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Maggie Gyllenhaal and Peter Sarsgaard take us on a tour of their bohemian Brooklyn brownstone. From their rescue cat to their magical garden, the creative couple shares it all!
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Inside Maggie Gyllenhaal and Peter Sarsgaard's Brooklyn Home | Open Door | Architectural Digest


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Feb 12, 2019




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Comments 80
NaturalGee 7 days ago
Why did he drop the cat like that?
yukiko Olson
yukiko Olson 13 days ago
Even 2 Hollywood actors, this is the Brooklyn/NYC width of the house....I lived in NYC so I know how cliche small and expensive ridiculously to live in the city but just cant help comparing with other huge houses of LA stars....oi oi
h c
h c 15 days ago
She looks like tati🤪
Alice Liddell
Alice Liddell 19 days ago
Just want to say this was probably the ugliest home I've seen yet on AD. If they're happy in it though - hey, good for them.
Alice Liddell
Alice Liddell 19 days ago
I'm no fan of Peter's, but y'all are seriously overreacting about the cat "dropping". It's absolutely fine and normal cat behaviour.
TCT Film
TCT Film 21 day ago
I live in Brooklyn and see them all the time
Chi Javier
Chi Javier 23 days ago
That kitchen❤️❤️❤️
Mst Lv Dgs
Mst Lv Dgs 23 days ago
Did he really drop/throw the cat to the floor?🙀
Jack-O-Lantern Panic
The absolute lack of taste and visible discomfort of this house horrifies me
Kayla Jordan
Kayla Jordan 24 days ago
Maggie Gyllenhaal and Peter Sarsgaard both have the unusual talent of being average looking and very attractive at the same time. When I saw then together I was like, wow that's so perfect.
mrTacroy 29 days ago
Red letter media feels
Robert Schwartz
Robert Schwartz 29 days ago
The Aaaaaaaaaaaaa team. A beautiful home that shows the care and love that was put into it.
Karolina Lisowski
Only 1 question. Is 23 too old for them to adopt me?
Marisa Herrero
Marisa Herrero Month ago
Hay mucho amor en ese hogar... Me encantó que su diseño de interior fuera destinado a la convivencia y no a la decoración. Muy cálido...
K Cat
K Cat Month ago
It always makes me laugh when celebrities show their homes, they say “we built this, we put this in, etc., when you know, they didn’t actually do it, they paid someone to do it!
M. Skywalker
M. Skywalker Month ago
Ich mag es nicht, wie die Katze zu Boden fallen gelassen. Süße Katze 😍
Carolina Adler
Carolina Adler Month ago
Loved what he said about his 🐈!
Quantumese Boy
Quantumese Boy Month ago
Jesus, the guy lives with a huge portrait of himself?!
cati lopez
cati lopez Month ago
Questa arquitectura non mi ë piaciuto molto..perche li vedo molto chiusooo...forse mi sbaglio
calbastian Month ago
Rachel! (Batman growl voice)
Parnav Bisht
Parnav Bisht Month ago
Wow 🙃😲
Camille Cottin
Camille Cottin Month ago
she really like to cut ppl talking huh? she cut him 7 times in a 6 minutes video.. and oh "iM fRoM cAlif0rniA"
Dxnlink Month ago
He never lets her finish before he’s talking over her.. annoying
Senoirita G
Senoirita G Month ago
I know right, he always interrupts her!
ken bronte
ken bronte Month ago
She's a lovely lady and great actress !!! Nice brownstone too
Lina Díaz
Lina Díaz Month ago
poor teak
Sarah W
Sarah W Month ago
If you've ever held a cat you know he did NOT drop her! That cat jumped down! Too many humans in there :)
Regine Drosos
Regine Drosos Month ago
It was so wrong for him to just drop the cat like that. Especially if it was in fact a rescue.
Sebastian Goh
Sebastian Goh Month ago
I do remember "Breaking Away". Got it on DVD. Great movie but really underrated.
osward gust
osward gust Month ago
Are you sure you are happy with that pet? Jis!
Jacks Elle
Jacks Elle Month ago
Word of the day “teak”
jsab1270 Month ago
Why is she dressed like Mrs. Roper?
Daniela Iovine
Daniela Iovine Month ago
Yikes! This is the type of interior that is really off putting. Each to their own. A lovely couple.
Ricardo Cima
Ricardo Cima Month ago
Pelé!!! :D
Lisa Wong
Lisa Wong Month ago
I love the fireplaces and the wooden basement room! Looks so cozy
faldar f
faldar f Month ago
what a couple!!! calm da peaceful
Randy Kirkland
Randy Kirkland Month ago
It’s been sad seeing AD go from a magazine of interiors to Teen Beat in only a few years.
rachel mae
rachel mae Month ago
Who is this tool? Did he just drop that poor cat? Gtfoh
Paula Farmer
Paula Farmer Month ago
Although the overall decor is not necessarily to my taste, this is one of my fav Open Door videos because they're two of the best actors around and they're so chill and real. Their house reflects that- it's very unpretentious, cozy and them. Fav room is the garden level kitchenThere's something very comforting about watching their tour.
JbMarga Seneres
JbMarga Seneres Month ago
ok what the hell is Teak????
Kats Mind
Kats Mind Month ago
They are very lovely !
Kats Mind
Kats Mind Month ago
Oh please just shut up with the cat in the comments !
Nouvel Ordre Mondial et Satanisme
03:09 Strange that the mirror has the shape of a masonic compass... probably those 2 actors are both freemasons. That's what it takes to be in hollywood. Worship the beast.
Silvia Negrete
Silvia Negrete Month ago
El gato🐈 es lo mejor de Tooooooooodo
Pablo González
Pablo González Month ago
I like the house
Jamie Stokes
Jamie Stokes 2 months ago
the only thing i know her for is being Jake's sister. And him, i confused with the Skarsgards. *shrug*
Alexis Carleton
Alexis Carleton 2 months ago
they live like we do
Brittney Ferguson
Brittney Ferguson 2 months ago
Idk why but I thought they would be cooler and much less pretentiously obnoxious
J B 2 months ago
A lot of these comments made here are condescending. Ridiculing them both. So he dropped the cat. Big deal. I like their Bklyn brownstone building home. What they have done with it.
johan's journal
johan's journal 2 months ago
Is taylor swift's scarf still there?
Stuart Lee
Stuart Lee 2 months ago
Such a lovely couple. But WHY Brooklyn (ugh!)????
Andrea 2 months ago
I'll never watch another Maggie Gyllenhaal or Peter sarsgaard movie.
Johanna Wigg
Johanna Wigg 2 months ago
Stop trying to make teak happen
Marcy Whitesell
Marcy Whitesell 2 months ago
Love how homey your home is. So inviting
Marcy Whitesell
Marcy Whitesell 2 months ago
Thts an awesome bathtub.....so cool
sneha yadav
sneha yadav 2 months ago
I want to see jake Gyllenhaal's house
Pat d
Pat d 2 months ago
Nice home but I would not live in a home with 3 or 4 levels, two is more than enough.
Brian Racalbuto
Brian Racalbuto 2 months ago
Where is Taylor swifts scarf?
HOT 2020
HOT 2020 2 months ago
Great power couple! & So simple! He was great In the movie where his character gets abducted by aliens, wild!
Dexter Lime
Dexter Lime 2 months ago
Super pretentious lol
JUNJUN SUN 2 months ago
Maggie is so natural and beautiful~~~
Adaptive Discourse
Adaptive Discourse 2 months ago
4:11 Drops Dinah the cat mercilessly from shoulder height on the hardwood floor ... a rescue cat ... the only way to get a cat ... Poor kitty deserves so much better - do you see her pleading eyes?
Bernadette Cros
Bernadette Cros 2 months ago
Drop the cat
Lilibeth 2 months ago
when he threw the cat omgeeeeeee i died laughing
Lilibeth 2 months ago
shrek and maggie gyllenhaal? what a crossover
Joseph Kearny
Joseph Kearny 2 months ago
These townhouse are narrow and cramped. I'll take a home in the suburbs for 4million and get a lawn, backyard, swimming pool and peace and quiet.
Rita Horvath
Rita Horvath 2 months ago
the bath tub is so beautiful.
Jevgenia Makarova
Jevgenia Makarova 2 months ago
This home looks just like Miranda’s Brooklyn apartment from Sex and the City 🤩🤩
Cynthia 2 months ago
Relationship goal
Cunty Jackpot
Cunty Jackpot 2 months ago
He is gay
llea Nge
llea Nge 2 months ago
its what how many m2 it is? is it 3 floor? it seems so cozy...
kurppakiivi 2 months ago
Peter stole my wife.
Leo_inter_Hyaenaem 2 months ago
I much prefer modern, minimalist, industrial design great footprint houses with pools and all that, but it is easy to appreciate the down to earth nature of the hosts, given their fame and success.
Hanna Hanna
Hanna Hanna 2 months ago
They are talented actors and beautiful spouse.
sonofjack3 2 months ago
That's right Jay
Don 2 months ago
Thanks for ruining The Dark Knight, Maggie.🖕
TK CASTLE 2 months ago
Can she let him finish a sentence. 😏
davewrest 2 months ago
5:22 she stuck her hand in the fire? lol
davewrest 2 months ago
I didn't know Maggie had a gay roommate
Carolyn Townsend
Carolyn Townsend 2 months ago
Every time he says teak you have to take a shot.
Barbara 2 months ago
I’m sad they didn’t go into that huge picture of Peter in the media room.
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