Inside Liverpool: Incredible scenes from the Champions League homecoming parade

Liverpool FC
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Follow the Reds and the European Cup from getting on the plane in Madrid to the incredible scenes on the Strand as part of their homecoming parade in Liverpool.
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Jun 6, 2019

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Comments 2 769
Liverpool FC
Liverpool FC 2 months ago
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Faruq Faruq
Faruq Faruq 10 days ago
Liverpool FC vs Arema
Andrew Yuzgin
Andrew Yuzgin Month ago
Rohat Deger Even though I Had GCSE’s the next day, I was still sat up all afternoon watching this
Darius Chinnappan
Ace Beater
Ace Beater Month ago
Haha, my sub is shown.
카라멜팝콘 Month ago
능력자분 계시면 한국어자막좀 만들어주세요~
Ayush king
Ayush king 5 hours ago
Best parade ever
LORD 7 hours ago
0:57 so wholesome
Azab tube
Azab tube Day ago
What a club ! What a team ! What a city! ...
Alex Eakins
Alex Eakins 2 days ago
I have a feeling that Liverpool are gonna need a new bus soon
Ryan Harris
Ryan Harris 4 days ago
You can see how genuinely surprised the players are of how special it is to win something with this club. YNWA
Tirumala Venkatesh Akula
4:15 Shaq is a character LOL
Lewis Stevens
Lewis Stevens 6 days ago
0:42 someone dropped their bag 🤣
Phil Ruane
Phil Ruane 6 days ago
Won away tday
football buddies football challenges
Salah make your own youtube channel
Run Virak
Run Virak 8 days ago
So very happy 😆
ryan hadi
ryan hadi 9 days ago
If there is WW3.. I want klopp to be my army commander
Kai Gray
Kai Gray 9 days ago
Jurgen look like he pissed
Nasilemakbungkus Nasilemakbungkus
Next year in our year
Moussaad Youvi
Moussaad Youvi 10 days ago
Love Liverpool
Matthew Cahill
Matthew Cahill 10 days ago
My cousin was there and I wasn't alloud go cause I was sick
Matthew Cahill
Matthew Cahill 10 days ago
My cousin was there and I wasn't alloud go cause I was sick
ELYAS KEBEDE 10 days ago
roadend78 10 days ago
Scouse not English YNWA
Sushant Thakuri
Sushant Thakuri 12 days ago
Ginis Phone drops but still works
Amir Zaki
Amir Zaki 14 days ago
Beyond de stars,move on de legend of Anfeild
Phil Ruane
Phil Ruane 14 days ago
Thats a homecoming
Phil Ruane
Phil Ruane 14 days ago
Ya wanna see it on St.Patricks day, 17/3/every year. Liverpool.
Phil Ruane
Phil Ruane 14 days ago
The Pier Head that day, i was there from cambridgeshire
Phil Ruane
Phil Ruane 14 days ago
I from there but live away, i was there twas brilliant
Steven Smith
Steven Smith 14 days ago
Hendo must of been hammered when he looked left, saw who it was then said it was OX who had been there a long time, and is standing in front of the camera
Tony Merrett
Tony Merrett 14 days ago
I'm not a Liverpool fan, but I am English, and I'm so glad they won the Champions League. It would have been a crime if they'd finished the season without a major trophy
husain hasni
husain hasni 15 days ago
The way hendo smiles at 07:13 God i love our captain so much 😍
The Joker
The Joker 15 days ago
They deserved it
Chris Johns
Chris Johns 16 days ago
The only thing to make this video any better is going over to Man City's page afterward to watch their trophy parade lol. It was worth every minute of the 4 hours wait to welcome our lads home.
Habibou Mb
Habibou Mb 16 days ago
Allez allez allez
Chris Jones
Chris Jones 16 days ago
Still buzzing 2 months later , what a team we have !!
Jesse James
Jesse James 17 days ago
Very proud
Federico Caruso
Federico Caruso 19 days ago
1:37 the trophy is different from the moment of the premiation, in the premiation’s trophy the was the UCL logo. In this frame the logo is absent.
Ally Vlogs
Ally Vlogs 19 days ago
I was at the parade it was actually breathtaking
Eunike Tesia Michelina
Lemmy from Hamburg
I watch this vid every in the morning..then i got to work ...😎😎
jimbo 22 days ago
remember when Ferguson the gray haggis said Jordan Henderson would never make it in his book,well now his a champions league winner but not any champions league winner, hes a captains champions league winner hahahaha if marks an Spencers done captains.
Yassin the lazy gamer
Mo salah the Egyptian king
conan Brady
conan Brady 24 days ago
It’s a fuckin trophy 🏆 no na boxing bag 🥊 💼
Donny Yong
Donny Yong 25 days ago
im a die hard fans of liverpool since i was a Kids...really love to join there celebration....YNWA FOREVER
super mantep group
super mantep group 25 days ago
UFC khabib foot ball M.salah I love ISLAM
MJ B 28 days ago
Anfield must be expanded. 54,000 is not enough. A waiting list of 16 years...is that not a sign to the owners? Old toilet can get 75,000 in and Liverpool could easily get 100,000 each game. Liverpool is a global team. People travel from all over the world just to stand outside to because a ticket is impossible.
MJ B 28 days ago
The tears are literally streaming down my eyes
Ben Nicholson
Ben Nicholson 29 days ago
3:43 themasterbucks is having a good time😂
خالد الحاضري
Hakim hartani
Hakim hartani 29 days ago
Salah is bast💜💚💛🏆🏆🏆
sweetnarr Month ago
مازن صباح
MÖ salah...was the best players😍
Sai Jatta
Sai Jatta Month ago
I Love you so much sadiomane
مروان HH
مروان HH Month ago
احلي حاجه في الفديو علم مصر منور الدنيا الف مبروك لليفر
Aguscik Maddani
Aguscik Maddani Month ago
2019, Bakal Juara Lagi, biar sama dgn AC Milan dengan 7 Gelar Champions League
Soul Hacker
Soul Hacker Month ago
Wow! Only in Liverpool.
frazz380 Month ago
The amount of times my 2 year daughter watched this team and she cried when I cried when we won
Cutty Flam
Cutty Flam Month ago
Where is matip?????
Xx itzlawzplayz xX
I nearly cryed like I love them so so much well done boys god bless u I was playing football ones and I got called lawrie van d I j k
Blessing Joy Tamayo
funny Virgil ... "back to the studio" lol
Ali Gattor
Ali Gattor Month ago
Globalisation has invaded everything especially football ! Most of Liverpool players are not english and not even british .... This homecoming parade is nonsense !
Gabriel stefan Tocaciu
....My team ...Liverpool ...the best in Europe...and the world....ynwa...❤❤❤👌
Muhammad Nizarudin
Kapten inyong jordan henderson 😎
titchy 1
titchy 1 Month ago
Thank you liverpool football club for Istanbul and Madrid best two nights of my life love this club ❤❤❤
Peyster Kids
Peyster Kids Month ago
The best.
Steven Mwesi
Steven Mwesi Month ago
Wonderful team I love it
Ali Imron
Ali Imron Month ago
Liverpool amazing ....we love u
قبطان البحر
M. Salah ⚽❤❤❤❣💞
Ahmad Latif
Ahmad Latif Month ago
Marko San
Marko San Month ago
Mane looks like he enjoyed a bit too much the night before
Noi Lfc
Noi Lfc Month ago
I very happy very. very happy. very much From LFC Thailand
Siri B.
Siri B. Month ago
Yeah, that´s another red ocean.
jamie concannon
jamie concannon Month ago
Comparing this to man city's parade LMAOOOOOOO
ออโต้ เด็กเล่นบอล
ออโต้ เด็กเล่นบอล
Rocken HD
Rocken HD Month ago
00:43 James dropped his bag
someone Month ago
Put the live stream with 4 million views back up 😡 plz
laxus 94
laxus 94 Month ago
i guess the evortonians were sulking in their homes
Grearest f man gergon klop and Liverpool.
szymcio szymcio
szymcio szymcio Month ago
Jestem kibicem Liverpoolu .
Riste Ivanov
Riste Ivanov Month ago
Anyone know the name of the song shaq nad boby are singing at 4:53
ba.mrdns Month ago
Mona Nabil
Mona Nabil Month ago
اللة ىا صلح و Liverpool you will never walk alone 🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬😀😀😀😀🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆⚽️⚽️⚽️
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