iOS 13 - This is why it AMAZES me.. | iOS 13 Beta 2 Review

Brandon Butch
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iOS 13 Continues to AMAZE Me! (iOS 13 Beta 2 Review) | iOS 13 Features & Changes (Battery Life, Performance, Bugs & More)
iOS 13 beta 2 was released on Monday and after using it on my daily driver iPhone XR all week long, I discuss my experience. We cover iOS 13 battery life, performance, more features/changes, bugs and more!
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Subscription screenshot source: twitter.com/viticci/status/1140780962013437952
What are your thoughts on iOS 13 beta 2? Are you having a good or bad experience when it comes to battery life & performance?
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Jun 21, 2019

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Comments 774
Brandon Butch
Brandon Butch 29 days ago
If you only want to hear about performance/battery life, skip to 5:41 😄 Are you guys on iOS 13 beta 2? Or are you waiting for the public beta/official release?
King Savage
King Savage 5 days ago
Ima wait this is the only phone my parents will buy me and I’m not tryna risk it I’ll wait👍👍👍😥
Susan Martin
Susan Martin 25 days ago
Brandon Butch I am on 12.3.1. Says I’m up to date. 🤷🏼‍♀️
NicVandEmZ 26 days ago
Brandon Butch isn’t the public beta the same as beta 2
Angelica Seng
Angelica Seng 26 days ago
Brandon Butch I’m still waiting
Real Racer 03
Real Racer 03 27 days ago
Brandon Butch can you make a video about the performance on an iPad Air 2 on iOS 13 / iPadOS please?
Life With kira
Life With kira 11 days ago
Can u do live wallpapers on lock screen?
Coolcash MVP
Coolcash MVP 17 days ago
In beta 2 can u okay fortnite Mobile with out crashing because I play mobile games plz. Are a video of that plz plz plz I need to know before I get beta 2
Fabomon 17 days ago
Coolcash MVP Fortnite is irrelevant in 2019 . Get yourself Minecraft Pocket Edition
Esco Whitfield
Esco Whitfield 17 days ago
I downloaded it today and I LOVVEEE it! My 8 plus literally feels 2x faster and soo snappy. However the battery life it just a little worse than iOS 12.3.2
Renèe Lewis
Renèe Lewis 18 days ago
When will the public Beta update come? I have the public Beta 13.0
Sasha 18 days ago
new update u can make your own vibration on alarm
Michael McGrath
Michael McGrath 17 days ago
You've always been able to do that
wmmarquez 19 days ago
good review
John Bass
John Bass 19 days ago
Ios13 not connecting with email says 5 messages but none showing
Squirrels React
Squirrels React 19 days ago
I love it!
Angie Jordan
Angie Jordan 19 days ago
I have had some many issues with lots of apps closing out, screen freezing
ツInnocenxts 19 days ago
Link. Pls
Safyan Khan
Safyan Khan 20 days ago
How to update ios 13 beta 2 from ios13
Zahid Ansari
Zahid Ansari 20 days ago
This will not void the warranty right?
Peter George
Peter George 17 days ago
Zahid Ansari no it will not unless your phone is over 1 year old, then your warranty will be invalid.
Isis Handford
Isis Handford 21 day ago
I’m having a problem getting 13.2
Blade City
Blade City 21 day ago
Has the Apple Pencil always had 3D Touch capability
Theuppercut75 22 days ago
Hey Brandon. Great video! I just updated my iPhone XS to IOS 13 beta 2. It has all the features except for the "slide to type". Any ideas why not? In general-keyboards I'm also missing these functions: Auto -Capitalization, Enable Capslock, Predictive, Slide to Type.
Now That's What I Call Nick's Vlogs
It been good for me A few bugs 1. Snapchat notifications badge bug - Saying like I have 6 snapchats but I only have 2 2. New wallpaper - not showing up the new wallpaper on wallpaper > stills 3. Messenger issue - while sending a picture, the predictive text come up and I can’t see the text box for only a bit 4. Siri voices - Won’t download the Siri voices, only downloaded Indian 5. Keep on opening apps by itself
Icy Sistas
Icy Sistas 17 days ago
What phone do you have ?
Javano Williams
Javano Williams 22 days ago
These features were on Galaxy S3. Apple is lame asf.
Scythe X
Scythe X 24 days ago
Does It Have Controller Support Like Xbox Or PS4
Layne Campbell
Layne Campbell 22 days ago
Scythe X yes
Jason H
Jason H 24 days ago
Drinking game - every time he says Application
Syazmi 24 days ago
Batery ok ?
Acar 24 days ago
2:51 Lol I had this feature on my S3 ...
Mightybanana 3000
Mightybanana 3000 24 days ago
On the iPad can you get rid of the notifications centre side of the hinge screen
buxz777 24 days ago
iOS is getting very good , I just hope the next iPhones have really competitive cameras , I love their video , not a big lover of their stills though
Stephen Simorangkir
Is it possible for Apple to change the lock screen? After using faceID then it automatically enters the menu instead of sliding up again? thanks
Justin The Matrix
Justin The Matrix 24 days ago
I wish
prismstudios001 25 days ago
I keep resisting the urge to sign up for the Beta, as I really want the iPad IOS a bit more .... I just really don`t want to inherit any bugs in the beta.... Looks sooooo neat, must go sign up, or not. No WiFi? I`m waiting! sigh
Jacob Arthur
Jacob Arthur 25 days ago
Im very, very suprised Apple don't make a new store where you can buy and download themes for OUR phones. Themes that change icons, settings, phone, messages etc
Erick G
Erick G 25 days ago
Third party keyboards not outputting characters...bad battery life on my XR, too much stuttering, random unresponsive UI, swipe up to home screen gesture has not worked at all, playing audio from folder and third party music apps sound output to iPhone speakers shut off when locking screen and attempting to clear RAM only sends me to unlocking my phones using their passcodes, to name a few...my SE is also acting weird lol. Hope they fix soon.
Sarah Albueissa
Sarah Albueissa 25 days ago
Ok how do you update your phone even though on settings it doesn’t say that there’s no new update ?
Justin The Matrix
Justin The Matrix 24 days ago
Download the profile then go to your settings it will say it on the top you have a profile. Then go to update. Really easy
Kim Jong Un
Kim Jong Un 25 days ago
Imma download it rn on my Xs now... but nervous but if I end up having no WiFi I guess it will only do me good 😂
Deltron310 25 days ago
i grouped icons are greyed out and doesnt have rounded edges looks wack af lol
Mr. Muslmani
Mr. Muslmani 25 days ago
Been using it for a week and it’s not a huge update like it’s being made out. Very buggy, suggest waiting for future updates till some of the bugs are gone
Joseph Adjei
Joseph Adjei 25 days ago
My battery is been dying faster with iOS 13
Jernej x
Jernej x 25 days ago
wow a new update that lowers your batary life and slowers your phone. and it brings some ussles things no one needs. fuck apple and u stupid americans go and buy a new iphone x becouse your older phones are now trash.
Steven Van
Steven Van 25 days ago
i wish you used dark mode and tested battery life
ThenJimboReturns 25 days ago
Make a dedicated video bro
Hendra 834
Hendra 834 25 days ago
My phone is getting hot and it’s charging very slow, Im running public beta. Any solution?
Brendan Rosa
Brendan Rosa 25 days ago
Main reason why I'm updating is for slide typing. Gboard and Swiftkey are both worthless trash when you use them for typing words instead of sliding.
Aaron Tillery
Aaron Tillery 25 days ago
Anyone have the issue with dictation/using Siri to write out a text in messages and it crashes the iMessage app?
Susan Martin
Susan Martin 25 days ago
I’m having trouble with my screen going black during calls but won’t “wake” when I take the phone away from my face. Any suggestions? I have the XR.
jalen owens
jalen owens 25 days ago
If i want to delete it after ii update my phone with it, can I?
jordy valdo
jordy valdo 26 days ago
How about the 3d touch? Is it still unavailable on this update?
Now That's What I Call Nick's Vlogs
jordy valdo no, it is not
Inês Pereira
Inês Pereira 26 days ago
Does your Google Home work fine on the iPhone on Beta 2? Mine says I'm not connected to Wi-Fi, when I am 🤷🏻‍♀️
Inês Pereira
Inês Pereira 25 days ago
Mr. Muslmani for a moment I thought it was me
Mr. Muslmani
Mr. Muslmani 25 days ago
Inês Pereira same
Ruben Pena
Ruben Pena 26 days ago
Are using an Apple router for the Wi-Fi? that’s common issue with Apple routers. I’ve had the same problem multiple times with different Apple routers. Still no logical explanation.
Brandon Butch
Brandon Butch 26 days ago
Nope, Nighthawk router
Mike Barnes
Mike Barnes 26 days ago
Galaxy s6 has entered the chat
Super Wye!th
Super Wye!th 26 days ago
I haven't tried it yet but I'm installing the profile right now. Excited
Wrench 26 days ago
How do you get beta 2? Where’s profile link boss
Sergio Guerrero
Sergio Guerrero 26 days ago
Could you uninstall it?
zebonaut smith
zebonaut smith 26 days ago
Was reading messages to me though airpods; nicely; then it stopped. Then it came back. Hmmmm
Ronit 26 days ago
using the beta 2 as a daily driver. works perfectly fine. (X)
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