International Soda Taste Test

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What country makes a creamy melon soda? Join us as we venture through this international soda taste test and try to guess where these sodas come from! GMM #1389
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Sep 28, 2018




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Comments 80
Ya’ll keep saying Link doesn’t have killer instinct....Chase would beg to differ 😂
Tyler Long
Tyler Long 3 days ago
Chase looks like Shane dawson
Mr.Magikk 3 months ago
Kayagorzan thee
Kayasit P.
Kayasit P. Year ago
Sol T.D. A
Sol T.D. A Year ago
chaeyoung willneverchaeold l
Cassius Felix
Cassius Felix Year ago
regularwonderland o no poor Chase
shaz :3
shaz :3 Day ago
Caroline Kelley
Caroline Kelley 2 days ago
I would have loved to see Beverly as the Italian soda! Their reactions would be priceless
Tyler Long
Tyler Long 3 days ago
Have you ever had bacon soda Asking the community
S Carter
S Carter 4 days ago
Damn i wish i was melanie in Malaysia
Kylie Rice
Kylie Rice 7 days ago
When Link said melon @ 6:53 I felt that
mary isabella
mary isabella 7 days ago
I'm a proud Mexican bev
YeeterMcYeeter Channel
Mines Pepsi
vLeaky -kun
vLeaky -kun 10 days ago
I swear to god i have not seen a single can of that indian soda and i have been living in india since forever
Key Whiting
Key Whiting 12 days ago
Link has 0 dart skills. Sorry Link.
Willhelm 12 days ago
"Too cold to have stuff grow in the ground" :D Yeah that is why here in Finnland everything grows in the air ;)
Exay Aura
Exay Aura 13 days ago
I am in India and haven't drank this thing ever
Omni1012 13 days ago
Rhett defending Dr Pepper made me happy
Lou Moon
Lou Moon 14 days ago
Fazli Hamann
Fazli Hamann 14 days ago
I see Malaysia flag, I click Thumbs Up.
Vicarious One
Vicarious One 16 days ago
Rhett had a missed opportunity when he nailed Iran to say "my heart told me Iran, and I RAN with it."
Nima Abbaszadeh
Nima Abbaszadeh 17 days ago
doogh is gross, too
Manly and Loving It
Amir Mohammad Ganji
Us Iranians don’t really think of Doogh as a soda . More like a cultural drink .
Chris 19 days ago
I like it how link won the last game, so Ret was supposed to get the Fart darts.
Will Symonds
Will Symonds 20 days ago
rhett was closer with the jamaca through as the world would curve around
alyssa milner
alyssa milner 20 days ago
y’all didn’t know ginger is from jamaica??
Roan Martin
Roan Martin 21 day ago
Is nobody gonna talk about how Link said he didn't like Dr. Pepper?
jorja 7227
jorja 7227 22 days ago
Should of tried L&P from new Zealand it's the best thing ever
07barryr 23 days ago
Anyone else looking for Melanie from Malaysia and Mexican Bev in the comments
Leanna Poole
Leanna Poole 26 days ago
GMM more...
Artickrage Month ago
Lama milk 😂
SP 230draws
SP 230draws Month ago
They didn't do mi pais (México)
Sophie Parker
Sophie Parker Month ago
Their pronunciation probs on saying Iran. . .
Agnibesh Sarkar
Agnibesh Sarkar Month ago
I am from India and I have never seen that drink in my 24 years of life.
Pmintz Month ago
When was the last time Link got anywhere near where he was actually trying to throw
Joy Month ago
I love my ginger beer!! 🇯🇲😊
Melanie McCord
Melanie McCord Month ago
I’m a Melanie 😂
Yashvardhan Gaur
I'm from India but I have NEVER EVER heard of that soda.
Salomë Plourde
Salomë Plourde Month ago
Inca Kola is sooooo good! 😍
NeedyBoBeedy Month ago
inca-kola is the best
Mel Robertson
Mel Robertson Month ago
Melanie from Canada here 💚 and wishing everyone is healthy and safe in these trying days
Melanie Chang
Melanie Chang 8 hours ago
lol mel from minnesota here
Mike Q
Mike Q 15 hours ago
Irn Bru would have been a good soda for them to try
Eat your veggies
Eat your veggies 18 hours ago
I’m from Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
Teddy Ray
Teddy Ray 10 days ago
Im from oklahoma and i just want you guys to know we can get through this
Switzerland is best land
@Catherine Leary Im from Texas also. Stay safe everyone
Praket TheGamerBot
Odessa Willis
Odessa Willis Month ago
Link is so bad at this game, I so badly want him to be good haha
Indian Here
Indian Here Month ago
Where do they get these Indian drinks that we've never heard from?
Harish Mustak
Harish Mustak Month ago
FROM MALAYSIA. Was hoping for a Malaysian drink to be featured haha. Maybe a Bandung Soda!
Oskiito Month ago
Who else is binge watching their old videos in isolation
John Peters
John Peters Month ago
“I like bacon I don’t like bacon soda”😂😂😂 that made me cry
Love you guys lol
Sandesh Kshirsagar
I'm living in India since 1997and I still haven't tried this drink...
Ebefren Revo
Ebefren Revo Month ago
Il chinotto è la migliore bevanda del mondo. Period.
David Leong
David Leong Month ago
malaysia is watching rhett we are watching
emma Month ago
rhett said “méxico it is” and i said NOOOO WTF NO
Killah Dreads
Killah Dreads Month ago
3:52 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Miss. Tosser
Miss. Tosser Month ago
i had some motion in my lotion a week ago...twas a tiny spider
David Solis
David Solis Month ago
Lol any one that has been to japan for like a month or more would definitely get the Japan one because the Japanese love melon flavored stuff
mike honcho
mike honcho Month ago
"Im always feeling Estonia" That explains alot
Rodrigo Diaz
Rodrigo Diaz Month ago
I was waiting for the peñafiel from mexico :((
Nick Hornstein
Nick Hornstein Month ago
Inca kola is so damn good
George Kostis
George Kostis Month ago
6 rhett. Only 6/10.
Ciara Abeyta
Ciara Abeyta Month ago
Every time I go to Peru I get INCA KOLA and it's like Juicy Fruit flavored soda and it's the BEST
Zanezefurry Baker
Guess they never watched anime
Raoul D'Mello
Raoul D'Mello Month ago
Isn’t technically measuring the distance on a map incorrect, and preferably, should be measured on a globe
Sir Underbridge
Sir Underbridge 2 months ago
Siberia has STRONKest ginger, according to LInk
Lexy Sparks
Lexy Sparks 2 months ago
Ginger beer is so common in the US! in fact I live in Asheville NC, near where Rhett and Link grew up, and devil's foot Ginger is made there, so delicious and really commonly drank
ShaneO Vlog
ShaneO Vlog 2 months ago
The girl should be on the show.
Melanie Uy
Melanie Uy 2 months ago
Yes. I am watching 🥰
Cassandra Crofts
Cassandra Crofts 2 months ago
Can you do stuff from Croatia
Christian Fonseca
Christian Fonseca 2 months ago
Sky Vip3r
Sky Vip3r 2 months ago
The beginning: Link waving a dart at the camera Me: oh,no
DARKxxMAGICIAN 2 months ago
im currently drinking dr. pepper which is my favorite soda lol
Kermo kaljas
Kermo kaljas 2 months ago
Eesti 🇪🇪❤️
ExE dot Troll
ExE dot Troll 2 months ago
I have never seen nor drank a spice soda and i an from india
Ramneek Singh Pannu
Ramneek Singh Pannu 2 months ago
I am from India and never heard of Kashmira soda
Chris McCorquodale
Chris McCorquodale 2 months ago
" I like bacon, but I don't like baking soda"
Im in basement 911
Im in basement 911 2 months ago
This is the only attention my country Estonia has ever got.
Benjamin Augustine
Benjamin Augustine 2 months ago
There was a girl in my elementary school that traveled to Peru often, and she brought Inca Kola every once in a while. I’m glad it ended up on here because it’s cool.
Little Dunpei
Little Dunpei 2 months ago
You are the english Space Valley!
Little Dunpei
Little Dunpei 2 months ago
My engilsh teacher advised us this video and it's really cool! (i'm italian)
Ramon Herrera
Ramon Herrera 2 months ago
Bacon soda i like bacon soda
BENJAMIN JONES 2 months ago
Sally 2 months ago
Wouldn`t call Kinnie delicious dx
Morning Star
Morning Star 2 months ago
You guys should try Malta India probably you wouldn’t guess it.
Jimmy Perez
Jimmy Perez 2 months ago
Wow that girl is so beautiful 😍
Prest Easy
Prest Easy 2 months ago
Whenever they go for the same thing link is always farther
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