Interview Yungblud (2019)

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Yungblud dans #Taratata en interview avec Nagui.
Pour découvrir le live d' "Original Me" : bit.ly/Taratata6decembre
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Comments 80
Juste Risbo Music
Juste Risbo Music 11 hours ago
Il vie sa musique et ses textes, je l'avais jamais vue en interview, bon partage, j'ai envie de boire une bière avec ce mec et de RIRE, juste RIRE putain...
Monsieur Biscuits
Monsieur Biscuits 14 hours ago
Un bilal hasani de plus , merde
Total Sweet
Total Sweet Day ago
Foo fighters blows would be funny if he choked him back said get ur fookin hands off me
ruby gallant
ruby gallant 2 days ago
Zoé Grapinet
Zoé Grapinet 2 days ago
"je t'aime je t'aime baby" i'm crying
Светлана П
Like! Like! Like! We love you, Dom!)
Milla 5 days ago
He is going to kill batman
Bennet Mosel
Bennet Mosel 5 days ago
He would be a good Joker
Oliver Basilio
Oliver Basilio 5 days ago
I,m like him
Jeanne 6 days ago
17:03 🤤🤤
A Wastelander
A Wastelander 6 days ago
pffft the amount of support for degenerates like this shows how lost your country is
Camille Lacroix
Camille Lacroix 6 days ago
Gros gros gros kiffe sur Yungblud
mari ;
mari ; 7 days ago
he looks so happy i love her
Pedro Willemann
Pedro Willemann 7 days ago
jared leto joker and yungblud both at 80km/h
White Phoenix
White Phoenix 8 days ago
1 mot: COKE
세실 잔나비
세실 잔나비 6 days ago
Thomas Saganome
Thomas Saganome 9 days ago
Zoe 9 days ago
Own il est passé à la tele en France je savais pas🥺🥺
Némesis Reising
Némesis Reising 11 days ago
... ah this guy and his face and his expressions and everything.
Chris Dwaynes
Chris Dwaynes 11 days ago
who that i thought it was one of the witches
Electron Arcade
Electron Arcade 12 days ago
C'est milla jovovich sous cocaine
Jim Wolfgang
Jim Wolfgang 13 days ago
Parents ain't always right! What this claptrap is, it is not rock n roll. It's fucking dire plastic shit. This is not an ad hominem attack, this is about crap music taking people for a ride
세실 잔나비
세실 잔나비 11 days ago
hope you got over whatever it is that made you upset, man.
Jim Wolfgang
Jim Wolfgang 13 days ago
Fucking embarrassing. Imagine fucking dragons actually says it all. Infantilising shite of the first order. If you're pissed off just pick yourself up and brush yourself off because it's all ok nothing to worry about blah blah fucking blah. Sure he's probably a good friend to his friends. But shite dumb music and what else? Be yourself and that is it. Like if you want to be a pop star Go For It cos there ain't enough and they really enrich the lives of others... below the age of 12
세실 잔나비
세실 잔나비 11 days ago
hope you got over whatever it is that made you upset, man.
Citricphobia 13 days ago
Can c mine gars
Nick Paul
Nick Paul 15 days ago
en 1991 les ados ont eu Nirvana qui ébranla le monde de la musique ! en 2020 un Beetlejuice chantant "aiaiai" sur deux accords de guitare... peut on me ramener en 1991 svp !!!
Alina holstensson
Alina holstensson 15 days ago
Katie Laferriere
Katie Laferriere 16 days ago
Weezer 18 days ago
Thats exactely how you play a Hummingbird!! Jesus that is a talent....several genres can survive with that guy!!
Pedro Wedro
Pedro Wedro 18 days ago
delbar jessica
delbar jessica 19 days ago
Waouuuu chapeau mec ....impressionnant
Ju '
Ju ' 19 days ago
15:20 i love y so much
Anaé Soulet
Anaé Soulet 19 days ago
Jsamm j'adore se chanteur je je l'aime plus que tous puis tous se qu'il dit c'est c'est vrai JE T'ADORE YUNGBLUD
Ryan Hamrick
Ryan Hamrick 20 days ago
Looks like Shawn from Boy Meets World and he chose the drug path.
David Dylan
David Dylan 20 days ago
Bro, I'm like 90% sure this kid would make an amazing Joker
DannyMac 22 days ago
My teachers used to say "You're at a 10, bring it down to a 2." Me, a small seven-year-old: -Continues screaming and jumping around-
elodie k
elodie k 23 days ago
F OS 23 days ago
he is completely on drugs
세실 잔나비
세실 잔나비 23 days ago
@F OS what are you even talking about
F OS 23 days ago
@세실 잔나비 thats just part of the character. A musician can have such a deep ADHD. Unless, of course, he doesnt make his music.
세실 잔나비
세실 잔나비 23 days ago
he's not...... he's got ADHD
Youn G.
Youn G. 23 days ago
au debut de l'interview j'étais un peu mal a l'aise par le perso mais finalement je le trouve super intéressant et intelligent, comme quoi ouais son message est bien passé.
Igor Åhr
Igor Åhr 24 days ago
15:20 paparazzi
Светлана П
His eyes! Are they green or grey?
세실 잔나비
세실 잔나비 24 days ago
they're of a very light green
Kevon King
Kevon King 25 days ago
Someone needs to cast this man as the Joker
Daemone Entheus
Daemone Entheus 25 days ago
He French are like: "Look at this Anglo Freakshow Circus Clown!"
bichy mitchy
bichy mitchy 26 days ago
He's the epitome of punk
Jack Kennedy
Jack Kennedy 27 days ago
I didn't expect this...so...I suppose a 'f**k me man I'm impressed' is in order. I see authenticity, originality, talent and a surprisingly likable young artist who's not just trying to be eccentric to gain attention, fame or success in the music industry. I am nothing like this guy in so many ways but I have to appreciate his gift for expressing himself with his craft. I learned something today and while I don't truly relate, I do get it.
Mantas Kiselat
Mantas Kiselat 27 days ago
Kill the beast and Burn the eggs ! !
세실 잔나비
세실 잔나비 27 days ago
You mean kill your stupidity
Téona Berishvili
Téona Berishvili 27 days ago
Il est putain de beau avec du maquillage merde
Ham Yai
Ham Yai 27 days ago
Is that Krusty the Klown's bastard son??
Josh Johnson
Josh Johnson 28 days ago
wtf was this dumpster fire and why was it recommended
Katz 65
Katz 65 28 days ago
Looks like carrot Top in the video preview
VitalityJames 28 days ago
50 shades of Micheals hair
15:20 if you just wanna hear him sang lady gaga
TheQuinnDark Month ago
J'aime tellement comment il est il faut qu'il soit comme il est POUR TOUJOUR si il veut changer de son plein gré c'c'est à lui de décider 😍😍😍😍!
traces .
traces . Month ago
La vidéo est incroyable elle donne tellement le sourire, la vie elle est la.
FLEX Channel
FLEX Channel Month ago
Clo Eclipse
Clo Eclipse Month ago
Love this so much. So happy to be part of the yungblud family
Он никого из Saints row не озвучивал? его голос мне кого то напоминает
Kayla Lilly
Kayla Lilly Month ago
Yungblud: Do you want me to strip bHC: Please 😍
Антон Безносов
это что за Пеппи Длинный чулок? А вообще очень хриплый у девочки голос, наверно курит много
Naturelle Monroe
Fookin love ya Dom 🖤 Nagui clairement génial 👍🏻
Sarageuse Month ago
Je ne connais pas du tout Yungblund, au départ je me disais "Mais c'est qui ce gars là tout le monde en parle" du coup j'ai voulu voir d'un peu plus près et je suis tombée sur cette interview vachement cool, ce gars là à l'air vraiment intéressant même si ce n'est pas mon style de musique, cette interview donne envie de le connaître !
Shadow Lover
Shadow Lover Month ago
Swear to God i love this fucking crackhead He's chill He's funny He's fucking everything
Grammy_SnipedU Month ago
wootuser Month ago
Chickens get no FOOOKING LOVE.
Yungbludfann 2006
Does anyone else just have the urge to give Dom a hug just for being a human like just thank you for existing
addictedone Month ago
addictedone Month ago
Maxxiellurr Month ago
o cara é foda
vir ewe
vir ewe Month ago
13:41 he sounded like he real enjoyed it
AryaL • Standoff 2
1 day next die Juice WRLD 💔💔💔...
LaForge Month ago
This dude is seriously wearing lipstick with pink socks..? wtf kinda shit are you kids into these days! Lord have mercy on your soul my dude.
freen3x3r Month ago
@LaForge here in Germany gay people dress like hetero people. Don't know That it's so common in the USA. Ok then I understand you
LaForge Month ago
@freen3x3r it has nothing to do with ego, but everything to do with what's right and wrong. Ever since gay marriage became legal and guys can legally give birth in certain states you see all kinds of weird weird uncomfortable things going on. Guys wearing high heels and lipstick is my fucking limit. I miss the gay guys who acted like normal guys vs girly as fuck dressing up for the part.
freen3x3r Month ago
@LaForge you sir, you have a big ego
LaForge Month ago
@세실 잔나비 The fact that your even supporting it is a fucking joke. You're just as weird and fucked in the head as this he/she
세실 잔나비
​@LaForge Lord have mercy on your soul my dude :)
50 shades of Micheals hair
Yungblud saying and sanging Lady Gaga is *everything*
l00t Month ago
dom needs to do an acoustic cover album omg
Kawaii Month ago
Il a des yeux magnifique
Caitlin B
Caitlin B Month ago
Cute Wink At 17:03 ;)
SaySomethink Month ago
Laetitia Araque Ruiz
I LOVE YA TOO DOM!!!!!!!!!
Laetitia Araque Ruiz
En vrai chuis assez énervée en voyant le publique, j'imagine trop sa gêne. Il doit y avoir quoi? Deux personne qui connaissent vraiment son oeuvre? Trois en comptant Nagui? Les autres ils était pas pres, parce que YUNGBLUD c YUNGBLUD et que si tes gouts et ton ouverture d'esprit ne s'y prête pas, bah c genant.
Laetitia Araque Ruiz
En vrai non, y'en a plus, mais ça reste peu
Laetitia Araque Ruiz
En vrai non, y'en a plus, mais ça reste peu
To the english speaking persons who wanna understand what the interviewer says at 10:04 : he basically gives a shout out to a french association which job is to welcome all the people who are rejected from their families because of their sexuality or the way they are.
Constantin Ștefan
Omg the paparazzi cover, gorgeous
Bastien Thievent
Probably the best of his generation ! He has a such a great personality !
ChainedHeart Month ago
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