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Apple's new iPhone 11 and both iPhone 11 Pro Smartphones will be available to the public tomorrow! With new dual and triple camera designs, this year's iPhone lineup elevates smartphone photography to a new level, for iOS. Digital Trends has all three iPhone models ahead of their public launch and we have already put the phones through their paces. How do they perform and what is it like using the iPhone 11? Watch our iPhone 11 Hands On review to find out.
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iPhone 11: www.digitaltrends.com/cell-phone-reviews/iphone-11-review/
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Sep 19, 2019




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HAL 9000
HAL 9000 15 days ago
,45 percent of the worlds population don’t live in the city but rural location with poorer reception quality, many that do live in cities live in concrete or glass buildings with poor reception, many people live in valleys or behind obstructions with poor reception, but no one ever reviews reception or antenna quality for phone calls, why not? It’s a Brett’s big deal and you would increase your views by a hell of a lot.
Renovatio 19 days ago
I can’t understand why almost all youtuber sugar coat iPhones. That’s why it’s never been improve and Apple claim that every features in this phone was improve. iPhone XR and now iPhone 11 still having 1792x828‑pixel resolution NOT EVEN 1920x1080 FullHD and still with 64GB storage. and the same thing with the iPhone 11Pro/Max still having 2436x1125-pixel resolution not even 2560x1440 QuadHD and still having 4GB of RAM and what’s worst is that they remove the 3D touch features and NO more Corning Gorilla 6 Glass that made the iPhone XS. WHy?????????????
Caleb Niederhofer
The whole camera thing is silly , Let's be real 95% of users are not professional photographers. They probably couldn't even tell the difference between picture from a 7, and this side by side without knowing which is which . All these newer phones, Have good cameras. At least any decent midrange , and up. I think the design of the 11 pro looks hideous on the back. On of the more reasons I went to android..
Joe Kenney
Joe Kenney 21 day ago
I have a question. I currently have a 7+ so any upgrade will be an upgrade. I spend a lot of time in a truck for work so my phone is my main source of entertainment whether its gaming or watching movies. I do like taking pictures and videos but I’m not a professional Cameraman by any sorts so I’m not sure if I’ll benefit from the third camera as much. Do you recommend the 11 or 11 pro based on what you read from my comment
Joe Kenney
Joe Kenney 20 days ago
Thank you for you reply
Julian Chokkattu
Julian Chokkattu 20 days ago
Since you said you watch a lot of movies, I want to say go for the iPhone 11 Pro so that you can get that better screen resolution, but I think the iPhone 11 will suit you just fine.
Jose Rodriguez
Jose Rodriguez 21 day ago
Upgrading from galaxy note 4 should I get the 11 or 11 pro? Don't know if I will like the lcd screen on the 11 since I'm used to oled. Is it worth the 300$ difference?
Sanny jr Antonio
Sanny jr Antonio 22 days ago
I wish all have an iphone
Medardo Interial
Medardo Interial 22 days ago
Watching this on my iphone 11 😉
Eduardo Polidoro
Eduardo Polidoro 23 days ago
Great review. A lot of details.
Julio Jimenez
Julio Jimenez 23 days ago
This idiot iPhone always take better pictures and videos that the competition shut the fuck up
Gene Cox
Gene Cox 23 days ago
What’s thh the difference between them both... a extra camera?
Morris Kalman
Morris Kalman 23 days ago
Pre ordered yesterday!!
Ricardo Campos
Ricardo Campos 23 days ago
I can not wait for the i phone 15 with an 18 bionic chip, i will have a mac pro in my pocket.
Renovatio 23 days ago
It looks like 3 Electric Stove burners, not only you can take good photos and videos but now you can also cook. Lol
Kareem Hinds
Kareem Hinds 23 days ago
Should I get the 11 or 11 pro max
Geert Wilders
Geert Wilders 23 days ago
Wait wtf the iphone 11 has a 720p screen??????
The Mad Titan
The Mad Titan 22 days ago
It's actually 828p but no one shoots content in that resolution.
Marlisse Torres
Marlisse Torres 23 days ago
Great review!
97JoMiller 23 days ago
what game is he playing that looks like zelda?
Lick me like a Lollipop
Mine coming today
Laura Pagano
Laura Pagano 23 days ago
Lick me like a Lollipop me too
tanishq 23 days ago
daenerys targaryen
daenerys targaryen 23 days ago
cavs 87
cavs 87 23 days ago
nice video. ps is your hair colour midnight green
Nancy Jones
Nancy Jones 21 day ago
Not very nice to say, but yes, it looks like it!! LOL!! HAAAA!
Olethea Williams
Olethea Williams 24 days ago
I'm getting iphone 11. Pro and pro max are just. My heart says iPhone 11 my brain says pro or pro max but my wallet says getdat outa here. Me now🤑🤔
Jay Cee
Jay Cee 24 days ago
So excited to get my iPhone 11 pro max tomorrow
timbartalex 24 days ago
Much better without a black glass layer in front of the 3 lenses imao. The Pixel 4 looks horrible and (as always) cheap in design accordingly with the leaks. But the cameras for sure it's gonna be great.
WOWCRITS 24 days ago
WTF... no night mode for Ultra Wide shot...that’s some bullshiat! Failed.
Zack Wies
Zack Wies 24 days ago
Apple should rename it to.... ICamera 11
Nancy Jones
Nancy Jones 21 day ago
LOL!! I agree! Apparently that's all people care about right now. How sad.
Matt Ruth
Matt Ruth 24 days ago
F*cking learn how to talk!
Adel Kartout
Adel Kartout 24 days ago
Night Mode is not only a "long exposure"...
Evan Shabo
Evan Shabo 24 days ago
Who cares about cameras it shouldn’t be all about camera another gimmick I have iPhone 7 and camera is amazing
Tanvir 23 days ago
Sveeny no matter how powerful processor 11 & 7 will run same app you are just stupid enough to believe everything they say in Keynote Idiot
Geert Wilders
Geert Wilders 23 days ago
@Sveeny iphone 11 screen is shit as hell
Sveeny 23 days ago
@J Johnson absolutely! And that's what they did with this big update. I'm no apple fanboy but I'm looking forward to testing this camera. It's an area where the competitors were much better until now and it was about time they made a big step.
J Johnson
J Johnson 23 days ago
iPhone 7 camera was pretty good. Each year the camera has gotten better tho. If you can do better you should actually do better right?
Sveeny 24 days ago
What should it be about then? Processor is incredibly fast, screens are top notch, iOS 13 brings tons of features. The only thing that was lacking were the cameras so camera update it is with this generation. And no, the iPhone 7's camera is bad in comparison to this generation of phones. It's not even a comparison.
David Marcus
David Marcus 24 days ago
6:35 that’s an ugly bitch
Tech guy
Tech guy 24 days ago
I'll be impressed when they bring night mode video recording 👍👍
Tech guy
Tech guy 23 days ago
Daniel Martinez it needs to happen haha.
Sveeny 24 days ago
@Daniel Martinez ...or a larger sensor but that will make the whole phone much bigger.
Daniel Martinez
Daniel Martinez 24 days ago
Tech guy I don’t think that can happen. Night mode is basically bulb mode on a dslr. So the shutter stays open for a certain amount of seconds. If you move it will be blurry. If you point at a moving car you will see a light streak. I don’t think we have that type of technology right now. They only thing they can do is have high iso but that will make the video grainy or noisy
Xavier Salazar
Xavier Salazar 24 days ago
Sooo getting the feats my galaxy s10, so just a better pics?
Steven Lowe
Steven Lowe 24 days ago
Note 10 plus ftw.
Gerald Byrd
Gerald Byrd 24 days ago
Ugh, do I wait for the Pixel 4 XL or return to the walled garden of Apple. I DUNNO!
Gerald Byrd
Gerald Byrd 24 days ago
@majin shuu thanks that helps me too. I'm thinking Pixel 4 as well. I think it's gonna be rad. Wish they would make a good watch to compete with Apple.
majin shuu
majin shuu 24 days ago
Im an iphone user but id get the pixel tbh. Nothing major has changed unless you have a 7 or 8
Jas Min
Jas Min 24 days ago
@majin shuu what if I really need a new phone right now cuz my current one has been the victim of too many drops and aggressive throws. Do I get the pixel 4 or buy the iPhone 11 and then upgrade next year?
Gerald Byrd
Gerald Byrd 24 days ago
@majin shuu I can't wait another year. Need a new phone :/
majin shuu
majin shuu 24 days ago
Iphone is doing a design refresh with some new intel hardware next year, just wait !
Justin's Cinema
Justin's Cinema 24 days ago
Justin's Cinema
Justin's Cinema 24 days ago
Justin's Cinema
Justin's Cinema 24 days ago
Nala! 24 days ago
Why do people pay attention this kind of money for a phone? It seems like people allow themselves to get way out of control with their phones. It was better when you had to be at home, to receive that phone call, and a computer was by itself on a desk at home. Back then, people had common sense and knew that phone like today would cause problems for them and other drivers. Now it seems like the phones have updated twice and you need to have the really cool new version. Waste of money.
Osu Community
Osu Community 24 days ago
Sounds like an opinion of yours. It's either you're old or just can't afford to keep up with technology. New stuff is exciting and constantly innovating the future of tomorrow. Life before all of this was still fun but all of this just made it a way better experience.
Lady.Whatever 24 days ago
ITS TOMORROW!!!! Can’t wait for it to be 5:30 pm lmao I have an appointment at the Apple Store lmao
Will Smith
Will Smith 23 days ago
haha same!! 5:30!
Dumb Bear
Dumb Bear 24 days ago
Lucky you. My place is far away from any apple store so have to wait for mine arriving on 30th...
Jay Cee
Jay Cee 24 days ago
Lady.Whatever me too! Except 4 PM for me
Beni Madho Mishra
Beni Madho Mishra 24 days ago
🙏🖖🙋🤘 This will be my first iphone ...Can anyone help me i m confused which color is more beautiful..mid green♥🤓🤓 or space grey❤🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓
Haari Oliziea
Haari Oliziea 23 days ago
ivy 24 days ago
Beni Madho Mishra green
BRIAN MAJOR 24 days ago
What is crazy is I have the iPhone and the Note 10 plus the note definitely takes very good pictures all around
Lady.Whatever 24 days ago
BRIAN MAJOR waa crazy, dude can’t believe it
Dream-Box 24 days ago
Do u have even note 10 plus, if have where is it? Try to improve coverage quality
Chris 24 days ago
Should i get the 11 or 11 pro
Tech guy
Tech guy 23 days ago
Chris definitely it's almost too big for me sometimes
Chris 23 days ago
Tech guy i know but the only thing i like is bigger you think 6.1 is enough screen?
Tech guy
Tech guy 23 days ago
Chris 6.1" vs 6.5" that's a crazy up charge though $400 more for the base model.
Chris 23 days ago
Tech guy what about iPhone 11 or 11max
Tech guy
Tech guy 23 days ago
Chris iPhone 11 (6.1")is bigger than the regular 11 iPhone Pro (5.8")
Sour D
Sour D 24 days ago
In the future ppl will buy are phones for the camera .... because ppl are so self centered 🧐
Crisp 21 day ago
I like to travel and take photos of the places I go, sorry I’m self centered because I want a nice photo of the Vermont countryside
Sveeny 24 days ago
Why? Having a good camera with you is a great thing. You can photograph things other than yourself with them too. Have you tried?
Samanta Rs
Samanta Rs 24 days ago
Never felt jealous of someone with an android phone.
HiddenWen 20 days ago
Same. I don't get jealous over what phones people use...it's just a device.
Gecko 23 days ago
Never felt jealous of someone with an iPhone.
majin shuu
majin shuu 24 days ago
Lol not even once
MrPnuthead 24 days ago
lol the feeling is mutual on the other side 😂
Jackson Roberts
Jackson Roberts 24 days ago
I have. Better cameras (before the 11), location spoofing, changing default browser/mail app, torrent clients, more specialized apps, etc...
Kevin Davis
Kevin Davis 24 days ago
Great review, thanks.
RadxIce 24 days ago
Should I get the 11 or 11 pro max
Sergio Avalos
Sergio Avalos 24 days ago
Jas Min you’d get up to $370 rn for an iPhone XR trade in so I’m guessing around that same amount.
Jas Min
Jas Min 24 days ago
@Sergio Avalos how much do u think we would get off the next iPhone if we trade in the 11 next year?
Sergio Avalos
Sergio Avalos 24 days ago
Depends on your budget. Get the 11 because next year's iPhone is rumored to get a design upgrade.
Oskar LZ
Oskar LZ 24 days ago
RadxIce I’m getting the pro I think it looks better
bhargav blaze
bhargav blaze 24 days ago
Now the mate 30 pro turns Apple 11 sheep into dust 😂😂🤣 slow mo dust 😅😅
Player 1
Player 1 24 days ago
Still got the same ugly ass notch, looks just like the old ones except for the even uglier cameras on the back. It looks like a stove lmao
coderedtonio 24 days ago
what If you use your phones for 24 hours of Netflix and RUvid like the rest of us ....lol that battery will be dead by lunch
L S 24 days ago
For the pros it’s something like 18 hours of local video playback. That means watching Netflix but only shows you downloaded to your phone before watching, with WiFi and data services off, and likely at 30% brightness or less, They claim 12 hours of video streaming, likely again at low brightness, but if they even get 10 hours of realistic video streaming I’ll be very happy.
fhaze10 24 days ago
I can't wait to upgrade to the 11 pro max 512gb! So pumped! But upset that my friends $350 s9+ can play this video in 1440p and the $1500 phone I'm getting can't ☹️
Jas Min
Jas Min 24 days ago
@majin shuu the 11 too? I forgot everything in the video already lmao
majin shuu
majin shuu 24 days ago
Wym? It can record and playback 4k
Jamonte Weathers
Jamonte Weathers 24 days ago
youll be able to watch in 4k so yeah you can
Pier Paolo
Pier Paolo 24 days ago
Oh my god what is this....the camera's are horrible🤢zero to the design...Samsung 4-ever
My Oh My
My Oh My 24 days ago
I’m honestly disappointed and amazed how apple is so freaking stubborn in adding a at least 1080P screen on iPhone 11. Like come on anything under 1080P 2 years ago on phones is ridiculous. Like why tf is an iPhone is literally the only phone in the market right now with less then 1080P screen. I mean for gawd sake even budget phones nowadays have Oled screens. I swear apple is brain dead dumb for not even wanting to upgrade the screen to 1080P on iPhone 11. It’s not even expensive to add a 1080P screen plus a fast charging as well on iPhone 11. Heck $300 phones nowadays have fast chargers that come with it. Unbelievable. Like I want to like apple but with how stubborn and greedy their are just makes me think nothing but negative thoughts on apple instead of being positive with apple iPhones.
majin shuu
majin shuu 24 days ago
A screen that small is not a huge difference between 720 and 1080 and 720 is much more energy efficient
Joseph Campbell
Joseph Campbell 24 days ago
Jan Vazquez because let’s be honest, the screen is the only good reason to buy a pro or pro max
Jan Vazquez
Jan Vazquez 24 days ago
They giving you more reasons to go for the more expensive models
iceon8312 24 days ago
How much ram does the pro max have?
majin shuu
majin shuu 24 days ago
Both models have 6gb
iceon8312 24 days ago
VINC3NZO 311 then Why is twitter exploding saying its only four i really hope it 6
VINC3NZO 311 24 days ago
6 I think [Edit] there are 6 gb of RAM but only 4 are usable. Other 2 gb strangely are used for the camera. Very Strange but true.
9Ts々Punisher 24 days ago
I'm watching these review video all the time since the launch event ! Can't wait anymore.. in almost 10 days I will have my iPhone 11 ..(release date here: 27th)
Wildwanderlust 24 days ago
Taiwan Beer!
Yuran ZHOU
Yuran ZHOU 24 days ago
2 hours ago!
martin thorén
martin thorén 24 days ago
Android sucks waiting for my iPhone 11 pro Max
Jon Peach
Jon Peach 24 days ago
Why does no one ever talk about the flash and pictures taken with the flash
Jon Peach
Jon Peach 24 days ago
Jamonte Weathers I guess but pictures taken with a flash still look better in certain situations. The new Huawei mate 30 pro with xenon flash looks decent just wish people would test the flashes as well instead of night mode. The flash was used for night indoors etc anyways
Jamonte Weathers
Jamonte Weathers 24 days ago
Jon Peach i am a photographer lol so i get what your saying but in terms of a whole function based around being able to take photo in the dark on a phone there’s really not that much of a need
Jon Peach
Jon Peach 24 days ago
Jamonte Weathers lol you joking right the flash is important as well. It’s an important part of photography in general. Hence why they made a True Tone flash and made it bigger on the new phone
Jamonte Weathers
Jamonte Weathers 24 days ago
well now theres really no need to talk about flash nor is there a need for flash when you have night mode and you can change the exposure
BIG HORN MGTOW 24 days ago
Ladies and Gentlemen if you want a bad ass camera then spend your money on a Nikon or a Cannon because no matter what phone you’ve got their cameras are nothing compared to the two brands I’ve just mentioned, I own a D3400 and wow 😲 I’ve captured some great pics
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