Installing my Electric Car Charger - What Could Go Wrong??

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Oct 28, 2018




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Comments 7 551
90lxFox 12 hours ago
Linus wears socks and sandals and doesn't daily a stick shift car hand in your man card
Kanada Tachibana
One of my favorite Linus videos
72Yonatan Day ago
Good that Linus relied upon a professional electrician for the additional switch setup at the box.
Xachremos Day ago
I was half waiting for linus to consider cannibalizing the internals of the charger to implement into some stupid build when he opened it up.
Flying With-Sharks
But can you play Doom on it?
AS7VD Day ago
linus: hey it might not be straight but it is 22 inches long Me: thats what she said
Ben Wilson
Ben Wilson 2 days ago
Linus, nice dick (jokes). LOLOLOLOL
Ben 4 days ago
13:13 im so sad what was the name of that meme again
Mikael Pilblad
Mikael Pilblad 4 days ago
Dan DTL 4 days ago
Bring more videos like this
9ff70f96 5 days ago
Yeah, we used to run mains boards like that in the U.K. back in the 1960's.
Inachu Ikimasho
Inachu Ikimasho 5 days ago
LOL that meat freezer!!! All my korean friends have meat freezers in the garage.
Steve Mehes
Steve Mehes 6 days ago
oh the inuendos in this episode is just hilarious
Illegal Meme
Illegal Meme 6 days ago
If Chris pratt was a electrician instead of acting
Aaronivoify 7 days ago
Are all electricians in America like this?
JCtigerclaw 7 days ago
Phil Young
Phil Young 7 days ago
Still waiting on your Tesla review
Jack F
Jack F 7 days ago
22 inches! I thought you guys in Canada were on metric?
Aadil Farooqui
Aadil Farooqui 8 days ago
Too bad Brian don't have a channel otherwise he got real talent for a channel
Aadil Farooqui
Aadil Farooqui 8 days ago
I don't need your game board I have my own game board, My daddy bought it for me Yours Suck
Daekwon TTV
Daekwon TTV 8 days ago
*Alex and I
laen 9 days ago
Linus in his House videos are the best.
CooCoo 9 days ago
Fun fact: Siemens also makes fire alarms Source: my school has them
CooCoo 9 days ago
@Wholland yes
Wholland 9 days ago
So your school's covered in Siemens
William Wood
William Wood 9 days ago
Yes he's a contractor he's using a makita drill 🛠🔨
Jay Gee
Jay Gee 10 days ago
The Linus jokes in the Brian videos are always sooooooooo cringe
swirly2005 10 days ago
Where do I get me a pair of steel toe safety sandals that linus is wearing
NinjaNipple Dog
NinjaNipple Dog 10 days ago
What happened to your cats linus, what kind of sudden "presumably dead" bomb was that? aaa
sweiland75 11 days ago
Plug-in hybrid is not synonymous with an electric car.
DavedTheReal 12 days ago
seeing how american homes are wired im surprised there isnt more fires and accidents.
Ludvig Källner
Ludvig Källner 13 days ago
Do you have DC power in Canada?
Jesus Kareem Medina Domínguez
Holy sh... That insulant is fiberglass?
Norman Renk
Norman Renk 15 days ago
Build your walls out of stones also INSIDE! wanna lay a cable underneath it? just cut a straight line to your destination of choice.Use putty afterwards to close it. Looks better and is more stable.
Dalton 15 days ago
they have cutters for that armored cable. look like flat over sized side cutters
Jonas Schäfer
Jonas Schäfer 15 days ago
It's nice that "north americans" are frightened of 240V because they have an overall voltage of 120V. But in Germany we have everywhere at least 230V and for more powerconsumptive devices 380V
Mazxj Stripes
Mazxj Stripes 15 days ago
You can hear the canadian in this one.
Riley Wagner
Riley Wagner 16 days ago
I didn't think I would enjoy the cable dick jokes as much as I did
Slytherin Reviews
Slytherin Reviews 16 days ago
instead of Linus Tech Tips, Welcome to Linus' Adult Talk
Da_Cow_Gaming 16 days ago
Alex and I***
Tyler 16 days ago
rubikswu 16 days ago
Why do you have a tennis stringer, Linus?!
TheSlySoul 16 days ago
This shit is hilarious! Keep it up.
Galfor 17 days ago
Sell this and get a Tesla. Please.
You Hit My Car Abc
You Hit My Car Abc 17 days ago
The volt is the ugliest car on the planet. It's also a Chevy.
Timo Hartig
Timo Hartig 17 days ago
Did you guys freakin HACKSAW cable? Ive certainly never seen that before 😂and electricity is my everday job Too. But i guess we Europeans do things differently
Burnlan 17 days ago
rip linus cats
Ismoil ?
Ismoil ? 17 days ago
get a tesla
100k sub goal no vids
Linus strigling to be A man
MJThe DJ 17 days ago
Nobody: Brian: Yellow
Master Baiter
Master Baiter 17 days ago
Electrician could do voice acting.
VirusWar 18 days ago
"...car reviews on an on-going basis, moving forward." So, that was a lie.
Casual Gearheads
Casual Gearheads 11 days ago
Sounds Musk-esque. And an order of magnitude more interesting to say than the truth.
Bunny Boi
Bunny Boi 14 days ago
Megaphonix 17 days ago
Lol, just found this video again and yep. Wish he would review the Tesla Model 3, Chevy Bolt, etc.!
Inferno 0052
Inferno 0052 19 days ago
Anyone surprised that Linus’s house isn’t covered in RGB LEDs?
Parker Sullivan
Parker Sullivan 19 days ago
Wow these Canadians. Wow Linus
Britonbear 19 days ago
Hate to get nationalistic but from a British point of view American electrics always seem rough as rats; this is another example. I know you are operating at lower voltages but none of that work would pass muster in any situation I've ever worked.
Charkie 20 days ago
Quantum Wantum
Quantum Wantum 20 days ago
Her: Can that even fit? Me: 5:33
Elijah Coleman
Elijah Coleman 20 days ago
"I'll be safer this time, I brought an electrician". 9:40 Drills into his hand while wearing safety glasses.
Elijah Coleman
Elijah Coleman 2 days ago
@J Blob I work in food service, and once had a guy stab his hand with a digital chicken thermometer.
J Blob
J Blob 2 days ago
Better than pulling a Nick, when i was doing construction we had a dude put a ring shank nail through the knuckle of his thumb when he was putting exterior sheeting on a newly framed wall. Stuck himself right to the wall. He never lived that one down... He's union now 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
Adam Fazekas
Adam Fazekas 5 days ago
Tom Jonk
Tom Jonk 20 days ago
siemens proves that germans do make jokes
Stanley Jarvis
Stanley Jarvis 20 days ago
getting a chevvy electric car is like getting a penny-farthing gaming pc phaha
TheSkepticSkwerl 20 days ago
There's a hole under your breaker box
The Unboxing Experience
It's snowing in your garage
Matthew Madruga
Matthew Madruga 22 days ago
He's making his house male agressive, sexist! lol jkjk
Spencer Perez
Spencer Perez 19 days ago
Ur gay
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