Investigating TRUE Animated Stories To See If They Are Actually FAKE

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Today I'm investigating the world of "TRUE" animated stories again. However, this time, I'm actually INVESTIGATING these ridiculous stories to see if they're actually FAKE or not...
Actually Happened:
My Story Animated:
Part 1 TRUE Animated Stories That Are Actually FAKE:
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Sep 14, 2019




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Comments 5 515
Jennice Wolff
Jennice Wolff 2 hours ago
Sakura-Kun 666
Sakura-Kun 666 3 hours ago
i live in enland and its so coman for girld in my town to get pregnent under the age of 13 ......so its posable she had an 11 year old realy young, also there are 4 pregnent at my secondry school (highy school)
LMR 5 hours ago
1:47 "How is it even possible? you ask" We will find out on next episode ov dragon ball Z. (side). Lol.
Prakash Amudha
Prakash Amudha 13 hours ago
Her "i dont know how my mom got pregnant she is a virgin" Me: then how are you born?
Robert Pattinson For Life
That mom had a *food baby*
Bumbalbee 808
(Last girls name is Keira) Me: my name is Keira.. (Keira’s parents both went to jail) Me: mY pArEnTs bOtH wEnT tO jAiL-
Abena Tate
Abena Tate Day ago
Your hair is awesome
Laotoole 92
Laotoole 92 Day ago
What I learned from this: The story’s are fake but based on real things so... they are historical fiction
Sister Piper
Sister Piper 2 days ago
She is hilarious
Unicorn Jasmine Hardesty
The first story my mom wasn't dating how is she pregnant? Its called pearl life honey get it right
galaxyTacoAlien 3 days ago
Lol one of my friends googled her mom and found a criminal record
HeartBeam Playz
HeartBeam Playz 3 days ago
When you were searchingvfor thevlast story the suggestins said: by archeolagists so it might be real.
Flamingo_Studioz 3 days ago
what happened is shes just FAT not pregnant!
Gacha Cookie
Gacha Cookie 4 days ago
The following text your about to read is not meaning to make anyone feel bad or even sad. I’m just speeding the information so everyone knows. Ok now with that said you can continue reading this text. I Just wanna say thank you to everyone that donated to Australia. I live in Australia, I went to The Portsea camp from 2ed to the 9th I couldn’t see the sea because of the smoke. Over 800 million animals have died in NSW. Melbourne was covered in smoke when my older sister went there for university I know it wasn’t so bad that they couldn’t go out side but it was still bad. Please please please don’t think that a bit of rain will stop the fires! Please look around your house, think of it burning maybe with your younger OR older sister/brother OR a pet and imagine how scary it would be, unfortunately some people aren’t as lucky as you and me. Lots of people have lost pets, there house maybe they have lived in it since you were a kid and then there’s the biggest thing family members. Again, this is not meaning to make anyone feel bad or anything. I’m just trying to spread information about this sad sad topic...
art with SENNY
art with SENNY 4 days ago
well if she's 28 then she could of had her at the age of 17 if her daughter is 11 cause there is such thing as a teen mom
Riley Smith
Riley Smith 4 days ago
No one Lauren ,is that a pregnant Mona Lisa
The legendary Gamer
I think you should do more of these
M5Cindy-chan 5 days ago
Lauren:I guess a lot of Indian relics get stolen Me: *Indian intensifies*
Fatama Isse
Fatama Isse 5 days ago
Signe Whelan
Signe Whelan 5 days ago
She prolly is just fat
lets get to 1 millon subscribers with 0 vids
Clike on my profile picture
Brenna Lee
Brenna Lee 5 days ago
The title of the first one is clickbait. When the video actually started, if you listen closely she says "my mother has been pregnant for four years _in a row_. Not pregnant for four years period. Im not sure if that is a typo or not, but I think it is just clickbait.
Krysta Greco
Krysta Greco 5 days ago
That story is fake
It is a fact that the Mona Lisa was pregnent with her 2 child when the picture was created
NightFluff 6 days ago
Lmao I sleep walk all the time but I don’t draw in my sleep @w@ all I do is walk in closets and talk to myself.
Jamie C
Jamie C 6 days ago
All of those stories are true and real
Uaealesi Timoteo
Uaealesi Timoteo 6 days ago
For the first story the lady may have had her baby as a teen
CPK Grownup
CPK Grownup 7 days ago
My mom sleep walks. I never seen it tho. It didn’t start until after I moved out.
Toiilet Jr
Toiilet Jr 7 days ago
I will delete this comment once I get 5 likes (No I’m not begging for likes or asking for likes cuz im gonna delete it after I’ll edit it to tell y’all)
M&Friends Lps studios and Muckbangs
I just saw the first on dr.phill the other day ago well something similar
Madness Arcade
Madness Arcade 8 days ago
14:18 prob something about familiarity
Madness Arcade
Madness Arcade 8 days ago
11:28 he couldn’t have known
Madness Arcade
Madness Arcade 8 days ago
The daughter probably told it when she got older
Holly Taylor
Holly Taylor 7 days ago
She wouldent remember it when she was a baby.
Madness Arcade
Madness Arcade 8 days ago
3:31 everyone reacts to pregnancy differently
Madness Arcade
Madness Arcade 8 days ago
There is a saying that says fact is stranger than fiction
Lily Pad
Lily Pad 8 days ago
I’ve seen the one about the parents in jail when she looked them up
MultiTV 8 days ago
Anwesha Kothawale
No..Indian jails keep women and men separate in jails😅😅
Ginney Cowles
Ginney Cowles 9 days ago
hey wach storys are real
for givers
for givers 10 days ago
I saw this and I thought that Lauren’s mom was pregnant And I was like whatttttttttttttt
das das
das das 10 days ago
did anyone notice that she mostly put the videos that were kinda watched by already. Or is that just me?
The Fake One Me
The Fake One Me 11 days ago
maccaria7x 11 days ago
I went to WW3 and I got pregnant from a Fortnite virgin *next on ACTUALLY HAPPENED*
Paul Gammage
Paul Gammage 11 days ago
lauren we know that someone is watching some of the videos cause there is the red line this is how many people noticed | | v
Paul Gammage
Paul Gammage 11 days ago
im a big idiot who agrees
Paul Gammage
Paul Gammage 11 days ago
me to
Paul Gammage
Paul Gammage 11 days ago
i noticed
AngelicRoyalty 11 days ago
Why does the mother in the last one remind me of Connie or ms. Mahashearen from steven universe (just the looks)
Tanushree Gupta
Tanushree Gupta 12 days ago
Me: huh interesting thumbnail and title, lets see *clicks on video* Literally one second in the vid: "what if i had fallen in love with my biological father?" Me: *jungshook* wtf? Also me: *proceeds to watch*
Harper’s Friendly World
Holy moly Christmas glory
Leomeodeo 12 days ago
1:56 It Was The Force It Was Palpatin!
꧁Crystal Glaze꧂
Or maybe your just fat
SanLLL 12 days ago
janely world
janely world 12 days ago
React to I is scorpions for breakfast
LiterallyDoNotKnowWhatIAmDoing 1111
Yes they are fake
your9s\me and m.z 0001
Yes Lauren Indian jails are more different
Gamer Girleyx
Gamer Girleyx 13 days ago
Are she maby she’s fat
Kitty The Cat
Kitty The Cat 13 days ago
I used to believe these until I watched one that was 100% a lie, even a deaf slug could tell...
Khloe Hall
Khloe Hall 14 days ago
LaurenzSide:" read these stories" Me: *inhaled* ok boomer
Skycomet 15 days ago
Is it scientifically possible to become attracted to a parent... yes. BUT! It IS NOT normal. There are biological failsafes in place to protect against inbreeding. Experiments have been done that have shown them and their biologically ingrained. For example, In normal circumstances women have an unconscious aversion to the smell of their close male relatives.
Allison Wonderland
Allison Wonderland 15 days ago
thank you it is everyone's responsibility to think critically do I need to remind everyone about James Charles Jeffree Star tati Westbrook scandal?!!!!
iilxvelypotato 16 days ago
Thecoolkid23456Gaming (Random Galore)
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