'Invisible Man' Director on Making 'Elevated Horror' and Reinventing the Classic Monster

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“The Invisible Man,” which cost only $7 million and opens in theaters on Feb. 28, is definitely not your father’s monster movie. For one, this updated version is laced with gore and violence, and it departs considerably from the original with a plot set in the present day. The story, which director Leigh Whannell wrote, centers on an enigmatic woman, Cecilia (Elisabeth Moss), trying to escape from an abusive techno-rich boyfriend (Oliver Jackson-Cohen) who continues to stalk her when he devises a method to make himself invisible.





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arabella elena
arabella elena 22 days ago
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Blank Space Provided
Read you column on this movie Variety. The historical revisionism is astounding. 1980’s feminists: “These films are offensive morality plays which shame, exploit and glorify violence against women. What if someone sees this and decides to live their life by this example?” Fans: “Jamie Lee is boss. It’s just a movie.” 2020’s feminists: “These films have always been moral parables of female empowerment in the face of toxic masculinity. People should see them as examples to live their life by.” Fans: “...This is why no one likes you feminism.”
Benjamin Garvey
Benjamin Garvey Month ago
Great movie
The Ancient Lantern
I just had my film history class tonight- we watched the original Invisible Man. And then I see this video uploaded. 😳😐😳
André Graciotti
He's done a great job. The movie is amazing.
organicmilk5 Month ago
How does this not have more views! Time to share it:)
Hopingover Leavesinfall
Leigh Whannell is a hilarious guy.
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