iPhone 11 launch in Singapore draws resellers from around the region

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Apple's iPhone 11, Pro and Pro Max went on sale in Singapore on Sept 20. As the first in Southeast Asia to launch the devices, it attracted not only eager fans, but also resellers. Right outside the Apple Store, there was a crowd trying to buy and sell the new phones. Some from countries
like Vietnam, India and Sri Lanka planned to resell the phones back home for a profit of up to $500.
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Sep 20, 2019




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Comments 98
coklaternusu Day ago
When all the stupid and ridiculous people lined up here 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
XLT D Month ago
vietnamese the most stu.pidiest nation in the world. only know if you visited vietnam
Alfred Markovic
Alfred Markovic Month ago
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eriknephron gfr
eriknephron gfr Month ago
Dumbest shit I ever saw.
desaturated Month ago
HA look at all the salty, sore losers comments from Apple haters LOL
desaturated 25 days ago
@Brandon Rodgers lol how did you even get that idea of iPhone users think they are some kind of rich man? Your hallucination are pretty over the top. Go go something productive. GO!
Brandon Rodgers
Brandon Rodgers Month ago
@desaturated since when did owning an iPhone make you some kind of rich man. I work at a cell phone store and 99% of the iphone buyers make payments on them instead of buying them out right. It wouldnt suprise me if you're paying your phone off since you're over here acting like some kind of VIP because you have a square piece of metal with glass on it that costs $22 to produce and people will pay $1200 for. Apple users are so blind to reality it's funny to watch
desaturated Month ago
@pink penzu No one worshipping Apple as much as how you worshipping Android. You actually go extra miles to Apple channel to dash any Apple users. You people are the worst than flat earth activist 🤣
pink penzu
pink penzu Month ago
@desaturated yes they are. Dont want to disappoint them by being an apple-worshipping freak
desaturated Month ago
@pink penzu Wow you are trying so hard and actually mimic a sound of an animal. I am honestly shock you can go this far! This truly show the finest example of a low life. Your parents must be very proud of you.
Salon Moune
Salon Moune Month ago
kidney for sale. Anyone. Need. It?
Aaron Rodriguez
Aaron Rodriguez Month ago
They don’t have originals they have replica pieces of crap
Brisnic Month ago
damn sheeple
Rey Gomez
Rey Gomez Month ago
Even if i was rich filthy rich i wouldnt buy this phone.But i gotta say to the bizness ppl who buy them to make profit now thats a hustle.
Cecelia Lee
Cecelia Lee Month ago
All these foreigners so cheap.Especially Vietnamese people.😈😈😈👿👿👿👿
Alex Gong
Alex Gong Month ago
can not even connect 5G. 100% garbage
Fabulous Unicorns
Ummm do these people know the new phone even sucks more than the old Samsung?? Lol it’s just the name.
Janita Tech Channel
Most expensive and fantastic phone.!!!
Heedful Newt
Heedful Newt Month ago
Lol sad. They want to be like Americans. But they only help our economy by buying pretty phones.
desaturated Month ago
nothing sad about it. If you are smart enough, you can always buy AAPL and make good money with the Americans economy. Too bad most people are not that intelligent.
harley rogers
harley rogers Month ago
I wouldn't pay $5 for one, matter of fact you couldn't give me one. Apple products are horrible. These poor sheep have not a clue
simeon310 Month ago
I remember when I went to Singapore the ladies were like you got Emedeican mon-knee.
So Lost
So Lost Month ago
Now we need a $999 charging base for it
Michael Montes
Michael Montes Month ago
Hideous! Looks like somebody put a go pro on it and ran over it with a car!
African Girl
African Girl Month ago
😳😳 $2,000+ 4 a cell phone!¿ lol ok I-phone creators
United Geometry
United Geometry Month ago
$1,800 for phone??
Zo Sky
Zo Sky 14 days ago
Singapore dollar
Eduardo Cruz
Eduardo Cruz Month ago
Price is getting out of hand
Twinkie Gurl
Twinkie Gurl Month ago
I still have my iPhone 6 😊. The smaller the better!
Andrew Walton
Andrew Walton Month ago
Im still using my 5s
Emmanuel Puente
Emmanuel Puente Month ago
I agree the tighter the better ooops u said smaller😎
J.M Repairs
J.M Repairs Month ago
Twinkie Gurl you need something better than that. 😂😭🤦‍♂️ jk I like the iPhone 6s Plus. I had all the iPhones.
64 gigs for a thousand 😂😂🤢
shermaine callahan
Comedy! Apple must think we forgot that the last phones they put out didn't sell that well...
desaturated Month ago
and the company keep beating earnings!
The Watchful Hunter
Garbage. Save your $$. The phone in your hand is still awesome.
Zo Sky
Zo Sky 14 days ago
@desaturated 🤣
Dark of the knight
my 6S, not going to change it anytime soon lmao
desaturated Month ago
you are just poor, face it. you have been using garbages for the rest of ur life.
Salon Moune
Salon Moune Month ago
My 4s. still working perfect.
DonYeezy90210 Month ago
I have an S6 had it for years now
Ice Fury, Director of Shield
Congrats Singapore for being a sheep....
elvisstopper 420
I get more views than this from my neighbor.#Trending
BC Bob
BC Bob Month ago
SAMSUNG only for me.
Üf Month ago
Vietnamese DONG!☠️
starkiller baby
starkiller baby Month ago
All this over a phone...have fun in hell yall
phuc ewe
phuc ewe Month ago
@J. Carson Yes. Good idea.
J. Carson
J. Carson Month ago
And then repeat next year at the next one lol
phuc ewe
phuc ewe Month ago
You want one bad, don't you? Spend the money, it's worth every penny.
U Haul
U Haul Month ago
2 film @ area 51.
AK 47
AK 47 Month ago
@1:47. Only 1 is vietnamese. The other 2 are not.
Ishmael C
Ishmael C Month ago
I respect thes hustlers. Go after it.
Rick James
Rick James Month ago
Trending is code word for Apple advertising now.....
Samy Montoya
Samy Montoya Month ago
The Sheep that buy this Crap, not needing it. But Sheep will b Sheep.
Brandon Rodgers
Brandon Rodgers Month ago
@desaturated sorry I didnt know pieces of worthless paper made you some kind of important person
desaturated Month ago
@pink penzu Can't* You don't even understand what is a typo and bad English. The only word you know is "Sheep". There is a reason why you are poor. LOSER.
pink penzu
pink penzu Month ago
@desaturated what a sheep. Cant even speak proper english. Go buy an education instead
desaturated Month ago
Salty, sore loser, it like a poor fella calling the rich all kinds of names. was a worthless human being..
Naheed Ray
Naheed Ray Month ago
And the poor will be poor
Emotionally Challenged Subordinate
Why are people clamoring to waste 1 thousand dollars?
Naheed Ray
Naheed Ray Month ago
phuc ewe
phuc ewe Month ago
You simply must have an iphone. If you want to be cool. You want to be cool, don't you?
Brandon Rodgers
Brandon Rodgers Month ago
Apple is such a disgrace to the market. They claim their 11 pro max is the fastest phone on the market with their A13 bionic chip, however it only processes 4GB of RAM where the note 10+ has 12 GB. apple users don't even consider the specs of the phone they're buying they just want it because it's a new iPhone that does exactly what the last one did. They did add a menstrual cycle tracker on their apple watch so I guess that's cool for those who would even consider using it. Samsung is the way to go for me.
Bibash Theeng
Bibash Theeng Month ago
More ram doesn't mean ur phone faster and better lol😂😂😂its all about how ur phone optimize and management is. Do some research kid BTW love from huawei phone.
silva geko
silva geko Month ago
@Vince i think you should get that watch he mentioned.
Vince Month ago
Brandon Rodgers If you don’t understand what you’re talking about, maybe you should just stop while you’re ahead bro
Russian Collusion
5G? Get ready cancer and tumors for everyone!!!!!!!!
jeffrythoksapan Month ago
My huawei next, no more iPhone..
desaturated Month ago
Are you serious? Please don't use the product from Chinese thieves. They steal technology and innovation all over the globe without paying patent (not within Chinese law). and they put spyware in your phone. I rather downgrade to a flip phone that use Chinese crap.
shin chan
shin chan Month ago
Hahaha nobody cares about huawei except mainland chinese. Good luck with Linux os
war daddy
war daddy Month ago
How come this on trending with just 100 views
Garrett Howard
Garrett Howard Month ago
@desaturated Because bmw's are expensive and parts arent readily available. Also bmw's are shit when upgrading and cant race for shit. Lmao you cant have fun in them because if you dent the slightest things its $500 dollars and 4 weeks of waiting for a replacement for a part. The ONLY loser here is you.
Garrett Howard
Garrett Howard Month ago
@desaturated ? Explain how i don't isheep?
desaturated Month ago
@African Girl it true. it like people who cannot afford a BMW will say they sucks. typical mentality of a loser.
desaturated Month ago
@Garrett Howard You dun even know what you are talking about. Go play with your lousy phone. go!
African Girl
African Girl Month ago
@Garrett Howard lol. hella expensive phone accessories that don't ever last long
Dark J Enforcer
Dark J Enforcer Month ago
Scalpers Paradise.
Paul Legge
Paul Legge Month ago
That's the same exact crowd that gathered for climate change! :D
Paul Legge
Paul Legge Month ago
@DarkSchneider Nope, I was literally referring to the kids attending one rally, then hopping into their gas guzzling "mommy and daddy bought" vehicles and driving to the iphone release party
DarkSchneider Month ago
So glad y'all find it amusing that some teens would rather line up to be capitalism sheep rather than stand for environmental cause. BTW, I think you are trying to say "same size crowd". Unless they have clones it's literally impossible to have identical attendees at both events. 😓
J. Carson
J. Carson Month ago
Kofi Mensah
Kofi Mensah Month ago
Huawei is better!
desaturated Month ago
Rick James
Rick James Month ago
They all rob you of your lives. You sit & click all day instead of living.
shin chan
shin chan Month ago
Without Google service, Huawei is just good with camera and other useless options.
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