Inside Liverpool: Incredible scenes from the Champions League homecoming parade

Liverpool FC
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Follow the Reds and the European Cup from getting on the plane in Madrid to the incredible scenes on the Strand as part of their homecoming parade in Liverpool.
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Jun 6, 2019




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Liverpool FC
Liverpool FC 7 months ago
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Ducky Duck
Ducky Duck 2 days ago
on a Saturday afternoon we support a team called Liverpool and we sing until we drop in a red and white siphon kop!!!!COME ON REDS
can tran
can tran 4 days ago
chúc mừng thần tượng của tôi Liverpool FC
Nirmallah Khorugdharry
My is Avinish khorugdharry💪💪💪👌✊✌✋👊👍👏 fan Liverpool
Nirmallah Khorugdharry
Akun Google
Akun Google 26 days ago
Terima kasih
Hartaty Sirait
Just a regular check before Anfield game tonight against the devil.
Eftiga Widara
Eftiga Widara 5 hours ago
I'm waiting this parade again for another trophy, the special trophy, YWNA Indonesia
Peach Heard
Peach Heard 9 hours ago
Sleeping giants finally has woken up watch them go
MR. D.
MR. D. 10 hours ago
I've been to many cities...and Liverpool is special..two of the biggest exports this country ever gave the world football and music.
Febrian angler edan
Mana ni yg dari indonesia🇲🇨, liverpool sangat luar biasa
Typical Naga
Typical Naga Day ago
Every group has those Robbo Milly Ox
Fcuking love my boss # y n w a 😊😊😊
Jude Taylor
Jude Taylor Day ago
Is it weird that I'm still that scared of planes, I hate seeing any one of these on one, especially if they are all together. (Yes it is weird)
chris olsen
chris olsen Day ago
January 2020 I’m I’m still coming back to watch this.
Cookie Munt.
Cookie Munt. Day ago
That Moreno has got a cheek.....
ih8mcfly Day ago
They are acting like they just won the Carabao cup
Atanas Georgiev
YNWA! 🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬
Hazrik Safeei
can i like this video everytime i watch it?
Vares Thanwa
Vares Thanwa 2 days ago
M Red
M Red 2 days ago
Watching this back (I never made the parade, I was rotten drunk after we won and made the poor decision not to go in town), I think the players realised one thing, it'll be twice this if we go and lift the domestic league this year. Of course the European Cup is more prestigious, but we want something in particular. I'm never going to say the words because of the heartbreak in 2009, 2014, 2019, but I think I'm watching a side better than what my dad saw 1977-1990.
stan the man
stan the man 2 days ago
Hey Ali you want to win the EPL well you just predicted the future were currently 16 pts in front of Leicester
Mukhtar Dahir
Mukhtar Dahir 2 days ago
Green Rhapsody
Green Rhapsody 2 days ago
Who need weed when you can smile just by watch this video :')
Agus Suprianto
Agus Suprianto 2 days ago
Huge fans YNWA !
Noel Quiñones
Noel Quiñones 2 days ago
Someone edit this vid with a YNWA theme as the score❤❤❤
Kashif Iqbal
Kashif Iqbal 3 days ago
Jean Smith
Jean Smith 3 days ago
I saw it and it was so special
Sai 3 days ago
Vvd : how does it feel to be champions league winner Gini : i wanna ask u how do u feel Vvd : *no u*
Dhiraz Paudel
Dhiraz Paudel 5 days ago
Ali : We want to win the premier league for this people Brazilian wall at Anfiled 😋
Jeff Gogr
Jeff Gogr 5 days ago
We are going to win the premier league
Khadro Diop
Khadro Diop 5 days ago
You'll never walk alone
Khadro Diop
Khadro Diop 5 days ago
You'll never walk alone
개코ᄒᄒ 5 days ago
Syahrul 1044
Syahrul 1044 5 days ago
kopites indonesia
مهند الحربي
تم التعنيف بنجاح على الكأس
Hasmee Damasau
Hasmee Damasau 7 days ago
ตื้นตันใจ ปีนี้คงได้ฉลองอีก
Pablo Do Conio
Pablo Do Conio 7 days ago
2020 and Liverpool FC is back where it belongs. Thank you Jurgen Norbert Klopp YNWA ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Mantap liverpool
พชรพล เรียบร้อย
และแชมป์พรีเมียลีก ลิเวอพูลต้องได้
HG S 7 days ago
Well done
ሮሻን Tube
ሮሻን Tube 7 days ago
🧡Only for *Mohammed Salah* others Liverpool Team and Fan👎
Maike Engel
Maike Engel 6 days ago
Football is a team game.
Mun Kha
Mun Kha 8 days ago
💕💕💕💕 Liverpool Love from India
แมนยู mradlid
I love liverpool from Tiallan
VFR INFO 8 days ago
Everton fans are stay in the home...😅🤪
Pablo Abadjian
Pablo Abadjian 8 days ago
Alen /A
Alen /A 9 days ago
the city is definitely RED
Andi singa Riand pratama
Klopp mabok anying🤣 rek labuh tina bis kwkwk
Filipos 2007
Filipos 2007 9 days ago
Jurgen klopp is the best manager in the world
poetra sasaji 1987
I'm from indonesia, good joob, liverpool fc, YOU'LL NEVER WALK ALONE, LIVERPOOL IS THE BEST TEAM
Jaesc111 9 days ago
12:51 อาหร่อยยยยย
Manz evos fans yrki
Y N W A 😎
Elzalitta Q
Elzalitta Q 10 days ago
only need one german
S. RAJ 10 days ago
Алекс Ру
Алекс Ру 10 days ago
В 2020 у Ливерпуля ДВА таких праздника будет))
Muller 10 days ago
Wouldn't Gerry Marsden loved to have been there
Luca Paul Nicolae
Luca Paul Nicolae 10 days ago
Why is Manuel Neuer at 3:44 taking pictures?
Aaron 10 days ago
I can tell just how hungry this team is for titles from how they look at the trophy. After the premier league title this year Liverpool will just take what they want. City are beneath us now, we're on a completely different level with a massive rabid fanbase that haven't felt this way in over 30 years. When my dad tells me about how in the 70's and 80's we dominated world football then watching Liverpool finish 4th every season then move down to 7th every season I can finally get a taste of how he must have felt watching Liverpool. It's truly remarkable what Klopp has done in such a short amount of time with a limited budget. What a time to be a Liverpool fan!
beeenjamin100 11 days ago
I just love Robbo chanting songs just like all of us😂❤️
fadhli aji
fadhli aji 11 days ago
Merinding coeg
aL fiandra Seno
aL fiandra Seno 11 days ago
Good like
Emmanuel Bitungwa
Emmanuel Bitungwa 11 days ago
VVD.....I think there is more to come..... WE CAN SEE
Emmanuel Bitungwa
Emmanuel Bitungwa 11 days ago
VVD.....I think there is more to come..... WE CAN SEE
KN K 12 days ago
A few more months then it's a bigger red parade..
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