International Breakfast Taste Test

Good Mythical Morning
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Today we try breakfast dishes from around the world. GMM #1021!
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Nov 11, 2016




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Comments 80
Marissa Lynn
Marissa Lynn 9 hours ago
6:48 made me laugh so hard idk why. I had to play it back like three times and laughed harder each time
Crymson Nite
Crymson Nite 3 days ago
this episode has so many flubs beggs, lets get in with it, thats a clint
Dave Milk
Dave Milk 5 days ago
Clint is clearly a forbidden subject
toes 4 days ago
Dave Milk Indeed -toes
summer hemenway
summer hemenway 6 days ago
im a simple gal, i see Louis, i click
Jesse Kang
Jesse Kang 7 days ago
That was a good lord of the rings reference
jph `
jph ` 11 days ago
Middle Eastern taters.
toes 4 days ago
robert wetmore
robert wetmore 12 days ago
How could 1k people give this a thumbs down? Deep sadness!
Choive 14 days ago
International Cereal
Jenn Magris
Jenn Magris 15 days ago
11:07 “Who you waving at? Clint?” cracks me up every time.
M3thing Around
M3thing Around 17 days ago
Sweden: the forbidden toaster strudel
ROBERT STANLEY 19 days ago
I like fish paste lmao I dont even eat it often. It's just tasty it's like a fish but PURE
Super_Krispy 27 days ago
Pause then go to 1:02
toes 4 days ago
Peter K J
Peter K J Month ago
the ignorance is mind numbing
amon Month ago
We don't have Jalapeños in Thailand
L I Month ago
Shakshouka is my breakfast fave
sara y
sara y Month ago
no one: Rhett: THIS IS SO GOOD
toes 4 days ago
Rhett just loves food
skittle party
skittle party Month ago
One thing I learn from this video is that love Rhett loves cheese
9650000 Month ago
has link ever won rhett in these dart throwing episodes?
silveryblizzard Month ago
shakshuka is one of the best dishes I've ever eaten in my life
Jeremy Philippe
Jeremy Philippe Month ago
Rhett throws the match and Link still loses lol what an awesome friendship.
Pyae Phyo Maung
Pyae Phyo Maung Month ago
I always wanted them to taste Burmese food. Surely they'll love it
Jesse Month ago
Why are Americans so pathetic when it comes to Scandinavian/northern Europe food? Finnish licorice and Swedish kaviar, it's shameful
manda13 neko
manda13 neko Month ago
As a person from the Caribbean the way link pronounces plantains gives me anxiety
Maria Lucca Torres
I immediately knew they were gonna serve Mangú when I saw the DR🇩🇴 that was an easy one!!
Creative Cuppa Tea
Why didn’t they do British AN ENGLISH BREAKFAST IS ICONIC
King Blazed Wolf
The birth of the "50cm rule"..... Link hit Antarctica
Karima Kazdar
Karima Kazdar Month ago
link guessed it right, shakshuka is a meal eaten in lunch or dinner, I am moroccan and i've never eaten shakshuka for breakfast. For breakfast we prefer to eat our special pancakes called bagherir or messemen with butter and honey or sefenj (moroccan donats) with a cup of mint tea or coffee. Some moroccan prefer to eat eggs cooked with olive oil or a soup (bissara (fava beans), dshisha (barley)...).
G gaffgaff
G gaffgaff Month ago
The DR has Taylor Ham? Thought that was strictly a Jersey thing
Carina Kaarli
Carina Kaarli Month ago
I’m from Sweden, and i eat Kalle’s kaviar on all of my boiled eggs. Although not that much in one go!! 😂
Dexter Month ago
Norwegian breakfast: One single slice of bread.
Chrispthesebbe k
Chrispthesebbe k 2 months ago
Caviar and eggs is Norwegian tho. Not Swedish. Get your facts straight
gdragon521 2 months ago
I didn't know Alaska is a country
Fredrik 2 months ago
Can someone please send Link to Sweden? Dont have Apples? 😂😂 its super cold? This year we didnt even have a cold winter ( i live in south Sweden )
Bash Clements
Bash Clements 2 months ago
They are talking about Alaska like it’s not part of the United States
Brandi Vincent
Brandi Vincent 2 months ago
Chase and Rhett both look so much younger...Link looks the same
Bridges K2
Bridges K2 2 months ago
England is my city, and Alaska is my country.
Morgoth27 2 months ago
Loved the Tolkien reference 😋
doctoryoinky 2 months ago
Can you tell the priests favorite choir boy to buy the right size shirts?
Agilmar 2 months ago
Does Link EVER win one of these International Taste Tests??
Dawn Wang
Dawn Wang 2 months ago
I love Kalles! is it just me?
Dawn Wang
Dawn Wang 2 months ago
they called porridge "soup"
josh waps
josh waps 2 months ago
Someone be a king a give me the @ of the girl giving them the food
Alumenom 2 months ago
Love the representation of the island 🇩🇴 lol the only thing we’re known for is Cardi B
Crystal Riedel
Crystal Riedel 2 months ago
They should do an international coffee taste test
Sean Walsh
Sean Walsh 2 months ago
This episode was uploaded the day that my girlfriend and I went on our first date, we've been together ever since! It's nice to see it wasn't a gross episode!
Anton Nikogosov
Anton Nikogosov 2 months ago
That's the pity feeling of being from Russia and being shocked, that people eat Sirniki w apples
Knutcherino 2 months ago
Rhett and Link ffs! That swedish egg with caviar and also the sandwich is so facking good! Greetings from sweden =)
Haruki Shirota
Haruki Shirota 2 months ago
6:45 .
You give me cancer
You give me cancer 2 months ago
Is that stuff from sweden the kind of fish paste from a tube? That's what my dad always had(he's danish/norwegian).
You give me cancer
You give me cancer 2 months ago
I just searched it up and it is. What's so bad about it? From what I remember it just kinda tasted like tuna but greasier. I thought it was pretty damn good.
Mylum O'Shinn
Mylum O'Shinn 2 months ago
LOL I like how you declared Alaska as a "country" outside the United States.
damsel in distress
damsel in distress 3 months ago
Love from Thailand !
LimzVlogz 3 months ago
rhett: take a trip to iceland with me link: *gags*
Tree Hugger
Tree Hugger 3 months ago
At Very end the last wheel spin was hilarious 13:42 toooooo funny!!! 🤙
Aaryn James Adams
Aaryn James Adams 3 months ago
living in sweden right now... and I LOVE the 'fish paste' its very salty and fishy like tuna for those who want to know
Shelley Bee
Shelley Bee 3 months ago
Can we take a moment to appreciate how much Chase looks like Seth Macfarlane?! He could totally be Seth's younger brother; it's uncanny.
Shimeara Mosby
Shimeara Mosby 3 months ago
Can someone get chase a shirt he can fit???
Luis Francisco
Luis Francisco 3 months ago
p4rad1se 3 months ago
Chill with the gagging man kaviar is not so bad!
swiftyspeaks 3 months ago
Omg I missed Lizzie!!
Brandon Pollard
Brandon Pollard 3 months ago
Still boggles my mind how Alaska became a country in here lol
tooearlyforapril 3 months ago
"Joke" Jook?
Razien Lordios
Razien Lordios 3 months ago
We'll also do Shukshoka in Algeria , why u originate it to Morocco.
george espana
george espana 3 months ago
rhetts the guy i would hangout with and grab food. links to picky
Chakes89 3 months ago
Jenna Harmon
Jenna Harmon 3 months ago
"Who you waving at? Clint?"
Ari Parker
Ari Parker 3 months ago
I know this was probably intended to be a morning show as it says in the title “good mythical morning“ but what I really love about this show is you can watch it at any time of the day...my favourite time to watch it is actually before I go to bed
Zoe Pool
Zoe Pool 3 months ago
cr87129 3 months ago
6:46 His Adams apple. Make it into a gif.
El universo de Leslie
I´m watching this for the first time while re watching the season, and I am so happy and surprised they included DR. We frickin love that mangu
Trinidi Edwards
Trinidi Edwards 3 months ago
Daniel 3 months ago
i love that alaska is bigger than europe
Ashley Capellan
Ashley Capellan 3 months ago
Damn here in 2020
Uras Kessy
Uras Kessy 3 months ago
Thank you for including Nepal guys, it makes me very happy 😊
Twenty One Banditos
Twenty One Banditos 4 months ago
11:04 😂😂😂😂
Gumball's Gameroom
Gumball's Gameroom 4 months ago
I bet Clint likes him some begs.
Brendan 4 months ago
Harrryy 8i8
Harrryy 8i8 4 months ago
I miss Lizzie man :(
xXShadowCaliber9Xx 4 months ago
I feel like they’ve have Argentina on so many of these videos and they still don’t know a damn thing about Argentina
Broke Brandon
Broke Brandon 4 months ago
Ummm congee is not from Thailand
Kimberlee Peloquinn
Kimberlee Peloquinn 4 months ago
Dayton Ohio :)
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