eat it." Apple: "Thicc and fat is the best thing, more tech and better, so that's what we do!" Apple Fan: "Haha Android scrubs with their tiny phones, thicc is best" Apple products and the ecosystem are great. Apple fans and the userbase are cancerous. Don't change your own view because apple tells you to.
Sergio Andrade
Sergio Andrade Month ago
Awesome video
Dan Huerta
Dan Huerta Month ago
Too large video, please no. I liked the 10 min videos
Wdd Month ago
Damn I’m excited
3pharaohstowers Month ago
no apples excuse to losing features was it didn't fit but still sold phone at premium, no extended battery too thin to fit, removed fingerprint reader because couldnt fit and lost too much battery with face recognition sensor as well, there excuse for years was too thin too small, solution we demand more features for the premiums priced so they must make bigger thicker phones including better structure to prevent bendgate. THE SUPREME COURT HAS ENFORCED THAT WE HAVE OUR RIGHT TO REPAIR AND MOD OUR PRODUCT, Then I want a ease of repair and ease of upgradability in the iphone, ipad and mac pc, they can still license the chip supply chains for repairs. NEVER TELL THE USER OR YOUR AUDIENCE I QUOTE YOU "YOU'LL GET USE TO IT". we have paid premium to make them billions we have the right to demand our consumer right and voice our grievances remember your right to free speech and your right to protest and criticism is protected by the constitution.
Joel Suarez
Joel Suarez Month ago
I don’t want this camera design 😩😩😩 Great video
Awesome videos
Mohd Jibly
Mohd Jibly Month ago
Awesome bro...I like your the way you speak...very cool :)
GzR Month ago
Half of the things you’re saying about Micro LED is just wrong, Apple has no plans to add Micro LED to MacBooks or iPads, instead its MINI LED, which is totally different from Micro LED...
Mohan Sailesh Krishna Yarlagadda
The juul hahahaha
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