Internet Money - Somebody ft. Lil Tecca and A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie (Official Music Video)

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Internet Money - Somebody ft. Lil Tecca and A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie
Listen: internetmoney.lnk.to/somebody
Apple: internetmoney.lnk.to/somebody/apple
Spotify: internetmoney.lnk.to/somebody/spotify
iTunes: internetmoney.lnk.to/somebody/itunes
Director: Trey Lyons
Producer: David Wept
Production Company: AT.LAS
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Oct 11, 2019




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Comments 80
Mira'z WRLD
Mira'z WRLD 7 hours ago
i lowkey want a boogie to crash my wedding
jaden mckinney
jaden mckinney 16 hours ago
oh naw
Jay Clark
Jay Clark 3 days ago
I remixed this song, I'd appreciate it if yall would check it out :)
Marcus Churchill-King
local junkie " just want somebody, to treat me like somebody"
TGYYT -_- 5 days ago
Ouuu tecca skipped the major test for this
Anyone listening in quarantine
sing ji need me
blueguy 25
blueguy 25 9 days ago
Anybody hear tink-treat me like somebody?
Antonio Cruz-Wright(ST)
The best
king polo3x
king polo3x 10 days ago
Different levels of nerds ( rare nerds who actually get pussy
Zhorn Sharuby
Zhorn Sharuby 10 days ago
Listen to the rapper named KEO $car
Kryptic 12 days ago
Tecca: Alright everyone has their positions right Kids: But why do we have to do the hype Also Tecca: Do you want $100,000 vbucks Also kids:Fine
Olyad Dewo
Olyad Dewo 15 days ago
Why would people unlike this video
Olyad Dewo
Olyad Dewo 15 days ago
another song with boogie
DaGoose 15 days ago
Make my day and watch my new music video 🙏
DaGoose 15 days ago
Make my day and watch my new music video 🙏
DaGoose 15 days ago
Make my day and watch my new music video 🙏
DaGoose 15 days ago
Make my day and watch my new music video 🙏
DaGoose 15 days ago
Make my day and watch my new music video 🙏
DaGoose 15 days ago
Make my day and watch my new music video 🙏
lil trove
lil trove 16 days ago
Mark on me i will be famous within two years!
Ransom Bonilla
Ransom Bonilla 17 days ago
like if this songs fire and a little sad
Mario Rodriguez
Mario Rodriguez 20 days ago
Who else forgot about this song?
Sebastian R
Sebastian R 21 day ago
A Boogie be the cool cousin you take around with you to hype you up 🤧
Crystal Lake
Crystal Lake 21 day ago
Janae Mosley
Janae Mosley 21 day ago
A Booige made this song y’all remember
Ghost Don’t Miss
A Boogie snapped
Infamous Mindz ent.
the guy version of tink - treat me like somebody love it.
Felix Hoover
Felix Hoover 23 days ago
1:21 he's a old man cmon
Sick Margwa
Sick Margwa 25 days ago
love you baby🦋🥺
davidbrxh 26 days ago
davidbrxh 26 days ago
1:05 when you and your girl’s dad become instant homies
general grievous
general grievous 26 days ago
Lil they just do not sound on this beat
Jameel Farhad
Jameel Farhad 27 days ago
I love the fact that this video is of both race 💪🏾❤️ OneLove #SayNoToRacism
PaCk GuN
PaCk GuN 28 days ago
ZMP Music
ZMP Music 29 days ago
first internet money produced "ransom" by lil tecca and now making this, wow!!! dis🔥
DeeDee Silvestri
DeeDee Silvestri 29 days ago
Banger 🤍🤍🤍💙💙💙💕💕💕💕💚💚💚💚
Mauricio Rosales
Everybody hates at first lol, only once its lit do people start dancing with them
Yadier Amezquita
When the music video don’t match the song @loveliveserve
Gigus Month ago
i love you ♥
Yo Sto NoAh La GuCcI Veso
If ya look at a boogie like if ya saw his teeth they look like vampire teeth like lol
Vortuxz Month ago
0:22 Looks a bit like Morgz?
BluFox Month ago
Vortuxz no
magia negraa
magia negraa Month ago
Ya wanna listen to the Spanish version subscribe and listen to it ruvid.net/video/video-1P6J8Lvvka0.html
Taner Brown
Taner Brown Month ago
am i the only one who gets triggered by boogies teeth i cant be the only one
Hasan Salim
Hasan Salim Month ago
Lil tecca's most emotional song confirmed.
SMMG Month ago
When the Nerd and Cool Kid are partners in a Music Project:
Quality Memes
Quality Memes Month ago
This song gives me a purpose in life it’s inspiring
Me You
Me You Month ago
0:18 boogie’s smile bruh
f f
f f Month ago
He took the beat from sad-juice WRLD
Dante Villarreal
Am I the only one that knows lil Tecca samples this off of Tink’a songs “Treat me like somebody”
izan sandhya
izan sandhya Month ago
this would sound better with juice in it
Sammy3 Month ago
Video puts this whole song together 🔥
Young Wap
Young Wap Month ago
Internet Money: You wanna delay effect or nah? Lil Tecca : YES
Sean Mataranyika
A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie looks like Soulja Boy with his innocence.
Hannaiel Augustin
So we not gon talk about how the video has nothing to with the song ...
BluFox Month ago
Hannaiel Augustin there are at a high school prom but everybody wants them for there fame and money, and the song is about them wanting them too treat them for themesleves
Hannaiel Augustin
@BluFox explain
BluFox Month ago
Hannaiel Augustin it does kinda
Hannaiel Augustin
@vanessa are we not gonna talk about you smd
vanessa Month ago
are we gonna talk about how no one asked
holdenLs4dayz Month ago
“don’t be lyin ik you fuckin somebody else but hey big thottie you like to party yea” idk why but that shit be hitting different
Brody Karhoff
Brody Karhoff Month ago
Tecca looks lit in the suit
Philip Rüssel
Philip Rüssel Month ago
1:10 those kids shooting? xd
Shamiah Ledington
It seems like lately all the best rapper's videos got old white lady's in them now.
Sti Zz
Sti Zz Month ago
Damn he straight up copied someone’s song “tink-treat me like somebody”
vanessa Month ago
no he said that his inspiration was from her and gets credits and 10% of the song
faze simple
faze simple Month ago
lil tecca copy a song his songs are trash
Phsyco Splash
Phsyco Splash Month ago
who still here this shit 2020 shit go hard
Bennett Decker
Bennett Decker Month ago
treat me like somebody by Leblanc is the song
Bennett Decker
Bennett Decker Month ago
course was copied word for word from another song
Andrew Costabile
They hit different. need a lot more songs like this
Brianna M
Brianna M Month ago
Lil Tecca bomb
Brianna M
Brianna M Month ago
La Mia Fam
La Mia Fam Month ago
i love this song! check out my dance freestyle to it 💃 ruvid.net/video/video-xtYAFsglTWA.html
Jacob UpercaseD
Jacob UpercaseD Month ago
1:03 he do be simping
Goblin Tacos88
Goblin Tacos88 Month ago
Video is Hilarious, Very catchy flow, and that beat is awesome!
Who else didn't know boogie wit a hoodie was that Savage
-4ight 9009-
-4ight 9009- Month ago
CA Groms
CA Groms Month ago
2:35 😫😂
Ruby Barrios
Ruby Barrios Month ago
I sing this song to my crush and it worted
Jass Month ago
damn internet money
Crocket Month ago
This was literally me and my homie walking into prom
Josh Month ago
Me:remember lil tecca World:who?
Eaureo Month ago
Nobody: Quiet kid in class: "I dont feel nobody I be talking to my shotgun"
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