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5 months in the making, Unicorn V3 is finally here, and will probably go down in history of being the most controversial Huracan in America.
A lot of blood, sweat and tears went into this project, so I hope you guys enjoy :)
Instagram: @alex.choi
Snapchat: alexchoi777
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A film by Marc Liscio

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Comments 100
etch250 11 hours ago
2m+ views congrats sir!
james1 20 hours ago
Not for me kid
Smothcrmnl R/T
Smothcrmnl R/T 22 hours ago
who dis your pink seatbelts?
Cornea Rana
Cornea Rana Day ago
Your monkey bar Lamborghini is awesome!
Lusydead8 Day ago
Eii men the garbage goes in the green container. TY 👍🏻😂
Josef Hadjiantoni
That looks sick dude 👌👍 good job
Free real estate
Free real estate 2 days ago
Thanos car!!!!
STK MP 2 days ago
Douglas Boladão
Douglas Boladão 2 days ago
World Travel Blogger
When I first saw this car, immediately I wanted to say wtf.....then my heart said, it's his car he can do what he wants. Why do we judge so much on being like everybody else. I too was original in my build of my VIP lexus GS300 when everyone said I was crazy for doing it back in the day. You cannot hate on originality and it is driven. Much respect bro, because of that you gained a new follower, never follow the pack, they will only lead you to a cliff. OneLove
Xzlem •
Xzlem • 3 days ago
"Fuck what other people think" But in one of his latest videos, "i'm a clout chaser"
Stephen Peacock
Stephen Peacock 3 days ago
How to ruin a Lamborghini, wtf. His lambs is slower than malaka motorsports rs3, lol
Tim Cameron
Tim Cameron 3 days ago
What’s the name of this police led light bar on roof ?
Martin Allen
Martin Allen 3 days ago
Westcoast Customs - "We heard you liked Lamborghinis and climbing. So we put a Lamborghini INSIDE a climbing frame bro!"
Vulpea Sireata
Vulpea Sireata 4 days ago
Didn't the motor blew up?
YouTube Riley GAMIMG
GaLoS 4 days ago
Dude thinks buying a lambo is original.
Josh Chavers
Josh Chavers 4 days ago
This car should be in a video game. Great job brother! :)
Chaos Lyfzz
Chaos Lyfzz 4 days ago
When you really don’t want to scratch you’re paint
andrei Vuking
andrei Vuking 4 days ago
HP ?
Can we get to surpass PEWDIEPIE before 2020?
coop lights on a civillian car.. that sounds kinda illegal
Hasan Khan
Hasan Khan 5 days ago
Why the fuck in the first place are you seeking attention for and longing for validation if you don't care about other's opinion of you and that's the kind of attitude that you carry. Why long for such shit if it has nothing to do with you in the first place. Add a small motivational pep talk or something narcissistic asshole. Btw you fucked up your Lambo. It's lame just like you. Your Hello Kitty version of Lambo or the pink one or whatever you called it was soooo fuckin awesome. You took such amazing shots with it on your insta. You ruined it. You went too far and it's shine turned to shit. You spoiled fucking skinny peice of dumbshit.
John John
John John 5 days ago
Alex mycar twin turbos pewor car you 👍
Sunnagoon 5 days ago
if you wanted to be original you wouldnt have bought a lambo lol
Enigma b
Enigma b 6 days ago
Goodluck driving over a pebble.
Mario Super
Mario Super 6 days ago
Doc we must go back :)
skintt125 6 days ago
I think where the gaps are in the cage on the rear quarters there should be carbon panels, similar to the way it is on the front "hood". It would look much better.
Embrace Your Story
Call it "Caged Bull"! I love that you can see it's insides.
김삿갓 6 days ago
와.. 대단한 형이네...
Aaron Latham
Aaron Latham 7 days ago
"I know I say this a lot but..... Literally?"
Motorsport Maniac
Mozilafoxx 7 days ago
I'm having nightmares to night
Mckinley Jensen
Mckinley Jensen 7 days ago
El Diablo
Ben McKenna
Ben McKenna 7 days ago
Supra Fanboys: Tuner life fucker! Lamborghinis are shit ca....?
Norm Suther
Norm Suther 7 days ago
damn ur aging fast bro
Lucky Xiong
Lucky Xiong 7 days ago
I love your Lamborghini huracan twin turbo but I will get a Lamborghini huracan but I will find where you guys love
Oofer Doofer
Oofer Doofer 7 days ago
This should be Patty Mayo’s new rig
Joseph D
Joseph D 8 days ago
Nobody: Car RUvidr: *wears brixton forged hat
11YeeP11 8 days ago
Glad you are happy with it, I am not going to shit on something you like. BUT... When you described it as a rally car, I guess I expected it to look at little more off road. Maybe some suspension changes, or something like that.
Oofer Doofer
Oofer Doofer 7 days ago
I love this car but I do think it would be even more lit with the upgrades you just mentioned
ahmed fagla
ahmed fagla 9 days ago
Damn that's azaming lambo alex I wish i could do the exactly the same thing like u
Jorge Arellano
Jorge Arellano 9 days ago
I love the build let me have it ??? 😂
insaynbcr 9 days ago
"Literally" 🙄
Javier Merino
Javier Merino 9 days ago
Ve el video de atrx broo ! Te gustara
Hubiera estado más perro si le hubiera entendido, pero solo hablo español jaja que triste... Pero si alguien le entiende, la neta le quedo con todo...
Raphael kraig Burgos
Dopest car
Mark Brown
Mark Brown 10 days ago
I love your Lamborghini how much was it
Initial Drawings
Initial Drawings 10 days ago
I’d rather choose a Subaru WRX STI GC8 WRC and the Audi Quattro Group B Those are real Rally cars
Cose Ignoranti
Cose Ignoranti 10 days ago
I want this car in Forza… NOW!
Z4K4RI414 11 days ago
Why get a roll cage inside your car when you can put it outside
Redix G*59
Redix G*59 11 days ago
Morgi Morgs
Morgi Morgs 11 days ago
Did you buy another lambo or the same lambo
Chef EK
Chef EK 11 days ago
How do you drive in the rain with the air filter exposed?
KronicNitron 11 days ago
Fast and furious 6
Marty Perna
Marty Perna 11 days ago
Hannah Olsen
Hannah Olsen 11 days ago
I see the future...
FifaMessi010 11 days ago
This should’ve been an hour long video.. still enjoyed the hell out of it though
Alabama Saint
Alabama Saint 11 days ago
Not prison bars but freedom bars
BMW BIKES 11 days ago
i thought it was ulgy at first but it is growing into me
Rahima Begum
Rahima Begum 12 days ago
Keller Racing
Keller Racing 13 days ago
I wonder what’s the resale value now🤔
valentino00o 13 days ago
Its ugly as FUCK, Asians have no taste
oleg komlov
oleg komlov 13 days ago
Call it exoskeleton
radi nikolov
radi nikolov 13 days ago
Made in China
《RUAN FF》 pablo
Dee Dio Day J
Dee Dio Day J 13 days ago
NYC bro
Jercy Justice
Jercy Justice 14 days ago
literally this is literally the most literally literally car, literally.
Francisco Sanchez
Francisco Sanchez 14 days ago
Like si vienes de atrx
Rhys Schmid
Rhys Schmid 14 days ago
who else saw this in effspot's vid?
izoom 14 days ago
Would you like a Lambo with your cage?
Azeem Sharif
Azeem Sharif 14 days ago
not all designs are good this is an example of that. But if u like it your car buddy do what u want lol
rsedas 14 days ago
"I live by the idea not being what people expect or want you to be"
Wasim Hossain
Wasim Hossain 14 days ago
michelcycles 15 days ago
looks shit . real shitty..
TC/ABS_OFF 15 days ago
Am I the only one who doesn't get it? Sure I get that it hasn't been done...but hmmm I do believe it was for a damn good reason.......looks like a pink poo -
Joel by
Joel by 15 days ago
And then mad mike made a drift huracan
Traverse Cole
Traverse Cole 15 days ago
So dope!!!
pirijari 15 days ago
carforumwanker 15 days ago
looks shit.
Can we get 5000 subscribers with no videos?
This is an ill beast. You made this for yourself. congrats.
lil twig nig
lil twig nig 15 days ago
0:54 the ball drag 😂🤣
E. Africanus
E. Africanus 15 days ago
How would the exo cage act in a crash? Can you weld on a bull bar and just go hitting cars demolition derby styls?
ManeScreen 16 days ago
dfpguitar 16 days ago
adore this car/project. Seeing as it now has clearance, would be cool to experiment with making it offroad capable. Smaller rims, bigger tyres, more suspension.
CONXEPT DARWIN 16 days ago
Put it some neons
Hayden Tombs
Hayden Tombs 16 days ago
bro that is the sickest car ive ever seen
Jerome Musafer
Jerome Musafer 16 days ago
I think the build is so creative, It's awesome.The funniest thing about the reaction from the purists will be the tail lights, we all know it's the sexiest Lambo rear end, definitely the most inventive. What's really gonna piss them off is not being able to do it without copying what you've done. Can't wait to see what's next...
Tii Ess
Tii Ess 16 days ago
fuck that outro was so deadly dude!!
ESP LRG 16 days ago
ARBALES7 16 days ago
That looks so beautiful, I wouldn't want to get it dirty.
Firebrand 16 days ago
Some nice ideas, but more money than sense, lol. If you want this car to be validated, you gotta compete with it, call it a rally car? Take it rallying, trial by fire, proof of concept, it's only in the heat of competition where proper motorsport ideas are proven.
Focus Media
Focus Media 16 days ago
I I 17 days ago
It’s called “EXOCAGE”. This is a BEAST. Keep them coming cool projects like that
Josh Morris
Josh Morris 17 days ago
Stop talking and drive the damn thing !!
Damian Gilmore
Damian Gilmore 17 days ago
Police: is this stock Alex: well
Alan Wang #36
Alan Wang #36 17 days ago
Love the car.
oskar rakso
oskar rakso 17 days ago
Looks like a Mad Max film car, so cool!!
Edi21 17 days ago
Like si vienes de ATRX😂
Jack McNeill
Jack McNeill 17 days ago
6:18 i see that sticker
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