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Sep 19, 2019




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Gilverto Navarro
DDG the goat 🐐
Gilverto Navarro
Charc can actually not fight
Gilverto Navarro
This is funny they knew David was gonna beat charc so they was stopping him and not charc
15k Ti
15k Ti 3 months ago
Charc's form is decent is just his arms are too weak to hit a 3
Pray4Me 4 months ago
These dudes all literally just be shoving each other on layups, except for ty
Terry finesse anderson
They all sorry😂😂😂
Luh_Kyrin 5 months ago
15:39 VON:Damn David 😂
Coco _dimez 2
Coco _dimez 2 5 months ago
Yo TO man when you go to the paint and ddg put two hands on you swipe down or call foul he can’t do that
Coco _dimez 2
Coco _dimez 2 5 months ago
This nigga cheated badly ddg did travel
TheOfficial_Gang 6 months ago
ddg is not good hes trash t.o and charc is better than him.
Robert Benjamin
Robert Benjamin 6 months ago
Camera man suck 👎🏽
Adam Small
Adam Small 6 months ago
Charc traveled 3:38
Nasia M
Nasia M 7 months ago
David should not be talkin about t.o shirt cuz David outfit don’t even match, who mixes brands like that
D- Bucks
D- Bucks 7 months ago
Worst cameraman ever 👎👎👎
PRETTYBOYMIRO 7 months ago
DDG so soft fr
MKRI lebron
MKRI lebron 7 months ago
Fucking cameraman
GangGang BuzzBuzz
GangGang BuzzBuzz 7 months ago
Now I see where McQueen get his travelling from. This nigga Daryl selling bout 202839392 flights.
TOX BLXNT 7 months ago
T.O, Von, Dub would have none of the shit they have now if I wasnt for DDG
Myles Harris
Myles Harris 8 months ago
cameraman was terrible dawg
Rylan McHugh
Rylan McHugh 8 months ago
I was like why they ain passing dub the ball? 9:20😂
Exotic Blitzz
Exotic Blitzz 8 months ago
I HATE this nigga David bro like I HATE this nigga
Ttpgoat 8 months ago
Nobody: DDG: i’m the best basketball player alive
Tyrone Johnson
Tyrone Johnson 9 months ago
John Doan
John Doan 9 months ago
T.O pull up shooting, like jayson Tatum 😂👌🏽
John Doan
John Doan 9 months ago
Bruh, why the fuck Dub keep doing a moving pick, literally walking people down while picking wtf
rip to all my guys
rip to all my guys 10 months ago
& We got Dub running round looking dumbb hahahah
rip to all my guys
rip to all my guys 10 months ago
VonVon - "who hit you on that one?" Ty - "Thee Whole Team" 😂
Duce Valore
Duce Valore 10 months ago
I fuck with my son ddg but DDG NEEDS TO COME OUT TO NY, show him how to really ball. This shit is terrible.
Gage Molano
Gage Molano 10 months ago
He was fouling u the whole damn game
Free5ive 10 months ago
Honestly y’all all trash but TY lol
iamj.j 10 months ago
Damn David is trash af 🤦‍♂️he can’t even dribble and shoot
Anthony Cunningham
Anthony Cunningham 10 months ago
Yall hell😂😂
dominique guillen
dominique guillen 11 months ago
This skinny ass nigga is lame and his rapp career aint going nowere but to the dumpster
K!ng James
K!ng James 11 months ago
DDG has got to be the worst basketball player on RUvid 👎🏾 🏀 He calls every little thing a foul He does the most offensive fouls Talks way too much shit And just overall annoying and disrespectful
daynashari 11 months ago
'He's Scared of You David!!!!!!' 😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
daynashari 11 months ago
That game was Funny!! Lol I ❤️ it
miikey 11 months ago
von von funny asffff 😭😭😭
BLAt Bryan
BLAt Bryan 11 months ago
Charc a ballhogger
SlowMo kyrin
SlowMo kyrin 11 months ago
David a fighter and a soccer player 😂
SlowMo kyrin
SlowMo kyrin 11 months ago
Charc: You ass David Dub ain’t even try to Guard you David:Because he out of breath 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Beatsby4 11 months ago
charc sensitive
cuz2kbaby doesit
cuz2kbaby doesit 11 months ago
That nigga ddg traveled all the way to Jerusalem 😂😂
Demetri Watson
12:11-12:14 why DDG so funny🤣🤣
Seyer IV
Seyer IV Year ago
A Year ago
14:42 it’s David moment😂😂😂😂😭😭😭
Benji W
Benji W Year ago
When DDG really Mad. You Can tell nobody can Fuck with DDG
FlexoNyc -
FlexoNyc - Year ago
rewatched.. i’m from Brooklyn an From here Playing darryl is a Piece of cake..My Guys Would Honestly Cook There best 5
Aj Holmes
Aj Holmes Year ago
i can’t even watch the rest of this cuz this nigga Von is walking through the game and recording I CANT SEE SHIT
Unguardable Ace
Charc shoulda stuck em💯 I woulda🤷🏽‍♂️😅
Malik Johnson
Malik Johnson Year ago
18.13 DDG you walk too it’s suppose to been Charc them ball but Charc didn’t call it...
Malik Johnson
Malik Johnson Year ago
I couldn’t take this game seriously 😐 from the start cause Dub got a hat on 😂😂😂
SANDRA Mccullough
David shoot like rhino
SANDRA Mccullough
They wasn't going to let them fight it just 4 views
SANDRA Mccullough
They would let the 2 worst nigga guard each other. Dub and dav🤣🤣🤣🤣
SANDRA Mccullough
He got a wave cap so he gonna foul 🤣🤣🤣🤣
SANDRA Mccullough
They always talking shit for the camera to get views
TJ Elitegaming
I would smack tf out of ddg in a 1v1 in basketball
J Huncho
J Huncho Year ago
Na just aggressive , last bucket was good
Alika Year ago
DDG in the building 💪🏾
d0mdom T_V
d0mdom T_V Year ago
Lord Zopi
Lord Zopi Year ago
10:50 is the reason why Charc and David beefing
Amahru Sims
Amahru Sims Year ago
I’ll play all y’all 1v1
COD KDa Year ago
no cap ddg did carry the ball
Alex Escalera
Alex Escalera Year ago
Yo ddg ass he travel he foul and he think he good 😂😂😂
Cliff Vlogs
Cliff Vlogs Year ago
Ddg Traveled fr but he ass 💀
Cliff Vlogs
Cliff Vlogs Year ago
You can arm check but you can’t put your body all on them
lit savage
lit savage Year ago
Niggas playing football
BLkxican Year ago
This nigga von is the worst camera man
Heso Shuttlesworth
I wanna fight DDG
Matthew Johnson
This the worst game ever
Israel Fife
Israel Fife Year ago
The way this man david sets screens
Ethan Schofield
Bro I wanna cook ddg so bad it’s not funny 🤦🏽‍♂️t.o and ty the only one with a lil bit of game
Its BLST Year ago
What’s the song intro ?
tai. McDonald
tai. McDonald Year ago
Why Ty try n put David in a head lock 🤦🏾‍♂️
tai. McDonald
tai. McDonald Year ago
You niggas do not pass the ball at all son 😂😂
VioLate - KjAy
Najib Da Goat
Najib Da Goat Year ago
They’re all ass at b-ball is the funny thing probably except ty
Manny Achol
Manny Achol Year ago
DDG is so shit.. he lost to Destroying and he’s still running his mouth 😂😂
Deon Nelson
Deon Nelson 7 months ago
He beat him though
Ybhceo Year ago
I’m willing to put money yo 5 wouldn’t come close to beating my 5
vBruiser -
vBruiser - Year ago
Yo anybody else was laughing at how David was playing D😂😂😂
Lord Miki Monday
Everybody on the court weak as hell haha
Anthony Watts
Anthony Watts Year ago
Ddg cheated
Faiso Hassan
Faiso Hassan Year ago
Travellll like bitch
khris2290 Year ago
Von stop with that kabang shit. Damn
Armando Velasco
Bro I can ball ddg up any day bruh I put that on my life😂
Shutup before I end it now lmfao
Jehovanny Garcia
David tryna be in Ty good graces or something lol
DDG had the most aggressive fuck u
okeil baller
okeil baller Year ago
Ddg is shit lol 😂
Shane Prodigy
Shane Prodigy Year ago
So he wanted to fight because charc hit him with the hall of fame ankle breakers🤔🤔🤔
Whiteboyy Tay
Whiteboyy Tay Year ago
David more hood than charc if we being real lo
Bobby Opitz
Bobby Opitz Year ago
Von is hilarious
Kendrick _lammor
Shit I wanna challenge ddg. He ain’t the best 🤦🏾‍♂️
Jordan Mcwhorter
9:20 is why dub didn’t get to shoot
Trust D Process
I hate players like DDG smh lol
Fckn Lxndz
Fckn Lxndz Year ago
If the camera man wasn’t there we would already know what would’ve happened🤜🏽🤛🏽😂
Fckn Lxndz
Fckn Lxndz Year ago
Are we not gonna bring up how many moving screens that nigga dub made😂😂😂
Jay Sneakerhead
DDG: fouls tf outta to “Boy your name is Silly TO”😂😂😂
Isaiah Stringer
Ddg ahh really fucking suck 🤣🤣
PABLO HD Year ago
Charc is a soft nigga
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