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Today supermodel Kendall Jenner welcomes AD for a tour of her serene Los Angeles home. Kendall oversaw a year-long redesign of the space, working in tandem with designers Kathleen and Tommy Clements and the inimitable Waldo Fernandez. Just off the entry, a signature James Turrell ovoid wall sculpture greets visitors with a dreamy chromatic display, the first of many personal artistic accents woven throughout her home. In the TV room, a Cloud Sofa from Restoration Hardware has been reupholstered in slightly rougher fabric to better match the organic vibe. “I’m really proud of what we accomplished here.” says Kendall. “This is the first home I’ve done completely, and I think it’s a genuine reflection of who I am and what I like.”
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Inside Kendall Jenner’s Cozy L.A. Hideaway | Open Door | Architectural Digest


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Jul 29, 2020




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Comments 100
Maria Smith
Maria Smith 5 hours ago
Not my taste but have to admit it is very cozy, unlike her sisters' homes.
Jessica omoruyi
Jessica omoruyi 7 hours ago
Beautiful😍. A home should reflect your personality don’t the current trend 👍
kimia m
kimia m 8 hours ago
this place us stunning but I cannot get over the fact that the glad to hear you're a happy girl sign has the WRONG YOUR
Julie Buado
Julie Buado 10 hours ago
The 90's vibe omg😭
Quarantined Girl
Quarantined Girl 11 hours ago
Lavendova 13 hours ago
not a big fan of kardashians/jenners but her house is really BEAUTIFUL and ARTISTIC, love that
Carol Jane Bernabe
Carol Jane Bernabe 14 hours ago
her house is a total contrast to her sister kim's mansion, i love kenny's it's so lively 😻
Carol Jane Bernabe
Carol Jane Bernabe 14 hours ago
she's a total 💯 smart, pretty, cute, elegant
Carol Jane Bernabe
Carol Jane Bernabe 14 hours ago
you made my dream house real 💝
Carol Jane Bernabe
Carol Jane Bernabe 14 hours ago
if i just have the means and money, I know definitely my house would look like this. 💗
Vern 16 hours ago
Tell him no to the records, i can't
s g
s g 16 hours ago
Hayatımda gördüğüm en iğrenç ev dekorasyonu olabilir. Karmaşık ve uyumsuz
Mikayla David
Mikayla David 17 hours ago
I asked Jesus, “ how much do you love me”? Jesus replied “ this much”, and He stretched out his arms and die. If you love Jesus post this Comment on other videos 96% wont do it. Only 4% of you will stand up for him
AP S 21 hour ago
3:13 that paint looks pretty fresh. it is not from "last night". i am a painter, i would know.
Jennifer Williams
Jennifer Williams 22 hours ago
She & Kourtney are the more down to earth realistic sisters out of the Kardashian/Jenner Clan. I love the natural flow of this home. Cute little bar! The bathroom sink was so "Flinestones", really nice home.
ANGEL FISHER 23 hours ago
Kendall I love your style sis! Gorgeous, glamorous and cozy.🤩👸🏾
emily Mcbutt
emily Mcbutt Day ago
Bruh I wish I had a paint room for me and my friends
Andrea Santillan
Her voice sounds a lot different than what I thought it sounded like for some reason.
Louise TregoMorgan
Loving the ecleptic vibes in your home so chilled for sure . Green kitchen great taste . And that outfit my late mother had one very similar in burnt 🍊 so kool Kendall thanks 😊 👍
Jess does art
Love the house it's soo gorgeous😍 and she is so real compared to her family. But can I just ask what IS she wearing tho. Like it looks strange
TruAli Ways
TruAli Ways Day ago
Trynna get outta town
Estrella Castillo
You definitely don't know about design and decoración 🤣that house is awful
Brandon Cochran
Another successful Scorpio 💁🏼‍♂️ Beautiful home!
Via Rahimah
Via Rahimah Day ago
AD please do the hadid sister’s house tour next! 🤦🏻‍♀️😭
سنابات المشاهير 2020
Follow me please
Her and Emily ratjakiwski look like sisters
Felipe Bizarre
The subtle touches everywhere, the vintage, the easy approach, honestly big respect for her for getting exactly what she wanted and we can tell!
Mari Jose ZC
Mari Jose ZC Day ago
She is the most natural and honest in everyway, of all the girls in that family. Is funny how the one who is a top model and live mainly from the looks, is the less superficial. I'm an architect and her house is very beautiful.
Reginald Williams
my wife 😍😛
Sigrun Andersen
Kendall have theese most beautiful and down to earth house Oh my God - this was well dekorated Kendall. All room special made - I love all room in the house!
Julienne l’Officiel
Your home is simple and very spiritual. you are definitly the chic and authentic of the JENNER !
NN NN Day ago
That's my dream house, colors, kitchen, bathroom, everything 😖
Her scorpius mood light and neon sign is a mood coming from a scorpio
Kendall being a secret model witch in training
I love courtyards my middle school had one u could enter from the lunchroom it was the greenhouse n it was the center of the building walking thru diff floor u can see it from the big windows that schools architecture made it my fave place n that's how schools should feel it also had this mini art gallery with stisned glass n entrance to courtyard from there and well it was straight in front when u walked in
Alexa Brock
Alexa Brock Day ago
My kinda house, it’s simple but so beautiful and looks like it has amazing energy
Mark Brown
Mark Brown 2 days ago
Wow, this house is BOSS.
Alex Perez
Alex Perez 2 days ago
Es muy Bonita tu casa,te admiro y eres una persona muy agradable.
beth de vera
beth de vera 2 days ago
I like kendall jenner more than kylie jenner tho-
Ur not a blink If you hate one of them
I love her outfit ❤️
Ur not a blink If you hate one of them
Lmao same am not really good at painting but like I love it cause I can make drawings and it’s peaceful when I have problems with my family or other people and art really calms me down a lot
Kandel hawa jenner
Ugly Trash
Ugly Trash 2 days ago
I wanna live in her house
She'Myia Malone
She'Myia Malone 2 days ago
To each their own
Nikhil S
Nikhil S 2 days ago
Next will be Kylie Jenner's house.
Tika Gyrl
Tika Gyrl 2 days ago
I love this style. Kudos to the designer(s)
Joseph Chatfield
Joseph Chatfield 2 days ago
Her voice is so calming.
WeirdozChannel 2 days ago
"We drink wine and paint...we're really nerdy" What's nerdy about that?
naw el
naw el 2 days ago
John Mash
John Mash 2 days ago
Just for gags ruvid.net/video/video-3uB_kOWralM.html
aljohara atr
aljohara atr 2 days ago
I love how this is a real home not a massive mansion everything about her house is perfect and calming I love the vibes and I like her taste in furnishing and the colors are incredibly matching.
Myra Lau
Myra Lau 2 days ago
Love it or hate it, gotta admit she’s stunning
Erick Garcia
Erick Garcia 2 days ago
damn she glew up so Beautifully tbr shes the prettiest one outta all the sisters
Benish Akmal
Benish Akmal 2 days ago
I loveeee Kendall house, its perfect 👌😍
Roh Dreamer
Roh Dreamer 2 days ago
So amazing...i love it💕😍
Olya lacave
Olya lacave 2 days ago
How is it possible and the most important -safety to live there all alone ? I mean friends DO visit, but not every day.....
Awi Channel
Awi Channel 2 days ago
Very nice i hopr someday 😊 love it
Jenny H
Jenny H 2 days ago
I"m sorry but this house is bland. It's nice looking, but bland. So much beige and white.
Luis Rodriguez
Luis Rodriguez 3 days ago
She's pretty
Sarah Snellings
Sarah Snellings 3 days ago
She created this house allll for herself, no one else. So wholesome
John Keifer
John Keifer 3 days ago
Kendal is such an amazing, beautiful young lady.......love her. Oh, nice house too.😁😁😁😊😊😊
sara ali
sara ali 3 days ago
Beautiful! But u have the fire going in summers? Strange!
Simply Sarah
Simply Sarah 3 days ago
This place is so ugly. I hate every bit of it.
Elle 3 days ago
Kendall's room and closet is probably every girls dream ♡
آشپز Ashpaz خانم Khanom
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Sky Girl
Sky Girl 3 days ago
Kendal's house tells how simple but creative she is
Zeidan H
Zeidan H 3 days ago
She has a unique style which I admire but not a fan of
Rahaf Herself
Rahaf Herself 3 days ago
house of my dreams
Esha Semwal
Esha Semwal 3 days ago
I like Hailey Bieber more than Kendall Jenner in look s and behaviour and all ❤️. Hailey Bieber ❤️ Justin Bieber _ 🔥🔥
Yethie Maroon
Yethie Maroon 3 days ago
Her tone sounds like kylie's, just a different voice But the way she talks they're kind of the same
sunnypie2 3 days ago
Am I the only one who thinks she looks like her mom?
Gottfried Maurer
Gottfried Maurer 3 days ago
Ngl that's not what I expected
Fang Gladys
Fang Gladys 3 days ago
Any engineer offended by Kendall saying “I am really nerdy"?
Dessy Fee
Dessy Fee 4 days ago
Ga sengaja liat ulekan.. oh kendall suka ngulek juga sambil ngeliwet kali ya 😘☺😂
Angel Gb
Angel Gb 4 days ago
you should visit nick jonas house next
Hannah Meow
Hannah Meow 4 days ago
She's the stoner of the family. And this video/house proves that marijuana is magical!
Lowee De Jesus
Lowee De Jesus 4 days ago
I love her style.
alicia 4 days ago
moral of the story- everybody comes to Kendall’s house more than she ever thought they would
hayley 4 days ago
“Glad to hear your a happy girl” oh gosh. Spelled wrong..:( You’re..********...
xyzz 2 days ago
Jeez chill
elle Jay
elle Jay 4 days ago
I’ll pass... 😕
Somad Muhammad
Somad Muhammad 4 days ago
Hehehe.. Mari ngopi..ngopi..☕☕☕👌😉😊senang berjumpa dengan anda disini..semoga hari-hari anda selalu Happy,sehat,menyenangkan dan bersyukur..👌😉😊 Yeah Rumah yang bagus ,serta juga memiliki Taman,serta Kolam berenang, Ruang Kerja,Bar serta Ruang Dapur yang cukup Luas..dan terlihat sangat Asri dan cukup Nyaman,meskipun Hamba belum melihatnya secara Langsung keseluruhanannya..👌😉😊 Berhubung ini sudah hampir masuk Waktu Subuh (pagi) WIB, Hamba akan istirahat sejenak untuk menikmati secangkir Kopi dengan ditemani Udara yang sangat dingin mencekam merasuk hingga ke dalam tulang..👌😉😊 Dan senang berjumpa dengan anda,salam dari Hamba buat anda semua semoga Hari-hari anda semua selalu happy,sehat, menyenangkan dan bersyukur..👌😉😊 Sampai Jumpa.. Good morning..!! 👌😉😊👏👏👏🙏🙏🙏
__valer1acasti 4 days ago
her house is my dream house omfg😔
Arun Sivan
Arun Sivan 4 days ago
JD 4 days ago
Rich get Richer and the poor keeps getting poorer....🤷
Alexandra Smith
Alexandra Smith 4 days ago
Beautiful but I absolutely hate this popular trend of having the curtains drag on the floor. It seems like none of these houses can escape it. It looks so bad- like it wasn't made to measure or hung correctly. And they must get filthy. Dragging along edges of walls on the floor all day - imagining how unsanitary it is makes me cringe.
URHO 4 days ago
One time I dreamt that the Kardashian sisters went to my house and Khloe did the dishes. 😂
VADKESHWARI 4 days ago
Love the art studio
Vanessa Richard
Vanessa Richard 4 days ago
I love her! She’s different from all K! Stunning house for a beautiful lady 😍
Namrata Vasishtha
Her house is so Portuguese
JM Smith Vlog
JM Smith Vlog 4 days ago
I think her house is very cozy to live in. It's so nice I enjoyed the tour more video of Kendall please.
TyRee Henry
TyRee Henry 4 days ago
22cm is like a 8 inches lol
Mario Manzanero Tunay Jr
Being a maid of Kendal Jenner is not a job it's a gift!
Mario Manzanero Tunay Jr
@i know you can hear me luvyo card
smoothie greenburg
Surprised she is cut from the same cloth as other Kardashians. she is actually delightful compared to the rest of them
Trevor E
Trevor E 5 days ago
SN TN 5 days ago
Eman 2K
Eman 2K 5 days ago
who else here after she said/revealed that she’s the family stoner
thicc peach
thicc peach 3 days ago
OMG where and when
Sandy Frank
Sandy Frank 5 days ago
beautiful eclectic style
Dulce Perea
Dulce Perea 5 days ago
gold tub. what?
Elle P.
Elle P. 5 days ago
Kendall is glowing here. I love this whole look.
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