Instagram vs. Reality

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You can Instagram filter your face, but you can't Instagram filter your heart.
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May 8, 2019




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Comments 80
blueeyedevil 49 minutes ago
This is great Ethan 😆
John S
John S 2 hours ago
I actually really like a big jiggly butt with cellulite A LOT more than a rock hard and big perfectly round and smooth one.
John S
John S 2 hours ago
Un photoshopped Trisha Paytas somehow manages to look like a 40 year old 3 year old who was stung in the face by greasy wasps once a day for the whole 3 years she's been alive. She also looks like that kinda chubby white single mom we all met on Tinder who is not bad looking in the bio but wearing Daffy Duck pajama bottoms, smoking pot resin she scraped from her baby daddy's bong, and smells like Ramen Noodles when you show up to her house
Tabatha Fincher
Tabatha Fincher 3 hours ago
08:08 09:42 04:25
JohnnyTurnerMusic 5 hours ago
Ethan rocking the supreme!
Hamza Khalid
Hamza Khalid 9 hours ago
sed i can't even fake beauty..!!
The Stereotypical Stereotype Show
this is great!
villegas24 10 hours ago
Lmao Ethan is so savage
hekn1ves 11 hours ago
word lmao
Future BuyZ
Future BuyZ 14 hours ago
this is the 1st h3he video ive watch, and hes funny asf
François Grimard
François Grimard 14 hours ago
Correction: Kylie Jenner had surgery. She even admitted to the lip fillers.
Jane Doe
Jane Doe 15 hours ago
Love this guy but truth is ppl don't like extra ugly ppl let me try this shit and put my self out there fully bare .lol yeah right mad ppl would teez me completely .smfh
Jane Doe
Jane Doe 15 hours ago
I feel weird when I try fake lashes or even trying to alter my body in photos feel shit. The only thing I do a little bit to the scars on my face.nevr even jokingly .smfh
Jane Doe
Jane Doe 15 hours ago
Most ppl know the truth they just love living in a fake sleep world but the kids really know no better. Oh well what can you do ? They call it art.
Jane Doe
Jane Doe 16 hours ago
Nobody noticed Justins ass got bigger lol just his bulge ???
Excelsior 1000
Excelsior 1000 17 hours ago
3:34 and 4:00 left and right are so ugly 🤮
Chan C
Chan C 17 hours ago
This video is incredible! We need to stop comparing ourself to fake people!
DakuOG 20 hours ago
i actually feel better about my skin hahahahh not that i didnt but this was amazing
Halfdan Day ago
Now I understand why I attracted to girls without makeup
TheCrusaed Day ago
Abdullah Hejazi
Well the key here is that, if we're all ugly, then there's nothing to be shy about xD
Stephenie King
You're not beautiful unless your hand looks like a question mark 😂😂
Johan Liebert
is there really any difference between photoshop and makeup? youre altering the way you actually look either way.
Yey Day ago
100% there’s a difference. Makeup is an art form. It takes skill and a damn lot of practice. Not all makeup is done for social media, some people do it just because it’s fun. Makeup isn’t always done for a person whereas photoshop is done always to be impressive to other people
Vincent chin34
my first time feel great been ugly
Me dicen el veinte cuatro entre la gente importante
Xczar Day ago
@ 6:59 - 7:00 he is sending a message whilst shooting shots... Wink Wink😉🤪😉👁
Tana's pics legitimately do not even look like the same person, did they like slap her face on someone elses or something
Pilachu Red
Pilachu Red 2 days ago
when I feel bad, I watch this videob
GOLDEN 2 days ago
I have met women from the internet many times - and I was often surprised :D
Kiss711 2 days ago
For some reason those Instagram flower posters make me mad
short bus
short bus 2 days ago
Love the real pics WAAAYYY better than the fakes..... every time i see the fakes im grossed out, its like a cartoon...... although i imagine some people are into cartoons. Im just not one of them ;)
Steve Coronado
Steve Coronado 2 days ago
Can't photoshop Michael Obama's moose knuckle!
anastasia alekseeva
I love this video!And not because I want these celebrities being dragged but for the rest of us not to feel bad for ourselves.I gotta admit,I do get a little insecure when I flip through Instagram pictures and I shouldn’t because the majority of these pictures are not real.Thank you!
gp g
gp g 2 days ago
Jesus filter..😅😅😅😅😂😅😂😅😂
gp g
gp g 2 days ago
Today whole world is BECOMING CHINA . Fake as justin bieber ding dong
malcolm macdougall
it's even worst on datesites and facebook
Boombastic Sauce
Boombastic Sauce 2 days ago
3:35 I can't really tell wich oneis supposed to be the pretty one, because they both look freaky as hell.
NotSoFresh YT
NotSoFresh YT 2 days ago
the supreme tee tho that is a clean dad flex for ethan
Jacob Jordan
Jacob Jordan 2 days ago
Lift ourselves up, by tearing other down
___________Hours 2 days ago
omg that filter at the end is burning my eyes xD
Nancy Anderson
Nancy Anderson 2 days ago
lol!! hahaha! i love this
Alex Does DARE’s
9:52 "yo man i got a cosmetic surgeon to replace my arm with a tunning fork"
PitCrewTuning PCT
Loved this one
Arya Raghavan
Arya Raghavan 3 days ago
Unpopular??? Opinion: Trisha isn't as aesthetically pleasing as she thinks she is. Personal opinion.
T Sing
T Sing 3 days ago
Am I the only one who thinks the girl on the right of the thumbnail is more attractive than the left?
Andix Piwi
Andix Piwi 3 days ago
he looks like my uncle
Max 3 days ago
lmao! how have I never heard of your channel? 10/10
Uncle Eric
Uncle Eric 3 days ago
that shirt is 🔥
8TK8 guy
8TK8 guy 3 days ago
Football Fanatic
Football Fanatic 3 days ago
The thumbnail made me wanna puke
oulu 3 days ago
9:05 the woman with her hand on the boy is fucking terrifying
Colin Owen Griffin
The thing in the thumbnail haunts me now...
Mike the Weirdo
Mike the Weirdo 3 days ago
"WWF Wrestler" Ah yes; I too enjoy wrestling with panda bears.
Nick S
Nick S 3 days ago
There is nothing that women can't or won't fake
Blaise Bromage
Blaise Bromage 3 days ago
fax man ily
Mirta 3 days ago
Delete IG and you'll feel so much better I guarantee ya
Sian Sian
Sian Sian 3 days ago
They all look the same They are beautiful but lack uniqueness
NoQuarter Ty
NoQuarter Ty 4 days ago
Tyler1 cameo at 4:18
Sky Atlas
Sky Atlas 4 days ago
just keep clicking 3:38 and thank me later
PITCH GEEK 4 days ago
°the way he *Noachella😂
Chris Bynum
Chris Bynum 4 days ago
Kylie Jenner is actually cute without makeup. I'm not a fan of the bronze skin and fat lips look, but I definitely am attracted to her without makeup.
Sean C
Sean C 4 days ago
H3H3 being wholesome for once
Elias Jantunen
Elias Jantunen 4 days ago
9:52 look at his arm
r97 NeaL
r97 NeaL 4 days ago
Wow your thumbnail just leaked the barnyard animals reboot. Thanks Ethan! Im so excited.
Schmurkin 4 days ago
4:17 spot on
How am I now finding out abt this guy
Ki V
Ki V 4 days ago
I just subscribed to you for this awesome video👏🏻
Ze0n 4 days ago
im so happy
Gadi 4 days ago
5:42 Facts!
Pixeliarmus 4 days ago
people calling him out for body shaming but those instagrammers make people feel so bad about themselves with their fake photos, it's brainwashing really
Levi Richards
Levi Richards 4 days ago
ian miller
ian miller 4 days ago
Who said Instaham?
Will Brown
Will Brown 5 days ago
They edited Justin’s Bieber’s arm, chest, ass, and the other things he mentioned like his dick and neck
robiloy stonks
robiloy stonks 5 days ago
9:15 your vlog is brighter than my future
Spicy Squeegee
Spicy Squeegee 5 days ago
any of u babes up for some hershbergers!
ElementsGaming 5 days ago
ElementsGaming 5 days ago
5:01 this one isn't as bad
The Manhands
The Manhands 5 days ago
ethan's thirst is palpable in this vid
MrSBGames 5 days ago
Instagram is a bunch of moronic sheep making content for other moronic sheep
Peggy liz
Peggy liz 5 days ago
The fragile sensitive fetus' only got offended when he "body shammed" the females, not the males.
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