iPhone 11 & 11 Pro -- First 7 Things You Should Do!

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Whether you ordered a new iPhone, or you have one in your hand, these are the steps you should do.
Deals on the new iPhone 11 & iPhone 11 Pro ➡️ appleinsider.com/articles/19/09/13/the-best-iphone-11-iphone-11-pro-iphone-11-pro-max-deals-are-here
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Sep 19, 2019




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Comments 193
AppleInsider 24 days ago
Deals on the new iPhone 11 & iPhone 11 Pro are here! ➡️ appleinsider.com/articles/19/09/13/the-best-iphone-11-iphone-11-pro-iphone-11-pro-max-deals-are-here
Andrewshadowy 8 days ago
Get an adapter so you can use your wired headphones!
Renata Cerva
Renata Cerva 8 days ago
Great tips Andrew ! I used these tips on my new iPhone the minute I got it!
IMemeForlife 9 days ago
I order it on Amazon
Gaming with Zachareal
Please pick me for a giveaway I subbed and liked every vid and hit the bell love your vids btw! 😋
Brandon 13 days ago
How do I get those airpods
Night-Hawk 15 days ago
Since I never had a phone with 3D Touch it’s a non issue. Looking forward to upgrading my iPhone 6 Plus to the iPhone 11 Pro Max!
Steve Hinojosa
Steve Hinojosa 10 days ago
@Night-Hawk I've got the Midnight green. It looks really awesome. I did found a case with protector and that is for rough use (slippery hands). Those are supposed to arrive on Monday. So far, the experience with it is really awesome. The camera is awesome, it's really fast, the texture it's amazing, so happy with it. Which color did you chose? :o
Night-Hawk 10 days ago
Steve Hinojosa awesome! Which color did you choose and did you find a screen protector and case that you like? - I’m hoping to get my new phone this weekend. 😁❤️
Steve Hinojosa
Steve Hinojosa 10 days ago
Did the same and man, am I really happy with the choice :D
Scott Makis
Scott Makis 15 days ago
#1 is already wrong. #1 use google photos for backing up your photos don’t pay extra for iCloud storage when you don’t need to
Andrewshadowy 8 days ago
Scott Makis That’s ok if you don’t have a huge amount of photos or videos and I do t know if that backs up videos too?
Dedet San Juan-Vistro
I need to go to school just to learn this new phone.
Madona Donadio
Madona Donadio 15 days ago
iPhones are lots of fun. 🙂
TheAnisDamia 17 days ago
How to win the giveaway? I just subscribe and wishing i might be the winner
Isaac LS
Isaac LS 18 days ago
Anyone having issues with seeing stories or posting new posts on instagram? Im not able to see the entire sections properly.
Aaron P
Aaron P 18 days ago
X and XR is smart and if you get the 11 Smash it because the double or triple cameras is ugly and people will also confuse you with being a stupid millianAl
Free Clarence Sherrard
Thank you for your abbreviated intro. I think creator intros are a huge waste of viewer time.
Aaron Richmond
Aaron Richmond 19 days ago
Giveaway iphone 11.
Andrianna Bryan
Andrianna Bryan 19 days ago
I want a iPhone 11
Gaming With Gibs
Gaming With Gibs 15 days ago
@Andrianna Bryan thank you!
Andrianna Bryan
Andrianna Bryan 15 days ago
Gaming With Gibs yea I really want a iPhone 11 and I sub to u
Gaming With Gibs
Gaming With Gibs 15 days ago
the words of the masses.
Sweetoy Eppie
Sweetoy Eppie 19 days ago
Please let me be the winner.. since 2014 I haven’t change my iPhone6 until now.. please let me win please please.. I’m from philippines.:) please please...
Ashtin McNeill
Ashtin McNeill 20 days ago
What bout those give aways😂😭
Bfg Bender
Bfg Bender 20 days ago
You start the video by showing to how to buy icloud storage. This is where I stopped watching.
Andrewshadowy 8 days ago
Bfg Bender Yes but the cloud is very good to backup
Abe Romano
Abe Romano 21 day ago
The vids are great! Love em! (Constructive criticism... You need a better mic.)
Patrick Wong
Patrick Wong 21 day ago
Forget to Encryption my data. Spend an hour re-entering username and password.😖
heyheyhey520 21 day ago
Are you still using the z6? What lense?
Jonathan Stacey
Jonathan Stacey 22 days ago
Hey where’d you get those black AirPods
caden 22 days ago
upgraded from iPhone SE to iPhone 11 pro
Fango 22 days ago
I just got my iPhone 11 Pro and I love it!
- Jannah -
- Jannah - 16 days ago
Fango whats a couple things you personally like about it,
Fango 17 days ago
- Jannah - 😂
- Jannah -
- Jannah - 17 days ago
Fango i pre ordered mine through att, IM STILL WAITING. I couldve gone to best buy a week ago. Freakin pissed.
lakeisha K
lakeisha K 22 days ago
Well done video.
jkirk1626 22 days ago
7 minus.
flora I
flora I 23 days ago
I’ll let my phone recognise my cat’s face so she can unlock my phone too
morningstar 23 days ago
You need to get a better microphone..
Overklock 23 days ago
Pro-Tip. If you want to re-arrange your apps quickly, touch and hold an icon, then right before the haptic touch menu appears, drag the icon. It will immediately go into rearrange mode. Also what case are you using?
Overklock 21 day ago
Irina Novikova glad I could help!
Irina Novikova
Irina Novikova 21 day ago
Wow it’s working! Thank you! I was really annoyed by this new feature and not being able to move icons without this menu appearing
Cole K
Cole K 23 days ago
not good tips... btw apple care = useless.
Dangelo Paramore
Dangelo Paramore 23 days ago
I'm switching to apple from my s10 please tell me the easiest way to transfer all my files
ameesh khan
ameesh khan 14 days ago
Dangelo Paramore move to ios
Jerry Almaguer
Jerry Almaguer 23 days ago
First seven things you should do 1. Throw it away 2.tell your friends its a trash phone 3. realize the competition is more innovative than apple 4. laugh at the price 5.get a samsung note 10 plus 6. fall in love 7. repeat steps 2-4
RO Z 21 day ago
Jerry Almaguer the 11 is 700 and is amazing as well. very very worth it
Jerry Almaguer
Jerry Almaguer 22 days ago
The iphone 11 pro max with 256gigs like the note 10 base storage is $1250 wtf you talking about sheep
Crisp 22 days ago
Jerry Almaguer tfw Note 10 Plus costs substantially more. I’m an Android guy too, I think both phones are fine and have their benefits. But come on man lol
Michael McGrath
Michael McGrath 23 days ago
1. Sell it and buy an S10
ABC Garage
ABC Garage 23 days ago
iPhone 6S ---> iPhone 11 gang
Gaming With Gibs
Gaming With Gibs 15 days ago
Broken iPhone 5 to iPhone 11 gang
R Snr
R Snr 23 days ago
1:16 into the vid already an issue. Why would a person have to buy storage to backup when they own a laptop or desktop. That’s another reoccurring bills that isn’t necessary
Faizah Cyanide
Faizah Cyanide 21 day ago
the phone comes with a USB-C lightning connection, so you need a USB-C to USB connector to connect to a PC. I just backed up to itunes because I couldn't wait to order one!
shawnriv9 23 days ago
I'm coming from an iPhone 7+. Should I go with the iPhone 11 (non pro) or a Xs (try to a new one on eBay for roughly the same price)?
WardonVoid 22 days ago
Uptown NYC
Uptown NYC 23 days ago
The whole vid I couldn't stop looking at your scar... what's the story behind it? 👀
Anacel galon
Anacel galon 23 days ago
Hope that i having this phone, but i can't afford
Anacel galon
Anacel galon 23 days ago
snygg cloud
snygg cloud 23 days ago
I'm not sure if this was asked before ... but could you tell us what kind of case you're using on the shown iPhone? I like it and it looks a bit like some sort of yarn / textile thingy ...
nikeeweston 23 days ago
Getting my IPhone 11 Pro Max Midnight Green 256gb today in a few hours.....very excited. But my god Apple the names are getting longer for the bigger phones. Omg so the transfer is gonna sooooo easy. Giving my Xs Max to my sister she’s so excited she’s had a 7 for sooooo long. Oh how I love dark mode. I’m autistic and it’s so much better for me. Also love haptic touch.
nikeeweston 23 days ago
Pure Fun and Stopmotions just have had every single iPhone since the beginning. I love them, I’m an addict.
Pure Fun and Stopmotions
nikeeweston howcome you went from the Xs to the 11?
Gary Clark III
Gary Clark III 23 days ago
Um, pretty sure best way to backup is through a proper computer or laptop. Cloud services can be spotty, having to pay to store all your info and the off chance that something happens or corrupts it and it’s gone
Ella Bee
Ella Bee 23 days ago
got mine, I have spent the whole day transferring my iphone 6s
nikeeweston 23 days ago
Ella Bee I forget how much crap I have on my phone when I transfer, the photos, the videos the EVERY THING...
Phil T.
Phil T. 24 days ago
First Step: Jailbreak it! Second Step: Jailbreak it!
Andrewshadowy 8 days ago
I wouldn’t jailbreak anymore as there are other ways of getting free stuff now and also jailbreaking isn’t worth it now and so yesterday
Luck Man
Luck Man 23 days ago
Phil T. Better use android if you gonna do that
Joshua Briggs
Joshua Briggs 24 days ago
VERY HELPFULL I just really needed to hear about the automatic transfer for the apps and stuff by just a scan so I don’t have to set anything up my self. 🤭
Doxil vik
Doxil vik 24 days ago
Apple only thinks about money not for customers. New iPhone is going down and over prices
abhishek090887 24 days ago
Overall speaking APPLE Iphones are SHITT.... Samsung is the best
Robert Garon II
Robert Garon II 21 day ago
@Crisp No... Not really. That's what they want you to believe, but it's still the same old story in a nicer and shiny your package.
Crisp 22 days ago
EyelASHes333 Give Samsung another shot. They have improved a lot over the last years.
EyelASHes333 23 days ago
I used to hate Apple. Then I had to try it for a job I had, so I got an iPhone 5. Still wanted to try Samsung so I got a galaxy a couple years later. That piece of shit broke on me three times and made me lose the first 6 months of my daughter’s life in photos. Had to use my iPhone 5 for a while (which was still pristine!) Now I have an iPhone X and might upgrade this time. Never going back to the pos Samsung ever again. Apple makes quality products that last. Samsung is like the bargain bin. I’m not rich at all, but I’d rather pay a little more for a higher quality product.
Gopro Hero Antics
Gopro Hero Antics 24 days ago
abhishek090887 yeah that is why every Galaxy Note I’ve owned (note 3 - note 8) they all received updates and did not slow over time. Every single one slowed drastically as time passed and almost never get updates. Yay Samsung guaranteed obsolete in one too two years. That is exactly why I am switching to iPhone. Look at the brand new note 10 lmao a new operating system came out after it’s release, how many months will you be waiting haha haha
Kinglouvu 24 days ago
abhishek090887 your not paying for quality your paying for the label, nobody wants to be caught lackin with a Samsung
Lil Quake
Lil Quake 24 days ago
I’ve a cheap 6s 16 gb for like 4 or 5 years
Anh Nguyen
Anh Nguyen 24 days ago
im upgrading from a flipphone to iphone 11, is it worth it?
No, you should actually upgrade to a Nokia.
Emilio Morales
Emilio Morales 24 days ago
Anh Nguyen no
Angel Delacruz
Angel Delacruz 24 days ago
Peek no pop!
Malcolm H
Malcolm H 24 days ago
Which case is on it, in the demo?? (looks sorta cloth-like). I'm completely new to iPhone (trialing it from droid) thanks for the vid!!
Tiger800 XCx
Tiger800 XCx 24 days ago
For god sakes Andrew, either grow a beard or shave that patchy shit off your face. Thumbs down.
MV Creates
MV Creates 24 days ago
Getting my iPhone 11 tomorrow!!😁😁😁😁😁😁
MV Creates
MV Creates 23 days ago
@ツIG-eloraarredondo Black, 128 gig
RMGames 23 days ago
@nouzer I pre-ordered the 11 and it was ready for pickup earlier today, although I still have to wait for tomorrow to check in and pick it up.
nouzer no I got the Pro Max. Mine says on hold and should arrive tomorrow or the 25th.
nouzer 24 days ago
Did your order status update because mine has not but was told it was being shipped tonight and should be delivered tomorrow as promised date and was a internal thing att reps can see
t i d e
t i d e 24 days ago
same! i got the normal one cause I don’t want another camera lookin like a fucking fidget spinner, but I got it in yellow!
Christopher Zaidan
Christopher Zaidan 24 days ago
Where do we get our free year of apple tv plus
Christopher Zaidan
Christopher Zaidan 24 days ago
I get my iPhone 11 pro tomorrow and I don't know how to get my free Apple TV plus mannn😅😅
GXNGHIS 24 days ago
Christopher Zaidan wanna know the same thing
Tim F
Tim F 24 days ago
Nice information
Duke Creations
Duke Creations 24 days ago
I’m getting the (Product)RED one. :D
Ryan Matthew
Ryan Matthew 23 days ago
Im getting purple
Matilda 24 days ago
lacey rae get the green. It’s beautiful
lacey rae
lacey rae 24 days ago
lacey rae
lacey rae 24 days ago
Duke Creations
Duke Creations 24 days ago
Cy R I personally love everything red.
Younes Gh
Younes Gh 24 days ago
I love u man
FarmVille 2: Country Escape Gameplays
Anyone upgrading from iPhone 6s to 11?
R1CheXY Day ago
FarmVille 2: Country Escape Gameplays I'm upgrading from the 7
BL Cuber
BL Cuber 2 days ago
I’m upgrading from the se
ruby poop
ruby poop 3 days ago
- Jannah - I’m getting one from surphy. They are they softest cases I have ever felt! It feels great to support a small business as well.
Andrewshadowy 8 days ago
Yes but I’m going to miss it’s headphone jack 😢
Reuben 10 days ago
Neo hybrid
Kurhqz 24 days ago
Im gettting the black iphone 11 i changed my mind instead of white
RMGames 23 days ago
@Wacharis T. The iPhone 11 only lacks the telephoto lens (so you don't get that optical zoom) but otherwise the other lenses are identical.
Wacharis T.
Wacharis T. 24 days ago
BIG HORN MGTOW Is the camera on the 11 not that good?
BIG HORN MGTOW 24 days ago
Hazaxd _KP I’m now thinking of the 11 Black myself, I wanted the pro midnight green but after pondering 🤔 for a while I’ve already got a bad ass camera. A Nikon D3400, so why spend 400 more bucks for something I won’t really use
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