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Atlanta Hawks vs Philadelphia 76ers - Full Game 7 Highlights | June 20, 2021 | 2021 NBA Playoffs

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Jun 20, 2021




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Comments 3 495
Ulquiorra Cifer
Ulquiorra Cifer 8 days ago
5 year shooting slump
Jameel Mahrus
Jameel Mahrus 15 days ago
Elton Brand needs to be fired, he did not want to include Ben Simmons in the trade with Houston for James Harden. This is an if' that Philly will never recover from!
Indiana Pacer
Indiana Pacer Month ago
Ben Simmons, whatever u do..do not come to Indiana..I repeat, do not come..
CB34 would dunk that out of his prime
RRMK BOSS 2 months ago
PHIL will kick him out !
VerseWonder Strikes
VerseWonder Strikes 2 months ago
In the pros you can go from all star to a liability in three months.
Paolo Apacible
Paolo Apacible 2 months ago
why dont we get Jeremy Lin back in the Nba cmonnnnn now
Bear 2 months ago
He's been in a shooting slump his entire career
Ez Hertzberg
Ez Hertzberg 2 months ago
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Raheem Brown
Raheem Brown 2 months ago
Charles Barkley u speaking facts
Ian Soberano
Ian Soberano 2 months ago
Ben is like Okafor he can't rebound JAHIL Okafor but Ben can but his shooting is terrible..Ben needs to get traded. we will never win with BEN around. I am tired of the 76ers he is the worse player ever. I hope we get a better player for Ben whether it is CJ McCollum or Damian Lillard. Ben is a bum he can't shoot we are sick of this guy.
Hans Peter
Hans Peter 2 months ago
Im a Bow Shooter in shooting club, some of our club Members have a panic disorder - its called Target Panic or short TP. In that case you cant realease an firearm like a pistol, rifle or a bow at will, you have no control. Simmons had the same issue i guess. If you dont hit the target well you will trigger the disorder and its gets worse - till you´re unable to shoot on very big target. Im sure this sickness exist in every Sport where you have to make Points by hitting a target. Stress for example is a trigger....
Layne AIC
Layne AIC 2 months ago
Is He a Regular or a Goofy Stance?
Mildred Perez
Mildred Perez 2 months ago
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Vampire Hunter D
Vampire Hunter D 2 months ago
Can someone explain to me why Ben Simmons is considered a guard at 6'11? It makes no sense to me
Kola Alade
Kola Alade 2 months ago
Shaq's the only one that had the best take. Shaq wasn't a terrific shooter, but he was very aggressive..would dunk the ball and miss the free throw. Still averaged 30 point.
Cody Li
Cody Li 2 months ago
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D. Naurice Baker
D. Naurice Baker 2 months ago
Give me five days I'll have Ben Simmons a shooter in 3.... I'm that dude
John Asaro
John Asaro 2 months ago
F mags talk let’s talk ny knocks and how Immanuel Quickley finna be UNLEASHED year after next with Beal signing. That’s 100ppg for our starting five
E. L.
E. L. 2 months ago
The confidence comes from working hard.If you haven't worked hard, you won't believe in yourself. If you know you ain't s___ ,it's going to show. In contrast, look at Steph Curry, you think his confidence can be shaken? Same for Jordan or Kobe, they know they've paid their dues.
eetu halonen
eetu halonen 2 months ago
Shaq always says "just be agressive" but nobody is as physically dominant as he was.
The Byrd Collective
The Byrd Collective 2 months ago
He shouldnt even be on the All Star team, especially ahead of Trae and Donovan
廖俊翔 2 months ago
Giannis takes 20 secs at the FT line, beats Ben Simmons tho who doesn't even wanna go there
Ashy Larry
Ashy Larry 2 months ago
That play had nothing to do with field goal shooting. He just needed to dunk the ball. He was afraid of the potential free throw.
Pamela Collins
Pamela Collins 2 months ago
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Hang Su
Hang Su 2 months ago
When you look at Ben Simmons and Ask what happened? , well…nothing happened, that’s what happened.
Boomer Kingzley
Boomer Kingzley 2 months ago
Best NBA show on television these 4
DON CHETO 2 months ago
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Nikki Frazier
Nikki Frazier 2 months ago
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Kathryn Garrett
Kathryn Garrett 2 months ago
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Richard Poplis
Richard Poplis 2 months ago
Charles Barkley is the most honest analyst on TNT.. he says it like it is... Doc Rivers got fired at LA for a reason... no one has thrown him under the bus for blowing... 3 large leads... CMon...
Lee M
Lee M 2 months ago
He needs to go in the gym , lock the doors and pratice.
Adithya Ramesh
Adithya Ramesh 2 months ago
Wtf is kenny even saying?? throw him out and get dray in asap
Caleb Hogge
Caleb Hogge 2 months ago
Guys, give him a break. He's still a rookie.
YasataGT 2 months ago
5years in the nba lmfao lamello ball plays better than him
Ser Bonkers
Ser Bonkers 2 months ago
Does Simmons even care to try to better his shooting.. wtf..
Marco Daniel
Marco Daniel 2 months ago
Shaq looks younger
Christy Black
Christy Black 2 months ago
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Money Wise
Money Wise 2 months ago
Lol the Jenner Kardashian curse
Parker Essential
Parker Essential 2 months ago
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skyler Hu
skyler Hu 2 months ago
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Tonality Music
Tonality Music 2 months ago
The fact anyone watches the nba shows how ignorant and sheeple the common person is. gl
John Park
John Park 2 months ago
Seems like what Barkley has to say is always at least 2x the basketball iq of Shaq's input
sdfs sds
sdfs sds 2 months ago
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YOUNG BUCKS 2 months ago
Everybody keep saying Simmons needs a good jumper, but giannis, can’t shoot either but still puts up huge numbers, this is excuses, giannis is most likely going to win this year, despite not shooting the ball well, so all of this is irrelevant
pamela angela
pamela angela 2 months ago
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439tab 2 months ago
Why didn't they think he was that kind of player? He did the exact same thing at LSU. Couldn't shoot anything but dunks, wouldn't take enough shots, disappeared in key games. A lot of commentators owe LSU an apology because they said it was the team's fault we didn't make the tournament since, of course, with the great Ben Simmons it should have been easy. Oh yeah, he also didn't play defense and destroyed team chemistry by being aloof and a loner.
Tedman Koc
Tedman Koc 2 months ago
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Yogesh Ramburn
Yogesh Ramburn 2 months ago
How is this guy still in the NBA?
thematicJean-Michel elyssaMaire
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geezmoz 2 months ago
76ers paying him all that $ to not play... pretty good deal I must say
Rue Bashford
Rue Bashford 2 months ago
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Kyle Davis
Kyle Davis 2 months ago
My thing is ..... he was shooting at LSU , he shoots in pick up games , the bottomline is he is scared to shoot in a actual game . My sixers need to trade him now . Hes hurting the team.
likhon biswas
likhon biswas 2 months ago
So many other things? What other things? Everything else is moot if other teams score more points than your team. If he doesn’t shoot, it doesn’t matter ‘so many other things’. STOP!
Rangey Raghav
Rangey Raghav 2 months ago
The Kardashian curse
One up One down
One up One down 2 months ago
Ben , and PG are turning role players coming off the bunch.
Chris Dyer
Chris Dyer 2 months ago
I've been a Ben Simmons defender for 5 years, this series was inexcusable. Never has any athlete in Philly been so babied. That's gotta be over now. And I don't see the 76ers trading him, there's no market. Time to man up.
Jae Jin
Jae Jin 2 months ago
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Mike Greener
Mike Greener 2 months ago
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Kenny Ren
Kenny Ren 2 months ago
I can't imagine a few years ago I really thought he was a smaller version of LeBron💀
lil zae
lil zae 2 months ago
Honestly we know Ben not a shooter that's kool but he didn't even lock Tre down honestly he didn't make it hard on Tre at all Ben 6'10 like he didn't make Tre work so not scoring or locking the best player down then yea it a problem.
Justin Jin
Justin Jin 2 months ago
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Nell Washington
Nell Washington 2 months ago
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Kiera Moorehead
Kiera Moorehead 2 months ago
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mk2dafullest 2 months ago
Ben Simmons' refusal to shoot is going to turn into a whole bunch of people applying for a coaching job lol
Muffin Stuffer
Muffin Stuffer 2 months ago
Whats up w/ Philly and them fucking up players heads (Fultz/Simmons)
gfhtr dsfert
gfhtr dsfert 2 months ago
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Romeo Dario Chiu
Romeo Dario Chiu 2 months ago
Sold out
rujue tatou
rujue tatou 2 months ago
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Emilio Ramirez
Emilio Ramirez 2 months ago
Shooting slump? Dude has no shot to begin with.
Brady Byork
Brady Byork 2 months ago
shaq is good for 3 things....talking about how many rings he has....talking about big men....and defending guys that can't shoot
Lucky LaVar
Lucky LaVar 2 months ago
You can't have a shooting slump if you don't shoot!!! Smfh. He's not progressing at all.
Iaaan Zxc
Iaaan Zxc 2 months ago
"Shooting slump" 😂😂 as if its just a slump 😂😂
Slim Shady
Slim Shady 2 months ago
Man, this ain’t just Ben Simmons fault., it is their GM Daryl Morey’s too. Sixers had an opportunity to get Kyle Lowry at the trade deadline yet they balked with giving assets to Toronto. We are talking a few picks and a couple of up and comers. If Lowry had been on the Sixer’s they’d still be playing, probably be favourites to win it all. And most importantly they would getting a team leader, a future hall of famer at Point guard, a knock down shooter who can also mentor Ben Simmons. I can’t believe how Simmons is solely taking the heat while Morey is sliding under the radar given his incompetence.
George Lampros
George Lampros 2 months ago
you're supposed to be good when you come into this league cmon he's not there, ben...
Aarione Abrahood Let's get it ministries
Throw simmons at the sf position
Sean Stewart
Sean Stewart 2 months ago
When speaking of most players and shooting slump, it’s because they have gone cold. For Simmons, shooting slump means he isn’t taking any shots! He won’t shoot threes at all, and has no one worked with this talent?
Jiayi Huang
Jiayi Huang 2 months ago
Are they really talking about a nba all star player afraid to shoot??? How much he’s salary is btw?
Monk Amani
Monk Amani 2 months ago
There been lots of players that haven't met others expectations. Simmons career stats 15, 8 and 9. He's been promoted to All Star status since day one. Most definitely paid like one. Ben doesn't have anything to prove.
Nick Schaeffer
Nick Schaeffer 2 months ago
I dont like philly, simmons, embiid, or the NBA that much but this scenario is just ridiculous. Embiid is always hurt, simmons is a 6th man/ defensive specialist whos gotta take a huge pay cut, and tobias Harris was INVISIBLE. Scrap the whole team almost. The process didnt work.
Silver 2 months ago
Sounds like ben simmons is the new Michael kid-Gilchrist
Chef Devo
Chef Devo 2 months ago
How they going to cut off Earnie like that
Aj K
Aj K 2 months ago
Youre super human shaq
Antonio Hamboney
Antonio Hamboney 2 months ago
Game 7: Trae young PG 5/23 7 Games Ben Simmons 3/3 Name ANY other Starting Guard in the NBA that has EVER had this convo after a playoff loss....
Sng Sln
Sng Sln 2 months ago
Simmons is all hype. He is not a skillfull player.
Demetrius Brooks
Demetrius Brooks 2 months ago
Attack wait I can't I'm scared I use 2 but hold on I'm a lefty go 2 the rim I can dunk easily but what's wrong with me I got it I can't shoot my jumper needs attention
B A 2 months ago
Simmons should go to phx and be the 4.
DRE KNOWS MMA 2 months ago
Shaq talking about guy bad free throws is sooo funny
DRE KNOWS MMA 2 months ago
Shaq should not talk about free throws I know he got way better late in career but still this guy career isn't over so they need stop taking like he retired
Tudor Me
Tudor Me 2 months ago
I can barely understand what Charles Barkley said, all three of them need to spend more time in libraries.
Captain Lou
Captain Lou 2 months ago
💡I know, we'll make him a forward...
SoCal Surfer
SoCal Surfer 2 months ago
Its not a shooting slump he just sucks at shooting
Say Les
Say Les 2 months ago
"You miss every shot you don’t take." Ben Simmons: nah I don’t miss when I don’t shoot
CH AD 2 months ago
Philly needs to have a Sport Psychologist to check Ben Simmons he might be suffering from yips..
kyle gray
kyle gray 2 months ago
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Ryan 2 months ago
Damn, i was scared to shoot as a kid playing basketball. I could've made the NBA
Aitor Navarro
Aitor Navarro 2 months ago
I agree with Charles on if Ben is supposed to be your "2nd player and can't shoot thing" but honestly Curry was easily the 2nd best player for the Sixers the entire playoffs. Even outperforming Tobias. Curry stepped up!!!
Observed Germ
Observed Germ 2 months ago
He been in a shooting slump his whole life
Burg Carli
Burg Carli 2 months ago
Ben's shot is as hideous as Chuck's old golf swing.
MaquisAsmr 2 months ago
I hate when Charles Barkley has opinions.
Wen Mag
Wen Mag 2 months ago
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