Installing my Electric Car Charger - What Could Go Wrong??

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Oct 28, 2018

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Comments 7 293
Luis Lozano
Luis Lozano 10 hours ago
elektrizity wahooo
JamesTN24 15 hours ago
He sounds like Chris Pratt
Randolph Scudder
Randolph Scudder 21 hour ago
Another good Linus Tech Tips video, I know because I feel slightly dirty after watching it.
Kenmaira 23 hours ago
"I accidentally bought a second one when I lost my first one" - my life
TravisFabel Day ago
Skinnwalk3r Day ago
so much for those car reviews on a basis
K Swervo
K Swervo Day ago
“You’ve had enough have you” 😂😂
blueydsniper 2 days ago
The amount of innuendos in this video 😂😂
Ed Tran
Ed Tran 3 days ago
Can't wait for Linus to plastic dip this car aswell
flawlessvic 3 days ago
Sexual references in this video are four times higher than usual.
thebad300 3 days ago
should be Linus has a dick measuring contest with his electrician
Jaydon Milner
Jaydon Milner 3 days ago
This was just hilarious XD
Marcelo Neubert Germann
Brian, we miss you(r voice) :P
Zed Zedder
Zed Zedder 3 days ago
Linus was right about the screwdriver tho...
Project Nebula
Project Nebula 4 days ago
The US is lacking with 120v output...
bjtoadkoops 4 days ago
Linus Car Tips
SKYLAB THUG 5 days ago
John Mead
John Mead 5 days ago
Ben fowling you. like your Videos. You should slow down. Rest. Focus. Great stuff.
Reeko Seeko
Reeko Seeko 5 days ago
what about anti short bushings?
Gatlin Ciminelli
Gatlin Ciminelli 5 days ago
God they sound like a bunch of high schoolers😂
Joe Ridgley
Joe Ridgley 7 days ago
You should get a tesla
BigBox2 BF1
BigBox2 BF1 7 days ago
The electricians laugh sounds like Chris Pratt like 100%
Haste Gedacht
Haste Gedacht 7 days ago
when you are from Germany then your train of thought isn´t immediately obvious, but when you are twelve and you only thinking about sex then it´s ....
darthjump 8 days ago
The perfectionist in me died a little.
LTL King
LTL King 8 days ago
The cable you lost went down the chute. Just like you keep dropping ice chunks down the chute. That last 1 at the end. I thought maybe surely not again. Bwaaaaahahaha. He dropped it down the chute again. Move the top light to the other side and possibly change it to small led light. Definitely change the 2 side lights to small led lights. It will still do the job but won't be so intensely bright. It's not the logic turning everything off. When you set the display to LINKED it links everything on the network to allow you to turn off anything and it will "LINKED" back to the display turning everything off. When you changed the setting to Normal it fixed it. We don't mind you going longer. Don't apologize. If anything it was a little short as there is so much to do but so little content on youtube.
Adam130694 10 days ago
>21st century >still using inkez and milez and fahrenheitz lulz
ktfjulien 4 days ago
>greentexting >youtube lulz
WEEZOOKA Weman 10 days ago
Linus and dick jokes is the recipe for disaster.
I J 10 days ago
Why get an electrician if you don’t let him do it
Owen E
Owen E 10 days ago
This whole video is an innuendo hahaha
Ken Shibata
Ken Shibata 11 days ago
Get a Tesla before you spend $100 000 on a pc!
scroat emm
scroat emm 11 days ago
Seamans swim in submarines
nick 12 days ago
Gavin Gaydon
Gavin Gaydon 12 days ago
This electrician hit the jackpot. Getting paid for not using his tools neither really doing anything 😭😂 living the life ey.
Michael Fisher
Michael Fisher 12 days ago
world record holder for the most **** jokes in a 20 minute video
InstantGamer 13 days ago
has anyone noticed that when he transitions into the sponsor his hair changes
William Mulreed
William Mulreed 13 days ago
16:24 so u just kill the main?
Walkman05 14 days ago
LINUS: “this is Bryan” ME: “kinda looks like a chubby Chris Pratt” BRYAN: “hello” ME: “yep kinda sounds like him too”
jermagicstick 15 days ago
To let u know if that screw was longer at. 9:41. That would of hurt love videos
obnoxiouspriest 15 days ago
Was that a dead bird in the Attic?
kimmykimmy2007 17 days ago
I need @LinusTechTips and Brian to read me stories and do commentary every night lol #thatswhathesaid #dontjudgeme
Vincent 17 days ago
"I and Alex" It really hurts
Mannie Action Sports
Nothing flammable: shows cardboard box.
Glenn Mesel
Glenn Mesel 19 days ago
09:43 i learned to never put the hand behind a screw that is screwed in, because it can screw your hand, and then you are kind of screwed..
Rambo 2
Rambo 2 20 days ago
"I and Alex" umm English?
Vinícius Nascimento de Freitas
i'ts funny how linus gives a better microphone for everyone insted of himself
Wolf Gamer
Wolf Gamer 21 day ago
12:49 you love being close to breasts yet your wife has none?
Wolf Gamer
Wolf Gamer 21 day ago
Linus has little man issues.
Chyzzle 23 days ago
Linus can you please consider to buy much safer Wera screwdriwer where the metal which the electrician mentioned at 16:48 is isolated. It can save your live.
b 24 days ago
your friend Brian owes me a new subwoofer -edit, wait, was it dennis?
MAC MAC 25 days ago
an simple idea, Try backing in the car on the other side, so it doesn't matter what side you are on. it will be easy to plug into the CAR.
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