Interview with Luke Cage star Gabrielle Dennis

What The Flick?!
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"No Surprises????" 😳😲😨😱
Cecil Hester
Cecil Hester 11 months ago
She's very lovely.
KenTara John
KenTara John Year ago
Matt? Alonso? Where is the review of the Season?
djdeuce00 Year ago
She is completely right, this season is way better than last season and one of the best Netflix season 2s ever.
Adria Furse
Adria Furse Year ago
She is an amazing actress and she is just great in like cage
JRL Year ago
Lost weight. She was thick in the show
Richard Page
Richard Page Year ago
She fine
The Next Ruler
I'm shocked she isn't married baby girl is a looker. Best looking chick on this season of Luke Cage and that skin is just amazing. When they say black don't crack they meant women like her and Men like Mike. Oh Bushmaster is a good looking man as well.
Paul Agola
Paul Agola 9 months ago
looks isn't everything duhh
Jimmy Nich
Jimmy Nich Year ago
The Fallen Yeah she's gorgeous
Floppy Disk
Floppy Disk Year ago
Luke Cage is in the Avengers too! How come he's not in the movies?
Ortho Tech
Ortho Tech Year ago
There are a lot of Avengers and I mean a whole lot of them. It will be difficult to place them all on the same screen. The filmmakers for Infinity War spoke of how difficult it was to balance the character in that movie.
Floppy Disk
Floppy Disk Year ago
She's fine.
Nuben Mendarr
Nuben Mendarr Year ago
So, from what we saw in this clip of season 2 during the interview we're getting in idea of Bushmaster's origin on how he got his superpowers by the producers taking notes from the Black Panther film's "Heart Shaped Herb." That's the only way I can sum it up.
BellaMichelle Year ago
Love her! I'm still sad about Fox canceling Pitch.
Tanequa Woodson
You are awesome Gabrielle Dennis
I feel like she did not go deep enough for Alonso's cinematography question
looking forward to next season
D Mc
D Mc Year ago
Looking forward to this. She's fun.
thexfile Year ago
Gabrielle Dennis looking fine. :-)
robin Year ago
she's fun
thenewvoice8 Year ago
Shit, forgot it's only a few days till that drops. Superb.
Jay Camacho
Jay Camacho Year ago
Can’t wait to see her in Luke Cage
serenityq26 Year ago
well i hope they do my girl better in luke cage than they did in black panther. that mess was just disrespectful. homegirl had like two lines and two scenes. marvel bye!
Bebe Heart
Bebe Heart Year ago
That was linda
So Jin Choi
So Jin Choi Year ago
Ky 718 nope
Ky 718
Ky 718 Year ago
serenityq26 she was in black panther??
"Star" using the term very loosely now lmao
You have mental issues, you need to sort out your sad pathetic life. Take some pills and fuck off :)
Hi-Def Ronin
Hi-Def Ronin Year ago
Nightshade is a Major Character i.e a Star smart one.
Vits Vicente Torres
They're not using the adjective that refers to fame. It comes from the verb starring, as in an actor that's part of the regular cast.
theo7 Year ago
She is probably going to be a main villain. The main villain is a star for a show.
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