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Mar 16, 2019

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Comments 447
AJ Lapray
AJ Lapray 4 months ago
Thanks for all the support everyone!! We are making this push to 100k subs! Y'all are the best!
Ayoo Aj
Ayoo Aj 4 months ago
We got the same initials buddy😂
Ty Lorenz
Ty Lorenz 4 months ago
Tyfreeed Ofuegas travis scott yosemite
Ty Lorenz
Ty Lorenz 4 months ago
Tyfreeed Ofuegas travis scott yosemite
Tyfreeed Ofuegas
Tyfreeed Ofuegas 4 months ago
intro song
Ty Lorenz
Ty Lorenz 4 months ago
Almost at 90k!
Logan Davis
Logan Davis 21 day ago
Jiedel is such a cheater
Alex Maffesoli
Alex Maffesoli 24 days ago
yo AJ you and 2 hype guys should actually go bowling and see who wins ?
Niinah Cook
Niinah Cook Month ago
In Australia we play like this. So you can shoot anywhere and if you get it in three times you say poison!! Than those other players freeze you roll the ball and they touched they are out ,but before they are out you have to shoot it in and if it goes in they are out
Alex Awesome
Alex Awesome Month ago
I’ve played poison all the time with my friends
AJ Lapray
AJ Lapray Month ago
It’s a good one!!
Jordan Lau
Jordan Lau 2 months ago
At the time of the video 8:26 Los did not say poison when it was the final two
Tsalagi Muanza
Tsalagi Muanza 2 months ago
Hyve Gaming
Hyve Gaming 3 months ago
Yo ahh what's that song
Sam Files
Sam Files 3 months ago
This poison game sounds like a really fun game! Sounds like a really fun game to play with my friends. This is a very interesting game.
Natalie Camp
Natalie Camp 3 months ago
When James one has first game he could of moved because he did not say posin
Roderick Ancheta
Roderick Ancheta 3 months ago
Zach was cheating he should've been out awhile ago
ShreyasK 87
ShreyasK 87 3 months ago
This is my first video I watched of yours and I really enjoyed it. keep it up
lloyd secuya
lloyd secuya 3 months ago
hammy 3 months ago
I don't play poison like that.
timd80 3 months ago
Is it just me, or is James just a god at this game
Fat Boy
Fat Boy 3 months ago
Jesus los cant even roll a ball at someone
Mitchell Reno
Mitchell Reno 3 months ago
What happened to cash and mal??
Jeremy Sterrett Jr 07
You should join 2hype
Sam Ryan
Sam Ryan 3 months ago
shikamaruthegawd 3 months ago
I used to play this game in primary 😭😭 how time flies
L3NZ Pickle
L3NZ Pickle 3 months ago
I feel like a fun edition to this game would be to after someone scores, they have like 3 seconds to roll it out and hit someone so they can’t take their time and try to hit someone.
Yuh 3 months ago
Why does Los look like he gained 50 more pounds.
CAM Martin
CAM Martin 3 months ago
What song is that intro
Cameron Anderson
Cameron Anderson 3 months ago
James cheated the whole entire time
Dr. Mike
Dr. Mike 3 months ago
Missing the shot on purpose would increase your chance of surviving by a lot
Reinis Krūmiņš
Reinis Krūmiņš 4 months ago
Yo, AJ! Whats the song in ur intro and outro?
River Stautzenberger
Whats intro song
DeBasketBoys 4 months ago
DeBasketBoys 4 months ago
@AJ Lapray Thanks for liking! 😁
AJ Lapray
AJ Lapray 4 months ago
So close!!!!
Yehuda Dana
Yehuda Dana 4 months ago
I play poison all the time with my friends
AJ Lapray
AJ Lapray 4 months ago
It's a fun one!!
Yehuda Dana
Yehuda Dana 4 months ago
in the 2nd round last two los didn't say poison
Guarduptrash PSN
Guarduptrash PSN 4 months ago
James is getting fat
ryan 4 months ago
Wtf did I just watch😂
Jalaun Harris
Jalaun Harris 4 months ago
Fun game I gotta try it with my friends some day
AJ Lapray
AJ Lapray 4 months ago
Definitely do it!!
Pudding Cups
Pudding Cups 4 months ago
Los really has to get in the gym. I used to defend him and say he wasn’t fat but he’s starting to get fat now
Aidan Carew
Aidan Carew 4 months ago
What’s the song for ur intro
Dawson Greenstein
Dawson Greenstein 4 months ago
Nobody knows your channel over theirs lol
Tom Gerrard
Tom Gerrard 4 months ago
Justin Arthur
Justin Arthur 4 months ago
Different rules then how I did it
Bob Dub
Bob Dub 4 months ago
It’s basically spud
Cole Ahlstedt
Cole Ahlstedt 4 months ago
In poison if the ball bounces more than three times than the person up next who didn’t grab it is out. This happened when James beat Los
Jagvir Gill
Jagvir Gill 4 months ago
James is a try hard
Nico Kraus
Nico Kraus 4 months ago
James always standing on one foot so its harder to hit him is actually really smart but also pretty try hard
Greatest Ever
Greatest Ever 4 months ago
Ooooooooooooh James, your the worlds biggest try hard
Moonroof 4 months ago
Looks pretty fun
sean junod
sean junod 4 months ago
I feel like Mitchell is a skinnier TD Presents Lol
FoSchmizzle 4 months ago
Is it just me or do you love the sound of their feet on the court?
Maxwell Wilson
Maxwell Wilson 4 months ago
We play this shit at basketball practice and it’s lit
Jayden Wright
Jayden Wright 4 months ago
Why is James such a try hard
Matthew Lopez
Matthew Lopez 4 months ago
What’s intro song?
Nicholas Collinsworth
What’s this intro song
AJ Lapray
AJ Lapray 4 months ago
Yosemite by Travis scott
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