iPhone 11 & 11 Pro -- First 7 Things You Should Do!

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Whether you ordered a new iPhone, or you have one in your hand, these are the steps you should do.
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Sep 19, 2019




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Comments 276
AppleInsider 5 months ago
Deals on the new iPhone 11 & iPhone 11 Pro are here! ➡️ appleinsider.com/articles/19/09/13/the-best-iphone-11-iphone-11-pro-iphone-11-pro-max-deals-are-here
Lis Silva
Lis Silva 8 days ago
You say what we should do but not how!🙄🤦🏻‍♀️
Tommy Smith
Tommy Smith 27 days ago
I'm coming back to iPhone after 8years with Android. I had a iTunes account but could someone tell me if I need to own a laptop to set up and use the iPhone 11 pro? I do not own a laptop at all and don't want to neither
Sisters are the best because they rock
I just upgraded from iPhone 8 to iPhone 11 pro
Joy Biyi Daniels
I'm upgrading from the worst Samsung to an iphone 11
iiMooseii Month ago
Who else is watching on their 11 Pro?
Artictundra Fn
Artictundra Fn Month ago
chop 362 no thats not even true
chop 362
chop 362 Month ago
Has it scratched yet?? Between that, the “burn in” stories, headaches from the super bright screen. All this does is scare me off from making the purchase, sucks.
Artictundra Fn
Artictundra Fn Month ago
iiMooseii me just got mine yesterday
Robert Johnson
Robert Johnson Month ago
You must work for Apple.
Perrie edwards
Perrie edwards Month ago
I went from 6s to 11 pro max
Brad Wallace
Brad Wallace Month ago
Thanks, You Just gained A Subscriber. I wish You Great Success....
Kurama 2 months ago
Why does everyone have a 6
Hurricane Love
Hurricane Love 2 months ago
Anyone updating from Xs max to 11 pro
Killer_Koala97 1
Killer_Koala97 1 2 months ago
I’ve gone from iPhone 5 to iPhone 11 Pro 😂
Lissa's Life
Lissa's Life 2 months ago
Proud to say I bought myself the iPhone 11 Pro 🤗 upgraded from a 7
Andre García
Andre García Month ago
Same but mine was 7 plus
Yolo 2006
Yolo 2006 Month ago
Lissa's Life same
Lissa's Life
Lissa's Life 2 months ago
New phone who dis !?
CJ Roberson
CJ Roberson 2 months ago
Anyone upgrading from a Android, to a iPhone 11 pro, Pro max, iPhone 11
Joakim Hermitage
Mate 20 pro to 11 pro max but move to iOS didn’t work so no contacts and at first couldn’t receive texts which was a pita.
CJ Roberson
CJ Roberson 2 months ago
@TATLIG Tube frrr tho lmfao
TATLIG Tube 2 months ago
CJ Roberson I upgraded from a galaxy s7 edge to iphone 11, just the iphone 11
Brandito Moneyvais
Brandito Moneyvais 2 months ago
Did you record this on a shamrock?
iWonder 2 months ago
#1 - Turn it on
Luis Avila
Luis Avila 2 months ago
What case was on the phone?
Rui Almeida
Rui Almeida 2 months ago
what airpods are those mate?
TheHyperSkittlez 3 months ago
Upgraded from 6s to 11 pro and it's showing that the 11 pro can't be activated. Please help
susan sands
susan sands 3 months ago
I just received the iphone 11 and after watching videos for beginners, I still cannot get out of the camera mode and onto the main menu. Someone please create a video for that. Thanks.
Kai Az
Kai Az 2 months ago
Swipe up from the bottom?
亗Raj Patil
亗Raj Patil 3 months ago
I upgraded my 8 Plus to 11pro , it feels so good i like the mobile
Bijay Raj Dawadi
Bijay Raj Dawadi 3 months ago
Hello mate, do you have any idea how to transfer songs from laptops to iPhone 11 pro max? As the cable of iPhone 11 pro max is not other old iPhones. Please reply asap.
Michael's AE86
Michael's AE86 3 months ago
iPhone 11 Pro is amazing just got it today and wow!
Andy Hess
Andy Hess 3 months ago
Why doesn’t anyone explain the fact when you get a new phone you should drain your battery around 6-7 times off rip to Train your battery?
Storm Born
Storm Born 3 months ago
I’m literally just watching kuz he’s hot
Fadil Freijeh
Fadil Freijeh 3 months ago
Storm Born wtf again
Storm Born
Storm Born 3 months ago
Robert Minner can’t a girl have a crush Jesus 💅🏽
Robert Minner
Robert Minner 3 months ago
Storm Born wtf is wrong with you
Fadil Freijeh
Fadil Freijeh 3 months ago
Storm Born wtf
Mrbigfrog 3 months ago
Why would i need to back up my iphone 6 when i buy an 11???
Elio Khalil
Elio Khalil 3 months ago
to get ur information and contacts on it
Steven M
Steven M 3 months ago
Your voice gets very annoying to listen to after 1 minute
Joe 2 months ago
Dude, I wasn't going to say anything LOL
Samurai 4 months ago
Me is to flex on my friends when i got it
Samurai 3 months ago
Bruh real friends doesnt need to have the latest gadgets but whatever u say..
Derek Doucette
Derek Doucette 3 months ago
Samurai if you’re friends don’t already have the latest and greatest you need new successful friends ;)
Andrewshadowy 4 months ago
Get an adapter so you can use your wired headphones!
Renata Cerva
Renata Cerva 4 months ago
Great tips Andrew ! I used these tips on my new iPhone the minute I got it!
IMemeForlife 4 months ago
I order it on Amazon
Gaming with Zachareal
Please pick me for a giveaway I subbed and liked every vid and hit the bell love your vids btw! 😋
Brandon 4 months ago
How do I get those airpods
Night-Hawk 5 months ago
Since I never had a phone with 3D Touch it’s a non issue. Looking forward to upgrading my iPhone 6 Plus to the iPhone 11 Pro Max!
Steve Majors
Steve Majors 4 months ago
@Night-Hawk I've got the Midnight green. It looks really awesome. I did found a case with protector and that is for rough use (slippery hands). Those are supposed to arrive on Monday. So far, the experience with it is really awesome. The camera is awesome, it's really fast, the texture it's amazing, so happy with it. Which color did you chose? :o
Night-Hawk 4 months ago
Steve Hinojosa awesome! Which color did you choose and did you find a screen protector and case that you like? - I’m hoping to get my new phone this weekend. 😁❤️
Steve Majors
Steve Majors 4 months ago
Did the same and man, am I really happy with the choice :D
Scott Makis
Scott Makis 5 months ago
#1 is already wrong. #1 use google photos for backing up your photos don’t pay extra for iCloud storage when you don’t need to
Andrewshadowy 4 months ago
Scott Makis That’s ok if you don’t have a huge amount of photos or videos and I do t know if that backs up videos too?
Dedet San Juan-Vistro
I need to go to school just to learn this new phone.
Madona Donadio
Madona Donadio 5 months ago
iPhones are lots of fun. 🙂
TheAnisDamia 5 months ago
How to win the giveaway? I just subscribe and wishing i might be the winner
Isaac LS
Isaac LS 5 months ago
Anyone having issues with seeing stories or posting new posts on instagram? Im not able to see the entire sections properly.
Will It Fizz!
Will It Fizz! 5 months ago
X and XR is smart and if you get the 11 Smash it because the double or triple cameras is ugly and people will also confuse you with being a stupid millianAl
Free Clarence
Free Clarence 5 months ago
Thank you for your abbreviated intro. I think creator intros are a huge waste of viewer time.
Aaron Richmond
Aaron Richmond 5 months ago
Giveaway iphone 11.
Andrianna Bryan
Andrianna Bryan 5 months ago
I want a iPhone 11
Gaming With Gibs
Gaming With Gibs 5 months ago
@Andrianna Bryan thank you!
Andrianna Bryan
Andrianna Bryan 5 months ago
Gaming With Gibs yea I really want a iPhone 11 and I sub to u
Gaming With Gibs
Gaming With Gibs 5 months ago
the words of the masses.
Sweetoy Eppie
Sweetoy Eppie 5 months ago
Please let me be the winner.. since 2014 I haven’t change my iPhone6 until now.. please let me win please please.. I’m from philippines.:) please please...
Ashtin McNeill
Ashtin McNeill 5 months ago
What bout those give aways😂😭
Bfg Bender
Bfg Bender 5 months ago
You start the video by showing to how to buy icloud storage. This is where I stopped watching.
Andrewshadowy 4 months ago
Bfg Bender Yes but the cloud is very good to backup
Abe Romano
Abe Romano 5 months ago
The vids are great! Love em! (Constructive criticism... You need a better mic.)
Patrick Wong
Patrick Wong 5 months ago
Forget to Encryption my data. Spend an hour re-entering username and password.😖
heyheyhey520 5 months ago
Are you still using the z6? What lense?
Jonathan Stacey
Jonathan Stacey 5 months ago
Hey where’d you get those black AirPods
caden 5 months ago
upgraded from iPhone SE to iPhone 11 pro
Fango 5 months ago
I just got my iPhone 11 Pro and I love it!
- Jannah -
- Jannah - 5 months ago
Fango whats a couple things you personally like about it,
Fango 5 months ago
- Jannah - 😂
- Jannah -
- Jannah - 5 months ago
Fango i pre ordered mine through att, IM STILL WAITING. I couldve gone to best buy a week ago. Freakin pissed.
lakeisha K
lakeisha K 5 months ago
Well done video.
jkirk1626 5 months ago
7 minus.
flora I
flora I 5 months ago
I’ll let my phone recognise my cat’s face so she can unlock my phone too
morningstar 5 months ago
You need to get a better microphone..
Overklock 5 months ago
Pro-Tip. If you want to re-arrange your apps quickly, touch and hold an icon, then right before the haptic touch menu appears, drag the icon. It will immediately go into rearrange mode. Also what case are you using?
Overklock 5 months ago
Irina Novikova glad I could help!
Irina Novikova
Irina Novikova 5 months ago
Wow it’s working! Thank you! I was really annoyed by this new feature and not being able to move icons without this menu appearing
Cole K
Cole K 5 months ago
not good tips... btw apple care = useless.
Dangelo Paramore
Dangelo Paramore 5 months ago
I'm switching to apple from my s10 please tell me the easiest way to transfer all my files
ameesh khan
ameesh khan 4 months ago
Dangelo Paramore move to ios
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