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These lipsticks are created with a blend of murumuru butter, Shea Butter & Mango Butter.
They are also infused with Sunflower Seed Oil that helps give my formula the creamy, moisturizing feel. It also contains Collagen & a custom blend of fragrance that kind of smells like vanilla butter cake.
*Sorry in the video I said "Avocado Oil" I mixed it up with a different product i'm developing!
They are also vegan, cruelty free & made in the USA!


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May 23, 2019

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Comments 35 843
Timmsy 6 hours ago
31:50 you don't say
Kezia 6 hours ago
This really didn't age well.
Kim 6 hours ago
Before the comments are disabled... For anyone wondering, this is what happened. She made the lipsticks in 2017 and was going to launch them then but she was in the middle of a divorce and didn't want her husband to receive any profit. So she let them sit in a warehouse for 2+ years. Mango butter has a very short shelf life, and the tiny "hairs" are actually mould. It's not a coincidence it's all growing outwards 😬
Tiffanie Lopez
Tiffanie Lopez 6 hours ago
Maybelline lip sticks are better .... Smh to you ... I could see why they laughed at you .. 😂🤭🤑💀
Monkey D Luffy
Monkey D Luffy 7 hours ago
Sheila Mae Morales
Sheila Mae Morales 7 hours ago
"trust my brand and gEt To KnOw Me by something as simple as a lipstick" We got to know you, all right.
Ingrid Caroline
Ingrid Caroline 8 hours ago
Alguém Veio Pelo #Fofokarenzando?
Restless Sheep
Restless Sheep 9 hours ago
Hooo boy, Who could have predicted the shit show ?
E D 9 hours ago
Why would anyone want to launch another lipstick! There are hoards of perfect lipsticks out there. So you get this chance, only one chance. But your greed got the best of you. Crap product with zero quality control. Yeah, she said she wanted to make hundreds of thousands of units and they laughed at her. But she ignored it and did it anyway with her obnoxious personality. How does someone lie so much as this video clearly shows. Why in the world would anyone try it again.
Jonathan Tooze
Jonathan Tooze 9 hours ago
I've never heard someone talk so mile a minute and yet say nothing of interest. Also you keep saying "like" as far as I'm aware you're going on 30, an adult, not a teenager. I get that you are trying to appeal to a younger demographic, but seriously just speak your age
Watch me eat/ Fat, belly dancer
Im so sorry for you. How embarrassing
Ramen Seller
Ramen Seller 10 hours ago
*Ya we all loved the metal scraps and hair you sold! Nice collection **_QuEeN_*
Chad Chadwig
Chad Chadwig 11 hours ago
I’ve been wearing this shade for years yea bc you had the rest sitting on the shelf for years you dope
Issamar Urena
Issamar Urena 11 hours ago
Anyone know where I can get this shirt? @jacklyn?
karey lester
karey lester 11 hours ago
It's finally here, and full of hurrr!!
Nina Dixon
Nina Dixon 11 hours ago
Why is the 20 lipstick bundle cost $295? 💀😂
14Karat 11 hours ago
Y'all are so heartless
14Karat 11 hours ago
This breaks my heart..
Snoopy 79
Snoopy 79 12 hours ago
Who else waiting for the lip stick close up when she's explaining on the packaging details?
Ro Sun
Ro Sun 12 hours ago
You forgot to give your lipstick a Brazilian Wax before launch day! #KeepItSmoothBaby #NoFuzzys IG: @rozay.88
giane 12 hours ago
No entendi ni madres pero, : infectacion detectado :v
αlιcε 13 hours ago
I feel bad for Jaclyn. Before anyone attacks me, please take a few mins out of your day to read this- Imagine planning and planning for a dream project for years and years- and finally getting to show it to the world. I'm sure Jaclyn put everything she had into her brand. She eagerly put out her lipsticks for sale hoping for her customers to be satisfied with her hard work. Then, the lipsticks were not perfect. *Jaclyn* got the backlash, and not the labs. She didn't actually make the lipsticks on her own in her kitchen. She hired people in a lab to create the perfect formula and produce enough for a first launch. She wasn't the quality assurance manager, she created the shades, the theme, and the idea of a formula. If something was defective, she didn't purposley sell it to the public. If she knew, she would've stopped it from happening. After everyone showed their defective lipsticks, she wanted to make sure the public knew what she knew herself. She uploaded this video knowing that she had many people attacking her, so she had to speak the truth, or what "truth" she was told. (The lab/factory might've kept the truth from her) The reason why she sounded so panicky or aggressive is because she wanted to get the info out there asap. She didn't mean to sound annoyed or aggressive, she wanted to save her brand that she had been working so hard on. These negative comments asking for all of the "tea" don't help anyone, they just make people thirsty for drama they aren't involved in. All of this drama is too blown up and out of proportion and shows how toxic the beauty community is. I hope you understand why I wrote this comment. Plz don't attack me, only leave constructive criticism on my argument.
à Łøñęłÿ Śøûł
7:35 she need some serious singing lesson (no offense but she sound horrible sorry if I offended you guys)
Pelvic Thrust
Pelvic Thrust 13 hours ago
All this could have been avoided if you left these lipsticks this in 2013-2015.
Chad Chadwig
Chad Chadwig 14 hours ago
Hair Shards of metal Shards of glass Mold Black balls And other shit She was obviously trying to hurt her customers and make them sick she needs to be held accountable.. she took five years to make this garbage?? Something ain’t right she needs to be investigated
Adrián Durán
Adrián Durán 14 hours ago
can someone with no kids can be on food stamps? When I think of a Mac MUA, food stamps don't relate in my head. Isn't beauty school in 1000s, would a food stamp person could afford it. I'm honestly ignorant on this matter.
Karino Lio
Karino Lio 14 hours ago
Lets let this capitalistic beach burn in this fire. Viva a revolution! Of course in flame of guiltiness and our custmomer s unsatisfaction
FabulousCookie 14 hours ago
Everytime she says creamy or buttery I just think of the metal flakes in them and kids rushing to try this on... 😬😬😬😬
Lil’ Miss Imperfect
Should have swatched them on her lips, see how much she likes hair, mold and other crap in her lipsticks. 5 years for crap that costs 18$. What a rip off and a scandalous thing...
Suzanne McGowan
Suzanne McGowan 16 hours ago
Sorry but I have to trust a person that I would buy a lipstick from, you put it on your mouth for goodness sake. I wouldn't buy socks from her.
Ava Jean
Ava Jean 17 hours ago
I'm commenting before she blocks them 🙃🙃
Marybeth Gagliardi
Marybeth Gagliardi 17 hours ago
Were all of these lipsticks that she swatched in this video perfect?? Like I don't understand how she could make this video & not see anything wrong with these lipsticks?
Evi.dowling 19 hours ago
James and Tati: drama attention and drama channels Jaclyn: *shoves her furry manky lipsticks in everyone’s faces*
Dzana Hodzic
Dzana Hodzic 19 hours ago
This feels like watching the beginning of the Titanic now
M B 19 hours ago
So many little things still did go wrong though. She still messed up 🤦‍♀️
Love Parisienne
Love Parisienne 19 hours ago
What a joke!!
lesha 21 hour ago
funny how you never swatched the lipsticks on your lips and funny how you never put the lipsticks close to the camera! like all beauty gurus do with their hand behind the product lol you knew girl, you knew.
Alex 22 hours ago
Why did she spent so much time going on about the PR package?! This isn’t something any of us have access to. She’s just fame hungry. So embarrassing
An20 M
An20 M 22 hours ago
“Packaging sucks , product sucks” *packaging cute , product ass*
An20 M
An20 M 22 hours ago
“This is not the right lab for me” and the lab with the furry gloves is?
Ella Twirls
Ella Twirls 22 hours ago
Well, this line is far from perfection.
Covers MK
Covers MK 23 hours ago
Like si llegaste a este vídeo gracias a Yiseni Pérez 🤣✌🏻️
emaan sheikh
emaan sheikh Day ago
I guess now the brand is about to get over.
FI SOA Day ago
Her excitement means "ooh I'm gonna be so rich!"
Dartchy Day ago
How can it be cruelty free yet have collagen in it?
yeet feet
yeet feet Day ago
Imagine having your niece’s name be associated with a harmful and dangerous lipstick pack.
*Lipsticks? Hairy* *2014? 5 years ago* *Also Lipsticks? Metal & Plastic* *Lipsticks again? Moldy and Yeast* *Hotel?Trivago*
Lana Del Diamandis
I can't help but feel kinda sorry for her. She seems genuinely excited about the launch here. This must be devastating for her.
Nafisa Arinda
22:26 . Gurll DON'T put that lipstick on her foot. Its INFECTED AND DISGUSTING. AM SORRY
Cydnee C
Cydnee C Day ago
Did anyone else notice how quickly she put the tops back on the lipsticks after swatching 6ft away from the camera? Gurllll
Artemis XX
Artemis XX Day ago
Women just get to the point
Shanel H.G
Shanel H.G Day ago
Girl metal and plastic shards, mould has now been found they're safe?! You're fucking insane
Jessica winn
Jessica winn Day ago
She didn't even hold the lipsticks up to the camera. LOLOLOL
Ok what
Ok what Day ago
North Star
North Star Day ago
Someone else in the comments noticed that the dislikes were roughly a 130k and Likes around 150 k a couple of days ago.
Gaming With Yina
7:32 she opens the box
lauren vega-cruz
how is this video still up?
maribel duran
4:20 lmao 🤣
Obscene Obscurity
I got aids because of your lipstick
Hina Khan
Hina Khan Day ago
Don't forget to shave your Jaclyn Hill lipsticks once a week.
Love Parisienne
Love Parisienne 20 hours ago
Lol comedy gold!!
Lia Day ago
Poor thing she was so happy :(
Mari C.
Mari C. Day ago
Ms. Jaclyn Being Cancelled Every Launch Hill
CarlosV Day ago
Don’t worry your name is taking responsibility 🍵
it's shayna
it's shayna Day ago
She seemed so proud and happy with this line.. I really wish it could've worked out for her😭 She seems so genuine but it's telling that anything could be a lie. Watching this is just pretty sad on one hand, on the other it's frustrating that she could say how much effort she put into this line when it flopped within a week because there were beads, hair/fuzz, holes, it was melting, injured people.. She's a great saleswoman tho, super manipulative.
Rachel Szymanski
I don’t watch the beauty community on RUvid. I don’t buy their shit and I don’t watch their vids. Until the James Charles shit hit. Then it consumed me. I had to get everyone’s side and subscribed to every damn RUvid, ig, snap, EVERYTHING. then shit calmed down and I went back to my oblivious happy little life Now THIS. wtf beauty people?!
S cjj
S cjj Day ago
I think I could have came up with the same packaging ideas in a day. She is soooooo cringy...
Shannon Frenette
Jaclyn, I would love to get a PR package from you, to put up in my make up room. It was so very pretty.
Lizet. 21
Lizet. 21 Day ago
“Uhhh one day I want to make a brand of my own”-Jaclyn Well congrats u did it! You made a HELL OF A SAFETY HAZARD!!!!!-me
Carol Tamion
Carol Tamion Day ago
Her highlighter is doing so well for her cheeks, it is the only things that I have been paying attention so far
i am here for lolz
CF F Day ago
She's going mental....
nightmare 0w0
Is her arm turning red or is it just me?
Xylo Ren
Xylo Ren Day ago
Jaclyn: "Products that you need and can't live without..." Me: furry lipsticks
Lamar Fayez
Lamar Fayez Day ago
My fav color is hairy, holes, melted, disgusting, finger prints.
Andrea Murphy
No one wants the "give away'!! How about a "take it back"- away
Who is here watching this ironically
Chad Chadwig
Chad Chadwig Day ago
Jill Henderson
Notice she didn’t do a close up on any of the shades...did she know the entire time?
thelm Day ago
"Because I thought this would launch in 2015....." Clearly. 🤔✌
Aly C
Aly C Day ago
Interesting how she swatched the shades distances from the camera. Not something she usually does....🤔
Kelli In Oregon
I came here for the lipstick swatches and feel like I'm being held hostage with endless "lemme tell ya about me" monologues. 🙄🙄🙄🙄
Citlallic Rodriguez
This is sad :(
alexandra Day ago
recall it
Mid Night
Mid Night Day ago
Fany Romero ramirez
Alguien viene por el vídeo de yiseni Pérez ? 😂🤣
Chad Chadwig
Chad Chadwig Day ago
How much money is this fraud asking for these
Chad Chadwig
Chad Chadwig Day ago
The health department needs to be notified she is crazy for asking for that when this product has animal hair and mold in it dollar store lipstick is made better
North Star
North Star Day ago
Chad Chadwig $18 plus shipping and taxes 🙄
Chad Chadwig
Chad Chadwig Day ago
You should be ashamed that this is what you put out for people to buy fucking moldy ass hairy lipstick
noura shabo
noura shabo Day ago
she said: 💄🐈
Kathryn Contreras
She low-key kept lipsticks in a box for years while getting expired and got yal asses quick lmao how ya lips feel sis? Like it needs a lipstick on top of it 😂
Christeena White
So, did you rub your lipstick all over ISLA'S feet??
Genevieve Williams
Sooooo glad that I was too poor to buy any of this crap when it first launched lmao
iJesse Day ago
i think in my own personal Opinion is that you should've checked each and every one of them before selling them.... then you wouldn't of had so many issues with these!!!
Who dat gurl 1
Who dat gurl 1 2 days ago
She says how big of a deal she wants everything to be perfect but then she just lets the lipstick come out with hair mold etc.
joe rizoz
joe rizoz 2 days ago
How are her other stuff?
Anamaria Pintilii
And ochrrrrr yourself away from YT ! Thank you :-)
Anamaria Pintilii
You know what? FY mit Liebe 😶
Amanda Lorraine
Amanda Lorraine 2 days ago
Bernice Buhagiar
Bernice Buhagiar 2 days ago
The only product where the knock-offs will be better than the original
your gorl becky
your gorl becky 2 days ago
Jocabed Sanchez
Jocabed Sanchez 2 days ago
I honestly love her personality and humor ❤️
Jocabed Sanchez
Jocabed Sanchez 2 days ago
My question is...where did she get that shirt?
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