Interview Aleksander Litvinenko

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An interview held in 2004, part of a Dutch documentary produced by VPRO Backlight (www.vpro.nl/backlight)

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Nov 28, 2006




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ANN FORGET-ME-NOT 9 months ago
I have been living in Russia all my life. When I went to school, Putin came to power, and now I’m 27 years old, and Putin is still in power. His hands are blood elbowed. He has captured everything. All elections are illegitimate. We are desperate, so many people have died, but still very few people know the truth, because propaganda works very well for him. The Russian government is the most dangerous terrorist group in the first place for the Russian people themselves.
lynd scott
lynd scott 9 months ago
his body language says that he's being truthful.
x x
x x 10 months ago
I feel they gonna kill me just for watch this video
jean myers
jean myers 10 months ago
How distrusting they are
Gregorio Galindo
Gregorio Galindo 11 months ago
El poder es de Dios, descanse en paz. Amén.
stan adrian
stan adrian 11 months ago
R.I.P. Alexandr Litvinenko
anastasia2657 Year ago
When Yeltsin was in power he is saying they had money to spare. The guy is a giant liar
Marcusmiller Year ago
This interview, we can learn so much from this. The bombs by the FSB officers, are very similar to the 'accident' of the missile launched to shoot MH17. Killing 298 innocent lives. And Russia tries to cover up for it's mistakes. This CANNOT continue like this, it is incredible and such a tragedy in this world we live in!!
Andrej Mucic
Andrej Mucic Year ago
The bullshit detector went ballistic This man is an artist. His medium is poops. But he is unique; radiation alopecia doesn't effect his eyebrows or his chest hair, or his arm hair. Must be the special training
Gillie S
Gillie S Year ago
It doesn't pay to be a good man in the FSB. Nor any intelligence service for that matter.
Bianca Hotca
Bianca Hotca Year ago
Yes I know about the long lines for food. I remember as a child. When Stalin took over Eastern Europe he enslaved half a continent. I believe this man was telling the truth. That's why he was murdered, for retribution. The Soviet leaders don't care about it's people. They are only there to make themselves wealthy and look out only for themselves. Typical communist thugs and Putin and his pack are def. the leaders of ordering deaths and hit men for anybody that exposes any of there lies and cover-ups. Unfortunately he was not a very smart man for converting to islam. That was sheer stupidity on his part.
B T 3 years ago
11 11
11 11 3 years ago
what a dramatical music great for propoganda
Defender of Camelot
if your read a lot of testimonies from other former kgb or fsb members it becomes very consistent and it reinforces the idea that Russian government is still Soviet government. of course there are also fakes who "defect" and try to spread false information. Anatoliy Golitsyn's book "New Lies for Old" and "Perestroika deception" are very good books.
the footballers channel
And what about 9 11. In my view USA has learned it from Russia to commit a crime and then put the blame on others.
stefano98 4 years ago
Putin son of a bitch you deserve the same .Respect to this man you died as hero
Mila Wagner
Mila Wagner 4 years ago
AbdulKerim 5 years ago
finally someone to speak truth about criminal russian government
Tom Coster
Tom Coster 8 months ago
The other big government is the same. Starting wars around the planet, causing death and suffering.
Parth Singh Tomer
Parth Singh Tomer 8 months ago
ANN FORGET-ME-NOT 9 months ago
Help us 😭
Bolshevik Carpetbagger
Yes, they have gotten smaller. Because then it was a question of whether you had the money or not. Now if you don't have money, you don't bother even going into the store. Standards of living are actually lower than in the USSR; because now you have tons of homeless people; and soup kitchens all over the cities for both homeless and those not. I suggest you actually watch this documentary.
Dan 123
Dan 123 Year ago
People were slaves in the USSR you stupid fuck.
Charlotte Hickling
Charlotte Hickling 8 years ago
It wasn't plutonium. It was the isotope polonium-210.
V Ling
V Ling Year ago
@lukStSerb Oh shut up. The police tracked the isotope to Kovtun and Lugovoy's premises elsewhere.
lukStSerb 2 years ago
_"I believe he could have been killed by another poison, maybe thallium, which killed him slowly, and the polonium was planted afterwards,”_ hes brother Maksim said. He added that requests to have his brother's body exhumed, in order to verify the presence of polonium, have been ignored by Britain.
kos1010 8 years ago
"И восстанут кто с чем. Из морских глубин с чугунными ядрами на ногах, из оврагов предстанут с заколоченными землею ртами, с вывернутыми руками... из подвалов даже с пробитыми черепами предстанут на суд и подадут обвинение! Вот бенефис-то будет! Архангелы-то рты разинут!" Иван Шмелев.
laddydot 9 years ago
i feel i could listen to him for a whole day - it's incredible how honest, clear, and brave he is. thank god for having such people down here, we need them. rest in peace.
Bolshevik Carpetbagger
What's interesting about Litvinenko is that he is at times forced to admit (without actually admitting it) that the Soviet Union was much more progressive and gave more to the people than the current mafia-capitalist Russia. What's going on in Russia is nothing new, it has been going on since Yeltsin's days. The question is, why pin the whole crime on the hitman (Putin), and ignore the crime boss (Yeltsin)? Why has Yeltsin disappeared from the opposition?
Крым Таврида Crimea
я в шоке. он радуется джинсам при ельцине. какой кретин писал текст для этого монолога?
Abd ar Rahman
Abd ar Rahman 10 years ago
one man steps out and speaks up... he became muslim i heard before he died.. May he get a reward of paradise from Allah when that day comes. His enemys are cowardly jackals, look how they killed him..
Question Everything, Come To Your Own Conclusions.
The false prophet Muhammad is in Hell.
KodOdessa 10 years ago
strelacxxx 11 years ago
Bah KGB,CIA,MI5 it is same shit killing everyone who stand in the way there is no difrence betwen this organizations they are the same. But just listen how he say in time of boris jelcin we live good! Boris destroy russia how the hell he could live good if he was not doing something against the law ? in boris time people become bilioners over night ....
VIRMALINE108 11 years ago
Glory to this Great Man!
soylentgreenb 11 years ago
I'd never have heard of the guy if they weren't thick enough to poison him with polonium(which requires a significant level of technical expertize). Had he just "disappeared" I'm pretty sure I'd still never heard of him.
Lidia Roshan Kotlova
бедный Литвененко отправился к Политковской ты ведь знал что с тобой это случится???
nys5030 13 years ago
da ya ne vozrazhayu chto zamechayutsya za nim dikatorial'nye kachestva no rossiyu on vedet v pravil'nom napravleniye i za posledniye 7 let zdelal dlya strany ochen' mnogo.
qazwas2001 13 years ago
Anyone who cannot see parallels between Russia and the current USA is blind.
Esther Crawford
Esther Crawford 14 years ago
I have no thoughts on the previous comment, but it was an interesting vid to watch since he has been in the news so much.
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