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Maggie Gyllenhaal and Peter Sarsgaard take us on a tour of their bohemian Brooklyn brownstone. From their rescue cat to their magical garden, the creative couple shares it all!
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Inside Maggie Gyllenhaal and Peter Sarsgaard's Brooklyn Home | Open Door | Architectural Digest


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Feb 12, 2019




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Comments 3 493
Anna Leigh
Anna Leigh 2 days ago
Brother Mouzone
Brother Mouzone 3 days ago
Well heeeelloooo beautiful
Vahagn Depoyan
Vahagn Depoyan 4 days ago
Why i feel like the owners are just realters at the time of saling this house ?
phillip the third
didn't know Maggie was married to Paul Rudd hehe irony that dude from green lantern
artem leon
artem leon 5 days ago
She looks like a bulldog.
sarum114 411muras
The bathrooms and den look sooo comfy.
Leo Peridot
Leo Peridot 10 days ago
Why would you want to have a BIG window in your shower stall? Is voyeurism popular in NYC?
MacyLouWho 12 days ago
This may be the beige-est house that I’ve ever seen. Far be it for me to deny anyone “their thing”, but I’m sorry that fireplace is hideous. I’m 100% certain that whatever was there before actually fit the style of the place and was most likely better. I hate sounding like a hater, but I hate that thing. Can’t help it. It’s an eye sore. The sofa matches its hideousness perfectly, but I bet it’s comfortable. That being said, I love Maggie, she’s got a great personality. Don’t know much about him but he seems nice too. Their place doesn’t seem to match their sparkle though. It looks shlumpy, like it could be anyone normal’s place. Nothing special.
Cedar Bay
Cedar Bay 13 days ago
She is remarkably graceful. Dance training perhaps. She floats between rooms.
Max Laird
Max Laird 16 days ago
Peak yupster?
gillettecrackers 17 days ago
That wallpaper and the fireplaces are a fire hazard.
Miguel Souza
Miguel Souza 17 days ago
Human-scaled house, not a showplace that’s too big for comfort.
Ivone de Figueiredo
Much as I like Maggie as an actor, it is not safe for someone to drop a cat in that manner.
Rachelle Kebaili
Rachelle Kebaili 18 days ago
Omg the cat is soooo cute!!!
Jaymz Zeppelin
Jaymz Zeppelin 19 days ago
Yeh but does it have Wi Fi?
Tamer Jamil
Tamer Jamil 19 days ago
They really come across as humble and kind people. Their home compliments that.
Кирилл Шишканов
Good place.
Scott Briggs
Scott Briggs 20 days ago
Long live the Cutters!
Lothar Holzke
Lothar Holzke 20 days ago
Brownstone. California. TEAK. Adopt, don't shop.
TheLettybird 20 days ago
Two seconds in: Is this Miranda’s house from Sex and they City?
P Romich
P Romich 20 days ago
Do any of these homes NOT have a steam shower?
N 21 day ago
The guy talks over her ALL THE TIME.
Broken_Chairs 20 days ago
Yeah definitely noticed this - unless the editing made it seem worse than it was?
Megan 21 day ago
Their brownstone is very beautiful and so is all of their furniture, but there is no melody. All of the rooms feel half done.
Courtney Shaine
Courtney Shaine 21 day ago
There is no warmth, no color, no feminine touch anywhere. Not even upset that it looks masculine, it's the lacking of personality and character that bored me stiff.
B G 21 day ago
Totally my style. Love these people. MY kinda people! Down to earth & classic. Stick to the roots.
James Gabriel Martin
Rumour has it he wears teak underwear
beerndumplings 21 day ago
FlyDorsch 21 day ago
An American wearing socks indoors? I am shocked!
Luis Lopez
Luis Lopez 22 days ago
Love Breaking Away. Maggie Loved you in the Deuce OMGosh you were so heartwarming. The show touched my heart. From Brooklyn in the Great Northwest now Portland I appreciate both coasts. Wish I could afford to have a place in Manhattan. Lucky for you both. The fruits of your labor and rightfully so. Have a fantastic Holiday and New Year. Love You Maggie 'Candy'
Madsf Jaada
Madsf Jaada 22 days ago
Red Letter Media Re:View music intro??
Carlos Nieto
Carlos Nieto 22 days ago
She reminds me of the stepmom from Beetlejuice.
beseeingyou6 22 days ago
1:04 who else noticed Redlettermedia's Re:view theme music?
Jackie Leonardi
Jackie Leonardi 22 days ago
Maggie is giving me some Annette Benning vibes
Andrajeva Karivan
Andrajeva Karivan 22 days ago
I like old places like that, nice restoration
Vader-I-Vader 23 days ago
Their place actually looks lived in unlike most of these vids.
dandygirl6 23 days ago
A Gyllenhaal and Sarsgaard? It's so obvious yet so fabulous all at once
liljevalchs 23 days ago
I wonder if they’re aware that when you buy TEAK you’re literally contributing to the deforestation of the rainforests? So conscious yet so ignorant at the same time smh
ScottyRules33 23 days ago
Why would you drop your cat on the floor like that. Jerk.
1chipchap 24 days ago
He “dropped” the cat like he didn’t like it 😭
Joseph Ornelas
Joseph Ornelas 26 days ago
This is a weird episode of re:View....
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