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Instant Crush · Daft Punk · Julian Casablancas
Random Access Memories
℗ 2013 Daft Life Limited under exclusive license to Columbia Records, a Division of Sony Music Entertainment
Released on: 2013-05-17
Associated Performer: Daft Punk feat. Julian Casablancas
Other, Composer, Lyricist, Producer: Thomas Bangalter
Other, Composer, Lyricist, Producer: Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo
Bass: Nathan East
Drums: John "JR" Robinson
Percussion: Quinn
Other: Chris Caswell
Assistant Engineer, Recording Engineer: Peter Franco
Mixing Engineer, Recording Engineer: Mick Guzauski
Recording Engineer: Florian Lagatta
Unknown: Daniel Lerner
Assistant Engineer, Misc. Prod.: Seth Waldmann
Assistant Engineer: Cory Brice
Assistant Engineer: Nicolás Essig
Assistant Engineer: Eric Eylands
Assistant Engineer: Derek Karlquist
Assistant Engineer: Miguel Lara
Assistant Engineer: Mike Larson
Assistant Engineer: Kevin Mills
Assistant Engineer: Charlie Pakkari
Assistant Engineer: Bill Rahko
Assistant Engineer: Kyle Stevens
Assistant Engineer: Doug Tyo
Assistant Engineer: Eric Weaver
Recording Engineer: Alana Da Fonseca
Recording Engineer: Phil Joly
Misc. Prod.: Jean-Pierre Janiaud
Mastering Engineer: Bob Ludwig
Mastering Engineer: Chab
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Aug 11, 2015




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Comments 100
ThecrazyJaxz 13 days ago
the best song that i did hear
Vault 21 day ago
dude speak up xd
Wyatt Koivu
Wyatt Koivu Month ago
They done
BirYerde 4 months ago
Well, shit.
Throttle Kitty
Throttle Kitty 4 months ago
anwillneverbealonegain causeitdoesnhappeneryday kindacountedonyabeinafriend kindagivenupongivinaway
Saatsiz Bomba
Saatsiz Bomba 4 months ago
new digital sound ruvid.net/video/video-WTRNjwaj1iQ.html
Nicolas Castillo Puga
When you eat pizza for th first time and you want more and they say there's no more pizza:
mr krabs
mr krabs 4 months ago
lmao that's funneee
Nicolas Castillo Puga
Amanda Weiss
Amanda Weiss 4 months ago
sabrina hardin
sabrina hardin 5 months ago
Just discovered this song a few days ago now I can’t stop listening to it 😩
Kyle Parent
Kyle Parent 5 months ago
Why does this make me happy yet sad??
Gus Br0mley
Gus Br0mley 5 months ago
This is one of very few songs I consider to be perfect
Gumi Triste
Gumi Triste 5 months ago
Cancion kl buena
2PAC Karbu Sté Lab
2PAC Karbu Sté Lab 5 months ago
Alregis 5 months ago
THIS is MUSIC. Great voices, great arrangement, great synths, great guitars, great composition. And basses. And fabulous lyrics.
Gringo's Gourmet
Gringo's Gourmet 5 months ago
FUUUUUCK!!! for years I've looked for this song! Godamnit, I thought it was from that dude he did "fireflys" cause the robot voice seemed so similar! holy fuck. Thank god. Of those songs that I never learned the name, this was the LAST of them!
Amalia Perez
Amalia Perez 5 months ago
But l never really knnow where togo
coctodon 5 months ago
I never understood the lyrics before and and I just red them, now I'm crying. Great.
lo SSR
lo SSR 5 months ago
Amo esta cancion, me alegra el día pero... a la ves me entristece, y no se por que...
Hayvanlardan Kesitler
Türkler nerdesiniz koçlarım
Alain Perez
Alain Perez 5 months ago
AHYTOYROY 5 months ago
Very good
Horusisone 5 months ago
French Touch...
Francisco Veiguela
Francisco Veiguela 5 months ago
sin dudas, una de las mejores
DudefuseTIB 5 months ago
Save Your Tears The Weeknd | Xperience AnimOji ruvid.net/video/video-CQCBqIFRiys.html can i jus promote somehintg? its for my girl my love my world... i put alot of effort for a girl making this video id like to share it with this awseome group of people. poured my heart and soul into this on’e. its rllr **great**! 😢💧
Silver Taype C.
Silver Taype C. 5 months ago
Никита Корсаков
Какая-то грустная песня BibleTump
Iliana Palma Castro
Iliana Palma Castro 5 months ago
¡Daft punk Its a music Proooo
JOHN ALLISON 5 months ago
when shes losing feelings and you both know its not gonna work
Aleksa Dexter
Aleksa Dexter 5 months ago
i found you
Melba Escalante
Melba Escalante 5 months ago
Es el mayo907#loscompassonlosmajoresyutubers
Tanmay Thakur
Tanmay Thakur 5 months ago
(˶‾᷄ ⁻̫ ‾᷅˵) yes yes, no lyrics needed (but I love it)
Ari Chama
Ari Chama 5 months ago
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ChanTheDude 5 months ago
My go to is orange
Alan Vaca
Alan Vaca 5 months ago
**sad noises**
Thor Odinson
Thor Odinson 5 months ago
**Cries in robot**
JJ Supreme
JJ Supreme 5 months ago
No one gonna talk about the epic guitar solo or is it just me?
Bellaflor Taylor
Bellaflor Taylor 5 months ago
Oh the heartstrings...
Joshua Harting
Joshua Harting 5 months ago
I cant believe this is the guy from The Strokes...
Zac 5 months ago
Someone has to be with me, this is a sample of some song I cannot think of, I have heard this melody before....somewhere????
Zac 5 months ago
carless whisper..
alfon mathe
alfon mathe 5 months ago
Esta canción me da nostalgia porque siempre la escuchábamos en el auto con mis papas cuando hacíamos in viaje largo
Federico Seijo
Federico Seijo 5 months ago
El poder de la música en recuerdos de nuestra vida. Me pasa lo mismo con otros temas que me transportan a momentos puntuales
Yohanes Adwitiyo
Yohanes Adwitiyo 5 months ago
I don't know what he's saying but tru
Diegux23 5 months ago
El Canal Del Crack
El Canal Del Crack 5 months ago
No se porque siempre RUvid me recomienda está canción
Tlatoani 5 months ago
El algoritmo está dando frutos
Aira Cabactulan
Aira Cabactulan 5 months ago
If math is hard try listening to this
Gadiel Pacheco
Gadiel Pacheco 5 months ago
the best song
יוסף יוסף
יוסף יוסף 6 months ago
This is my songgggg
Roko Ray
Roko Ray 6 months ago
I heard this song when the girl I liked fell in love with my best friend
Alejandro Hetfield
Alejandro Hetfield 6 months ago
this is me imagining Darth Vader singing this while walking through the forest thinking how 2 death stars were destroyed...
Jonathan Mendoza
Jonathan Mendoza 6 months ago
Fem-bun r.p.
Fem-bun r.p. 6 months ago
Stephen Hall
Stephen Hall 6 months ago
Now you can't listen to music playlists on YT... you have to come back to the tab each new video because they want to force us to buy their services
marlen ramirezx
marlen ramirezx 6 months ago
Juan Antonio Licona Muñoz
Esta canción a la una de la mañana pega fuerte
Jesús Salazar
Jesús Salazar 6 months ago
Pepe cri
ツMaicon 6 months ago
Essa musica ñ è aquela q o via infinda cantou quando chegou em luxemburgo kkkjk??
King 6 months ago
This song makes me think about the end of regular show.
Daniel Morales
Daniel Morales 4 months ago
Enkore 6 months ago
crus 6 months ago
I came here to make a relationship joke, but now I give respects. I cry every time.
crus 6 months ago
Now one of my fav songs.
This song gives me the Big Sad.
iago 6 months ago
take it oh, I don't wanna sing anymore
AbisaiNoSabeJugar 6 months ago
This song is for You
Jocelyn 6 months ago
instant crush on repeat type day
ty ty
ty ty 6 months ago
What a song!!!
i love you daft punk
gamma epsilon
gamma epsilon 6 months ago
De las mejores canciones que he oído.
Gurpreet Singh
Gurpreet Singh 6 months ago
Here before TikTok abuses the fuck out of this song
Esta canción marcó mi vida :')
Angel Sempai
Angel Sempai 6 months ago
Listening to this on 1.25 speed is a weird guilty pleasure of mine. Don't know how to explain why.
Gurpreet Singh
Gurpreet Singh 6 months ago
Who else comes to listen this song every once in a while and never get bored?
Song makes me sad.
Enrique Diaz
Enrique Diaz 6 months ago
Fernando Aguilar
Fernando Aguilar 6 months ago
This song makes me sad and I love it.
keithcampeau 6 months ago
Last Christmas your gave me ur heart
Joshua Rodriguez
Joshua Rodriguez 6 months ago
This perfectly sums up every time how I feel for a moment of whenever I see someone hot at my school.
Light Yagami
Light Yagami 6 months ago
When I see your mum.
Brittle Courage
Brittle Courage 6 months ago
A little time with you is all that I get. That's the third line in the song but when I search up the song's lyrics it isn't there. Thought that was an interesting thing to miss. Than there's another one. I still remember This line is missing as well at the part right after "I don't want to start, don't get upset. I'm not with you" At least "I still remember" is what I hear.
Gustavo19 6 months ago
Philippe52 6 months ago
at 1:30 it sounds exactly like when my neighbour throw his wife in the wall
Александр Ливенцов
Я руский
dreanpepe 6 months ago
Like si hablas español
ira ps
ira ps 6 months ago
3:02 oooof
Billie Armenta
Billie Armenta 6 months ago
That guitar solo..
Ninja-F 6 months ago
a very good song for sad times
Erick Reyes Castilla
Me encanta!
enorma29 6 months ago
one good thing about staying at home is that I can play this while I fail my exams.
Shireetha MB
Shireetha MB 6 months ago
This song always hits right in the feels!
Harlie Bitong
Harlie Bitong 6 months ago
David Hernández
David Hernández 6 months ago
The most commercial song of D.P XD
JONNY TREJO 6 months ago
Ufffff 😍
n 6 months ago
I just can't stop coming back
JoelStr 6 months ago
summer :v
Chris 6 months ago
The best strokes song
ALPHA APACHE 6 months ago
c in the H
c in the H 6 months ago
I love you Lucy 💞 😔
Marisabel Stanziola
Marisabel Stanziola 7 months ago
Wtf 5 years ago?? XD
Lane Whitten
Lane Whitten 7 months ago
I wish daft punk put out more music
Dixie1033 7 months ago
Marko Jagetić
Marko Jagetić 7 months ago
Was this song sample by someone or?
Zuriel Montes
Zuriel Montes 7 months ago
Hace 4 años escuché está canción, es bueno recordar 👍🏽👍🏽
Ale Olvera
Ale Olvera 7 months ago
Supongo que eres el chico sacado de los libros tristes en donde rompes más de un corazón, Quisiera poder hacer la diferencia y mantenerme mil pasos atrás de ti Pero en tu montaña de corazones destruidos está el mío también Nunca podré resolver el misterio del por qué las cosas más dañinas son las que mejor nos hacen sentir No podré entender por qué tienes una sonrisa tan linda si no concuerda con lo peligroso que eres tú Supongo que soy la chica sacada del libro más viejo en donde llora y se enamora de alguien malo.
mara10na4ever 6 months ago
Pinches mamadas sacquan, pura frivolidad, no mamen
Sianure 6 months ago
la cancion de los gamers xd
sr. puppet
sr. puppet 6 months ago
Gracias :') me encanta escuchar la canción una y otra vez
LionGameplays 6 months ago
pucha mas sad :,c
EFÍMERO 6 months ago
:'c wowww que profundo.
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